She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 53

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Chapter 53
translator&editor: Oyen

The following day, Lin Zhenzhen and Wu Qi went to his home. Wu Qi's father was a retired engineer and his mother was an eye care products’ developer. Although his family was not very rich and powerful, it was much better than the average family. Wu Qi was an only child, his parent was too busy to take care of him since childhood. He was not disciplined and his family was well-off. As a result, he developed a rebellious character from an early age, but he grew up slowly. Now he was much better than before.

Mother Wu knew that they had already received the marriage certificate, she was so happy that she gave a big red envelope to Lin Zhenzhen as she came to the house for the first time.

After leaving Wu family’s house, Wu Qi sent Lin Zhenzhen to the Peace Restaurant. To their surprise, they saw Qin Bailun crouching outside the door.

Seeing Lin Zhenzhen, Qin Bailun hurriedly got up and approached her. After seeing Wu Qi followed her, Qin Bailun frowned.

Seeing him, Lin Zhenzhen’s face suddenly became cold. Even without Wu Qi, she didn't want to see Qin Bailun again. Now she was Wu Qi's wife. Seeing this person, she just felt unhappy.

"What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you not to come to me again?"

Withdrawing his gaze from Wu Qi, Qin Bailun smiled at Lin Zhenzhen. “I want to talk to you alone.”

His meaning was so obvious. He hoped that Wu Qi, an irrelevant person, would know his place and stay away.

However, Wu Qi didn't leave. Not only that, he embraced Lin Zhenzhen's waist, saying to her. "Go ahead and leave it to me here."

Lin Zhenzhen also didn’t want to talk to Qin Bailun and also didn’t want Wu Qi to misunderstand anything, so it was best to leave it to him here.

After Lin Zhenzhen left, Qin Bailun gave Wu Qi a smile yet not a smile. “It seems that after so many years, your habit of harassing Zhenzhen when you have nothing to do has not changed.”

Wu Qi's expression didn't change much, but his face was cold all the year round, and there was no expression on his face.

"It was you who harassed her." He gave a simple statement.

Qin Bailun’s expression turned cold. “The matter between me and Zhenzhen has nothing to do with you.”

His gaze turned gloomy, sweeping his face with a chilly expression. “She is my wife, do you think it has nothing to do with me?”

"Wife?" Qin Bailun sneered, "who are you lying to?"

Wu Qi didn't answer. Taking out the marriage certificate from his bag, he directly showed it to his face. Taking a step back, Qin Bailun frowned, and his gaze fell on the marriage certificate.

It was the marriage certificate of Wu Qi and Lin Zhenzhen, which was also stamped with the Civil Affairs Bureau’s seal.

Like being struck by lightning, Qin Bailun looked at Wu Qi and then looked at the marriage certificate.

"Impossible, impossible, Zhenzhen, how could she..."

Putting the marriage certificate away, Wu Qi stretched out his hand and grabbed his neckline to pull him closer, his strength was strong, his cold gaze was firmly fixed on Qin Bailun. He said to him word for word: "If you dare to harass my wife again in the future, I have a thousand ways to make you die ugly."

This man’s gaze was cold and terrible, remembering the teenage boy at school before. He was fierce and arrogant, no one dared to provoke him in the school.

Qin Bailun shuddered subconsciously.

“Get lost!” Wu Qi let him go, and yelled at him.

He had no idea whether he was shocked by Wu Qi and Lin Zhenzhen’s marriage certificate or frightened by Wu Qi, he departed with a heavy footsteps.

When Wu Qi entered the restaurant, Lin Zhenzhen was asking the people in the store to clean up.

“He won’t come to you again.”

Lin Zhenzhen nodded and asked no more questions. Everything about Qin Bailun had nothing to do with her.

The Wu family’s side went on smoothly. Then it was Lin Zhenzhen's turn, as she was sentenced to her mother. She had nothing to do with Lin Peng's side. Now her mother was gone, and her family only had her younger sister. So when Wu Qi visited her family, Lin Zhenzhen called her younger sister's family.

Lin Qingqing specially took a day off, and came to help her elder sister prepare things early. Her elder sister was very virtuous, and Lin Qingqing couldn't help much, just helping her in the kitchen.

Yi Zeyan picked up Xiao Yuan after work. Lin Qingqing was cooking a table of more than a dozen dishes by herself.

Standing at the door, Yi Zeyan asked. “Can I help you?”

“What can you do for me?” Lin Qingqing gave him a glance.

Yi Zeyan. “...”

Mr. Yi had a feeling of being rejected.

“Mom,” At this time, Yi Beiyuan also ran over and asked. “How about me? Can I help mommy?”

Lin Qingqing smiled lovingly at him. “Xiao Yuan, come here and help mommy to taste it whether it’s delicious or not.”

Xiao Yuan obediently walked over. Lin Qingqing took a small piece and blew it to her son's mouth. "It's delicious." The son ate it and smiled happily.

Although he knew his son would praise her anyway, Lin Qingqing was still very happy to hear that.

Seeing that Mr. Yi was still standing by, Lin Qingqing also handed him a piece, “Try it too.”

Lin Zhenzhen was still in the kitchen. Lin Qingqing was feeding him as if no one was there. Yi Zeyan was a little embarrassed, but he pretended to eat it calmly and praised. "Not bad."

“It’s good that my husband likes it,” Lin Qingqing was very happy, poking at his face.

Yi Zeyan. “...”

What… her elder sister was still here, she was so corny.

Covering his shyness, Yi Zeyan half clenched his fist before his mouth and cough.

Carrying several boxes of gifts, Wu Qi arrived at this time. Seeing him, Lin Qingqing immediately came and greeted him. “Is officer Wu arrived? Oh no, it shouldn’t be officer Wu, it should be brother-in-law.”

Putting the things down, Wu Qi replied. “En.”

Lin Qingqing. “...”

Shuddered, Lin Qingqing whispered to her elder sister. “Is brother-in-law always like this?”

Lin Zhenzhen replied. “Ignore him, he is a topic terminator. He can’t drag on the topic, he is just cold.”

Lin Qingqing didn't take it seriously, smiling and nodding.

In fact, both Lin Qingqing and Lin Zhenzhen misunderstood Wu Qi. He was neither cold nor couldn’t drag on the topic. Being called brother-in-law so suddenly, he was a little embarrassed, and he was accustomed to ignoring others when he was like that.

Seeing Wu Qi, Xiao Yan was very happy, running to him happily. “Uncle, so I can call you aunt’s husband in the future, right?”

Wu Qi touched his head. “You can.”

Lin Qingqing put the dishes on the plate, and the meal was almost ready. Everyone sat down in the dining room. Lin Qingqing helped to fill her child’s plate. Suddenly, a phone rang at this time.

Looking at this unknown number after picking the phone up, she knew the area code was from Xianghai City.

The only person related to her in Xianghai City was Lin Peng. Seeing this number, she didn't want to answer it, but the phone continuously rang. Thinking about it, Lin Qingqing finally picked it up.

"Is this Miss Lin?" There was a strange female voice on the other end of the phone.

"It's me, who are you?"

"This is Xianghai XX Hospital. Is Miss Lin the daughter of Mr. Lin Peng? I'm here to help Mr. Lin Peng contact you. Mr. Lin Peng's brain congestion requires surgery. We need the signature of his family. Mr. Lin Peng asked us to contact you, so I'd like to ask Miss Lin when will you come to our hospital?"

Was Lin Peng suffering from cerebral congestion?

"You misunderstood. Although I am Lin Peng's daughter, I broke ties with him a few years ago. I can't sign it, don't call me in the future."

After saying this, Lin Qingqing hung up the phone.

"What's going on? What happened to Lin Peng?" Lin Zhenzhen asked.

Lin Qingqing shrugged. "He said it was cerebral congestion and asked me to sign it. I didn't have time to run over and sign it for him."

Lin Peng was also pretty miserable now. He divorced Liang Feifei about a few months ago, because she was pregnant.

In theory, Liang Feifei's pregnancy was a good thing. Lin Peng should be happier than anyone else to have a son at such an old age. He should not divorce at this time. At this point, it was about something that happened many years ago.

At that time, Lin Qingqing's mother was seriously ill. Lin Peng, the ex-husband, went to see a doctor. At that time, mother Lin drove everyone out, leaving only Lin Peng in the ward. At that time, mother Lin was dying. Lin Peng knew, and he felt sorry for her, thinking she had a wish to confess. She asked him to stay and he stayed, not to mention she was dying, so Lin Peng was defenseless to her.

Thinking that she was going to say a last word, Lin Peng rushed to her. Unexpectedly, as soon as he was near, mother Lin used a vicious method by death gripping his ball (T/N: it’s his ‘ball’ OwO) with poison.

She used the greatest strength of her life to hold it. Lin Peng was convulsed with pain. However, no matter how he hit her hand, she would not let go. Until later, when she completely died, he broke her hand off.

Lin Peng’s ball was gripped and became necrotic. However, he and Liang Feifei had just married at that time, so they were still lovey-dovey. What's more, if Liang Feifei knew that he had become a waste man, he could not guarantee whether she would leave him, so Lin Peng did not say anything about it. Of course, he did not have the face to say it.

Later, Lin Peng secretly went to the United States to make an artificial ball, and also regularly flew to the United States for repair and care. With this fake ball, although it could guarantee sexual life, there was no way to have children. Lin Peng was very sorry about this. After all, he couldn't have love crystallization with his beloved, which was really a very painful thing. Fortunately, Lin Peng had two children, so he hadn’t suffered for too long.

Liang Feifei really made this decision because she was desperate. She could not let Liang Xin go to jail, nor did she want to divorce Lin Peng. She thought that if she could conceive a child with Lin Peng at this time, then maybe he could forgive Liang Xin as soon as he was happy.

Liang Feifei didn't know about Lin Peng's inability to have children. She only thought that the decline of their physiological function caused them to have no children for so many years. So she went to find a young boy. She didn't know whether she was lucky enough to be pregnant after a few times.

Then she happily went to Lin Peng with the pregnancy test, but to her surprise, Lin Peng turned green when she heard the news of her pregnancy.

They had to know that when Lin Peng was young, he really loved this woman to the point of madness. For her, he didn’t hesitate to abandon his wife and daughter, and he didn’t hesitate to fight back against his daughters. He did so much that he wanted to be with her well, but she actually told him she was pregnant.

Of course he wasn’t his child.

She betrayed him!!!

The woman he loved so much that she had to give up the whole world for her, and she went out to find a man behind his back! Lin Peng immediately slapped her, spit out a mouthful of blood because of anger, and carried the burden himself.

After waking up, Lin Peng divorced Liang Feifei, and she knew the truth that Lin Peng had been crippled by his ex-wife.

Liang Feifei, who was driven out of the house, had no financial resources at all, she cried and begged Lin Peng, but his heart had been broken by her. No matter what she said, he could not forgive her.

Lin Zhenzhen and Lin Qingqing also felt fantastic when they learned about this, and they were both very surprised, because they knew better than anyone what their mother was like. She was kind and cowardly, but she crippled her husband before she died, making him infertile. They really didn't expect their mother to do such a thing.

After divorcing Liang Feifei, Lin Peng wanted to mend his relationship with the two sisters. However, they had already been heartbroken by this ruthless father, and no matter what attitude he did, they would not change.

So this time Lin Peng was ill and went to the hospital. Lin Qingqing didn't intend to take care of him.

Old scumbag, this was how he should end.

So, this call didn’t affect Lin Qingqing and the others. The food were still delicious, and the wine was good.

Yi Zeyan and Wu Qi drank a lot of wine. One of them was a former soldier, and the other was an active-duty policeman. Although they had different personalities, they both had a heroic character, as wine companions, and they drank quite well.

Yi Beiyuan was sleepy, so Lin Qingqing took him to bed. Yi Zeyan and Wu Qi drank a lot until late at night. Lin Qingqing planned to sleep with her elder sister tonight.

Wu Qi was so drunk that Lin Zhenzhen was worried about him going back, so she helped him into her room, putting him on the bed and helping him wash his feet.

Drunken Wu Qi knew what she was doing, trying to pull her. But, he missed after stretching out his hand, laying on the bed in daze. “Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen, you don’t have to do this...”

After helping him to wash his feet, Lin Zhenzhen drained the footwash and covered him with a quilt, "You sleep well."

As she said she was going to leave, he took her hand, pulled her back and hugged her. A drunk man who turned her over and pressed her under him, with a blurry gaze and he seemed to have lost the cold and sharp feeling when he was sober.

Looking at her face, he caressed her hair gently. "I don't need to do these things in the future. I will serve you in the future."

After drinking, he seems to talk a lot.

Lin Zhenzhen didn't want to argue with a drunkard. “We’re husband and wife," she replied, "Why do you care about this? You lie down."

She was trying to push him, but she couldn’t.

Suddenly, Wu Qi clasped her hand tightly, “I respect you, do you believe me?”


Lin Zhenzhen was shy, she didn’t know why he suddenly told her this. She blushed. “Wu Qi, you’re drunk.”

She wanted to get up, but he held her back.

“Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen,” He called her over and over, kissing her and still vaguely called her.

After resisting for a while, Lin Zhenzhen was called until confused by his voice. Later, she did some shameless things with him.

At the most passionate moment, he suddenly whispered in her ear. "Call me brother."

Her eyes were red and full of tears. She just wanted him to spare her quickly, so she obediently called him, "Brother."

“Call me brother Qi.”

“Brother Qi, brother Qi, brother Qi.”

Over and over, it almost melted his heart.

Later, after Wu Qi woke up sober, she was tired and fell asleep in his arms. He bowed his head and kissed her forehead. The cold and unruly man finally showed his gentlest side in the empty night. Rubbing her forehead, just like holding a rare treasure, calling his treasure again and again.

“Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen.”
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