The King's Return : Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Mojue's Civil War (part I)

The five player team battle is divided into red and blue sides, the map is randomly selected by the system. In future matches, the home team should be able to choose maps independently. There are still several blank boxes in the lower left corner. However, since many functions of the little chivalrous man level haven't been opened, Qin Mo doesn't know what it's for.

——Wait 20 seconds countdown, please adjust your secret book and equipment as soon as possible.

The system prompt appeared on the screen, Lin Shuangcheng immediately sent a message on the team channel: "I haven't saved enough fragments of my secret book, let me hold your thigh and lie down to win."

Qin Mo wondered: "How do you play ranked alone?"

Lin Shuangcheng: "I haven't played, let's get familiar with the rules first."

Qin Mo said: "So do we." After a pause, he typed and said: "There are healer, auxiliary, meat shield, defense is very high, captain Lin you do the cover, Xiao Han and I will find a breakthrough and kill the healer first."

Since everyone is in the same training room, Qin Mo is not convenient to open voice command and has to type on the team channel.

Lin Shuangcheng replied with surprise: "Xiao Han? Is Thousand Miles Ice is god Han ah?"

Xiao Han said: "You, don't pretend, didn't you know that long ago? Song Changdong didn't tell you?"

Lin Shuangcheng said with a smile: "Pretend not to know, add a little mystery [smile]."

This guy is quite humorous, Qin Mo doesn't mind to expose the fact that the Twin Star work together. After all, Song Changdong went out of the Dragon Song Club, and Lin Shuangcheng could find out their approximate lineup with a random investigation. However, he only knows that Twin Star joined hands to establish Mojue team, and he must not know about Zhu Qingyue and Liu Hong.

On the blue team, Zhu Qingyue didn't know the identity of "Snow Mountain", but it can be seen from her full set of gold suit and style that this is also an expert.

Zhu Qingyue asked politely: "Sister Snow, will you command?"

Zhou Xuewei: "I’m healer, if I command, I may not care about adding blood, you should do it."

Liu Hong also said: "Qingyue, you come."

Zhu Qingyue also no longer refused, simply said: "Okay, two swordsmen and one assassin in the opposite side will definitely play fast attack in the front row. We have strong defense and weak output here. First kill the back row of the opponent, and then slow down the pace."

The red team is Qin Mo, Xiao Han, and Lin Shuangcheng, three powerful outputs. Shen He is a summoner control field and Li Muran is healer. The Blue Team has only two outputs, Liu Hong and Pei Yu, but the existence of auxiliary, healer and meat shield will make their survival ability extremely tenacious. This is just like the confrontation between spear and shield. Whether the output breaks the defense first or the defender resists the first wave of fire to drag the war into the later stage will be the key to decide the outcome.

Zhou Xuewei was a little surprised, did not expect this ID called "Bright Moon Clear Sky" as an auxiliary, but broke the key to the lineup in one sentence.

It seems that this is also an expert.

The 20-second countdown soon ended. The map randomly selected for the competition was "Bamboo Forest". Upon entering the map, a large area of dense bamboo forest appeared in front of them, the map of bamboo forest is square, the northeast direction in the upper right corner and the southwest direction in the lower left corner are the spawn points of red and blue respectively. As ten people refresh in turn at the spawn point, a series of system prompts pop up on the screen——

The random mode of this game is "Escort Mode", the red side is the offensive side, and the blue side is the defensive side.

Red side victory condition: Seize the Goods Escorted by Longmen Escort Agency.

Blue side victory condition: Escort the Convoy to the Designated Destination Smoothly.

Death penalty rule: 10 seconds after the first death, 20 seconds for the second, 30 seconds for the third, and so on.

Killing reward rule: the attack power of killing one person is increased by 10%, killing two people increased by 20%, killing three people increased by 30%, and so on.

Since everyone is new to the arena, the system prompt also introduces in great detail the conditions of the winning and losing conditions, as well as killing, death of the reward and punishment rules.

After the system prompt, the map of Bamboo Forest was played in front of everyone in panoramic mode, As expected, a team of escorts appeared in the northwest of the upper left corner of the map, including a chief escort, four escorts, and five NPCs protecting a red carriage with a golden chest on it. At the same time, there is a line with arrows on the map, which is obviously the route that the escort team is going to take——a diagonal line from the northwest to the southeast, which just divides the map into two parts, equal to the distance of the players on both sides. it's fair to both sides.

Qin Mo did not expect the "Escort Mode" to appear in the 5V5 team battle. This kind of arena competition system is more in line with the setting of ancient games. Moreover, the system prompts that the "random mode" is the escort mode, which means that there may be other competition modes besides the escort mode.

After glancing at the escort team's route, Qin Mo quickly decided: "Go directly to the starting point to rob the escort!"

In fact, they can ambush in the middle and rob the team after the escort team arrives. However, this map does not have a good ambush site, the whole bamboo forest is exactly the same, the diameter of the bamboo is very thin and cannot hide the body shape of the person. Therefore, Qin Mo simply let the whole team directly go to the starting point to take the initiative to attack.

The distance between the red and blue sides to the starting point is the same, Zhu Qingyue also made the same decision: "Go to the starting point first."

The escort team started to move forward slowly. As they escorted the carriage, their movement speed was naturally much slower than that of the players. The escort team only walked ten meters, Qin Mo and Zhu Qingyue brought people nearby, Qin Mo quickly typed: "Ready to fight, save the big move first!"

Because Zhu Qingyue has an invincible barrier with Cyan Rain Curtain, it would be embarrassing if he lost his big move at the beginning and was offset by invincible barrier.

Lin Shuangcheng's consciousness is not poor, immediately rushed to the front row, the sword in his hand drew a gorgeous sword flower in front of him——Seamless Sword and Known Sword!

Hanhua Sword school dagger flow has many violent group attack skills, Lin Shuangcheng's close-combat combo has done quite a lot of damage.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han followed closely, throwing a lot of basic attack skills at the escort team!

Since the winning or losing condition is to rob the escort and take the treasure, the first thing we need to do is to kill the escort, and then empty the treasure box. It's equivalent to robbing boss in the wild, it is not necessary to kill people.

Zhu Qingyue sensed the other party's intention and immediately typed: "Pay attention for the healer, adding blood!"

Zhou Xuewei also reacted quickly and found out that the other party was attacking the escort, she brought back the health of the escort team with a group skill "Warm Spring in Apricot Forest".

Qin Mo started just to test, and sure enough, the defensive side of the escort mode can add blood to the escort team. After being attacked, the escort will not fight back against the opponent, but will stay where they are. This requires the attacking side to kill all the escorts and empty the blood volume of the treasure chest as quickly as possible, and the defensive side needs to protect the escorts, kill the attacking players quickly and escort the team to the finish line.

Zhu Qingyue leapt over and said: "Everybody get ready, I'll open a transmission array!"

After making a hint, Zhu Qingyue's white umbrella "Elegance" immediately spread out and threw it into the back row of the other party, while a white light and shadow appeared at the feet of his teammates around, and everyone stepped on the light and shadow array, and at the moment the plain umbrella closed, the five people collectively completed the teleportation and went directly to the back row of Qin Mo team!

——Silk Umbrella Array!

At the moment when the transmission was in place, Zhu Qingyue read a secret book and only heard a guqin sound in their ear, it was the familiar melody of high mountain and river!

——All in chaos!

Teleport plus high mountain and river, this set of combo let Shen He and Li Muran behind Qin Mo team fall into chaos unexpectedly. Shen He's pets began to kill each other, Li Muran's healing skills were added everywhere, and Liu Hong immediately seizes the opportunity and gives Pei Yu and He Beiguang a hint to attack, three people qinggong forward, He Beiguang caught Li Muran over, Liu Hong gave Li Muran a seckill with a double-ring move! On the Shen He side, Pei Yu directly used the flute group attack to control all his messy pets, after killing Li Muran, Liu Hong turned a "Snake Bead Sparrow Ring" plus a "Ring Interlock" combo attacks, and the crisp Shen He immediately fell to the ground.

——[Three Waterdrop] killed [Silence]!

——[Three Waterdrop] killed [Drunken River], double kill!

Liu Hong's handsome double kill gave Zhu Qingyue great confidence, this female player's play style is really full of spirits!

Qin Mo saw the message and was somewhat surprised, Zhu Qingyue's transmission array and the group chaos were very timely, making it impossible for people to defend. Xiao He and Muran died too fast, Qin Mo immediately adjusted his tactics: "Kill the chief escort first, and withdraw immediately after killing!"

The chief escort has the most blood, the blood of the four escorts is half of his. If there are escorts alive, the treasure chest cannot be robbed, which means that the attacker must kill all the escorts as soon as possible.

Although Zhu Qingyue's transmission unexpectedly killed Shen He and Li Muran in the back row, Lin Shuangcheng, Qin Mo and Xiao Han could not reach the three people due to the distance between them.

Seeing the hint laid by Qin Mo, Lin Shuangcheng immediately turned back and killed the opposite direction in passing, the swordsman of the dagger flow had a lot of attack skills and very fast, and the white swordsman "Gentleman Unparalleled" rushed into the middle of the team like a gust of wind. Lin Shuangcheng's dagger made a series of violent attacks——Seamless Sword, Known Sword, Broken Windsword!

At that time, the shadow of the sword was swirling, and the team's blood volume plummeted as a result of a wide range of group attack skills, Zhou Xuewei was about to start a big move to add blood when Lin Shuangcheng's sword cut her off. Zhu Qingyue's skill reading was also interrupted by him. Lin Shuangcheng's short sword is extremely sharp, he chases the long-distance and slashes in violent close combat, which is unreasonable. This is far from Qin Mo's control based flexible play, but it plays a key role at this moment!

Pei Yu wanted to control him with a long-distance flute song, only to find that this person's movement technique was very powerful. The extremely fast movement frequency dazzled him, and he was almost drifting, he could not predict the direction of his movement at all. Seeing this scene, Liu Hong did not hesitate to throw out the gold ring of her right hand and set a large ring trap on the ground!

Lin Shuangcheng is trapped, Pei Yu and He Beiguang finally find a chance to kill him.

However, Lin Shuangcheng broke through the strong interference of the tight encirclement, which makes everyone ignore the escort team for a while. The outbreak of two people in the front row, Han and Mo, has quickly turned the chief escort team into 10% blood!

Zhou Xuewei saw this scene, and immediately released the skill of "Resurrection".

But at the moment when her reading was about to end, Qin Mo seemed to have eyes behind him. Suddenly, he called out a series of skills: "Sword Horizon" and "Sword into the River"——only a river white sword rushed forward, and the whole escort team was "repulsed" by him for ten meters! Zhou Xuewei's skill of adding blood just exceeded the distance and failed to add!

Zhou Xuewei simply wanted to vomit blood.

Xiao Han immediately tacit understanding to open a series of outbreaks, the blood-colored dagger in his hands was thrown to the chief, and the blood volume of the chief was emptied in one breath.

Qin Mo simply said: "Withdraw!"

After saying this, he turned his hand to a set of Heaven Sun Combo and silenced the other party. Lin Shuangcheng took the opportunity to escape, the three people quickly left the scene of the team battle and returned to the resurrection point.

In the first wave of team battle, Shen He and Li Muran were killed by Zhu Qingyue's sneak attack, but the cooperation of Qin Mo, Xiao Han and Lin Shuangcheng successfully killed the chief, which was not too bad.

Zhu Qingyue's invincible barrier is still there, and it's still not easy for the next fight.

Qin Mo calmed down and thought for a moment, then said decisively: "Gather at marked place, we will also make a sneak attack."
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