The King's Return : Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Mojue's Civil War (part II)

Qin Mo marked the location of a gathering place on the map, and the resurrected Shen He and Li Muran hurried to the gathering place.

When the five arrived at the gathering place, the escort team was not far ahead. Zhu Qingyue's five men were surrounding the escort team and following the four escort teams slowly forward.

Qin Mo probably calculated the time, so he let the gathering place get stuck behind the escort team. There is still a long way to go before the end of the escort, but it will be too late if they are resurrected again——that is to say, they have only one chance and must seize it.

Qin Mo looked at the back of the escort team not far away and typed quickly: "Start work, kill the healer first!"

Zhu Qingyue thought Qin Mo would intercept in front, but Qin Mo led the way around instead.

When he found out, it was too late. Qin Mo and Xiao Han rushed to the back of the team immediately, Qin Mo directly opened a secret book "Sword Rain Fragrance". Countless white swords fell from the sky and dazzled five members and four escorts! Xiao Han's single critical hit skills all point to "Snow Mountain". Lin Shuangcheng is cooperating with the group attack. Shen He releases a large number of mechanical rats in the back row to bite the opponents, and encircles them with four mechanical chariots! Qin Mo stabs Zhou Xuewei with a backhand move of "Unrivaled Sword". Under the violent siege of four people, Zhou Xuewei's blood volume suddenly drops to about 10% in a precarious state!

However, Zhou Xuewei, after all, has three years of experience as a professional player. In the face of her being caught in the fire, she did not panic. Instead, she threw herself a big series of moves at the critical moment——Magic Acupuncture, Suspense Pulse!

Add blood buff to stack to three layers quickly, a silver silk thread appears on her, the effect of the combo is triggered, and the combination skill of healing and first aid instantly pulls her blood back to more than 70%.

Zhu Qingyue also immediately opened the invincible barrier, surrounded by the cyan rain curtain, the whole team entered the invincible state, and the elegance umbrella time bonus, so that the invincible state can last for a full 4 seconds!

Immediately after that, he opened the plain white umbrella array, and the attack, defense and movement speed of the whole team increased instantly!

See Zhu Qingyue open invincible barrier, Qin Mo immediately typed: "Scattered!"

In fact, Qin Mo didn't want to kill Zhou Xuewei directly. After all, it's impossible to kill Xuewei directly with  her consciousness, his more important purpose is to force Zhu Qingyue to use invincible barrier.

As soon as the invincible barrier opened, the five people immediately dispersed in different directions.

Sure enough, Liu Hong turned back to kill the other side, and her style of play was extremely fierce, coupled with the 20% attack bonus that had been systematically rewarded after killing Shen He and Li Muran before, she planted a ring trap all over the ground around the escort team, to prevent the other side from coming forward, and then she aimed at Shen He for a series of violent blows.

Shen He was beaten and a bunch of pets ran with him, the picture looked extremely chaotic, as he ran, he quickly typed: "Milk daddy, help!"

Li Muran looks at the little monkey jumping up and down nearby, he quickly adds several layers of blood buff to him, and pulls back his blood volume with Suspense Pulse.

Shen He breathed a sigh of relief: "Thank you milk dad for your help O (∩_∩) O ~"

This guy's hand is really fast, while running away with his pet, he can free up his hand to type, Li Muran is also subdued by him.

The four second invincible time passed quickly. Qin Mo asked everyone to disperse and hide in time, it was difficult for the other party to gather fire to kill a person in four seconds, but they could not lose the other side in the same time——because Zhou Xuewei took advantage of the four seconds invincible time to brush the whole group's blood again.

Qin Mo saw that the invincible effect was over, and immediately said: "Fight!"

At that moment, Shen He, who jumped up and down, decisively summoned out an mechanical hawk. Suddenly there was a sharp chirping sound in the air, a huge mechanical hawk spread its wings and flew towards the other escort team, the dense silver needles of hidden weapons fell from the air like heavy rain. It was difficult to evade attacks in the high air, the hidden weapons attack by the summoners' mechanical hawk made the whole group drop blood very seriously!

Zhou Xuewei has to take care of the blood volume of the four escorts. At the same time, she has to take care of the blood volume of her teammates, adding blood immediately becomes difficult.

Xiao Han took advantage of this opportunity to open up the assassin skills "Thousand Step of Ghost Walk", only to see the black assassin suddenly split into five shadows, breaking through the middle of the team with dazzling speed, the five shadows respectively in front of the other five people, obviously, Xiao Han broke the extremely high hand speed at that moment, actually did five shadows control at the same time!

The other four shadows as interference, Xiao Han's main target of attack is naturally the healer of the other side!

——Meteor! Deadly Ice Silkworm!

Xiao Han's assassin body was also teleported behind Zhou Xuewei, both moves triggered a critical strike, directly cutting off 60% of Zhou Xuewei's blood……

This terrible explosive force can make one's spine chills!

At this moment, Qin Mo was also aiming at the direction where Zhou Xuewei was standing, and directly opened the long sword second combo——Heart of Sword Spirit, Unrivaled Sword!

The snow-white broken ice sword flew straight out of the hands of Ink Mark, as a big move, the blade pointed to, unstoppable, with the sound effect of the sharp sword cutting flesh and blood sounded in the ear, Zhou Xuewei's chest was instantly pierced by the broken ice sword, burst a dazzling blood!

——[Ink Mark] killed [Snow Mountain]!

The fall of healer is undoubtedly bad news for the blue side.

Shen He's mechanical hawk effect is over, Xiao Han's Thousand Step of Ghost Walk effect is also over, the shadow and hidden weapons in the air are all gone, and the sight is finally much quieter.

However, Lin Shuangcheng closely followed the group attack with the Seamless Sword and Known Sword, and Qin Mo was not idle, opened Sword Horizon and Sword Rain Remnant one by one, and the blood volume of the four escort guards soon fell to the bottom.

He Beiguang still wanted to struggle and put the escort with an injury-bearing skill, but it was not difficult for Han and Mo to destroy his 100,000 blood, He Beiguang soon died.

——[Ink Mark] killed [Northern Light]!

Captain Qin showed no mercy in killing his own people. He Beiguang, who was chopped to death, wanted to hit the computer with his big head.

As soon as He Beiguang died, the four escorts were killed by Lin Shuangcheng's group attack skills. The remaining treasure chest didn't have much blood and was quickly emptied by Xiao Han.

The five members of Qin Mo's team had a golden word "Victory" on the screen, while the other was a gray word "Failure".

At the end of the game, ten people were sent out the game map, Lin Shuangcheng sent a smiling face, said: "Thank you, hugged the thigh to get the first win."

Qin Mo said: "You're welcome."

In fact, Lin Shuangcheng's performance in this game is also remarkable. His timing and fast group attack combo are worthy of being an expert who won the first place in the civil war in the Hanhua Sword School during the beta test, Qin Mo has played with him in the game so far, and now he has been a teammate, only to find that this man is really hidden.

Lin Shuangcheng also didn't say much, sent a wave goodbye expression and left the room.

After the end of the game, the two sides can type on the public chat, and Snow Mountain said on the public chat: "god Han and god Mo jointly kill me, I am not die unjustly."

Qin Mo sent a comforting expression to touch her head and asked: "Why are you alone?"

Snow Mountain: "We are running alone, familiarize ourselves with the rules of team fight. We will not form a team until tomorrow."

Qin Mo clearly said: "En, good luck."

Snow Mountain: "Bye bye, everyone."

She typed this line and left the room. After she left, Zhu Qingyue asked doubtfully: "Does captain Qin know this player?"

Qin Mo introduced: "Zhou Xuewei of Wind Color."

"No wonder, she responded quickly just now." Zhu Qingyue touched his chin and said: "I remember when she debuted, she won the Best Newcomer Award. It was not easy to win the Newcomer Award for healer."

Liu Xiang has been watching the battle nearby, hearing this, she says with a smile: "Xuewei's healing is very calm. She has also participated in a world champion, I didn't expect that she was sent to Peerless Jianghu, did she lead the team?"

"No." Qin Mo said calmly. "Yuanxi should lead the team."

Zhu Qingyue was very surprised: "The summoner player who took your place after you retire?"

Qin Mo nodded: "En."

Shen He turned his head curiously: "Ah? So, is he my senior brother?"

Qin Mo said: "No, I taught him some skills, but did not accept him as an apprentice."

Shen He was somewhat happy: "Hahaha, then I am still the senior apprentice! In the future, if master accepts apprentice again, he will call me senior brother, right?"

He Beiguang said: "Calling you senior brother is really fits."

Shen He said excitedly, "Of course it is! Do you think my aura is especially strong and can shock some junior brothers?!"

He Beiguang laughed and said: "I mean senior brother Sun Wukong, monkeys are more in line with your temperament!"

Shen He: "...............…" Can he kill that nonsense big head with the keyboard?

Seeing that Shen He and He Beiguang were about to fight, Qin Mo immediately said: "Hey, stop for a moment, I'll summarize this game just now."

The two people immediately sit up straight. He Beiguang and Pei Yu lost the game, feeling a little depressed. They always felt that they couldn't keep up with the pace of the command, thus holding back great god Qingyue. Li Muran has the same idea in his heart, compared with the Snow Mountain, his healing still needs to be improved, but he has always had facial paralysis and has not shown it. As for Shen He, this guy is heartless and hasn't reflected whether he played well or not.

Seeing that everyone was quiet, Qin Mo said: "A few newcomers here, is there a feeling that the pace is too fast and in a hurry?"

Shen He immediately agreed: "Yes ah, yes ah! There was a confusion after the great god Qingyue chaos, I didn't even know how I died…..."

Li Muran: "En."

Zhu Qingyue smiled and said: "When there is auxiliary on the other side, those of you who stand in the back row should guard against the back. The moment you see the other side disappear, you should immediately adjust your field of vision and move quickly to avoid the other side next big moves and control, the connection time between the transmission array and other skills will not exceed 1 second, so the response must be fast."

Qin Mo agreed: "Qingyue was right, although Qingyue is one of our own, it is hard to guarantee that we will also encounter the other side's strong auxiliary in the future competition, long-distance players should pay attention to the fact that when the other side goes around the back, it is very difficult for you to take the lead and counter-control the opposite side, so you can only avoid, you can move sideways, or just fly out of attack range, don't just stand foolishly there."

Just now "standing foolishly" seckill Mu and He, the two immediately nodded to show their understanding.

Qin Mo went on to say: "Xiao Pei, you and Liu Hong have never cooperated, Liu Hong's attack speed is very fast. It's normal that you can't keep up with her rhythm, you should practice more in the future."

Pei Yu hurriedly nodded: "I know."

Qin Mo added: "Xiao He, your injury-bearing skill just now should have been given to healer, pay attention to the overall situation."

At that time, god Han was driving five shadows, and Shen He's mechanical hawk was flying like a bomber all over his head. He Beiguang was thrown in confusion and didn't react at the moment. Zhou Xuewei was already seckilled when he wanted to help and opened injury-bearing skill. At the mention of the captain, He Beiguang immediately blushed and said vaguely: "I know, I'll pay attention next time."

See four newcomers have a good attitude, Qin Mo's tone is more moderate: "It doesn't matter, it's just beginning now, you are not familiar with the competition mode, just play more."

The four immediately said they would practice more in the future.

Zhu Qingyue asked: "By the way, Lin Shuangcheng and Zhou Xuewei happened to have a civil war with us today, should they be clear about the configuration of the Mojue team?"

Qin Mo said calmly: "The moment when we get through the high mountain and river dungeon, our team's lineup has been exposed."

The ID of the eight players is still on the list of high mountain and river dungeon in the game. All players can check their school and equipment information, if they want to check, they can quickly analyze the lineup of the Mojue team. After all, there are many weapons that read "Creator: Ink Mark" and the eight players are all members of the Mojue guild. this almost tells them that this is our  Mojue team professional player.

Other teams didn't pass the dungeon of high mountain and river, perhaps there is also this reason——don't want to expose the team lineup in advance.

However, Qin Mo didn't care.

Xiao Han asked: "Aren't you worried that other teams are specifically studying strategies against us?"

Qin Mo said flatly: "There is nothing to be afraid of, even if the team of the Mojue is exposed, no team can find a way to deal with it."

Everyone: "......"

The captain's self-confidence is almost beyond the sky ah!

However, Qin Mo is also right, Mojue team has players from eight school in Peerless Jianghu, including meat shield, healer, auxiliary, trap, long-range field control, long-range interference, melee output and melee control, the team is quite comprehensive. There were only five players in the team battle, who can guess which five Qin Mo will send? Even if they guess that the Twin Star will have a team battle, it's not so easy to aim at the Han and Mo combination.

Anyway, at the beginning of the league, the lineup of each team will be exposed, Qin Mo simply put the list of Mojue team on the list of high mountain and river, anyone can find it.

——However, so what?

——Even if they know it, there is no way to deal with it, this is the biggest headache for the captains of other teams.
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