The King's Return : Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 : Shopping at Supermarkets

Li Muran and Shen He upgrade by brushed the mobs in the mountain village in the southern suburb of Kaifeng and practiced the release time of healing skills and the control of blue amount. Liu Xiang suggested that they increase their speed, Shen He had to release a lot of pets to pull the mobs. The mechanical rats wandered around and pulled over a dozen little mobs at one time. As they ran, they killed and the scene was like a chicken flying and dog running. (T/N : chaos)

Fortunately, both hands are fast enough, so the practice is really effective, Shen He can also practice multi-line control of pets along the way.

Li Muran's comprehension ability is very strong. In just one night, he is familiar with the current reading time, release frequency and combo mode of all skills of pharmacist Fangcao Hall after cooldown reduction. However, the control of the blue amount is not very good. Sometimes the skills are put too frequently, and the blue will be used up by accident.

Liu Xiang encouraged: "It doesn't matter, you have learned fast enough. The skills of controlling blue need to be mastered in a large number of actual combat, and it is impossible to learn them immediately in just a while. When the competition is fierce, you need to heal the outbreak in a short period of time to stabilize the health of the whole team. At this time, the connection between blue control and skills is very important. Otherwise, if you do not have enough blue for the two teams, your teammates will have to die."

The release skill needs to consume a certain proportion of blue. In the competition arena, when the amount of blue is very small, it is a test of the overall view of healer whether to add a single core or a whole group.

Liu Xiang's tone is very gentle, and Li Muran has great respect and admiration for Sister Xiang in his heart, after all, the other side has participated in the World Champion as a national team healer, and the large-scale competitions she has experienced can kill him for 18 streets. Liu Xiang speaks to him, of course, he has to listen carefully. However, he was not very good at expressing his inner respect, and in the end he only said seriously. "Thank you, Sister Xiang."

On the teenager's face paralyzed face and that pair of dark deep eyes, Liu Xiang can not help smiling and said: "You are welcome, you can get familiar with it slowly. When you come to the arena, you can tell me when you meet the bottleneck."

Li Muran nodded: "En."

The next day's arrangement was still based on upgrading, because the system stipulated that the maximum number of tasks to be done was a five-person team, unable to form a team, eight people were divided into two teams by Qin Mo. Xiao Han and Qin Mo took Li Muran and Shen He with them. Liu Hong and Zhu Qingyue took Pei Yu and He Beiguang, two teams to do the task, the speed is still fast as flying.

By lunchtime, everyone had been upgraded to level 70.

It took at least three days to get from level 65 to 70, but as a result, it took them only a day and a half to achieve their goal.

Qin Mo was very satisfied with everyone's upgrade speed and serious attitude. He took the initiative to open his mouth and said: "Let's have a rest at noon, go back to take a nap and get enough spirit. We will gather at 2:30 in the afternoon." After all, VR games will hurt your eyes. Everyone's upgrade progress has far exceeded Qin Mo's expectation, it is necessary to combine work with rest.

It's only 12 o'clock now, two and a half hours to go before the meeting time, Shen He suggested to Li Muran: "Why don't we go to the supermarket to buy toothpaste?"

Li Muran nodded: "Okay."

There is a comprehensive supermarket near Dragon Song club, with complete department stores. Li Muran comes to the supermarket with Shen He. Shen He pushes a big shopping cart at the door. Li Muran is still very strange, isn't he just buying toothpaste and shampoo? Just hold it in your hand. Do you need to push the shopping cart?

As a result, Shen He walked into the supermarket like a little monkey, he took a look here and there. When he could not buy many things, he had to take them down and put them back......

His elder sister Shen Qi since Shen He was admitted to college to accompany him to the supermarket once, never go again, painfully said: "It is simply more tired than to accompany the children to the playground!"

The style of Shen He's shopping in the supermarket is very "hot blooded". His eyes are everywhere, and every place needs to be visited.

Li Muran expression is very calm, followed him without saying a word.

In the food area, Shen He put two bags of beef jerky, two bags of dried mangoes, and several bags of potato chips in the cart: "I like to eat these! Bring back to the dormitory as a snack."

Li Muran: "En."

Shen He ran to the aisle under the discount sign to take a bottle of laundry detergent: "Buy one get one free, it's a good deal! Bring back for the laundry."

Li Muran: "En."

Shen He went to the place where they sold household clothes and found a set of light blue pajamas: "This is so cheap hahaha! I'll take one back."

Li Muran: "......" really don't even want to say the word "En".

People passing by looked at Shen He with "funny man" eyes and found that he was followed by a handsome boy with no facial expression, everyone expressed sympathy for the handsome boy.

Shen He doesn't mind people's eyes, and continues to push the shopping cart around the supermarket.

He took a bag of men's underwear, scratched his head, then took a second bag, and said: "Buy one more bag, and you can change it."

Then he took a glass teapot and two tea cups: "It is also beautiful to make tea in the dormitory, I like to drink Pu'er tea!"

Next, he took two more towels: "The previous towel is too old, should be replaced."

Then he conveniently took down a heat preservation cup (T/N: thermos): "This one works well in the training room. It's heat preservation. You don't have to run for the hot tea water!"


Li Muran somewhat puzzled, he couldn't figure out why Shen He couldn't stop for a moment?? He wants to buy everything he sees. How long has it been since he visited the supermarket?

Clearly, he just only to buy toothpaste and shampoo, but his shopping cart was almost full……

Finally, Shen He went to the area where shampoo and toothpaste were sold and bought the most important things he should buy at the supermarket.

Li Muran breathed a long sigh of relief in his heart and said: "Let's go."

Shen He contentedly pushes the shopping cart to the entrance of the supermarket and puts things one by one on the checkout counter.

The cashier smiled and said: "Hello, 1,532 yuan. Would you like to pay in cash or by credit card?"

Li Muran took out his credit card and said faintly: "Swipe the card."

The cashier immediately handed him the card swipe machine: "Please enter the password."

Shen He was stunned and finally looked up from the massive goods: "Ah, wait, I'll pay for it myself, I’ll pay......"

Before he could finish, Li Muran had simply typed out the password and swiped the card.

Shen He: "......"

I really didn't mean to blackmail you, brother! I want to pay for it myself!

Say to buy toothpaste, the result bought more than one thousand yuan, what do you think is like he is taking advantage of blackmailing Li Muran = =

Li Muran looked back at him and said: "Shall we go?"

Shen He blushed and scratched his head and whispered: "Thank you. I didn't want you to pay for it. I'm sorry to buy so much. Well, shall, shall I buy you lunch?"

Li Muran: "En."

There are so many things, there are three big bags. Li Muran helps to carry two bags, and Shen He follows him with the lightest one.

Li Muran walked steadily, with a long and straight back with wide shoulders and narrow waist. Shen He also knows his own problems. Every time he goes to the supermarket, his hands are cheap and he can't help buying. Everyone thinks he is a shopaholic, but Li Muran said nothing. He accompanied him around for more than an hour and helped him carry things consciously......

Although Li Muran does not like to talk, but the temper is actually quite good ah!

Shen He sighed with emotion, suddenly feel this stuffy gourd is not so hateful.

With an hour to go, Shen He asked: "Where do you want to eat? I'll treat you to lunch."

They went to the supermarket before they had lunch in the canteen. originally, Li Muran thought it would take up to five minutes to buy toothpaste and shampoo——As a result, Shen He spent an hour shopping in the supermarket and bought a lot of things. Now the canteen is out of food when they go back. After thinking about it, Li Muran said: "Go to eat fast food."

Shen He immediately shook his head: "How can that be done? A fast food costs more than ten yuan, you already spent so much for me, I have to treat you to a good meal! Why don't we go and eat Hunan cuisine? There is a Hunan cuisine restaurant opposite road. Last time Captain Zhuo invited my master and god Han to eat at that restaurant. Master said the taste was okay, let's go, let's go. I'll treat you to eat."

Li Muran could not say no to the young man's bright smile at the moment, so he had to nod and say: "Okay."

The two of them went to the opposite Hunan restaurant to find a private room, Shen He took the menu and ordered four more expensive specialties, as a result, when the food came up, he found them all covered with red peppers.

Shen He took a taste and spit out his tongue: "Ah ah ah, it's so spicy, so spicy…... It’s great!"

Then he swallowed the green peppers and the meat with an intoxicated face.

Li Muran: "......"

What is this expression, people who don't know thought he was......

Li Muran could hardly look directly at him, so he had to look down and eat his own food.

Shen He saw him swallow a piece of particularly spicy fish with a straight face and could not help asking: "Is it spicy?"

Li Muran: "En."

Shen He wondered: "Then why don't you have any expression? It's just like eating rice."

Li Muran: "I endure it."

Shen He laughed and said: "Why should you endure such spicy food? There are only two of us in the private room, you can blow your tongue, it doesn't matter."

Li Muran frowned, still feel that is not very elegant, continue to drink water and eat rice to reduce the spicy taste of the tip of the tongue. Shen He did not care much about his image, he spit out his red and tender tongue and blew it. Then he continued to lower his head to eat the meal, it was so spicy that he cried and said it was delicious and great. Li Muran looked at the young white teeth from time to time between the piece of soft tongue, and the feeling in his heart was always strange.

He hates people who talk a lot, and even more hates people who move around.

But…... He doesn't seem to hate Shen He?

Shen He is undoubtedly the most talkative and hyperactive person he has ever seen, Li Muran is more tired than climbing a mountain when he accompanies this guy to the supermarket today.

But it's strange that he just thinks that this lively little monkey can't make him hate it, on the contrary…...It's kind of cute.

Perhaps it is because things turn into their opposites when they reach the extreme, isn’t it?

Li Muran raised his mouth and accompanied Shen He to lunch.

Shen He evaluated the taste of the food while eating, what he did not like to eat originally seemed to become delicious in Shen He's words of "delicious" and "it’s great".
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