She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 52

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Chapter 52
translator&editor: Oyen

Lin Zhenzhen's body was too stiff. She seemed to have only one instinct left, the kind of instinct to respond to Wu Qi’s kiss.

At first, his kiss was so soft and lingering that it made people tremble, but then his kiss became hotter. Hearing his rough gasp, she felt as if her cheeks were burning.

She didn't know how long it was before she was released, he was gasping, and she weakly leaned against his arms.

“Take out your family register.”

“What?” Lin Zhenzhen still hadn't regained her senses.

“Family register, let's go and get a marriage certificate.”


Weren't they supposed to give it a try first? How many days did it take to get a marriage certificate before we confirmed the relationship? Lin Zhenzhen thought it was a little soon. But she didn’t know whether Wu Qi's sudden kiss confused her heart, but she didn't say a word of refusal. She just went to the room to take out the family register, then went to the civil affairs bureau with Wu Qi, and then drifted to get the marriage certificate.

Coming out of the civil affairs bureau, Wu Qi still looked calm and cold. He stuffed the marriage certificate of the two into the bag, pulled down the button and fastened it firmly. "I will go back with you and move your things to my house."

After going to work, Wu Qi didn’t live with his family anymore. He bought a house outside by himself.

The confused Lin Zhenzhen just nodded.

Wu Qi went back with her to pack up and took her luggage to his house. Lin Zhenzhen's whole process was like a manipulated string puppet.

After sorting out her things, Wu Qi said to her, "There are still things in the team. I'll go first."

After finishing, he left as soon as he clapped his ass. He didn't explain anything to her despite being the first visit to his place.

After Wu Qi left, Lin Zhenzhen finally calmed down. Then, she only realized later, wasn’t she being cheated?

Didn't they will give it a try first, why did they get a marriage certificate in a muddle-headed way, and she didn't have anything to prepare or put on makeup or change even into a nice dress.

That was a wedding photo!

Hearing her elder sister and Wu Qi got a marriage certificate, Lin Qingqing was also shocked.

"I just asked you what progress you and Wu Qi have, you said it was just holding hands a little. How come you got your marriage certificate as soon as I left? Elder sister, I am your sister, why are you not honest with me?"

“It’s not like that, when you first came here, it was really just holding hands a little.”

“So~ what happened after I left?”

Hearing her teasing voice, Lin Zhenzhen scolded. “You bad girl!”

“Don’t keep me hanging, so what progress are you now?”

Blushing, Lin Zhenzhen still told her what had happened after Wu Qi came, he hugged and kissed her, then he took her to get a marriage certificate, finally moving all her things into his house.

"So, do you think I was cheated? How can I get a marriage certificate with him so easily?"

Lin Qingqing chuckled. “It seems that Wu Qi can’t wait and is very impatient to marry you.”

Lin Zhenzhen. “...”

"But now that the marriage certificate has been obtained, it's useless to tangle about it again. It's better to think about how to live in the future." Lin Qingqing added.

Lin Zhenzhen felt that her sister was right. Now that she had received the marriage certificate, it really didn't make much difference to struggle with some trivial matters.

Coming back in the afternoon, Wu Qi smelled a scent of food, Lin Zhenzhen came out with a bowl of soup. Seeing him coming in, she greeted him. “Already back? Let’s eat first.”

Wu Qi didn’t speak, just taking off his clothes, Lin Zhenzhen took it and folded them neatly on the sofa.

She did it naturally, it was kind of natural familiarity, Wu Qi thought that when he went to school, his drawer was always in a mess, and her drawer was always neat and tidy, it seemed that she had never changed her habit of tidying up things.

Walking over the table, Wu Qi saw a big table on dishes. Over the years, every time he came back home, his home was empty. He was usually too busy to cook, either eating out or ordering takeout. When he was really tired, he went home to eat.

At the moment, looking at a table full of dishes on the table, he was filled with the satisfaction of being married and having a wife.

Looking at the person standing next to him, the woman he had longed for, who became his wife and cooked for him.

Seeing him standing still, Lin Zhenzhen asked. “What are you waiting for? Eat quickly or the food will be cold.”

As soon as he sat down, Lin Zhenzhen added. "Today is the first day for us to get our marriage certificate, which is kind of an anniversary, so I’ll make it a little richer." She was a little embarrassed when she said that.

“En.” He simply replied.

Lin Zhenzhen. “...”

Looking at him, she saw that the man had picked up the bowl and began to eat, he did not seem to take them too seriously. Lin Zhenzhen felt very speechless. How could she have married such a cold and silent husband? It was not interesting at all.

After the meal, Lin Zhenzhen was preparing to clean up the dishes, but Wu Qi asked her to sit, while he went to clean up. Lin Zhenzhen sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, the news was broadcasted, Lin Zhenzhen opened it on this station, and didn't bother to adjust it.

Not long, Wu Qi came over and sat beside her. They didn’t talk, the sound of TV was the only one rang in the room.

Although they were married, but... Lin Zhenzhen felt that this feeling was really cramped. She put her hands on her thighs and rubbed them uneasily.

“I… where will I sleep later?” Lin Zhenzhen asked.

“Master bedroom.”


Wu Qi's house had three rooms, and he was currently sleeping in the master bedroom. By asking her to sleep in the master bedroom, which meant that he wanted her to sleep with him.

"Are we going to share a room?" Lin Zhenzhen was blushed.

Finally, Wu Qi gazed at her. “Do you think the marriage certificate is for nothing?”

Lin Zhenzhen. “...”

"What are you doing so far away from me? Come here."

She didn’t know if he had been used to giving orders since childhood, his tone always felt so commanding. Lin Zhenzhen thought his ferocious appearance was frightening, so she obediently came over to him. Stretching out his hand, Wu Qi pulled her into his lap to sit down.

This time, Lin Zhenzhen didn’t struggle.

"Still watching TV?" He asked.

"No more." She nestled in his arms and didn’t dare to look up at him.

Turning off the TV, Wu Qi picked her up and went to the bedroom. Lin Zhenzhen stayed motionless, so he was carried to the bed and laid down. He didn’t get up, with both hands supporting him, looking at her from up to down.

The two were soon shrouded in an ambiguous atmosphere. Lin Zhenzhen was so ashamed that she bit her lip. "That... Are we developing too fast? We just said we would give it a try."

He didn't say anything and just looked at her.

Lin Zhenzhen was so uncomfortable that she didn’t dare to look at him. She turned her head aside and didn't know what he was going to do.

After such a stalemate for a while, Wu Qi suddenly lowered his head and kissed her lips gently, slowly sucking her lips, and then trying to stick his tongue in. Lin Zhenzhen was stiff at first and could only be kissed by him completely, slowly she was led by him to the point, subconsciously responding to him.

Kissing to the most lingering place, she felt that he put something on her finger, before he stopped.

Looking at it, Lin Zhenzhen saw that he put a diamond ring on her ring finger. It was polished into a hexagonal shape, which was her favorite shape. She remembered that she had told her classmates in high school that her wedding ring must have six claws and be polished into a hexagonal shape.

The ring also fits perfectly with her fingers, as if they were made specifically for her.

"This..." Lin Zhenzhen was completely stunned.

“Wedding ring.” He rolled over and lay down beside her, with a light expression.

"Why did you give me this?"

"You're my wife. Shouldn't I give it?"


Which woman didn't like diamonds? Lin Zhenzhen was a commoner, and she was naturally happy to receive a diamond ring, especially from her newly married husband, who just didn't understand the taste. But she was still surprised. "How do you know the size of my fingers?" The ring could be seen at a glance that he had made it according to the size of her finger.

He turned to gaze at her and took it for granted, "What do I don’t know about you? Did I like you for so many years for nothing?"


“Let’s sleep, it’s getting late.”

Lin Zhenzhen regained her senses and laid down beside him. He turned off the light and the room was quiet.

Lin Zhenzhen had a strange feeling when she slept with a man for the first time, but she felt nothing strange when she thought that the man was her husband.

Thinking of something, Lin Zhenzhen asked him. "When are we going to have the wedding?"

“Next month.” He replied straightforwardly.

Next month, it was a little bit of a hurry, but after thinking that both of them had a marriage certificate anyway, so they had to do it sooner or later.

"When will we talk to your parents and tell them about the wedding?"

"Tomorrow morning."

Lin Zhenzhen nodded.

After a moment of silence, Wu Qi asked again. "Do we need to go to Xianghai City?"

Lin Zhenzhen knew what he meant and whether she wanted to go to Xianghai City to meet her father. Lin Zhenzhen replied. "No, we have lost contact with him for a long time."

Wu Qi said nothing more.

Soon, Lin Zhenzhen fell into silence again. She touched the ring on her finger and couldn't help laughing. Wu Qi was lying beside her. Just after the kiss, he didn't continue to do anything to her. It seemed that he was going to sleep.

"When did you order this ring? we just have been in a relationship for a few days, right?"

In the dark, Wu Qi slowly opened his eyes. The night in the city was not so dark that he could not see anything. He looked at the ceiling above his head, searching for her hand in the quilt, and hurriedly grasped it in his hand.

When did he order it? He wouldn’t tell her that after he could make money on his own, the first sum of money he saved made the ring completely for her. At that time, he had no intention of getting married in the future. In fact, he told himself that he would either marry her or not in his life.

It never occurred to him that the ring would be put on her hand one day.

But he said nothing, pulled her hand over his chest and replied. "Sleep."
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  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    It's nice and all to read about something like that but I really hope nobody acts like that in real life - imagine being the girl who unknowingly caused someone to stay single their entire life. And imagine being the other who swore that they could only have one specific person and closed the door on every other opportunity.

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