The King's Return : Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: High Mountains and River (part II)

Almost as soon as Qin Mo's voice fell, the halos under their feet began to explode!

The top of the mountain was suddenly filled with smoke, and the continuous appearance of the halo made everyone move more frequently, changing positions almost every second.

Shen He was summoning his pet to fight boss just now, before he could get out of position when collecting the pet, he accidentally stepped on the halo and lost 90% of his blood. There was only a trace of blood left, and he was stuck where he was and couldn't move. Fortunately, Li Muran was so quick-sighted that he immediately use a single adding blood skill to him. Shen He hurriedly ran out of the halo with lingering fear and gave his dad milk a thumbs up.

Qin Mo eyes stared at the computer screen intently, and soon found the law from it——the speed of everyone's movement just coincided with the fast rhythm of the guqin. Shen He just stepped on the halo and lost blood, he also severely fixed by the halo. That is to say, at this stage, you just need to hide from the halo and have no time to fight boss.

Since it is the stage of purely testing the team's movement, if the players are fixed too many times, Boya may go berserk again after this piece of music is played.

Qin Mo immediately warned: "Everyone pay attention to dispersion and try not to step on the halo under your feet!"

Facts prove that Qin Mo's conjecture is very correct. After playing this section of the music score, Boya opened a full screen move again——the team lost 10% blood!

This is because Shen He was fixed by the halo at the beginning. The amount of blood loss should be related to the number of times the player stepped on the halo. It can be imagined that if the whole group steps on the halo more than ten times, the blood loss will be 100% after the section ends.

Everyone made a false alarm and focused on the screen to prepare for the next stage.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Boya was still sitting in the pavilion. Zhong Ziqi came out of the pavilion and said angrily: "Who are you waiting for? Why do you want to interrupt Boya's music?" Judging from his burly height, neat short jacket and huge axe in his hand, this is a very violent melee. Sure enough, after saying this, he immediately picked up his axe and chased after people.

"Thousand Miles Ice!" The name appears on the top of Zhong Ziqi's head, which is obviously a roll call skill. Xiao Han saw his ID and reacted very quickly, he immediately turned and ran in his Qinggong skill. However, to his dismay, after being named, the long-range boss Boya in the pavilion even gently flicked the strings. A soft purple sound wave immediately wrapped around him——slowing down by 80%!

The wind-like assassin was immediately slowed down to a slow snail.

Everyone: "......"

It's really sad to see the god Han slowly moving forward.

Seeing that he was about to be overtaken by Zhong Ziqi, Zhu Qingyue immediately opened the auxiliary skill-life——Giving Spring Breeze and Rain!

The white umbrella in his hand suddenly opened on his head and rotated rapidly. A soft rain curtain covered Thousand Miles Ice and his slow down state was immediately removed.

Thousands Miles Ice turned into the assassin that as fast as lightning, several consecutive teleport skills, leaving Zhong Ziqi far behind!

Qin Mo realized the perfect opportunity, and immediately said: "The people who were named took Zhong Ziqi away outside, and those who were not named immediately attack to output Boya!"

——This is really the output opportunity that planning gives to the team.

In the previous two stages, Zhong Ziqi and Boya stood together all the time and could not be pulled away. In order to avoid hurting "hostage" Zhong Ziqi, everyone could only use single attack skill to slowly beat Boya. Now, Zhong Ziqi takes the initiative to leave the pavilion to chase people. Boya was left alone in the pavilion, is it not an excellent opportunity to attack?

When they heard Qin Mo's instructions, they quickly reacted and all flew to the vicinity of the pavilion, breaking out skills one by one!

Zhu Qingyue also opens the Plain White Umbrella Array in time——enhancing the output capacity of the whole team!

At that time, the skills and lighting effects of various colors dazzled people.

Don't have to worry about hitting Zhong Ziqi, everyone let go of the output, and the damage was really impressive, the blood volume of Boya dropped rapidly from 700,000 to 500,000!

After chasing Xiao Han for half a minute, Zhong Ziqi turned around and aimed at Qin Mo: "Ink Mark!"

Qin Mo is in a state of slowing down, almost unable to move, Zhu Qingyue's recovery skill has just been used, and it just cooldown. Li Muran immediately and tactfully offers healing and recovery "Strengthening Body Resistance"!

Negative state is cleared, Ink Mark turned back quickly to take away Zhong Ziqi, Xiao Han fill to the position he just stood, and a burst of output......

At this stage, the fight was very enjoyable. Due to the extremely smooth convergence of Zhu Qingyue and Li Muran's recovery skills, everyone's movement skills were all professional, successfully avoiding the violent pursuit of Zhong Ziqi. And the blood of Boya was also pressed to about 300,000 in one breath!

At this time, Zhong Ziqi suddenly dropped his axe and went back to the pavilion, standing beside Boya like a bodyguard.

Everyone is a professional player, with good consciousness, seeing Zhong Ziqi back, they consciously stop group attack skills, switch to single attack skills only hit Boya.


Although everyone is hitting Boya, it is Zhong Ziqi who lost blood!

Qin Mo's face suddenly changed when he realized this: "Stop stop stop!"

Hearing the captain's instructions, everyone immediately stopped all attack skills, but it was too late——because everyone's output was too violent, one skill per person was enough to kill 50,000 Zhong Ziqi blood.

When Zhong Ziqi was killed, Boya immediately went berserk and smashed his guqin. The familiar golden sound wave swept the whole screen, and the people were shot down the cliff again.

Everyone: "......"

Shen He almost collapsed: "I'll go, this boss is really annoying ah!"

Zhu Qingyue smiled helplessly and said: "At this stage, Zhong Ziqi should take the place of Boya to take the damage. Everyone just exported too much violence......"

The results directly give Zhong Ziqi seckill.

Qin Mo voluntarily admitted his mistake: "It's my fault, when we turn to another stage, I should stop and look at the state of Boss. We were impatient just now."

Xiao Han smiled and said: "It's just clearing up the unknown, no one will blame you, get up and fight again."

Qin Mo nodded: "En, there's no hurry. I'll think about how to pass the final stage first."

Everyone got up and sent to the top of the mountain, sitting outside the pavilion listening to music, Qin Mo was thinking seriously——it was really difficult to fight the boss. The first stage was crazy squeezing healer, the second stage was testing the rapid movement of the whole team, the third stage the named people required to move quickly and cooperate with healer and auxiliary recovery control...... The fourth stage was Zhong Ziqi to take the initiative to take the damage for Boya, so we couldn't fight Boya, let alone Zhong Ziqi, what should we do?

The whole team stops and waits for this stage to pass?

I'm afraid the planning developer won't be so kind.

According to the past experience of clearing dungeons, unless it is the stage when dungeons are allowed to stop outputting, you can temporarily stop fighting Boss. In other stages, if the whole team stops for more than 10 seconds, Boss will be berserk directly. In the second stage of the dungeon of high mountain and river, everyone has stopped outputting in order to avoid the halo, so in the fourth stage, it is impossible to allow everyone to stand still and wait.

Qin Mo thought for a moment and looked at the 100,000-plus blood volume of He Beiguang. He suddenly had an idea in his heart and said: "Since Zhong Ziqi will take the damage for Boya, Xiao He, you will be responsible for Zhong Ziqi's damage later. Xiao He has more blood than Zhong Ziqi. If we slow down our attack a little, he will not die. However, Muran can also add blood to Xiao He."

As soon as this was said, everyone's eyes lit up, especially Xiao Han, who simply exclaimed: "Xiao Mo, why are you so smart!"

Shen He: "......" Qin Mo's number one fan's throne, should he give it to god Han?

According to Qin Mo's arrangement, everyone's output to Boya will first be transferred to Zhong Ziqi and then to He Beiguang. Because He Beiguang's blood volume is twice that of Zhong Ziqi, and He Beiguang is a teammate, Li Muran can add blood to him, so no matter how you fight, Zhong Ziqi will not die! The fourth stage will be able to survive smoothly!

The crowd really worshipped Qin Mo, everyone did not expect this method of "replacing one thing with another" to transfer damages, but captain Qin did.

He is not only smart, but also extremely calm when confronted with any difficult problems. Mojue has such a captain, why worries about a mere level 75 team Boss?

After starting the Boss fight again, everyone was in high spirits. Coupled with the fact that there had been a run-in just now, the fight went particularly smoothly this time.

Soon, the crowd passed the three stages: healing, movement and output, and beat Boya to 300000 blood. When Zhong Ziqi returned to the pavilion, a pale golden light appeared on his body, which was a sign that he had absorbed the damage instead of Boya.

Qin Mo reminded: "Xiao He!"

He Beiguang said excitedly: "Got it!" After that, he ran to Zhong Ziqi with a big knife on his shoulder and gave boss a skill of "Covering the sky with one hand"!

This is the skill that Kuangdao Gate has just learned at level 70. In the game, Northern Lights will cross the broadsword on his shoulder on his head with one hand, enhancing his defense by 200% and taking all the damage for the designated target.

This time, the object he wanted to protect became Zhong Ziqi.

Qin Mo's lips are slightly raised: "Start to output!"

Everyone immediately began to fight Boya, as Qin Mo expected, all the damage to Boya was transferred to Zhong Ziqi, and then to He Beiguang!

He Beiguang's blood volume began to decline, Li Muran immediately used the single skill to brush his blood!

Zhong Ziqi's Golden Shield became light, Qin Mo speculated the meaning of the shield and said: "Speed up the output! Hit enough damage within the specified time!"

After hearing the captain's instruction, everyone immediately burst their hands and quickly output. All kinds of skills of continuous moves hit Boya without hesitation, after the second damage transfer, He Beiguang's blood bar decreased faster and faster, and Li Muran's blood adding frequency also increased——

Sure enough, after everyone broke out, the golden eggshell on Zhong Ziqi finally disappeared!

Fortunately, everyone's output was violent enough to produce enough damage before the skills of He Beiguang lose effectiveness.

Qin Mo said calmly: "we should be able to pass. Let's continue to output Boya, when we hit 50000 blood, stop for a moment to prepare for the possible moves."

Everyone stopped when Boya reached about 50000 blood according to Qin Mo's instructions.

The blood volume of Boya and Ziqi is similar, and they really put a big move on the whole screen together. The top of the mountain shook violently like an earthquake, and the axe of Zhong Ziqi suddenly fell in front of the people, smashing a huge pit, and there were constant barbs on the ground. The whole group began to lose a lot of blood, and Li Muran immediately opened up the group's skills of "Practice Medicine to Save People"! And Boya flicks the strings to pop up the full screen sound wave, which makes all the output fall into a silence state. Zhu Qingyue rushes away from the "Giving Spring Breeze and Rain" recovery skill to release the silence!

This big move lasted for half a minute, and finally survived with the cooperation of extremely fast healing and auxiliary response.

Boya and Ziqi quieted down, Qin Mo breathed a sigh of relief and said: "Let Boya die first and Ziqi die later, we two output together and count down three seconds." He only said "we two" and did not name, but everyone took a tacit step back——because everyone knew that what he said must be Xiao Han.

Sure enough, Xiao Han answered consciously: "No problem, I kill Boya, you kill Ziqi."

Counting down to three seconds, Qin Mo and Xiao Han act together……

For a while, the white sword light dazzled people's eyes, and the bloody dagger hit Boya and Ziqi like a storm. The 50,000 blood volume of Boya and Ziqi was quickly emptied under the joint outbreak of Twin stars, and just right——that Boya died first for 0.5 seconds, and Ziqi then fell to the ground.

The two of them, combined, can calculate the skill damage and the time gap so accurately!

There is not even a shred of error in saying that whoever is allowed to die first is allowed to die first.

The players were shocked to see the scene.

This is the former Twin Star? The tacit understanding between two people is really hard to describe with words!

——Congratulations [Mojue Guild] for taking the lead in passing the level 75 team dungeon [high mountain and river]!

——Xijiang moon server [high mountain and river] dungeon is fully unlocked, adding [simple difficulty] for all chivalrous men to explore!

This announcement made all the players drop their jaws!

In front of the computer, the professional players of Wind Color, Huaxia, Sword Song and National Grace all have complicated expressions on their faces——Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice have just risen to level 75, and already clearing the high mountain and river dungeon? This is undoubtedly the loudest slap for the team that reached level 75 two days ago!
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