She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 28

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Chapter 28- Make Him Lose His Mind Every Minute 
translator: Oyen  editor: Larkspur

Lin Qingqing had been waiting for his response when she heard the sound of the chair moving, and then his footsteps. 

It worked!

What was he gonna do now? Would he kiss her?

Lin Qingqing was looking forward to it. Sensing Yi Zeyan nearing the bed, she felt her heart begin to beat faster, her face was also hot, she heard a voice, she felt as if he bent down, heart beat so fast that she thought it would jump out. She pinched the quilt, looking forward to a hot kiss on her face.

However, she felt warm on her legs because he helped her cover the quilt.

Lin Qingqing: "——"

After that, he went back to read his book.

Lin Qingqing: "???"

Lin Qingqing could not help biting her finger and thinking... Did she go too far? Moreover, he's such a serious person - It seemed unkind of her to lead him on like this, after all, he was so respectful towards her, right?

However, the serious Mr. Yi sat down and found that even though he could not look at it at all, his head was full of her white thighs.

Forget it, let's see it tomorrow!

Yi Zeyan put down his book and went to bed. She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, he wondered if she was asleep. Then… he thought of her new nightgown.

It really was…

Yi Zeyan was considering whether to sleep in another place, but he felt reluctant to leave her. He was ashamed to think that he had reacted so spontaneously in Hainan the last time. (T/N: Lol)

She had lost her memory, and now he was so ashamed that if he could not help waiting and wanted to do something worse than animals, he would not know if it would frighten her. With this in mind, Yi Zeyan eventually pulled open the quilt and lay in, but he was a little away from her. He turned off the light and plunged the surroundings into darkness.

Lin Qingqing had not yet fallen asleep... But he came to sleep... but why was he so far away from her?

Lin Qingqing was a little discontented and muttered in a low voice, "Cold."

Then she heard a rustling sound, and in a short time he leaned over to hug her. Her nose was full of his smell, and she was very satisfied.

Lin Qingqing knew that Mr. Yi respected her, although they were husband and wife, he considered that she had lost her memory, so he wanted to give her a transition from lover to husband and wife. She also felt that she should not act too hastily, otherwise she would appear to be very frivolous. But with the male god in her arms, it was impossible for her to have any ideas!

Lin Qingqing couldn't sleep for a while, even though he was holding her at the moment, she still thought about him. His voice, smile and strong muscles... His figure was really great, and she didn't know how it felt to touch...

Cough, I wanted to touch it!

However, she could not directly tell Yi  Zeyan that she wanted to touch his body, which would make her look so coquettish. The idea lingered in her mind, and Lin Qingqing felt itchy in her palm.

In the end, she couldn't help it... she asked him, "Yi Zeyan, is your skin elastic?"

"En?" What kind of strange question is this? Yi Zeyan chuckled. "It's all right."

She was silent for a moment and then said, "The meat on my stomach is soft, and I don't know if the meat on your stomach is also soft. If you don't believe it, touch it, it's really soft."

Let him touch first, and then it wouldn't be too much for her to touch him out of courtesy, right?

Yi Zeyan: "——"

Why was there such a childish proposal from someone to touch their belly? But he felt a little excited... What’s going on?

Lin Qingqing took Yi Zeyan's hand and put it on her stomach and asked him, "Is it soft?"

Yi Zeyan: "——"

She was thin, but her body was soft and fascinating, every inch of her body was soft. He had completely lost his mind in front of her. If he didn't exercise regularly, he wouldn't have been able to get up the next day.

Yi Zeyan's palm lay on her stomach, only to feel as if a fire was burning from his palm to his insides. Does she know how dangerous it was for her to do so?

He is a man!

Yi Zeyan felt that the fire on his body made him uncomfortable, he adjusted his breath and finally relieved himself a little. He restrained himself... he had to restrain himself. Finally, in a calm voice he said, "En, it's really soft."

Then she laughed. In the dark, he could still see her bright eyes. She stared at him and asked, "Is that right? I also want to touch and see if yours is soft, too."

Yi Zeyan: "!!!!"

Yi Zeyan reckoned that she might want him to die. At this time, she should be persuaded to go to bed quickly, so she could go to work tomorrow and dispel her dangerous idea. But he did not manage to urge her, and in the end, answered with great pleasure, "Okay."

Sure enough, she touched with her hand... and there seemed to be some eagerness. The point was, instead of being separated from her skirt like him, she directly pulled open the lapel of his bathrobe and put her palm directly against it.


Mr. Yi's abdominal muscles didn't disappoint her. They were hard, but they were very elastic, totally different from her softness. Although he had scars on his stomach and felt rough, it didn't affect her love for his abdominal muscles at all.

Lin Qingqing was very satisfied, and she couldn't let go for a while.

However, if her hands stayed on him more than one point, Yi Zeyan would suffer more than one point of misery. She was really a torturer, and he really wanted to punish her on the spot. He had never thought that he would have such a serious time. It’s not an exaggeration to describe it as sitting in the middle of chaos.

He knew what the outside world thought of him, gentle on the outside and ruthless on the inside. He felt this description was appropriate too. He was not a good man, he would get what he wanted, and he would trample those that provoked him.

But he didn't expect that one day he would become a gentleman. His body was about to burst and he could still stay still; facing his wife's temptation, he still had to remain firm... No one would believe him.

This TM* was a miracle. He actually did it.
(*T/N: transcendental meditation, repeating the same word over and over again)

Don't dare to move!

Enough, enough, Lin Qingqing! He really wanted to remind her to stop playing, he was unable to restrain it anymore!

But he could not say anything. He could stop it, and not let himself be tortured like this…  And yet, like a pervert who was keen to be tortured, he knew that he could only endure it. Despite knowing that her approach was only torture for him, he was still reluctant to open his mouth.

Wanting to be close to her, wanting her to be close to him, like crazy...

Yi Zeyan felt that his forehead was sweaty, his hands clasped tightly, and every inch of muscle was tight. When would she finish playing ah, just a few abdominal muscles, hasn't she played enough for so long?

Qingqing, stop playing, please.

Lin Qingqing didn't hear his inner call, she was totally immersed in this wonderful experience. She was so nervous and excited that she didn't realize that the man was almost shaking at the moment.

Finally, she felt that she should stop. She stopped being greedy and satisfied, she said, "Good night, Zeyan."


He should have been relieved that the torment finally stopped, but the moment her soft hand left, there was an indescribable sense of loss in his heart. Just now he had been begging her to stop, now that she had really stopped, he was a little reluctant. He coughed and made his voice sound normal and asked her: "Don't want to touch it again?"

He thought he was really cheap!

Lin Qingqing felt her face was a little hot, so she drew her face into the quilt and said, "No ... not touching."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

It was really a bad thing that made a person like this.

Yi Zeyan couldn't sleep, he waited until she fell asleep before he went to the bathroom quietly. He didn't come out until he was happy. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and lay down on the bed. He looked at the sleeping woman, he was angry but bowed his head and took a bite of her lip. When she let out a painful cry, he quickly let go and felt a little distressed.

"I really owe you." He murmured a word in a low voice, then lay down, pulled the quilt and went to sleep!

When Lin Qingqing awoke, Yi Zeyan was no longer in bed. She went downstairs and saw him sitting in the living room reading magazines. This was his habit. Every day before breakfast, he would read magazines to get the latest news.

"Are you hungry?" seeing her coming down, he asked

"It's okay, I'm not hungry."

Wen Sao had gone to buy vegetables early in the morning, now she came back with a big cabbage. As soon as she came in, she said to Lin Qingqing, "Madam, there are several people out there who want to see you. One of them, an old gentleman, said that he is your father."

Her father? Lin Peng? How did they know where she lived and came to find her early in the morning?

"I'll go out and have a look."

Yi Zeyan was worried. "I'll go with you."

"No, I'll settle it myself." She did not want Yi Zeyan to be affected by the Lin Peng family because of her..

Yi Zeyan did not insist.

Lin Qingqing pushed open the big iron door, sure enough, she saw Lin Peng's family outside. Liang Xin was also there. Because she was a public figure, she wore big sunglasses on her face in winter.

"What are you doing here?" Lin Qingqing asked very directly, her expression was cold. Nor did she invite the few people to sit in.

Liang Feifei said with a dry smile, "Qingqing, let's go in first and talk."

"No, just say it here." Lin Qingqing unceremoniously embarrassed the three.

Lin Peng sighed somberly. "I know you are blaming me, and are not willing to contact me after all these years. But in the beginning, you really misunderstood me, I didn't favor anyone, I just hoped that the family would be happy and wouldn't argue over a small matter."

Lin Qingqing said, "You think it is a small matter, but I don't think so."

"Yes, yes, yes," Liang Feifei quickly said. "We were wrong in the beginning, and your elder sister did something wrong."

Liang Xin hurriedly said, "Qingqing, what I did in those years was wrong. I apologize to you. I solemnly apologize. Will you forgive me? We used to be so close." As she spoke, she reached out to Lin Qingqing. 

Lin Qingqing hurriedly avoided it and Liang Xin grabbed nothing but air. A little embarrassed, she hurriedly withdrew her hand.

"I'm really surprised. Since you know you're wrong, how come you haven't apologized to me in all these years, but today you suddenly come together to admit your mistake?"

Lin Qingqing was not stupid. They did this because they knew that she had married a powerful man and had a good life. If she had a miserable life, would they come to apologize to her? They were just afraid of smashing their own foot with a rock.

"Didn't you not contact us all these years?" Lin Peng looked sad. "I know where you live and I couldn't wait to come and see you."

Liang Feifei said earnestly, "Qingqing ah, after all, you are your father's child ah. As the saying goes, a family breaks bones and connects tendons*, no matter how we say, we are all a family. Even if you don't recognize your elder sister and me, your father is your blood-related father ah."
(*T/N: blood thicker than water)

What did you leave for earlier when in the end, all you did was run back to me? If she were to be so easily fooled, she would be too stupid.

"I'll leave my words here today. I have had no contact with you for a long time. Later, you will cross your Yangguang river and I will cross my wooden bridge. You don't owe me anything, don't apologize to me, I don't owe you anything, don't come to me later. If you don't want to make it too ugly, leave quickly, or I'll tear my face and ask the security guard to kick you out." Saying so, Lin Qingqing closed the door directly. After she went in, she told Hui Yi that if they still came, he should just call the security guard to drive them away.
[*T/N: 阳关大道 : Yáng guān Dà dào (lit.) the road through Yangguan; (fig.) wide open road bright future]

When Lin Qingqing came in, Yi Zeyan and Xiao Yuan were sitting at the dining table for breakfast. Both father and son looked at her with questioning eyes. She went over and rubbed Xiao Yuan's head, sat down beside him, and said, "Eat now."

"Is everything all right?" asked Yi Zeyan.

"It's okay, I said I could handle it."

After the meal, when the family of three went out, Lin Peng and others were no longer at the door.
Lin Qingqing didn't expect that she would get a call from her elder sister shortly after she arrived at her studio. She told her that Lin Peng's family had run to her. They had only just been driven away by her and now they went to find trouble with her sister. The Lin Peng family was really a haunting ghost!

"Got it, I'll be right there."

Lin Qingqing drove to the Peace Restaurant. Lin Peng and others were in her elder sister's office at this time. She pushed the door and went in. 

Liang Feifei saw her and said with a smile, "We were just talking to your elder sister, I didn't expect you to come so soon."

Lin Qingqing took a deep breath to suppress her anger, then she said, "What do you want?"

Lin Peng frowned and said, "How can you talk like that ah! You are my daughter. As a father, if you don't come to see me, can't I come to see you?"

Come to see them? After all these years of ignoring them, why were they suddenly so kind to come and see them? With what she knew about them, it was definitely not good for them to come to the door.

Lin Qingqing sneered and simply asked, "Don't beat around the bush, just say what you want."

"Qingqing ah, how can you say that?" Liang Feifei's looked hurt. "We are all your family ah."

Liang Xin also said, "Yes ah, Qingqing, we really feel sorry for before, so we come to apologize."

"Sorry?" Lin Qingqing mocked. "I still remember that at yesterday's party, my good elder sister, Miss Liang Xin, regarded me as Yi Zeyan's lover and specially invited a fake Mrs. Yi to hit me in the face."

Liang Xin's mouth twitched and hastily said, "I didn't know the truth, I just hope you don't do anything wrong."

Liang Feifei said, "It's your elder sister who is not good. It's her good intention that led to bad things, don't blame her."

Lin Qingqing didn't want to hear any more from them, she interrupted her with a wave of her hand and said, "All right, I don't want to hear any more of these words. If you really just want to see me and Jiejie as you said, now you have seen us, please leave."

Lin Peng was obviously a little angry, he asked Lin Zhenzhen, "You want to drive us away too, right?"

Lin Zhenzhen turned to go and didn't even bother to look at him, she said coldly, "I have work to do, I really don't have time to entertain you."

"You—— you——" 

When Liang Feifei saw that he was about to lose her temper, she hurriedly pulled him and winked at him. Lin Peng patted his chest, in the end, he did not lose his temper.

Seeing the three people still standing there, Lin Qingqing added: "Why aren't you leaving yet?"

Liang Feifei and Lin Peng looked at each other. She probably wanted to signal to him, but he was in a bit of a dilemma. He was angry and unwilling to open his mouth. She stared at him and then smiled at Lin Qingqing. "Qingqing, actually it is not much."

Lin Qingqing sneered in her heart. Someone didn't visit a temple without a cause*! She didn't speak, waiting for her to continue.

(*T/N: visit someone with an ulterior motive)

Liang Feifei saw that she didn't mean to interrupt so said in one go, "Qingqing, you know that it has been really difficult for your elder sister Ah Xin over the years. She finally got a chance to turn over and was frozen by the company. I know it was your sister Ah Xin who was not good last time, but she misunderstood. But at that time she also apologized to you, so you don't have to remember the little people. I know that Mr. Yi and President Liu are familiar with each other. Could you please tell Mr. Yi and ask him to call President Liu and ask him to give your elder sister Ah Xin another chance?"

It seemed that she was right, and they did come for Liang Xin's frozen case.

Lin Qingqing said bluntly, "Liang Xin being frozen is President Liu's decision, the things of other companies, how can Yi Zeyan handle other people's company affairs?"

Liang Feifei said with a dry smile, "We don't ask for anything, so we'd like to ask Mr. Yi to talk to President Liu, if it doesn't work, we have nothing to say."

Now, they even had the face to ask her to ask Yi Zeyan to help Liang Xin? Where did you get such a big face?

"I'll tell you directly. I don't want to deal with Liang Xin's affairs, wanting me to intercede with Yi Zeyan, don't even want to think about it! If you still need some face, get out of here right away! I will call the police if you don't go out."

The impolite eviction made the three people look ugly, but Liang Feifei was really unwilling and wanted to say more. But Lin Peng grabbed her and said, "All right, let's go." He was a little tired and went out first.

Liang Feifei and Liang Xin were not reconciled, but they were afraid that they would offend Lin Qingqing and tear their faces completely, so they didn't say anything more and left.
Yi Zeyan knew in the first place that Lin Peng was going to find Lin Zhenzhen. Soon, Lin Zhenzhen called and told him exactly that, however, she also asked him not to worry and that she would handle them and not let them talk nonsense in front of Qingqing.

After hanging up the phone, Yi Zeyan waited for Huo Yi to report about one surnamed Cheng. "I remember you once told me that your fellow countryman surnamed Wu gave you a set of photos."

Huo Yi said, "En, there is. I have the picture, does the president want to use it?"

Yi Zeyan adjusted his sleeves and smiled a little deeper. "It will be used but not by us, it will dirty our hands."

Huo Yi nodded and did not ask more. In fact, this was all a few years ago, when Mr. Yi had asked him to find a bad and stupid person to handle affairs, he had found his fellow countrymen.

This fellow countryman was also one of the Beijing drifters (T/N: migrate to Beijing for career). However, he didn't make a name in Beicheng, but he fell into a bad habit, they met accidentally once. The fellow countryman invited him for a drink, and during the dinner bragged about how great he was. This fellow countryman was a vain, competitive, and self-righteous man. At that time, Huo Yi thought that he was very suitable for the kind of person that Mr. Yi wanted him to find, so he pulled a simple trick on him. He really took the bait.

At that time, Mr. Yi wanted to get a girl who offended him. She was involved in the entertainment circle. Later, he got to know that this woman was Mrs. Yi’s stepsister.

At that time, Mr. Yi was very satisfied upon seeing the photos, but he didn't do anything else. He only asked him to keep the photos well. Huo Yi knew that Mr. Yi had his own ideas and didn't ask anymore.

These photos were also sent to him by his fellow countrymen to show off. All the photos were of the girl. Once released, not only would her acting career be cut off, he was afraid her whole life would be completely destroyed and even those close to her would be affected.

To Mrs. Yi's stepsister, these photos were definitely a nightmare.
After Lin Peng and others left, Lin Qingqing felt very tired. She rushed to Lin Zhenzhen and said, "Is there any food?"

"I am running a restaurant here, how can I have no food? I can give you two small dishes."

The dishes were cooked in no time, no need to mention the craftsmanship of the great master chef in the restaurant. After a few bites of food, Lin Qingqing felt much more energetic.

"When I was little, I really envied a girl in my class. As soon as it rained, her father would come to pick her up and bring her an umbrella, raincoat, and rain shoes. However, after she put them on, he didn't want her to get dirty, so would carry her home. But my father has been very busy, leaving early and returning late, busy pulling materials everywhere. At that time, I had also considered that it was not easy for him. Later, the days finally got better and better, father also had time. I thought I could finally have his company like other children, but he ran away with other women. He didn't have time to accompany his daughter, but he had time to meet other women, this is our father."

Lin Zhenzhen was a teenager when Lin Peng cheated, she had been sensible for a long time and didn't rely so much on her father, plus she didn't live with him after the divorce, so she was a stranger and indifferent to their father's love. Because she was used to it, she didn't need it so much, and she didn't feel as much as Lin Qingqing.

"It's all over, now that you have Zeyan and Xiao Yuan, you can live a good life."

Lin Qingqing thought about it… She had Zeyan and Xiao Yuan. Fortunately, they had appeared in her life.

Lin Qingqing stayed with her elder sister until the afternoon. When she went back, Yi Zeyan was not in the room, but she saw that the door of the children's room was open but there was no one in there. She looked upstairs and downstairs in a circle but didn't see the father and son. They should’ve been back by this time, but she didn't know where the father and the son were.

Lin Qingqing went to the backyard. There was an abandoned warehouse on the right side of the backyard. Yi Zeyan had turned it into a gym, Lin Qingqing walked past and heard the sound from inside before she neared it. When she came to the door, she saw that the father and son were indeed inside. The big one was doing push-ups, the small one was doing frog jumps in a mini version of sportswear... A pair of small hands were held behind his head, one jump at a time, one at a time, and one at a time… It was very cute!

At this moment, the sun was setting and the warm orange rays were shining in, dyeing the father and son into a picture.

Lin Qingqing felt that the picture was really warm and harmonious, and her heart was filled with peace. All the unhappiness she had experienced during the day disappeared at this moment, and all the beauty in front of her was too good for her to disturb.

The spot for the frog jump was closer to the door. So, the little one was the first to spot Lin Qingqing standing at the door. Every time he saw his mother, he was happy. He ran over with his little legs. Lin Qingqing squatted down and welcomed him into his arms, wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Yi Zeyan also stopped and came over to see her wiping the sweat from the little one. The mother and the child were chatting without caring about him. He coughed softly and said, "Just wiping the sweat off the little one, not bothered about the big one?"

Lin Qingqing: "——"

His tone seemed to hold a kind of bitterness, just like the children in the kindergarten were aggrieved by the teacher's unequal distribution of candy. Mr. Yi was still so naive!

Lin Qingqing looked at him. His □□ upper body... had just exercised, and his muscles expanded with a sense of masculine wildness and strength.

Why don't you wear clothes?!

Lin Qingqing didn't dare to look at him. But he had already said that, and she could not ignore him. So she went forward and wiped the sweat on his forehead, then his cheek, and his neck.

Very close, the hot breath of his body went straight to her face. Obviously, they had already hugged together to sleep, but when the tension came again, Lin Qingqing didn't dare to look at him.

After his exercise, his breathing became heavy and loud in her head. He was really man ah and also sexy. Her heart began to beat faster, and her mind began to run wild in disorder.

Yi Zeyan found it very strange... Why wasn’t she looking at him even when she wiped his sweat, was there anything shameful on his face?

But her shyness was so charming that he gazed at her face, a little fascinated, and slowly locked his eyes on her lips... the soft lips that he had tasted before.

Let a person be enchanted, let a person be carried away. However, he had not completely lost his mind. The eyesore little dumpling was still nearby. (T/N: Lol)

"Xiao Yuan, come here."

Xiao Yuan obediently went over. "What's the matter, Daddy?" the soft tender voice asked.

However, his father did not answer him, he covered his eyes, then lowered his head to kiss her intoxicating lips. (T/N : lol what are you doing in front of the child, Zeyan? xD)

Lin Qingqing: "——"

Little Dumpling: "????" Eh, I can't see anything.
T/N: What a shameless family (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) especially that stepmother and the stepsister!
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