The King's Return : Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: High Mountains and River (part I)

On the way back to the dormitory, Li Muran and Shen He happened to meet Han and Mo the two people. Looking at the large bags in their hands, Xiao Han was surprised: "Aren't you going to buy toothpaste?"

Shen He said awkwardly: "I bought a little something else along the way."

Xiao Han said directly: "This is not a little bit, is it?"

Qin Mo added: "It's very much."

"......" Shen He's face became redder, he scratched his head shyly and said: "Master, we go back to the dormitory and put some things in first."

Qin Mo nodded: "Go ahead, and then go straight to the training room."

Shen He quickly ran to the dormitory to put things, he really bought too much, tea sets, thermos, clothes, daily necessities.

Li Muran looked at him, unpacking and thought: It's really like moving house, just need to buy a pan.

Shen He put all the things he bought neatly, rubbed his hands and smiled: "Well, thank you so much today ah!"

Li Muran: "......No need to thanks."

When the two came to the training room together, all the other teammates had arrived at exactly two thirty.

Qin Mo explained: "Everyone continue to work in teams and reach level 75 in two days."

At present, on the first page of the ranking, many people have broken through level 75, among which there are professional players such as "Gentleman Unparalleled" and "Vanish into Smoke" of the Sword Song team, "Snow Mountain" and "Poison Little Demon" of the Wind Color team, and "Jinling Old Dream" of the National Grace club. There are also some players whose ID Qin Mo does not know, they are also expected to be professional players of major clubs or high-level players trained by major guilds.

After level 65, the main task gives a lot of experience, and the corresponding difficulty will also be improved. Ordinary online game players will upgrade more and more slowly after level 65, but the team composed of professional players has a fast task clearing efficiency, and the upgrade speed naturally exceeds those of the on-hook and weird training workshops. This is also the reason why almost all of the top ranking players in the later stage are contracted by professional players and folk experts.

Qin Mo gave everyone two days to rush to level 75, the team members also showed great energy and divided into two teams to finish all the main tasks and did many difficult branch tasks in the field.

At noon two days later, everyone finally reached the level 75.

Qin Mo takes a look at the rank list. From the first page to the fifth page, all of them are level 75. Zhou Xuewei and Lin Shuangcheng are all stuck at level 75, but they failed to get to level 76. This is because level 75 will face the biggest experience wall in the game——the experience required for upgrading has directly doubled by five times. Since the cross server arena will be opened after full level at level 80, if players can quickly rise to level 80, it means that there are rookies wearing garbage equipment everywhere in the arena. The official purposely stuck an experience wall at level 75, which can just calm everyone down to collect secret books and make equipment so as to prepare for the arena after full level.

Level 75, the last team dungeon of the upgrade phase will be opened——the "High Mountain and River" dungeon located in Luoying Valley.

To Qin Mo's surprise, the Boss first kill of this dungeon is still there, and the current clearance record of the dungeon is still blank.

——The elite groups of the guilds, such as Wind Color, Sword Song, and National Grace, have not been able to pass the dungeon?

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Let's go to see High Mountain and River dungeon first."

Mojue's eight team members immediately merged into a team and gathered in the dungeon of "High Mountain and River" in Luoying Valley.

Qin Mo was a little surprised when he entered the dungeon, this team's dungeon didn't have boss 1, boss 2 and boss 3 like other team dungeons, but only one pair of boss Boya and Ziqi.

This is obviously related to the allusions of "High Mountain and River".

According to legend, the guqin player Boya once played in the wild mountains. Woodcutter Zhong Ziqi could hear what he thought, Boya thought about the high mountains, Ziqi said "I am like a Mount Tai". Boya thought about running water and Ziqi said "I am like a river". Boya was pleasantly surprised to meet a bosom friend, and the two became close friends. They often played together, one playing and the other listening. Later, when Zhong Ziqi died, Boya thought that there was no one in the world who could understand his guqin, so he broke the string and stopped playing it for life.

The plan of Peerless Jianghu is obviously more literary and artistic, level 50 dungeon "Jiangnan academy" set up Su Shi's three fathers and sons as the boss, and level 75 dungeon "High Mountain and River" dragged Boya and Ziqi out. Luoying Valley is a school that kills people by music in its own way in Peerless Jianghu. It is also in line with the setting of the game to put the dungeon of "High Mountain and River" in Luoying valley.

After entering the dungeon, they did not encounter any little mobs and were transported directly to the top of a high mountain.

Boya is sitting in the pavilion on the top of the mountain, playing the guqin. He is like a fairy in white, Zhong Ziqi stands beside him motionless, apparently listening to him. The beautiful melody in his ear is the ancient music of "high mountain and river".

Qin Mo looked up the attributes of boss and was surprised——to find that the blood volume of Boya was 1 million, and that of Zhong Ziqi was only 50,000!

Xiao Han also discovered this point and wondered: "Why is the blood volume of the two Boss so much different?"

Pei Yu followed: "I thought I was blinded and counted again. It was indeed Boya 1 million, Zhong Ziqi 50,000."

One million blood is a reasonable value for a level 75 team dungeon Boss, but 50,000 blood......

Shen He complained: "We crispy output have 60,000 blood, a Boss blood is lower than the player, how dare you stand here?"

He Beiguang ran to Zhong Ziqi's side for a comparison and found that his blood was twice as much as that of Boss, he couldn't help laughing: "My blood is twice as much as that of him, and I feel more like Boss than him!"

——Zhong Ziqi has only 50,000 blood, how dare you stand here as a Boss?

There is only one possibility, he is not a boss.

Qin Mo thought carefully and said: "Xiao Han, you first seckill him, try to see what will happen."

"Okay." Xiao Han immediately walked forward obediently, throwing out the bloody dagger in his hand continuously, "Rainbow through the sun" three times, and "Meteor" two times——50,000 blood was quickly emptied by him, Zhong Ziqi almost fell to the ground without any resistance.

Then, a shocking scene happened——the melody of high mountain and river stopped suddenly, only to see Boya smash the guqin in his hand. With the loud sound of the ancient guqin being smashed, a soft golden sound wave swept around like a wave, and all people were directly hit and flew under the cliff!

Everyone: "......"

Eight people were in free fall on the cliff, and the group fell into meat pie, the team was completely destroyed.

Xiao Han wondered: "Can't this Zhong Ziqi be killed?"

Qin Mo soon wanted to understand the key settings of the dungeon and speculated: "Historically, after Zhong Ziqi died, Boya lost his bosom friend and stopped playing the guqin for the rest of his life, dungeon planning should use this allusion. Once Zhong Ziqi dies, Boya will be furious directly, and the golden sound wave will be full screen for seckill."

Xiao Han can not help but praise: "Xiao Mo you know a lot."

Everyone: "......"

What is the tone of god Han is like fan brother who "admire you"? As Qin Mo's number one fan, Shen He is ashamed and inferior!

Qin Mo has become accustomed to being praised by Xiao Han from time to time, calmly saying: "If I am not wrong, Zhong Ziqi is not a Boss, but a 'hostage' in this dungeon."

——Hostages? Hearing this, everyone immediately looked at each other.

The planning of the peerless Jianghu is really bad, in the Boss battle, one of them was made "hostage", how can players fight?

Zhu Qingyue smiled helplessly: "No wonder the first killing of this dungeon is still there. It seems that other teams can't guarantee the survival of Zhong Ziqi and were destroyed by Boya's rampage."

Liu Hong frowned and said: "It's hard to kill Boya without killing Zhong Ziqi, if they had enmity for each other, isn't it?"

Enmity linkage, which means that if players attack Boya, Zhong Ziqi will help Boya, wherever Boya goes, Zhong Ziqi will follow, but Zhong Ziqi cannot die. Everyone must avoid Zhong Ziqi and kill Boya with millions of blood on the premise of ensuring his survival…...All of a sudden there is a sense of powerlessness that "hostages are being held and skills are not available".

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Let's not use any group attack skills first, don't hurt Zhong Ziqi, we must only use single attack skills to attack Boya."

The problem here is that most of the common skills of the schools in Peerless Jianghu are group attack skills. The cooldown time of single attack skills is relatively long. Moreover, if only single attack skills are used to fight Boya, the speed will be very slow, and it may not die in an hour. In this process, you may face various big moves of the boss……

Xiao Han asked: "Do you want to fight?"

Qin Mo said: "Try it. Let's first adjust the settings of the shortcut keys and find out the single attack skills."

Hanhua Sword School's single attack skill is "Unrivaled Sword". Liu Hong's Xuanbing Palace's single attack skill only has "Snake Bead Sparrow Ring" at present. Fortunately, Xiao Han's assassin and Pei Yu's flute have slightly more single attack skills. Shen He can also use the encirclement operation of pets to hit one of the boss alone. The configuration of the lineup of Mojue definitely is feasible in theory.

Qin Mo gave everyone half a minute to adjust their skills, and then said: "All of you, spread out and watch your positions! Xiao Han counted down three seconds to open the Boss."

"Okay." After three seconds of silence in his heart, Xiao Han hit Boya with a dart like weapon. The sound of high mountain and river sounded, and the boss battle officially opened!

Everyone immediately burst their hand speed to single attack output Boya who was playing the guqin. Soon, the first section of the music ended, and a soft red sound wave suddenly covered all around like the tide. All the people's blood volume instantly fell by half! Qin Mo immediately said: "Muran, pay attention to adding blood!"

Li Muran's reaction was very quick,he immediately brushed a group adding blood skill "Warm Spring in Apricot Forest" to return everyone's blood to about 80%, followed by a continuous adding buff of "Golden Needle Pricking Blood" for everyone.

However, Li Muran just brought back the blood of the team, the second section of the music ended, and Boya opened a wide range of attack skills that could not be evaded.

——Covered by sound wave, 60% blood loss in the whole team!

This is simply a squeeze on healer, if there is a slight mistake in the healer, people will probably die at this stage.

Fortunately, Li Muran's hand speed is extremely fast, coupled with weapons hit 30% skill cooldown reduction. He is still able to cope with this situation of mass bleeding of the whole team.

However, at the end of the third section, Boya's big move made the whole team lose 80% of its blood at one time!

Watching all the blood bars cut down by boss in a flash, Li Muran was also a little puzzled—— lost 50% of the blood for the first time by the boss, and most of the healers could be dealt with. The second time lose 60% of blood, which can be added at a faster rate. The third time 80% of blood loss, he had to break out desperately and heal at critical hit to cope with it. According to the planning idea, the fourth time, maybe it's 100% blood loss to let the team die.

If this is the case, no healer can cope with this kind of short-term healing squeeze, it must take more than two healers to pass.

Li Muran used all the healer skills and "Practice Medicine to Save People" this pulled the blood of the whole team to more than 90%. He was worried about what to do with the next big move. The music of the fourth section had already been played. Boya once again opened a wide range of red sound waves.

However, to Li Muran's surprise, this time, the whole team did not lose a drop of blood!

——Cyan Rain Curtain

——It's Zhu Qingyue who takes action in time and directly opens the invincible barrier of Tingyu Tower!

At that moment, Li Muran was really lucky to have survived.

He almost forgot that Mojue team has a god level assistant!

Zhu Qingyue opened his mouth and said: "Muran, you add blood three times, I open the barrier once, and the cooldown time is just enough to connect."

Li Muran nodded earnestly: "En."

Zhu Qingyue has calculated the cooldown time. Obviously, he has been paying attention to the  Li Muran blood adding situation. He found that when Muran increasing his moves by using group skill and was about to fail, Zhu Qingyue immediately use cyan rain curtain.

The combination of healer and auxiliary successfully resolved the crisis that the team that was almost destroyed.

Qin Mo is also very pleased to see this scene——Zhu Qingyue's awareness is indeed first-class, and even can predict boss's big move.

Next, every time Boss finished playing a section, he had to open an unavoidable full-screen move, causing 50%, 60%, 80%, and 100% of the blood loss to the team, respectively. The first three times were dealt with by Li Muran adding blood. For the fourth time, Zhu Qingyue opened the invincible barrier and forcibly blocked it.

Boya's skill set was soon understood by everyone, and the process of fighting Boss became extremely smooth.

Five minutes later, Boya's 1 million blood volume was output to 700,000 by everyone's violence.

Boya's mouth read out a line, the music melody of high mountains and flowing water immediately accelerated, and there were many silver halos on the ground.

Qin Mo warned: "Attention, everyone! It's about to change the stage!"
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