The King's Return : Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Flowing Frost

There is still a period of time before the start of next year's league. As the team leader, actually Liu Xiang doesn't need to report to the team so early. However, she is quite boring to stay at home and follow her younger sister, just in time to get familiar with the team members of Mojue team in advance. Later, as team leader, she can arrange all kinds of daily activities when going out to tournament according to everyone's preferences.

Twin Star and Zhu Qingyue are old acquaintances. The four newcomers in the team met for the first time. He Beiguang is the tallest and has a big head, it's said that He Beiguang has a nickname "big head", which is a single cell animal with a very direct temper. Pei Yu wears a pair of glasses, has a baby face, likes laughing, which is said to be the cleverest of the four newcomers. Shen He is a typical hyperactive teenager, right now, he was restless in his seat, he always looked here and there and was very active. Li Muran, on the contrary to Shen He, had a melancholy personality and seldom spoke all day long.

Liu Xiang and Liu Hong probably got familiar with the situation of these players, and asked Qin Mo what arrangements he had next.

Qin Mo said: "Liu Hong, you first quit the national grace guild and join Mojue, we will also act together in the future."

Liu Hong simply said: "Okay, I'll go and talk to sister Qing."

Liu Xiang asked in surprise: "Did Ah Qing come to the new area?"

Liu Hong nodded: "She was sent by President Xu to be the guild leader in the new area."

The person mentioned by the two people is Zhou Qingman, whose ID Wind Across Green Hill. She was the president of the Red Fox Association's management and support association, and was sister to Liu Xiang and Liu Hong. After Red Fox was acquired, she followed the two to Nanjing. This time, the National Grace Club sent players to the new area. Xu Lin transferred the veteran president to the new area, obviously, she had high hopes for a new team that would take the lead in Peerless Jianghu.

The reason why Liu Hong joined the national grace guild in the new a was arealso to help Zhou Qingman——she had no affection for President Xu, but sister Qing is after all a sister for many years. The national graceentered the new area at the latest and the new guild is not easy to fight for. Liu Hong took everyone to finish dungeon when she was idle after joining the guild, which did help the president a lot. Now, Liu Hong has found her own team and naturally wants to leave the national grace guild.

Three Waterdrop: "Sister Qing, I'm going to quit the guild, just to let you know."

Wind Across Green Hill: "All right."

Three Waterdrop: "Don't you ask me why?"

Wind Across Green Hill: "You should have found your own team, right? I'll be happy for you, good luck."

She clearly guessed her identity, Liu Hong also no longer struggle, open the guild panel to choose to quit, then apply to join the Mojue guild, Qin Mo immediately approved.

Liu Xiang frowned slightly and said: "President Xu transferred Ah Qing to the new a as presidreaent. It seems that she is determined to form a strong team in the new game, surely the players she sent to the new area to lead the team are also very strong?"

"Yes." Liu Hongdao said. "The person who PK me at the gate of the dungeon that day was An Ling. There should be other experts besides An Ling."

Qin Mo naturally wanted to know something about his future opponents and asked along this topic: "I was watching the PK between you and An Ling. An Ling's style is more aggressive and fierce, she also responded quickly, is she a seed player being cultivated by the national grace club?"

Liu Hong nodded: "She is number 1 seed of the national beauty team, she played as a substitute with us for some time last season. I wanted her to be in the starting line-up, because the output of the national beauty is very weak, and I always couldn't keep up with the pace in the big game. However President Xu didn't agree, saying the club had other arrangements. It was only later that I learned that she was going to transfer An Ling to lead the team on Peerless Jianghu."

Qin Mo asked: "How is the player's strength?"

Liu Hong thought for a moment and commented: "She is only 18 years old this year, but she has a good talent and dares to fight. She is a top-notch player in the current national grace club."

Liu Xiang also had some impressions of this player and said: "She is a very clever little girl."

——An Ling, that day PK with Liu Hong "Jinling Old Dream", the girl who playing Fangcao Hall poison master, the strength is indeed not weak, but also tie with Liu Hong. Perhaps there are more powerful players than An Ling have not yet appeared, but Qin Mo is not too worried, after all, there is Liu Hong in Mojue, he believes that Liu Hong's aura and level should be able to suppress the national grace players.

What he wants to know more now is the configuration of the other teams.

At present, the clubs that are known to be stationed in server district 1 include "Wind Color" and "Huaxia". There is also "Sword Song" for the unofficial team.

On Wind Color over there, Zhou Xuewei and Zhao Xingchen, the first-line players promoted by Qin Mo in person, have appeared in the new area, and Qin Mo is not clear about the situation of others. On Sword Song, Lin Shuangcheng is a very popular e-sport anchor with strong strength. Qin Mo personally sent Song Changdong, who has outstanding talent, which is a great help to Sword Song. As for the Imperial team of Huaxia Club, he doesn't know anything about the situation.

——These teams will definitely become strong rivals on the road to winning the championship.

The so-called "know your enemy and know yourself, you can fight a hundred battles without danger". There are definitely undercover agents sent by other teams to investigate the situation inside the Mojue Guild, but Qin Mo still lacks understanding of other teams. Fortunately, he and Xiao Han's small account "Longing for Your Heart" and "We’ll Never be Apart" can come in handy. Liu Hong withdrew from the national grace, their small account is not good for too much movement. It is not too late to use it after finding a suitable opportunity.

Qin Mo takes a look at the full service ranking list —— players on the first page of the ranking list of server area 1 have all broken through the level 70, many of them reaching level 74. Qin Mo and Xiao Han have spent a lot of energy to go undercover in the national grace. They have just reached level 64. Pei Yu, He Beiguang, Shen He and Li Muran are all at level 64. Zhu Qingyue has been taken to level 63 by them, Liu Hong is also at level 63, compared with those madman on the rank list, the overall level of Mojue team is about 10 levels lower.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo said: "Our level has not been able to catch up with the first group, we first upgrade as soon as possible." After pausing, he looked back at Liu Xiang. "Sister Xiang, Muran is a newcomer, if you have time to take a look at his operation, teach him the skills of healer along the way."

Liuxiang found something to do, then went to sit next to Li Muran, smiled and said: "Muran is it? Hello, if you have any questions, please ask me."

Li Muran: "Thank you."

Shen He almost beat his chest and stamped his foot: "Hey hey, Milk dad! Sister Xiang is a world-class Milk god ah! If she wants to teach you, will you just say thank you? Can you say a few more words?"

Li Muran thought about it and said three more words: "It's an honor."

Liu Xiang: "......"

Shen He: "......"

Still don't force him to talk, everyone is anxious for him!

However, Liu Xiang sat down, looked at it for a while and found that Li Muran had a very good foundation and had his own ideas. Liu Xiang looked at his attributes and asked doubtfully: "Do you want to take agility base healer?"

Li Muran nodded: "En."

"This is quite in line with the overall style of the Mojue team." Liu Xiang said with a smile. "It's just that if Han and Mo is playing fast outbreak in the front row, you'll be a little under a lot of pressure when you get to the field, and the speed and rhythm of adding blood must keep up. I suggest you find a partner to go to a place where the small mobs are very intensive to practice adding blood for one person. First, sort out the connection between the cooldown skill release time and the skill."

With the guidance of Milk god, Li Muran's heart is actually very happy. However, there is still no expression on his face, nodding: "Good. Shen He, come with me."

Shen He looked dull: "Why me?"

——I don't want to go with you, you stuffy gourd don't say a word, I'm suffocating! Shen He complained wildly in his heart.

Li Muran gave the reason: "You are a roommate."

Shen he retorted: "Do roommates still have to accompany you as an experimental subject to practice with adding blood? Do roommates have this obligation?"

Li Muran said: "En."

Shen He: "......"

I am so tired, I can’t argue with him.

Liu Xiang, seeing Shen He's face full of bitterness, said with a smile: "Xiao He, just you, you have a lot of pets, Muran can also train in groups."

Shen He said dejectedly: "All right."

Li Muran and Shen He, Pei Yu and He Beiguang have all completed the main task, and the two teams went to peach blossom forest to brush experience.

The remaining four were led by Qin Mo to meet in Kaifeng city of level 60, to clean up the main task first.

The main task above level 60 is very difficult, the number of small mobs to be killed has doubled, the difficulty of elite mobs is no less than that of dungeon Boss. However, Xiao Han, Qin Mo, Liu Hong and Zhu Qingyue, the four great gods, formed a team and beat the mobs just like driving a bulldozer, rolling it over all the way, the speed of the task of clearing was flying fast.

By the afternoon, the opened main task was all clear, the difficult task of the field map was also picked and swept through, and the four people successfully reached level 65.

Qin Mo said: "Everyone have dinner as soon as possible, and gather at the entrance of the level 65 team dungeon at seven o'clock."

The team ate so fast that they all arrived in the training room at 06:30. Looking at everyone's high-spirited expression, Qin Mo smiled and said: "Since the people have arrived, let's start ahead of time."

Eight people gathered at the entrance of the "Bamboo Grove Trail", the 65-level team dungeon. Since the upgrade team in the game has already exceeded 70 levels, the introduction of this 65-level team dungeon has long been passed to the forum, Qin Mo just glanced at it and knew the play of the dungeon. In addition, the team was full of professional players and passed easily.

Unfortunately, the weapon blueprint dropped by the dungeon Boss was a pair of iron claws, which were not needed by the team. Qin mo had to privately talk with "I am not a profiteer" and send the blueprint to him.

I am not a profiteer happened to be online, quickly replied: "Boss, you told me to collect the blueprint, I just received a healer weapon blueprint today, dropped by the wild Boss dropped, do you think it is all right?"

He sent the blueprint to Qin Mo to see——Flowing Frost.

The amount of healing for this weapon is not high, but one basic attribute is "cooldown time reduced by 10%", which is exactly what Li Muran needs.

Qin Mo said happily: "Thank you! Mail it to me, and I'll pay you later."

I am not a profiteer, haha, smiled and said: "Let's forget about the money! I have also made a lot of material money from the guild. Let's take it as a gift from me to the healer,  good luck, boss!"

Qin Mo said: "En, then I send you some more autographs or something to make up for it?"

I am not a profiteer: "This is the best! Thank you boss ~"

I am not a profiteer, in addition to sending a healer blueprint, but also sent a lot of gold materials, Qin Mo studied Li Muran's weapons, because there is a clear idea, in addition, the weapons built for Shen He before are also accompanied by cooldown reduction attributes, the weapon was built very smoothly, and it was made very quickly.

Qin Mo sent the weapon attributes to the team channel for everyone to see——

[Flowing Frost]

[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Silver Needle]

[Creator: Ink Mark]

[Basic healing effects 5500-5850, casting distance 0-25m, skill cooldown -10%]

[Skill cooldown -10%; skill cooldown -10%]

A pair of silver needles with a little silvery light have been made into weapons with extreme cooldown reduction. A single weapon reduces the cooldown by nearly 30%, which is quite terrible. That is to say, if the original time required for a casting skill is 3 seconds, it will only take 2.1 seconds for Li Muran after wearing this weapon.

Of course, other players who play healer will also add some cooldown reduction on their attributes and equipment, about 20%, which is almost the same. There is few special methods to pursue extreme cooldown, because once the extreme cooldown is pursued, that means that the amount of basic healing is not enough, and you are likely to face the dilemma of losing a lot of blood from your teammates, even though you casting the skill quickly but the amount of blood is too low to be useful.

Liu Xiang asked: "The weapon has a 30% cooldown reduction. Do you want to give all the jewelry a critical strike? Otherwise, Muran amount of healing will not keep up with it."

Qin Mo agreed and said: "I think so too, what does Muran think?"

Li Muran said: "En." Obviously, he is thinking the same way.

Liu Xiang said: "In theory, the agility based physician is feasible, but the response and speed requirements of the players are very high, and the blood addition frequency of healer is twice as fast as the general healer." After all, she is a professional healer, a look at the weapons data can speculate Li Muran's blood addition ideas. Later on to the field, he must fly at the same speed to continue to add blood to his teammates, the probability of healer critical strike increased, the amount of healing can be stable.

This healer will be very hard to play, but similarly, for fast-paced teams, such healer will be very powerful at the critical moment.

Liu Xiang suggested: "The weapon has been knocked out. However, you should first adjust to the skill release frequency after changing the weapon and control the consumption of blue while adding blood quickly."

Li Muran immediately nodded and said: "Okay."

Just now, when Qin Mo led the team, he noticed that there was a stronghold in the southern suburb of Kaifeng. There were so many small mobs that people with intensive phobia could be deterred. It was just that he could let Muran practice how to control the blue and arrange the skill sequence when he was under pressure and adding blood. Qin Mo thought of it and said: "Come to practice in the south suburb of Kaifeng."

Liu Xiang added: "Xiao He will accompany him."

Li Muran turns around and heads for the south suburb stronghold. Shen He bouncing after him, did not forget to speak: "Milk dad, I will accompany you to practice skills, think of a way to thank me ah!"

Li Muran doesn't speak and continues to rush ahead.

Shen He said with a smile: "For example, buy me something? Don't be too expensive hahaha, I'm not that kind of materialistic person, as long as it's practical!"

Li Muran thought about something more practical and said: "Toothpaste."

Shen He froze: "Ah?"

Li Muran added: "Shampoo."

Shen He: "........................"

After he said that, Shen he suddenly remembered that he had been borrowing his toothpaste and shampoo since he moved to the dormitory. He had planned to go to the supermarket the next day to buy them, but he was so excited that he forgot.

I'm f*cking crazy! I don't mean it!

Shen He as if pressed the mute key, immediately silent.

Qin Mo heard the conversation between the two men, noticed the little apprentice suddenly mute, and couldn't help wondering: "What's wrong with the toothpaste?"

Shen He blushed immediately and explained awkwardly: "I, I forgot to bring toothpaste and shampoo, I was using his all the time before, I didn't mean it. I really forgot!"

Li Muran said with a straight face: "I'll buy it for you."

Shen He: ".................."

——Brother, I'm not someone who can't afford toothpaste, really!
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