The King's Return : Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: External Storm

After dinner and returning to the training room, Qin Mo had just logged into his account when he found an unread message in the lower left corner. He has blocked the messages of strangers, and the only people who can send messages to him are those who have made friends with each other. When he opened the window, he saw that the messenger was actually from little medicine fairy: "god Mo! You must go to the official forum, our guild has been hung on the wall!"

Qin Mo was stunned and immediately opened the official forum to enter the comprehensive exchange area. Sure enough, he saw a post marked "HOT" on its tail floating on the front page. As the reply has dozens of pages, the title of the character has also become a hot red——818 Server Area 1 Mojue guild and a plug-in master great god Ink Mark!

The post was full of screenshots, on the first day when Ink Mark entered the game, he obtained the screenshots of the secret book "sword rain fragrance" in the level 25 Kunlun mountain Snow Cave; screenshots of Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice jointly killing boss in Sword Valley; screenshots of Ink Mark successively creating seven "seven-star artifact"; and today's system announcement of leading the team to pass the high mountain and river dungeon.

A large number of golden system announcements almost blind people,

The landlord made a row of questions on the first floor of the post——

Ink Mark can drop of 1% of the probability of the secret book in the dungeon? So lucky?

Ink Mark as a weapon maker is bound to make a seven-star artifact, seven in a row, is luck really so good?

A dungeon of high mountain and river that ten other guild members can't clear, Ink Mark can clear it at one time with eight members??

Does this guy have a special plug-in? I don't believe such good luck anyway. Please let the official check it out!

Now someone immediately attached the post: "Server area 1 is often brushed by the name of Ink Mark. At first, I thought he might be an expert, but today's high mountain and river dungeon clearance is unreasonable! There's no reason why ten people can't get by, eight of them can do it right?" "After the Mojue guild passed the high mountain and river dungeon, the server was opened with simple difficulty. We just went to try it once, and the group died! Ink Mark took eight people to pass the hard dungeon. I can't believe it…..."

There are more and more questions in the post.

It's no wonder that the setting of the high mountain and river dungeon has changed a little. If Mojue hadn't sent all its personnel out today, Qin Mo didn't have the confidence to clear the dungeon.

The layout of the post is very skillful. All the screenshots of "congratulations on ink mark getting XXX" system announcements are put together. At a glance, dozens of announcements really leave passers-by with doubts about "Ink Mark has opened the plug-in".

Little Medicine Fairy said urgently: "I went to the forum with the Mirage and vest to explain to that Ink Mark is an expert, and they don't believe it! It's getting more and more outrageous." The direction of the post is very strange, the following guess is that "Ink Mark is relatives of game planners" "Ink Mark is game planners open their own trumpet" "Ink Mark knows that game data, may be a hacker" "In fact, Ink Mark the undercover sent by the official to the new area."

Xiao Han took a look at Little Medicine Fairy's private chat and exclaimed: "Xiao Mo, you are becoming boss in everyone's eyes."

The speculation of netizens made Qin Mo laugh and cry, he opened the guild channel in the game and found that many people were discussing the question of "whether our guild leader is a plug-in." Qin Mo solemnly wrote a line: "I am not an official undercover, nor is it a plug-in, so we don't need to pay attention to the forum posts."

At once, someone jumped out to worship the guild leader and asked for a dungeon strategy.

Qin Mo said: "This dungeon is too difficult to pass even if you are given a strategy, don't worry, I predict the official will reduce the difficulty soon."

This message was sent to the forum by a screenshot of the minded person, and raised the question: "Great god Ink Mark said that the difficulty of the dungeon might be lowered. Is he really the undercover official sent to the game?"  "Sit back and wait for Ink Mark to get hit in the face! How can you adjust the difficulty of the dungeon as soon as you open it?" "His cowhide is going to be blown. What is a strategy that can't pass? Is his strategy a seckill at boss? Ha ha." "Wait for the Great God to be beaten in the face."

A group of people are fanning the flames and waiting for Qin Mo to be beaten in the face by the officials, Qin Mo is calm and directly turned off the popular posts on the forum.

Xiao Han asked doubtfully: "Xiao Mo, are you sure the difficulty of the dungeon will be lowered?"

Qin Mo said flatly: "Even a 10-member team with double healer and double meat shields will have a lot of problems. The fault tolerance rate is too low and the requirements for healer and output are very high. Don't forget, when we passed the dungeon, seven of the eight people were wearing seven-star artifacts with explosive output."

Zhu Qingyue nodded and said: "The output of seven-star artifacts is almost double that of ordinary weapons. If you don't have seven-star artifacts, you will not break the defense shell of the clock period in the fourth stage. We are all professional players, only when we move and react quickly can we keep up with Boya's playing rhythm. If we change into ordinary online game players, this dungeon is really impossible to pass."

Liu Hong shrugged and said: "So far, only our well-equipped professional team of eight major schools has cleared the dungeon. Not to mention ordinary online game players, the national beauty guild elite team has also been in this dungeon for two days. Aren't the Huaxia guild still stuck there? It must be that the seven-star weapons are not complete and the output is not enough."

Qin Mo said: "So I guess the difficulty of the dungeon will definitely be lowered."

Just then, in the lower left corner, there was another private chat window, which was sent by the guild leader of the sword song guild, Lin Shuangcheng, the captain of the sword song——

The gentleman unparalleled: "How did you pass in the fourth stage of the high mountain and river dungeon? Can you share the strategy?"

Ink Mark: "You come to ask the strategy of the dungeon yourself?"

The gentleman unparalleled said bluntly: "Didn't you kick the undercover I sent to Mojue? I'm not interested in sending another one. I'll just ask you directly."

Ink Mark: "......"

The gentleman unparalleled added: "Do you think I have a thick skin? I can't help it. How can you be a captain if you don't have a thick skin? You say that, don't you?"

Qin Mo couldn't refute it, but he felt that it was more straightforward for him to come to ask directly than to send undercover agents to investigate in private. It's just a dungeon strategy. Qin Mo didn't want to hide it, so he said: "In the fourth stage, we need to find a master T of the Kuangdao gate school with more than 100000 blood to transfer the damage of Zhong Ziqi. And at the same time break out the output, in the transfer damage within a few seconds of the clock period of defense shell blood to brush down, it is best to bring the whole team with a seven-star artifact, otherwise the output is not enough."

After all, Lin Shuangcheng is also a man of first-class consciousness. He immediately realized after Qin Mo reminding him of this and sent a row of clenched fist expressions: "Thank you very much!"

A moment later, Xiao Han heard Qin Mo talk about Lin Shuangcheng's coming to inquire about the dungeon strategy, he could not help but say: "You just told him? Don't get paid or something?"

Qin Mo said: "Mojue Guild now has sufficient funds, there are also little profiteer who help collect materials, there is no shortage of anything, there is no need to ask him for it."

Xiao Han reminded: "Meatballs."

Qin Mo: "What?"

Xiao Han said solemnly: "Ask Song Changdong to make a box of meatballs, vacuum packaging the fresh-keeping box, and send them by air."

Qin Mo: ".................."

This kind of words is embarrassed for him to say, all the way to meatballs, can you be reasonable? It's like the dragon song club didn't feed you.

Qin Mo gave Xiao Han a look and said lightly: "Do you want to eat? Go for it yourself."

"Oh, I'll go for it myself." Then, Xiao Han found Song Changdong's ID, from among his friends and sent a private chat: "Xiao Song?"

Song Changdong, who was privately chatted by the "former captain", was flattered and quickly shook his hand and typed: "God Han, are you looking for me?"

Xiao Han said: "Qin Mo just told your captain Lin about the dungeon strategy of high mountain and river, he asked you to send him a box of meatballs and send them by air in vacuum package as compensation." Xiao Han thought: anyway, Twin Star does not distinguish between you and me, I want to eat, Xiao Mo must also want to eat.

Song Changdong was surprised: "Really? Captain Qin really said that?"

Xiao Han: "En."

Didn't expect that captain Qin loved his meatballs so much? Song Changdong is a little excited, Qin Mo is kind to him, Song Changdong is always grateful, but he doesn't know how to repay him. The honest Song Changdong didn't realize that god Han was lying to him, he immediately happily picked up his wallet and prepared to go out: "Captain Lin, I'll take half an hour off."

When Lin Shuangcheng saw that he was in a hurry to go out, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows and ask: "Where are you going?"

Facing the young leader of the sword song team, Song Changdong is actually a little nervous. After all, Lin Shuangcheng is very handsome, and there are millions of fans on Weibo, his popularity is so high that he has tens of thousands of comments just like a big star. Song Changdong just came here and he was paid a million liquidated damages. Naturally, he was respectful to him and did not dare to offend him.

To the deep eyes of captain Lin Shuangcheng, Song Changdong said with a red face: "I go to the supermarket to buy some meat stuffing and make meatballs in the evening."

Looking at the simple teenager in front of him, Lin Shuangcheng raised his lips and said: "Buy more."

Song Changdong was surprised: "Ah?"

Lin Shuangcheng said calmly: "I want to eat, too."

Song Changdong: ".................."

The new captain doesn't look so good to approach, how can he be a foodie? Song Changdong scratched his head in confusion and turned to the supermarket to buy meat stuffing.

So that night, the team members of the sword song team were not in the mood to fight for high mountain and river dungeon——because Song Changdong personally made a pot of delicious radish meatballs and took them to the training room to serve as a night snack.

Lin Shuangcheng was eating delicious meatballs and happily sent a message to Qin Mo: "Thank you very much."

Qin Mo: "For what? Have you pass the dungeon?"

"Not yet." Lin Shuangcheng said. "Thank you for bringing me a living treasure ah, not only has great potential, but also makes delicious meatballs"

"......." Qin Mo somewhat speechless. "Do not thank, eat a few more."

"I have eaten a big bowl." Lin Shuangcheng paused and typed: "Song Changdong is very grateful to you in his heart, but his gratitude is just a gratitude. When he comes to the competition, I won't let him show mercy to you."

"I know that." Qin Mo said calmly. "Xiao Song is a good seedling, cultivate him well."

"Don't worry, I'm sure I'll put him in an important position."

Looking at the teenager who was busy delivering meatballs to everyone, Lin Shuangcheng raised his lips slightly——it was really a good seedling, thanks to Qin Mo graciously sent him to the sword song.

Song Changdong not only plays steadily and has unique talent, but also has a good cooking skill, a million yuan of penalty is really worth!

After finishing the midnight snack, all the members of the sword song team were refreshed and led down to high mountain and river dungeon by Lin Shuangcheng.

However, everyone was about to start the fight when a system announcement popped up on everyone's computers: "Attention, chivalrous men, the server will be shut down for emergency maintenance from 22:00 tonight to 10:00 tomorrow morning. Please arrange the game time and get offline in advance. Thank you for your cooperation."

The announcement was sent several times in a row, and the World Channel panicked: "What's going on? What is the sudden maintenance for?"

Qin Mo had a premonition that the maintenance was probably to adjust the difficulty of the high mountain and river dungeon.

It is said that the simple difficulty of the high mountains and river let players repeatedly destroyed, moreover, at present, only one team of Mojue has passed the level of complex difficulty, which shows that the dungeon data set by the planning is not reasonable. A dungeon must be made so that most players can pass by skill. If it is only a professional great god who can pass, and others can only stare, then this dungeon is meaningless.

Lin Shuangcheng is helpless: "Forget it, let's go offline first, and play again tomorrow after maintenance."

Facts have proved that Qin Mo's conjecture is very accurate, the next morning, official website issued a notice to "adjust the difficulty of high mountain and river dungeon". The official Weibo also jokingly sent a message: "The player of Xijiang Moon Server [Ink Mark] is not an undercover agent sent by official, and there is no sign of using external plug-ins. Peerless Jianghu operators resolutely put an end to all kinds of plug-in software that affect the balance of the game. Once found, it will be permanently blocked! We are also surprised that Ink Mark can predict that the high mountain and river dungeon will be adjusted."

Onlookers: "..............."

Yesterday also said in the forum waiting for Ink Mark to be hit in the face, suddenly feel a good pain in the face.

In the game, the membership application of the Mojue Guild was increased by hundreds, all of which came in to worship the great god.

Qin Mo did not expect that a high mountain and river dungeon would actually let him gain a large number of fans in the new district. He had never been good at dealing with fans, and his application for membership would be handed over to Little Medicine Fairy for approval. He simply released a dungeon clearance strategy in the guild sharing platform, and everyone in the guild worshiped his ideas.

For a time, the popularity of the Mojue guild reached its peak and jumped to the top of the list of Xijiang Moon server guild rank.

However, the difficult dungeon of the original version of high mountain and river is only the eight-member team of Mojue Guild in the server area 1 successfully cleared it——Ink Mark, Thousand Miles Ice, Drunken River, Silence, Northern Light, Falling Feather, Three Waterdrop, and Bright Moon Clear Sky. The eight members are from eight schools that have made their way in Peerless Jianghu, the eight IDs will also be recorded on the ranking list of Peerless Jianghu.

Qin Mo looks at this ranking, and he feels a sense of pride————this is the eight members of Mojue team.

A long time later, when they get the trophy, and then reflect on the upgrade, maybe it will be another feeling.

Now, Qin Mo only knows that the Mojue team has just started, and he has not yet had time to be proud of such a small achievement.

Qin Mo turns off the world channel, which is almost going to explode in the game, and calmly says: "Today, everyone will gather all their set blueprint and start making equipment tomorrow to prepare for level 80 to go to the arena."

When they heard the captain's instructions, they immediately returned to their own school to do the set exchange task.

If nothing unexpected happens, the eight Mojue players will be able to reach the full level next week.
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