The King's Return : Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Entering the Arena

Suit blueprint exchange only needs to find the leader to do a series of tasks, which are all single challenge tasks, but can accept the help of up to one friend. For output players, this series of tasks are very easy, but Zhu Qingyue and Li Muran are more troublesome, some of which need help from teammates.

Shen He took the initiative to ask: "Milk daddy, do you want me to come and help you?"

Li Muran: "En."

"Group me group me, I'll be right over!" Since moving to Dragon Song Club to live in dormitory 323, Li Muran has become Shen He's roommate. Although this roommate has few words, he is very tolerant of him. He also helped him pay for shopping at the supermarket that day. Shen He was really touched. Now he finally found an opportunity to help Li Muran, Shen He was so happy that he immediately ran to Fangcao Hall to help his milk dad.

Shen He can’t stop playing games, he walks around, pulls a lot of mobs all together and kills them. Fortunately, Li Muran adds blood quickly, Shen He is also a fast hand, the two cooperate very well, and soon all 100 task mobs are killed. In the follow-up task, Li Muran could handle it by himself, and Shen He ran back to the Zhuge family to do his own task with confidence.

Qin Mo on the other side went to help Zhu Qingyue personally, and by the afternoon, everyone's suit exchange task was all completed.

After the suit is complete, a good set attribute will be produced, and each piece of equipment can also play an additional attribute. A necklace, a pair of rings, a pair of bracelets, a total of five pieces of jewelry, hats, clothes, wristbands, belts, pants and shoes, a total of eleven pieces of armor.

Qin Mo looked at the equipment blueprint and said: "Think about what additional attributes you want to play first, let's get the equipment done as soon as possible."

Hearing the captain's instructions, they immediately immersed themselves in studying the attributes of the equipment.

He Beiguang's equipment is the best to fight, since he wants to build him into a team anti-pressure blood cows, it's okay to add all the blood to the armor and all the jewelry. He Beiguang tells Qin Mo that it just coincides with Qin Mo's idea, because of the "blood volume bonus" attribute, Qin Mo told He Beiguang what materials to use, and asked him to try them on his own. He was excited to try the materials——in fact, it was a very interesting process to build his own equipment.

Pei Yu's weapon added attack distance, other equipment he wanted to make up some hits, the sound wave attack hit rate is really too low. He told Qin Mo this idea, and after Qin Mo considered it, he suggested: "Jewelry can all be hit, but in this way your output will not be enough, wristbands can balance with some attributes that increase output, hat, clothes and belts can be defense, otherwise it's too crispy, and you fall down with a big move from the other party." Pei Yu's main task in the team is to control the field in the back row, and the equipment with more comprehensive attributes can improve his survival rate, Pei Yu found that the captain's idea was perfect and immediately went to study it happily.

Shen He said directly: "I listen to master!" He has no idea about these equipment data. Anyway, Qin Mo used to be the top player in the summoner, so he must be more considerate. Qin Mo taught him to add 20 hit points to the ring, critical hit to the necklace and bracelet, defense to the main armor, and speed to the shoes, because the summoner must move fast, so that he can move flexibly to summon pets.

Li Muran's equipment was built by Liu Xiang, the god's milk. He is taking the route of agility based healer. The weapon has a cooldown reduce. Naturally, all five pieces of jewelry will be given critical hit. Wrist guards and hats will also be given critical hit. After the critical hit is piled up to above 70%, all other armor has been added with the amount of healing to balance. Li Muran listened to Liu Xiang's advice and went to make the equipment according to this idea.

Liu Hong and Zhu Qingyue, Qin Mo simply did not care, these two experts certainly do not need him to direct them, as long as they understand the rules of five elements and the attributes of various materials, they can complete the equipment building by themselves.

All that's left is Xiao Han.

This mixed-race child who did not understand gold, wood, water, fire, and earth has no idea about how to build the equipment, and is also stupid and confused. Qin Mo gave up his intention to teach him, and said helplessly: "Forget it, I'm not going to explain it to you, tell me what you think and I'll help you out."

Xiao Han was trying to get Qin Mo to help with the equipment, hearing this, he immediately said happily: "Jewelry is all given a critical strike, with a critical strike rate of over 80%, other armor added basic attack and shoe added acceleration."

Qin Mo simply nodded: "All right, give me the blueprint."

All day long, everyone was studying what to do with the equipment.

Collecting materials for equipment was originally a long and boring process, but because Qin Mo had laid a good foundation in the early days, Mojue guild was now level five guild that could accommodate thousands of people. They could get many useful materials from the guild storage. The little profiteer also bought all kinds of gold materials, and the materials for building equipment were endless, naturally come handy.

Xiao Han's suit was soon finished, and others also figured out how to make the suit slowly, thanks to Qin Mo's guidance, all the equipment they made are seven-star artifacts.

In order to put on level 80 equipment as soon as possible, everyone energetically began to form a team to upgrade.

A week later, all the members of the Mojue team finally broke through level 80.

Everyone put on all their self-made equipment, and all the characters in the game changed into new sets of clothes.

Xiao Han is wearing a complete set of six "Midnight Suits". This is a set of black night clothes, with dark red patterns on the edges and belts of the clothes, which will only appear when the light is shining. It is exactly the same color as Xiao Han's weapon, the black and red outfits make the assassin from the deep valley appear mysterious and dangerous.

However, Qin Mo's six complete "Frost Sky Suit" is a snow-white swordsman's suit, with blue plain and elegant patterns like shadows embroidered in the corners, and white clothes like sword immortals.

Two people stand together, black and white match, red and blue match, really well match.

See his whole body equipment are written "creator Ink Mark" this small print line, Xiao Han's heart suddenly has a kind of sweetness that can't be said.

——All the equipment is made by Qin Mo, it's feel nice to be kept by Qin Mo!

Other people's suits also have their own school characteristics. He Beiguang is dressed in a neat red dress and has the generosity of a North Desert swordsman.; Li Muran is a white and green pharmacist dress, which has a very fresh style of healer; Liu Hong is a dark blue tights with the characteristics of Xuanbing Palace disciples; Pei Yu is a dark green suit of Luoying valley; Zhu Qingyue is a pure white elegant long gown; Shen He looks especially festive in an orange suit, plus his size is shota, a small one mixed in the crowd is simply a mascot.

Shen He said enthusiastically: "Let's stand and take a picture together! This is a very memorable day in the game ah!"

At the suggestion of the hyperactive teenager, eight people stood at the gate of the main city and took a picture.

In the middle, Ink Mark stand side by side with Thousand Miles Ice, beside Thousand Miles Ice are plumes of dark clothing, Three Waterdrop and Northern Light. Next to Ink Mark is Drunken River of bright clothing, Silence and Bright Moon Clear Sky. However, Shen He is too short, and it is not in line in the crowd. He Beiguang joked: "You are the only little shota, just stand in front and be the mascot."

Shen He refused to accept: "I am small, I have great skill! I will stand next to captain Qin!"

Qin Mo: "......Whatever."

Shen He bought a bunch of fireworks and let them out in advance. The nearby channels were constantly swept by the effect of the fireworks, and some people passed by to watch......Everyone thought this was very funny. However, Shen He acted very positively, and it was not easy for people to beat him. They stood up honestly until Shen He was satisfied with the screenshots.

——It's really a memorable day, it's just the end of the upgrade phase, but the beginning of another new phase.

The casual party who likes to play dungeon can go to 30 large team-dungeon for exploration after reaching the full level, and get PVE suits. There are many teams that can earn money and materials from daily dungeons.

For players who love PK, the open cross-server arena after the full level is the place where everyone wants to enter most.

In addition to the "Xijiang Moon" Telecom server area 1, the public test of Peerless Jianghu also opened area 2, area 3 of the Telecom and area 1 and area 2 of the Netcom, a total of five regions. Telecom area 1 "Xijiang Moon" has the most people, but there are many experts in other servers. In the cross server arena, you will have the opportunity to compete with other server experts. Only the cross server arena needs more than 1000 points to enter. At present, everyone's points are all 0 points, and they can't enter for the time being.
(T/N: I think telecom and netcom is like our server in game, SEA-1, SEA-2, etc and other e.g ID-1, TH-1, PH-1 like that)

Qin Mo opened the arena and glanced at the scoring rules. The arena upgrade rules for Peerless Jianghu are similar to most competitive games. There are random sectional qualifying games, which are divided into five major positions, below 1000 points are little chivalrous man, 1000-2000 points are great chivalrous man, 2000-3000 points are heroes, 3000- 4000 points are great master, and above 4000 points are king.

After each title, there is another section to ten sections, with 100 sections increasing upwards. For example, a score of 3000-3100 is a "great master section 1" and 3900-4000 is a "great master section 10", after a full score of 10 sections, if you win the promotion competition, you can be upgraded to a "king section", if you fail in the promotion competition, you will continue to stay in the master section 10.

In the game, you will get the corresponding system reward for every little bit of promotion in small sections, including materials for strengthening equipment, fragments for exchanging secret books, and so on.

Such an upgrade system will undoubtedly give players playing in the arena full motivation to upgrade.

However, it's not easy to get points in Peerless Jianghu, if you win a single challenge arena, you will get 3 points, 5 points for a three-member team, and 10 points for a five-member team. If you lose, you will deduct the corresponding points. In this way, the rookie can not rely on mixed experience to upgrade, while experts can quickly upgrade their ranks by relying on the rule of "double winning streak reward".

After clarifying the upgrade rules, Qin Mo said: "Everyone divides into two team to play in ranked match. We need to score 1,000 points as soon as possible for cross server arena."

Eight people immediately and consciously divided into two teams, Twin Star, Shen He, Li Muran in one group, Liu Hong, Zhu Qingyue Pei and He in other group. They are all two veteran players with two newcomers, with healer on the one hand and god level assistance on the other, their strength is relatively balanced.

The two teams entered the qualifying queue respectively, and a moment later, the system popped up a prompt——has successfully matched the opponent for you, do you want to enter the five-member arena?

Everyone pressed "Yes", and they went in and saw that the IDs on the opposite side were all their own!

Shen He complained: "Damn it, how come it has turned into a civil war!"

He Beiguang was a little embarrassed: "Captain Qin and god Han are on the opposite side, should we just throw in the towel?"

Liu Hong frowned: "Look at your prospects, throw in the towel directly before you fight, and the Qin team will definitely scold you later."

He Beiguang scratched his head: "That's right ah......then, let's fight!"

——This game randomly selected by the system has indeed become the Mojue civil war.

The red side is Qin Mo, Xiao Han, Shen He and Li Muran, the four people of the Mojue team, plus Gentleman Unparalleled who has strayed by mistake, the captain of sword song team, Lin Shuangcheng.

And the blue side, in addition to the four people of Mojue team, another ID also makes people look particularly familiar——Snow Mountain, Zhou Xuewei.

Zhou Xuewei was once the winner of the Best Newcomer Award, after three years of experience, her level has become a top-tier player.

She was promoted by Qin Mo himself, she is usually very low-key, strong in outlook and smart. She is Xiao Mo's younger sister, probably because of love for a person extends even to the crows on his roof, love my dog (T/N : love one thing on account of another), Xiao Han also has a good impression on her, seeing the name, he can't help but smile and say: "This is interesting, Xuewei is on the other side, and her healer skills are not inferior to Sister Xiang, right?"

Qin Mo said calmly: "It's all right, let's join hands for a seckill her."

Zhou Xuewei: "......"

Although she doesn't know what is being discussed on the opposite side, seeing that the Twin Star are all on the opposite side, Zhou Xuewei suddenly has the impulse to unplug the Internet cable.

How can you fight this ah?
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