She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 27

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Chapter 27- Wore A Sexy Little Skirt
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

At Yi Zeyan's words, Liang Xin felt as if she had been chopped by thunder. Lin Qingqing actually married Yi Zeyan. What qualifications did she have? The voice was gone, and innocence was destroyed. Why did she marry Yi Zeyan?

Jiang Ruyan was also a face of disbelief, it seemed that there was something wrong with her news. However, she was a wise person and knew that she should not be involved in this muddy water at this time, so she slipped away while others were still shocked.

Lin Peng and Liang Feifei were obviously shocked by the news.

Yi Zeyan looked at Lin Peng and said expressionlessly, "Mr. Lin, I respect you as Qingqing's father and call you Sir,  but she cut you off when you were partial and hurt her, regardless of public or private interests. She is my wife when she marries me, and I should be the one to say about anything wrong with her."

Although Lin Peng was an elder, he was completely subdued by Yi Zeyan's momentum. Lin Peng knew very well that the man standing in front of him was not a junior or his son-in-law. He was just a man with more assets, more contacts and more power than him. He had done a lot of things on the market, he laughed at the moment. "What Mr. Yi said was that I didn't know the limits, I also misunderstood before. I didn't know Qingqing was married to you. I said that for her own good, afraid that she did something wrong."

"For her own good?" Despite Yi Zeyan's playful tone, the scorn hidden in his voice was evident. Without another word, his cold gaze swept across Liang Feifei.

Liang Feifei didn't have Lin Peng's ability to make comebacks. When she was shocked, the smile on her face was somewhat stiff.

"Are you doing it for Qingqing good, too?"

"I… I…." Liang Feifei was shocked by him, she kept stuttering for a long time and wasn't able to utter even a complete word.

Lin Peng hurriedly said, "She has not read any book, does not know the limits of her speech, Mr. Yi does not have to degrade his status with her."

Liang Feifei knew that Lin Peng was trying to help her out, but in front of so many people, he said that she had not read a book... It was too much to hurt her self-esteem.

But at this time she couldn't say anything, Liang Feifei’s face instantly flushed, she bowed her head, grinding her teeth.

"I don't want to hear any more words from you about Qingqing. You know in your heart what a stepmother should be, and where did you get the qualification to teach her a lesson?"

Yi Zeyan spoke very impolitely, people who knew him clearly knew that Mr. Yi had done a good job of saving face and there was absolutely no politeness in dealing with people. It was very rare to have such a direct warning face to face in front of so many people.

To be honest, Lin Qingqing, as a bystander, couldn't help feeling that he was a little scary. He was steady, calm and clean but also fierce for her.

He put his arms around her and protected her tightly, and his arms seemed to be a harbor... A harbor where she alone could dock. She looked sideways at him, and all she could see was his side face, which was brightly lit yet coated with a soft light. He spoke so harshly to protect her, but she thought he looked handsome.

Liang Feifei had been Lin Peng's wife these years, Lin Peng somehow also had some assets. Most of them were held by people, but at the moment they were rubbing their faces on the ground. However, they could only grind their teeth to bear the injustice, because she knew that the other side had a big position and even Lin Peng did not dare to oppose him.

Liang Feifei was not dumb either, there was still some insight.

Yi Zeyan finished and looked at Liang Xin. Although she was almost irrational by this incident and extremely unwilling, it was true that Lin Qingqing was Yi Zeyan's wife, and it was also true that Yi Zeyan protected her. And no matter how unwilling she was, she had to admit it.

She was very considerate, and before Yi Zeyan could speak, she said, "I'm sorry, Mr.Yi., I made a mistake. I was considerate enough to invite Mrs. Yi to come and surprise you." When she finished, she bowed to Yi Zeyan and said with a sincere face, "I'm really sorry for causing trouble to Mr. Yi."

Lin Qingqing couldn't help but admire in the bottom of her heart. Liang Xin was also quite hard on herself, she took initiative to strike first, so it was hard for Yi Zeyan to defer.

"My wife is the one you should apologize to."

Liang Xin looked up at Lin Qingqing, but there was no movement for a while, and her expression was somewhat complicated.

"What? Don't you feel sorry?" Yi Zeyan's tone was a little fierce again.

Liang Xin gritted her teeth, and she tried to raise a smile on her face. "I'm sorry Mrs. Yi, I have no eyes*. I hope you adults don't argue with me**."
(*T/N: I think this means the people with high positions, don't remember me a humble person. **and this the people with lower position) 

"Is that what you say to apologize?" Yi Zeyan was clearly not satisfied.

The smile on Liang Xin's face was about to freeze, she was not stupid. She knew that Yi Zeyan was deliberately embarrassing her, but she dared not say a word, she took a deep breath and bowed to Lin Qingqing. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Yi, I did something wrong."

Be respectful, be sincere and genuine.

It seemed that Yi Zeyan's deterrent force was not small. Liang Xin, who had just won, had become so humble in a twinkling of an eye.

At this time, Liu Wen and Ran Nan suddenly appeared. Liu Wen went up and shook hands with Yi Zeyan and said, "Mr. Yi, I’m very sorry, it is a rare occurrence that you came, and something this big happened."

Yi Zeyan also sold him a face. "Now that President Liu is here, you can handle the affairs of your artists."

The husband and wife naturally knew what had happened, but after all, it was somebody else's family business before, so they could not get involved. It was only later that they found out that their artists had made mistakes, and they had to come forward to solve them.

Yi Zeyan said this in order to let the husband and wife give him a satisfactory answer.

Liu Wen winked at Ran Nan. She naturally understood that a dry apology could not satisfy Yi Zeyan. She was annoyed. Liang Xin had recently received Bi’er perfume endorsement and was really a little smug, offended someone who was not good but also the company's financier (T/N: Yi Zeyan just gave MK a sum of money).

Ran Nan could only suppress her inner irritability and smiled at Yi Zeyan and Lin Qingqing. "Mr. Yi, Mrs. Yi, I'm sorry to have troubled you two. Liang Xin has nothing to do recently. At ordinary times, she has only slept, probably too much, here…," she pointed to her head as she said, "she is also confused by sleep, that's why she has committed such a silly thing. I'll take her to the hospital and have the doctor prescribe some medicine. Mr. and Mrs. Yi can just treat her as a patient and not argue with her."

Ran Nan's remarks were really ruthless, not only insinuating Liang Xin’s incompetence and lackluster in the limelight but also for her sleeping too much and being silly. This was simply more than what Liang Xin had just insinuated for Lin Qingqing.

Many around were covering their mouths and laughing. Lin Qingqing could not help laughing and said, "Since Miss Ran has said so, we have nothing to worry about a  patient with brain problems."

Ran Nan breathed a sigh of relief and said hurriedly, "Mrs. Yi is indeed wise. There was a good saying: the scope of one's mind determines one's perceptiveness. How right it is.”

A word not only praised Lin Qingqing but also stabbed Lin Peng, Liang Feifei and Liang Xin, saying that they had no scope of mind and vision.

Lin Qingqing sighed in her heart, she(RN) was really good at protesting against the judges on behalf of the victimized women. It could be imagined how ugly Lin Peng, Liang Feifei and Liang Xin's faces were when Ran Nan said this.

Liang Xin was not very happy, she would not be happy to go anywhere if someone said that she had a brain problem. What's more, Ran Nan said it in front of so many people, and she was also a public figure. What's more, Ran Nan even satirized her for not being popular and foolish, which was the most intolerable thing for a star.

Liang Feifei was also uncomfortable in her heart. Yi Zeyan had said she was over. After all, people were richer than them and had more rights than them, but Ran Nan… She said that they didn't have a scope of mind. Where did her own scope of mind go?

Liang Feifei came up and hugged her daughter, just like an old hen protecting her chicks, she sneered and said, "When the person makes mistakes, Liang Xin should apologize for what she did wrong, Miss Ran, how about you…," she looked in Qi Qi's direction and said, "Apologize, shouldn't Miss Ran apologize to this person too? How did you come to have no points in your mind? Although the outside world does not know, how many people in the circle do not know that Qi Qi and Liu Wen, husband and wife started the company together." (E/N: Oh. My. Gosh. Side hoes are EVERYWHERE in this novel! O.O ) 

Lin Qingqing was shocked to hear that, she looked at Qi Qi subconsciously, who was wearing a calm face as if what others said had nothing to do with her.

Qi Qi and Liu Wen used to be husband and wife? She had thought they were just ordinary partners! And what does Liang Feifei mean by that? Is Ran Nan the third party who destroyed Liu Wen and Qi Qi's marriage?

Ran Nan's expression did not change. "Mrs. Lin, do you really think everyone is the same as you? Indeed as expected, like mother, like daughter. If you are a mistress yourself, you think others are mistresses too; this is true of Mrs. Yi, and so of me? Mrs. Lin, to put it bluntly, in today's information society, how many secrets can you hide from others? How did you get along with Mr. Lin then and how did you force Mrs. Lin, Miss Lin Qingqing's mother, to die? You really thought that no one knew after all these years? You really think that everyone is as morally corrupt as you are? I am sorry to disappoint you. I am upright and not the kind of person you say." 

With so many celebrities in my(RN) grasp, whose details am I not privy to? With so much ugly shit of her(LFF) own that she's been trying to hide under covers, she actually dares to try to drag me into a scandal?!

Here Ran Nan's voice fell, there whispers rose around her. Liang Feifei's face suddenly turned white and red, red and white. She was so familiar with these voices that she had walked step by step through them. She was the only one who knew how many tears she had secretly shed, but now she had become the upright Mrs. Lin, but now, in the crowd, the whispers of this discussion had reappeared.

"What? Liang Xin's mother turned out to be a mistress, also forcing the first wife to die?"

"Too cruel!"

"Ran Nan is right ah, what kind of scope of mind can such a person have? It's too low!"

Liang Xin was humiliated. The scandal at home was the last thing she wanted to talk about. Everybody knew that she had a rich stepfather, even if she was not popular in the company, people still respected her. Now that there were so many colleagues at the party, this matter had been singled out like this, so how could she face them in the future?

Liang Xin felt that her mother was so stupid that she had to save face at this time, she was embarrassed to death. Those eyes on her almost suffocated her.

In the face of so much discussion, Liang Feifei was stupefied for a moment, and then rushed to Ran Nan in fury. "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"Nonsense?" Ran Nan winked in the direction of Lin Qingqing. 

"Would you like to ask Miss Lin for confirmation?"


Liang Feifei couldn't say a word.

"Mr. and Mrs. Yi, please rest assured that in the future, as long as there are film, television and advertising campaigns related to MK, neither of you will see the figure of Liang Xin," Liu Wen said.

The meaning of this statement was clear to everyone- the company wanted to freeze Liang Xin jobs.

Liang Xin was totally shocked, she couldn't believe it. "Liu... President Liu, you can't do this ah…."

She had signed into MK with great difficulty. Though the company's business conditions were quite tepid, there was still a bit of activity going on. She had finally landed a big endorsement, and thought she could turn her fortune and make it big. But now the company had suddenly declared that they would block her job opportunities and give her the cold-shoulder... wouldn't all her efforts over the years have been in vain?

Liang Feifei did not expect that things would develop as such. She had only wanted to defend Liang Xin and talked too much, but she did not expect Liu Wen to be so cruel.

Her eyes looked towards Lin Peng, begging for help, as the voices around her continued on. Lin Peng was a man with a reputation, at this time, he only felt humiliated, and didn't have time to care about Liang Xin's job freeze. He didn't say a word, grabbed Liang Feifei's hand, gave a polite greeting to Yi Zeyan, Liu Wen and others and he hurried away.

"Let's go too."

Lin Qingqing did not feel the need to stay here, so she said goodbye to Liu Wen and Ran Nan. Qi Qi and Mo Qingyan came with her, naturally, they would leave with her.

Liang Xin just stood there like a soul being sucked out. She was frozen by the company, everything she had obtained with great difficulty vanished like this, how could she be content?

She came to her senses and went to find Liu Wen.  But he didn't want to talk to her at all, going arm in arm with Ran Nan to propose a toast to the other guests.

Liang Xin closed her eyes, and soon a security guard came in and asked her to go out, she understood Liu Wen's meaning behind this. He didn't want her to humiliate herself here. She squeezed her fists tightly together, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Amidst a crowd of comments and low laughter, security guards came out of the banquet door.

After leaving MK, Lin Qingqing rushed to Yi Zeyan and said, "I have to go back to the studio, let the driver take you back first."

"Good." Yi Zeyan did not ask much, got in the car and left.

Lin Qingqing and Co. also got in the car. 

Lin Qingqing asked Qi Qi, "Have you and Liu Wen really ever been husband and wife?"

Qi Qi nodded.

"Why haven't I heard you mention it?"

Qi Qi looked indifferent. "Nothing to mention, it's been so many years."

Lin Qingqing leaned over and asked carefully, "Tell me the truth, is Ran Nan a third party?"

Please don't be, she is her idol.

Qi Qi said, "I don't know."

Lin Qingqing's face was muddled. "How could you not know?"

Qi Qi said, "Ran Nan and Liu Wen did not get together until one year after my divorce, but I don't know if they had any secret affairs before our divorce or not, so I said I don't know."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

It's a bit awkward to remarry just a year after the divorce, but people did get married after divorce. If even Qiqi, the person involved, didn't mind, then she as an outsider shouldn't mind either.

Of course, deep down. she felt that Ran Nan wasn't such a person. She was a campus idol with a lot of optimism, and was never afraid of questioning power/authority. The year she(LQQ) entered college, there was a rape case that attracted special attention. In that, the victim was a delinquent - Not a proper young lady, but a marginal figure in the society. She was molested over and over. But instead of helping her, the people dismissed her as a menace to the society that changed her men like one changed clothes. There were even voices that speculated she allowed herself to be raped and was a fraud who extorted money from her abusers. Even the judge acquitted the the alleged perpetrator.

At that time, Ran Nan was very popular, she did not fear the power, she held a press conference and shouted at the judge, she continued to seek justice for the girl. Later, it was probably because of her influence, under the pressure of public opinion, this matter was re-examined, and the man who raped the girl was also sentenced.

Over the years, Ran Nan had also been involved in public welfare, constantly campaigning for those women who are discriminated against and oppressed, and speaking up for women's rights. In such a peaceful era, people like Ran Nan could really be called a heroine. 

Therefore, she admired her very much and did not want any stain on her name.

Back at Qingqing Studio, Mu Cong hadn't finished work yet. Lin Qingqing told him that several bosses wanted to talk about cooperation at today's banquet, and wanted to listen to his opinions. 

Mu Cong was very professional, and after careful analysis, felt that only one of these sneakers endorsement was more reliable. He planned to discuss with the person in charge again tomorrow and then prepare to sign a contract.

When the discussion was over and the time was not too early, Lin Qingqing announced that she would leave work, but Mo Qingyan pulled her out of the meeting room.

"What's wrong? Do you still have something?"

"I want to talk to you."

Just as Qi Qi passed by, Mo Qingyan said, "Qi Qi jie come over, too."

When the three people came to Lin Qingqing's office, Lin Qingqing thought it was because of the endorsement, so she carefully asked her, "You don't want to take that endorsement?"

Mo Qingyan shook her head and took a picture from her bag and handed it to her.

The photo was a group photo of Mo Qingyan and a young man in military uniform, Mo Qingyan was only about a teenager at that time, with a plateau red on her face. Behind the photo was a string of words- Chang Qi, born in 1987, from Qizhou, who joined the Chinese peacekeeping force in Libya in 2014.

Lin Qingqing felt puzzled. "Why did you give me this photo?"

Mo Qingyan said, "Do you remember the first time we met?"

Of course, in Qizhou, she was amazed by her singing.

"At that time, didn't I refuse you? Then someone came to me, he knew I was looking for someone, he asked me to come to you, let me be well polished by your talent, let me help you succeed... He promised me that when you succeed, he would help me find the person I want to find."

Lin Qingqing: "???"

"I didn't know who he was before and how he had so much confidence to help me find the person I am looking for, but I still came with hope. I saw him today, and I didn't know he was your husband. The man in the photo is the one I am looking for. Now that I am popular, you are successful, I hope he can fulfill his promise to me." Mo Qingyan looked expectant and nervous. "Can you give this photo to Mr. Yi for me? He said he could help me find him."

Lin Qingqing looked at Mo Qingyan, she was somewhat flabbergasted. This aloof girl who seemed to feel no pleasure, joy, anger or sorrow, was at the moment, every word she spoke was cautious and solemn.

Lin Qingqing looked at the man in the photo. His skin was a little black, but he was smiling brightly like the sun. Mo Qingyan, who was leaning on him, was also smiling innocently.

"Why do you want to find him?"

"He saved my life when the Yushu earthquake happened."

She spoke lightly, but Lin Qingqing could feel the attachment in her tone.

She added: "Later he joined the peacekeeping force and never came back after he left. I don't know whether he is still alive or not, but I want to know exactly whether he is dead or alive."

It turned out to be such a case.

Lin Qingqing really didn't think that there would be such a story behind Mo Qingyan, this cold girl was a person who attached great importance to love and righteousness.

Lin Qingqing collected the photos and said to her, "Okay, I'll give it to him for you."

Lin Qingqing and Qi Qi came out together, Qi Qi suddenly said: "I envy you, you have a good husband."


Qi Qi said, "You probably don't know, before I came to work here, I lost some money in business. Someone helped me pay it back, but on the condition that I help you."


"I didn't know which big boss was behind the scenes at that time. I tried to test you, but it wasn't you, now I saw Yi Zeyan, I know that it should be him."


Qi Qi patted her on the shoulder. "That's why you have a good husband."

Lin Qingqing was stunned for a long time before she came to her senses, but she looked surprised and said, "I didn't expect you to do business. What kind of business do you do?"

"Well…," Qi Qi looked at her with a straight face and said, "raising pigs."


Are you kidding me? The great god of music composers went to raise pigs?!

Lin Qingqing had an expression of ‘you are playing with me’, but Qi Qi didn't explain much, waved at her and went away.

After parting with Qi Qi, Lin Qingqing drove back alone. 

It's very late, the light in the little one's room was turned off, his biological clock had always been accurate, and he should be sleeping at this point. But the light in Yi Zeyan's room was still on. When Lin Qingqing went in, he saw him in pyjamas sitting at the table and reading a book. 

When he saw her coming back, he said, "If you are hungry, a bowl of vegetable porridge is left downstairs."

Lin Qingqing did not speak, she sat down beside the bed and stared at him.

It turned out that he had been helping her behind her back, she had always felt very lucky to have a singer and composer. It was as if she had God's help, now she knew that he was the God who had been secretly helping her behind her back.

Didn't want her to give up the music, wanted her to stand up again, he's not just talking about it, he'd been doing it... Opening a studio for her, gathering people for her, giving her start-up money...

Why is there such a good man in this world, he clearly has such good conditions, he can be willful, as long as he says a word, many women follow one after another, but he must keep such a bad her, even if she hates him not to let him near, he’ll still silently expend.

He is obviously so smart ah, for what reason is he always pretend to be stupid with her.

She felt that she was lucky to meet such a good man and hated herself for not cherishing such a good man.

Yi Zeyan sensed her eyes. He looked up and saw that she was staring at him, the key point was to keep an eye. He still saw a smile on her face, her eyes were so affectionate that they satisfied him to death.

This is killing me!

He coughed, looked back on the page, pretended to be calm and said, "Go to bed first, I'll read a little longer."

Lin Qingqing stood up and put the photo on the table. "This is what Mo Qingyan asked me to give you, the man in the photo is the one she was looking for."

In this way, he also knew that she already knew that he went to Mo Qingyan, but he did not ask much, just said, "Okay, I know."

Lin Qingqing left him alone and planned to take a bath first, while she was taking a change of clothes, she saw the new nightgown, which she had bought after she came back from Hainan. She had not worn it yet.

She thought for a moment and took the nightgown with a red face.

The nightgown was not particularly revealing, but it looked sexier compared to her conservative long-sleeved trousers. The long skirt with suspenders was made of silk, and was of slim fit. It was white, like coated with a layer of milk. The most important thing was that there was no need to wear underwear inside the nightgown.

As she came out of the bathroom, Yi Zeyan looked up. She felt that he was stiff for a moment, then looked her up and down subconsciously, and then half-clenched his fist on his lips before dipping his head to read again.

This reaction...

Lin Qingqing looked down at herself... Isn't it sexy enough? However, when she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she disliked that the clothes were too exposed and would make him feel that she was frivolous.

Or is it that her family Mr. Yi is too serious?

Probably the latter, anyway, Lin Qingqing felt quite good.

She lay down on the bed, waiting for a while but did not see him have the intention to sleep, nor did she know what he was looking at so attentively. She pretended to do a small move to kick the quilt away, revealing her two thin legs.

Although Yi Zeyan had been holding the book reading, the corner of his eyes always unconsciously glanced at her. Naturally, he also saw her pair of exposed white and tender thighs.

She had scars on her legs with a dark witch tattooed on them. However, it was strange that this evil tattoo not only did not make people lose interest in her but also made her have a special sex appeal.

Yi Zeyan felt a little hot.
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