The King's Return : Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Elegance

The combination of Boya and Ziqi of the high mountain and river dungeon is the most difficult boss they have ever seen in Peerless Jianghu. This dungeon has a very high requirement for the cooperation of the whole group. Correspondingly, the rewards given after clearing are also very rich. In the past, only one treasure chest was dropped when clearing the dungeon, this time, two treasure chests were dropped.

Qin Mo went forward to open the first treasure box, the server immediately brushed out an announcement——congratulations chivalrous man [Ink Mark] to obtain music score drop by Boya "High Mountain and River" secret book!

Qin Mo was very surprised by this drop, usually, it is only secret book fragment drops from the school team dungeon, it is the first time that the team dungeon drops the secret book. Qin Mo conveniently sent the secret book of "High Mountain and River" to the team channel for everyone to read. Only in the golden secret book explanation column was written a sentence like this: "The ancient music lost in the Boya period sounded a pleasant rhythm in the ear, can impose chaotic adverse effects on hostile targets within range for 3 seconds."

——Chaos, which is more terrible than the negative effects of silence and immobility.

Silence is just unable to use skills and immobile is just unable to move, but "chaos" will cause people to randomly release a skill to attack random targets, probably leaving a big moves for later time, only to hit their teammates in a chaotic situation. This is a typical "harm others to benefit oneself" group control effect. If the 3-second chaos is released at the right time, it may even reverse the situation in an instant.

Zhu Qingyue used to play chaos control as an auxiliary. However, the auxiliary in Peerless Jianghu does not have chaos control skills, this Jianghu secret book just adds to the lack of group control skills.

"This secret book is a piece of music, must a guqin player from Luoying Valley use it?" Zhu Qingyue, who was not familiar with the game settings, asked.

"No, Jianghu secret book are not limited to schools and weapons. Guqin music secret book should be able to play the melody directly." Qin Mo gave Zhu Qingyue the secret book of "High Mountain and River" and said. "Qingyue, give it a try." Since everyone is currently in a team, the negative effects are not valid for teammates, but only for hostile targets. Qin Mo added. "Shen He, you should withdraw from the team and open a duel, let Qingyue test it."

"......" Shen He is a bit blank. "Why is it me again Q_Q."

——Take him as the guinea pig every time, is it because he is the shortest?

"You have a lot of pets." Qin Mo gave an irrefutable reason.

"Oh O(∩_∩)O~" this reason is acceptable, Shen He obediently withdrew from the team, called out a large number of pets in a row toward Zhu Qingyue to open the duel, become hostile state.

Zhu Qingyue was equipped with "High Mountain and River" and found that this secret book can be used directly, even if he did not bring the guqin weapon. The secret book skills need to be read for 2 seconds. After the reading is completed, Shen He, who is opening the duel, is immediately affected by the negative chaos effect, his pets start to bite each other like mad dogs, and the mechanical rat bite mechanical snakes, mechanical snakes entangled the mechanical chariots, and the mechanical chariot thundered relentlessly over his master Shen He......

At that moment, like the Chicken Flying and Dog running, Shen He, who was crushed into meat pies by his chariot, tried to weep and typing on the nearby channel: "My pets all seem to have fallen into epilepsy!" In order to avoid being killed by his pet, Shen He immediately ran to Li Muran's side: "Milk dad, Milk dad, give me milk, quick O(∩_∩)O~"

"......" Li Muran reluctantly withdrew from the team, giving Shen He a continuous blood return skills.

After the test, the two men were added back to the team, Qin Mo asked: "Qingyue, how about this secret book?"

"Very good." Zhu Qingyue smiled. "Three seconds of group chaos, should become the most troublesome group control skills."

"En, the chaos effect has a huge negative impact on the whole team." Qin Mo said. "Take this secret book and use it first."

"Okay." Zhu Qingyue was not polite, so he simply accepted the secret book.

There is also a treasure chest, Qin Mo conveniently opened it, in addition to a large number of golden materials inside the treasure chest, there is a golden blueprint shining, Qin Mo picked up the blueprint and the server announced again——Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining [Artifact·Elegance blueprint] in High Mountain and River dungeon!

This happens to be the blueprint that Zhu Qingyue can use, a white umbrella of Tingyu Tower. With this blueprint, the weapons problems of the eight people of Mojue team will all be solved.

Qin Mo said: "Today's dungeon is favourable to Qingyue ah?"

Xiao Han chimed in: "En, secret book and weapon are all used by Qingyue, we just accompany as worker."

Zhu Qingyue sent a smiling face: "^_^"

In fact, everyone are also very happy to be able to produce the weapons used by Zhu Qingyue. After all, everyone else has their own gold weapon——Qin Mo's long sword "broken ice", Xiao Han's dagger "Twilight", Shen He's mechanical box "Exquisite Pearl", He Beiguang's big knife "Deep Blue Sea", Pei Yu's jade flute "Luxurious Green Jade", Li Muran's silver needle "Flowing Frost", Liu Hong's double ring "Sparrow Spirit", only Zhu Qingyue was pitifully holding a shabby umbrella that had dropped from dungeon.

And now, his weapons blueprint has finally appeared.


The umbrella cover is made of fine silk, decorated with some simple and elegant orchid embroidery, and the handle and framework of the umbrella are made of bamboo, which is full of ancient charm. The name and appearance of the umbrella are in line with Zhu Qingyue's temperament.

Qin Mo asked: "Self made weapons can added two additional attributes. What attribute do you like in Qingyue? Do you have any ideas?"

The weapon of the newcomers, was directly made by Qin Mo and sent to them, because these newcomers had no concept of the overall lineup of the team, and they did not do much research on weapons. Qin Mo, as captain, set out to help them make weapons from the interests of the team and the characteristics of everyone, but Zhu Qingyue is different. Zhu Qingyue is also a first-class player. Zhu Qingyue will certainly have his own ideas, Qin Mo will certainly not meddle in Zhu Qingyue's weapons, but first ask the other side for advice to see what attributes he needs, and find the right material to make it.

Zhu Qingyue took a closer look at the weapons of other teammates. Qin Mo was hit and slow down, Xiao Han was a pure critical strike, Shen He and Li Muran were cooldown reduction, He Beiguang was built into a blood cow, Pei Yu increased the attack distance, and Liu Hong was the attack speed, the attribute bonus of the whole team is very comprehensive——no matter how much the lineup can be reached, it is clear that Qin Mo is thoughtful and meticulous in terms of weapons building.

Thought of here, Zhu Qingyue said: "My weapon will add duration."

Qin Mo's eyes brightened: "Is that the duration of the array?"

Zhu Qingyue nodded: "Most of the effect duration of Tingyu Tower array is 3 seconds, if it can be increased to 4 seconds, the output and defense of the whole team will be greatly improved."

Just think, Qin Mo and Xiao Han broke out in the front row and Zhu Qingyue lined up the auxiliary array of attack bonus in the back. The duration difference between 3 seconds and 4 seconds seems to be only 1 second, but in fact the damage gap is huge! What's more, such an invincible barrier as the "cyan rain curtain", the gap between 3-second invincibility and 4-second invincibility, is likely to play a role in reversing the situation when the situation is fierce.

Qin Mo felt that Qingyue's idea was very reasonable and immediately said: "I'm trying to help you make a weapon that adds duration."

"No hurry, take your time." It's said that in order to create a weapon for Pei and He the two people, he stayed up until the early morning. Zhu Qingyue didn't want Qin Mo to work so hard, but Qin Mo's temper is not the same. He promised to make weapons for Qingyue, so he immediately went to research how to make Zhu Qingyue's weapons.

Duration bonus, this attribute was not tried before when building weapons, so Qin Mo encountered great difficulties in the initial stage of screening materials. Many materials he thought were related to "time" were incompatible with the main materials of weapons after being put in.

Fortunately, Little Profiteer sent Qin Mo a wide variety of materials, including almost all the gold materials in the current game. Qin Mo has been sifting, matching and combining again and again until dinner time, and finally selected two suitable materials, one of which was cryolite with water attribute and the other was millenium ganoderma with wood attribute, aquatic wood, the wood attribute was exactly the same as the main attribute of "Elegance" umbrella.

When it was done, Qin Mo relieved and pressed the confirmation button with a smile.

——Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining the 7-star unique artifact [Elegance]!

As the system announcement pops up, the weapon's attributes are also displayed in front of the players.


[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Umbrella]

[Creator: Ink Mark]

[Basic Defense Value 5800-6350, Casting Distance 0-25m, Array Effect +20%]

[Array duration + 0.5 seconds; Array duration + 0.5 seconds]

Double duration bonus, sure enough, played out Zhu Qingyue's most desired attribute.

Zhu Qingyue could not help sighing: "Qin Mo, you are really a good weapon maker, and you actually got it?"

Before Qin Mo could speak, Xiao Han proudly said: "Of course, our captain Qin is omnipotent."

Shen He: "......"

Every time god Han snatched the lines of him as number one fan, Shen He felt that he was going to be unable to mix!

Hearing Xiao Han's praise, Qin Mo couldn't help smiling slightly and said: "I am not omnipotent either. Now everyone's weapons have been made, but I do not have a clue how to hit the additional properties of other equipment."

Zhu Qingyue asked: "Do other equipment also need to look for blueprints? Wouldn't that be very troublesome?"

"It's not as troublesome as weapons." Qin Mo explained. "According to the information I found from official website, other equipment is a set, and a set of attributes can be triggered. For example, when the Hanhua Sword School has reached its full level, it will have frost-proof sets and jewelry with flowing clouds sets. You can directly find the leader to change the blueprint, which is much better than collecting weapons."

Hearing this, Shen He could not help but interjected actively: "I know this! Level 75 will open the exchange task of the school's set blueprint. We can upgrade and change all the set blueprint at the same time, when full level at level 80, all the equipment will be ready, am I right, Master?"

There was an obvious meaning of "asking for praise" in the teenager's words, Qin Mo said lightly: "You are right."

By the affirmation, Shen He was excited, he nearly hit the cup at hand. Fortunately, Li Muran was quick to hold it.

Shen He said with a smile: "Thank you, milk dad."

Li Muran: "En."

Qin Mo looked at the time and said: "Let's go to dinner first and then go back to the school to do a set exchange task in the evening."

Hearing the captain's words, they immediately shut down the computer and went to the canteen for dinner.

Along the way, Shen He was still chattering about his opinions on other equipment. Qin Mo listened calmly and occasionally nodded in agreement, looking at their backs, Liu Hong couldn't help feeling that the atmosphere of Mojue team was very harmonious, which was not like the National Grace club where she had been.

When encountering problems, everyone can put forward their own opinions. Qin Mo, as the team captain, although he is a little bit cold, will take good care of the feelings of each team member.

She could see that everyone liked captain Qin and respected the captain's decision from the heart.

——such a team is the real good team in her mind.

The team members have their own characteristics. In addition, the team captain is calm and wise when encountering any problems. Liu Hong believes that Mojue's team will go to the podium under the leadership of the twin star.
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