The King's Return : Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Challenge Arena Event

In order to prevent the two teams of the Mojue team from being systematically arranged into civil war again, Qin Mo had to split the team and let everyone play qualifying matches in two-member teams respectively——Qin Mo took Shen He, Xiao Han took Li Muran, Liu Hong took He Beiguang, Zhu Qingyue took Pei Yu, an old player took a newcomer, while being familiar with the rules of the arena, the newcomer could learn a lot from their predecessors.

For the 1-1000 points Little Chivalrous Man level, the open mode is only "Escort Mode", and there are only five maps, so the difficulty is not high.

After a day's qualifying match in the arena, Qin Mo's heart also had a general idea. Next year's professional league five-member tournament is likely to follow the rules of the arena directly and add some tactics in maps and secret books. If Mojue is the defender, healer and auxiliary can be combined to maximize the team's viability. If Mojue is the attacker, he can even take some outputs to attack quickly without healer, and kill off the escorts and rob the treasures quickly. At the later stage of the league, the defensive and offensive sides have completely different ideas, which requires the captain to make specific analysis according to each game.

Qin Mo is very glad that he has considered all aspects in the team formation stage, the eight major schools of Mojue team have complete configuration, no matter what mode they meet, they can choose the right team.

That night, Qin Mo made a special training plan according to the characteristics of each team member. In addition to one hour of basic movement training and six hours of double qualifying arena every day, the rest of the time, Shen He and Qin Mo will go to the maze to practice the skills of detour and pet summoned; Pei Yu will follow Liu Hong to train the rhythm of fast attack; Zhu Qingyue will guide He Beiguang more and more to cultivate his overall view and let him grasp the release time of injury-bearing and defense skills; Li Muran's training is supervised by Liu Xiang herself. Liu Xiang can teach Muran many skills of blue control and combo.

Xiao Han was idle, Qin Mo also arranged a task for him——let him watch videos to find out the shortcomings of the players, make a summary every day, and then carry out targeted intensive training the next day.

Training is a slow accumulation process, step by step, can not be impatient, sometimes even need to form a conditioned reflex in repeated training, in the future will not make mistakes in the field. The basic skills of professional players must be solid, otherwise, no matter how gorgeous their skills are, they are just skyscrapers without foundation, which may collapse at any time.

Qin Mo attaches great importance to the foundation of his team members, even if he has Xiao Han, Liu Hong and Zhu Qingyue, the professional great gods, he must finish basic training every day before going to the arena. The great gods set an example, and the four newcomers had no problem with it, they all seriously practiced boring movement and skill connection.

In order to check before accepted the results, Qin Mo will organize a challenge arena match within the Mojue team once a week to let newcomers fight in rotation, and then find out the places that need improvement and strengthening of training.

The captain was so serious and responsible that the newcomers naturally obeyed him.

Time passed quickly, everyone played qualifying matches every day, the 1000 points in the arena were soon reached. All the players in the Mojue team were promoted to the second level of the arena and finally qualified to enter the cross-server arena.

There are more and more full-level players in online games, and the number of players entering the arena is several times higher than at the beginning.

The overall level of the cross-server arena is much higher than that of the local arena, and people who can score more than 1000 points are at least not too bad. People from all five regions can enter the cross-server arena, and the probability of meeting experts will increase, but similarly, the probability of meeting strange things will increase accordingly.

This afternoon, Qin Mo and Shen He went to the cross server arena together.

Since there are players from five regions in the cross-server arena, there are a large number of people playing qualifying matches, and the system only counts down 5 seconds and displays a prompt of successful match.

——Have found your teammates and opponents for you, do you want to enter the arena?

The two people entered the matching room and found that they were randomly assigned to the blue side, that is, the "defensive side" of the "escort mode".

The ID of the other three teammates is very strange——apple vinegar, watermelon frost and jackfruit, judging from the ID, they should be qualified match with friends or relatives. Apple Vinegar is the meat shield of Kuangdao Gate, watermelon frost is the healer of Fangcao Hall, Jackfruit is the guqin player of Luoying Valley, and the typical iron triangle combination of "Warfare" in online games.

Apple Vinegar in the team channel very domineering typing: "Brother, we are three together, you two will follow my command later."

Shen He: "......"

Seeing this sentence, Shen He almost laughs, what a big tone! Follow your command? Do you know who is sitting in front of the computer? Say it to scare you to death!

Qin Mo was quite calm and typed: "Okay."

Since the three people are together, they are still a classic combination of meat shield, healer and output, the cooperation should not be too bad, and it will be much easier to play if the defense has a meat shield.

But facts have proved that Qin Mo really overestimated the level of some players.

The random map of this game is Luoying Valley, a part of Luoying Valley school cut out from the game, a typical valley map.

On the other hand, the red side is equipped with four outputs, Guqin player, flute player, Sword and poison master-plus one healer. The joint output will be quite terrible, but their shortcoming is also very obvious——crisp skin.

There is only one dagger player in the front row who does not have much control skills, the guqin player, flute player and poison master in the back row are all long-range spell crisp professions with ultra-weak defense, to deal with such fragile teams, they can directly break their formation and control the healer and kill the residual blood, once they are hit through the breakthrough, it is very difficult for them to have the ability to protect themselves. In terms of lineup, Qin Mo is actually dominant.


What the hell is this command!

Apple Vinegar makes them guard the escort team, and guard every step of the way!

Even Shen He, who has little knowledge of tactics, can't help complaining: "Stick to the escort team? Don't we suffer a lot from the strong attack on the opposite side? The defense and healer of Kuangdao Gate can't match the output of four people on the opposite side ah!"

Qin Mo praised: "Yes, you still know this."

Shen He's argument actually involves the crucial "data balance" in the game, if the output's attack power is far greater than the defender's defensive ability, then the defender should not be unable to defend, but should take the initiative to attack and find a breakthrough. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before the other party breaks through your defense.

Obviously, many players in online games don't know how to adjust their tactics according to the lineup configuration. They think that if they are "defenders" they should "defend their positions".

Qin Mo warned: "The other party three magic professions, Kuangdao Gate can break up their formation later."

Apple Vinegar: "Don't whine, just listen to my instructions. Everybody follow the escort team closely and don't get separated!"

Qin Mo: "......"

When a scholar encounters a soldier, he can't explain it reasonably, he is too tired to reason with such a headstrong man.

In an instant, all the members of the other side have rushed to the escort team. The guqin player plays a large range of group attack music in the back row. The flute player gives a long-distance flute music skill. The poison master of Fangcao hall is madly poisoning the chief escort, and a swordsman is fast attacking in the front row. Under the joint siege of the four red people, the blood volume of the escort team decreased rapidly. The healer, watermelon frost hurriedly returned blood to the escort. The main t Apple Vinegar ran to fight the swordsman, and Jackfruit followed him to fight the swordsman, the scene was just a mess!

Qin Mo can't bear it, typing on the team channel: "Go to the back row and kill the opposite long-range players."

Apple Vinegar: "Don't BB (T/N: it means don’t talk rubbish) if you don't understand, we are the defenders!"

Jackfruit: "Rookies only knew to be keyboard fighter and make trouble."

Ink Mark: "......"

Drunken River: "Sh*t! You rookies actually turn around and scold others as rookies! I've learned a lot!!!"

When master was scolded, the brain-dead powder exploded immediately, almost cutting off the keyboard with anger.

"Don't argue with them, we'll fight our own." Qin Mo was calm and did not care about these people at all, he looked at the situation of the fight and said: "Xiao He, you go around and control the healer, I gave the poison master a seckill first."

Shen He nodded immediately, the teenager holding his breath was full of power, and summoned a large number of mechanical rats to bite up!

The other five people saw the shota summoner mechanical rats running about everywhere, and immediately fled. Shen He took advantage of this opportunity to drive qinggong skill into the back row of the other party, and even summoned two wooden mechanical snakes, controlling the S-shaped movement of wooden snakes to quickly entangle the healer of the other party! The healer of being locked by a wooden snake was unable to move for a while. At the same time, it was bitten out of a three-layer weak state by mechanical rat.

Qin Mo was quick-witted and immediately caught up with flicker qinggong skill. He instantly moved to the other side's back row and started with a big series of moves——Sword Horizon and Sword into the River!

The goal of this combo is very clear, he repel the poison master 10 meters away at one breath, so that his blood could not be added from the healer. Then, Qin Mo quickly broke out with a set of single combo skills, he killed the guqin player who was bitten out of weakness by the mechanical rat at one breath!

——[Ink Mark] killed [Rain Bell], first kill!

The control effect of wooden snake is over, and the healer immediately starts the "Warm Spring in Apricot Forest" to instantly restore the blood volume of the team!

Qin Mo turned around and opened secret book of "Sword Rain Fragrance", which stunned everyone in the same place, and Shen He tactfully summoned the mechanical hawks, which flew around like an air bomber, and the dense silver nails fall down like a torrential rain, caused a lot of damage to the whole team.

The master and apprentice joined hands in a group attack, pressing the whole team to a state of residual blood.

Qin Mo opened a set of Sword Horizon combo attack skills, which gives the crispy guqin player seckill.

——[Ink Mark] killed [Sweet Fragrance], double kill!

Seeing that the back row long-range was killed, the swordsman in the front row immediately turned back to rescue. Shen He called four mechanical chariots in succession, in cross encirclement, he was properly stuck in his position, the swordsman couldn't pass for a while. Qin Mo turned around and stabbed the crisp flute player decisively.

——[Ink Mark] killed [Mulberry Picker], triple kill!

Qin Mo who killed three times had 30% attack power bonus, Shen He could have killed the swordsman, but he thought the bonus effect would be better for master, he put away his chariot and said: "Master, here!"

Qin Mo knows the meaning, jumped to the front of the swordsman, two consecutive Sword Horizon also killed him!

——[Ink Mark] killed [Calm Storm], four kills!

The other side's healer saw that Ink Mark was unstoppable and killed four people, he quickly turned around and ran away. However, Shen He would not give him this chance, two mechanical snakes quickly moved in an S-shaped movement and entangled him, Qin Mo turned around and flew to him with qinggong skills, his sharp sword pierced his chest without hesitation.

——[Ink Mark] kill [Magpie Fairy], five kills!

Ink Mark won the five kills in one breath, showing a blood-colored halo with a 50% attack power bonus, which looks like a kind of "God blocking to kill God, Buddha blocking to kill Buddha" momentum!

The other three teammates were all stunned.

Shen He remembered their mockery of god Mo just now and immediately mocked back: "Don't BB if you don't understand, so what if we are the defender?"

Apple Vinegar: "............"

Blocked by his own mockery of the other side just now speechless, Apple Vinegar flushed completely unable to refute. Jackfruit and Watermelon Frost are also very embarrassed. However, Watermelon Frost was obviously very thick-skinned, and immediately changed his tune: "Expert, I'm really sorry! My friend has a grumpy temper, make you laugh! Are you command next?"

Ink Mark: "En."

Qin Mo will not be so stingy as to compete with these netizens, arrange healer to quickly recover the blood of the escort team, and take the escort team around the way.

Apple Vinegar almost dropped his chin in shock: "Can escort team make a detour?"

Shen He mocked impolitely: "You don’t know? The route released by the opening system is only a scheduled route, the defender can take a detour with the escort, as long as they reach the finish line."

Apple Vinegar: "......"

Shen He is obviously still angry with this group of people for their mocking remarks just now, Qin Mo was too lazy, just ignore them and simply played according to his own thinking.

This point of detouring with the escort was also discovered by accident when he was playing qualifying a few days ago. After entering the arena, the system will play the escort team's route. In fact, this is only to confuse the defense team, in ancient times, escort agencies would book an optimal route in advance, but the route can be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation.

The route is dead and the person is alive, on some maps, the defensive side will make a detour and bring a lot of trouble to the attacking side.

Sure enough, Qin Mo took the escort team to the detour, the blue side resurrected to the original road, but was surprised to find that the escort team was gone!

Of course, you can't make a detour too far, otherwise you won't be able to reach the finish line within the specified time. The attacker soon found the escort team, only to find that the other party happened to be in the valley. a large number of pets of the summoner guarded the entrance, and the swordsman named "Ink Mark" stood behind the pets with a long sword, the 50% attack bonus looks very intimidating.

This is a typical terrain that is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Qin Mo and Shen He resisted the attack of the five people and kept them all out of the valley, the trio Apple Vinegar led the escort team to the finish line.


Looking at the big golden characters on the screen, Apple Vinegar's face can't help but look ugly. Ink Mark is undoubtedly an expert, whether it's to make a reasonable arrangement by analyzing the opponent's lineup or to take the escort's team detour to the terrain that is easy to defend and hard to attack, his awareness is not comparable to those of the rookies.

At the thought of mocking him as a rookie at the beginning, Apple Vinegar flushed with shame.

Qin Mo left a sentence in the room: "Sometimes, attack is the best defense." Then he left decisively.

——Attack is the best defense!

This philosophical remark made a group of online game players look at each other and feel very embarrassed, Shen He worshiped even more, feeling that his master had a unique aloof male god style.

Shen He said excitedly: "Hahaha, these three rookies have the nerve to say that the god Mo is a rookie! It's cool to hit them in the face with a five-kill!"

Qin Mo didn't mind these things and said lightly: "There are all kinds of players in the online games, they have moderate mind, don't have to dispute with them."

Shen He scratched his head: "Oh, I won't hold a grudge! Anyway, in random qualifying, it's impossible to meet them again next time."

Qin Mo said: "You did a good job just now, you haven't learned in vain with me these days."

The praised Shen He immediately blushed: "Really? The idol praised me, I was suddenly a little embarrassed."

Qin Mo: "......"

That may as well not to boast it.

However, Qin Mo really thinks that Shen He has made rapid progress, when he was just fighting a civil war in the arena of this area, Shen He was still in a hurry and didn't know what to do,but today, he would actively cooperate with Qin Mo, keeping his pet when Qin Mo wanted to kill, and making a gap with his pet when Qin Mo wanted to break through……

This teenager is very clever and has a lot of aura, Qin Mo only needs to mention a few things and he can understand them by himself.

It seems that Shen He should be able to pass on the summoning flow that Master taught him.

In the future, when Shen He reaches a certain level and has made some achievements, Qin Mo also wants to take him to meet his master Ling Xuefeng and let him know that he has a little apprentice.

Thought of here, Qin Mo turned to Shen He and said: "Xiao He, according to the schedule of official website, at the end of this year, Peerless Jianghu online games will hold a school civil war competition as a warm-up activity for next year's professional league, I hope you can enter the top three in Zhuge Family's civil war."

"Ah? The top three?" Shen He rounded his eyes, scratched his head and said. "Can......Can I?"

"Zhuge family this school has not only mechanism flow, but also bone fan flow play. Yuan Xi, the leader of the new area, and Xu Sizhe, who left Dragon Song before, are all masters of Zhuge Family school, you are my apprentice. I didn't ask you to take the first place directly, but entered the top three in the school civil war, I believe you can do it."

Qin Mo's tone is very plain, but it gives Shen He great encouragement and confidence.

——Into the top three, that means Shen He to beat countless mechanism flow and bone fan flow from all over the region.

——However, if he can't even do that, how can he have the face to say that he is a god Mo's apprentice?

Shen He took a deep breath, clenched his fist and swore: "Don't worry, Master, I can do it!"

Looking at the teenager's fighting spirit, Qin Mo smiled and thought: "Little monkey, you will certainly become master's pride."
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