The King's Return : Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Interlude

Qin Mo had just left the room of the cross-server arena when a man named "Sweet Fragrance" suddenly sent a friend request, this person was in the other team just now, which Qin Mo can't remember clearly, the ID of the five of them is very neat, they are all the epigraph names of poem words, in addition to Sweet Fragrance, there are Mulberry Picker, Calm Storm, Rain Bell and Magpie Fairy, they should be close friends.

Not knowing the intention of the other party to add friends, Qin Mo accepted the application easily.

Sweet Fragrance immediately sent a private chat: "Hello great god, is it the great god Ink Mark, which is the first that clearing high mountain and river dungeon in Telecom area 1?"

Ink Mark: "En, what is it?"

Sweet Fragrance: "Worship the great god! We are all from Netcom area 1, we have seen your posts on the forum before, I didn't expect to meet you in the cross-server arena, nice to meet you!"

Ink Mark: "You're welcome."

Sweet Fragrance: "Haha, add as a friend. I was killed by you today, if you rank in a team in the future, let me hug your thigh to lie down and win ~"

Ink Mark: "Let's talk about it when we have a chance."

Qin Mo's ID is indeed quite famous, some people in the forum have posted doubts that he has opened a plug-in, high mountain and river dungeon incident has also been named by the official Weibo, Sweet Fragrance probably added his as a friend when he saw a famous person out of curiosity.

Netcom Area 1? Qin Mo knows nothing about the situation in this region.

There are several domestic network operators, and most online games will open the telecom area and netcom area for players to choose freely. According to the general rule, the number of players in netcom area is less than that in telecom, so most of the top players will be concentrated in netcom area 1, other clubs haven't made any movement in the telecom area 1, perhaps sending players to the netcom area, thought of here, Qin Mo asked smoothly: "Netcom area, which guild do you belong to?"

Sweet Fragrance replied: "Interlude, currently the largest guild in Netcom Area ~"

Ink Mark: "Oh, I'll go to qualifying first, goodbye."

Sweet Fragrance: "Okay, goodbye great god!"

Interlude, the guild Qin Mo also has no impression, so he chatted privately with Mirage in the game: "Mirage, have you ever heard of the Interlude guild?"

Mirage immediately replied: "I know that during the beta test, the largest guild in Netcom Area, most of the guild were Luoying Valley school players who played guqin and jade flute, their guild master was called 'Eternal Lamp' and was said to play the flute well, with this skill, they attract a lot of brain powder. Their popularity is almost comparable with that of Lin Shuangcheng, the E-sport anchor at that time."

He paused and thought of another key point, he quickly typed and added: "By the way, boss, you can search a video, before the end of the third beta test, there was a cross-server challenge arena, and there was a century duel between Gentleman Unparalleled and Eternal Lamp, each won a game, the tie-breaker was inconclusive, the players of the two schools were very fierce!"

"Really?" Qin Mo did not expect that this "Eternal Lamp" to know Lin Shuangcheng, after thinking about it, he replied: "Thanks, I'll search."

Qin Mo knows the level of Lin Shuangcheng, as an folk expert, his skill and consciousness are no worse than those of the first-line players of the club, all he lacks is competition experience.

This person is very talented in playing games, but he has never been to the e-sport Club. Qin Mo can probably guess why——his family is well-off, rich and capricious, and he is not interested in past games project, so he just plays games casually as an e-sport anchor, this game probably aroused his strong interest, after the public test began, he began to build his own team in the game, with high popularity, money and appearance, coupled with strong appeal, the formation process of Sword Song team has also become extremely smooth.

Who is the Eternal Lamp? Can he even tie with Lin Shuangcheng?

Qin Mo suddenly became very interested in this person, he immediately cut out the game window and searched for the keywords of "Eternal Lamp and Gentleman Unparalleled" on the Internet. As expected, he found a popular video with more than a few hundred thousand hits. It happened to come from the Peerless Jianghu official forum video area, Qin Mo easily clicked on the video and watched it carefully.

The video was recorded very clearly, Eternal Lamp was dressed in a dark green gown, holding a snow-white flute; Gentleman Unparalleled in a blue-and-white Hanhua Sword suit with a sharp dagger in hand, the two people chose a flat and open square map to face each other, and the battle between the two sides was fierce, and the blood volume was close all the time.

In the first round, Gentleman Unparalleled used a set of combo skills to find the right opportunity to directly seckilled the other party, and a group of onlookers brushed on-screen comment in the video: "Our two gods are awesome!" "I told you that swordsmen are better than musicians, and you don't believe it!" "The school is out of balance, and the Hanhua Sword school violently beat Luoying Valley school without explanation!" "Hanhua sword school must be weakened! The swordsman swept all martial arts against the sky!" "Please strengthen Luoying Valley. No one will play with the crisp skin unless it is changed with output!" "Strengthen Luoying Valley +10086!"

In the second round, the two players still played very well. When their blood volume was very poor, Eternal Lamp suddenly controlled Gentleman Unparalleled from a long distance, and then played the skill of "Shadow Bird" to kill him in one breath. The painting style of the barrage screen immediately changed: "Gentleman Unparalleled, let's sleep. Obviously, we are better than gods!" "The school is unbalanced, it is suggested that the official weaken Luoying Valley!" "Hanhua sword school is crispy and has no output, if it doesn't change, no one will play!" "Strengthen Hanhua sword school!" "Strengthen Hanhua sword school + 10086!"

The spectators obviously have a lot of players from these two schools, and the swing is quite lively.

At the strong suggestion of the masses, the two opened the third round, and the curtain of barrages immediately changed: "The third round is sure to win! Which side won and which side weakened! Agreed to hit 1!" "Pray for god Ming to lose, if you win again, the official can't strengthen this school!" "Lose quickly!" "Swordsman loses, swordsman loses!" "Gentlemen, I'll send you a bag of chips if you lose!"

Everyone is making a fuss, but the two players against the game did not suffer any interference and played a very focused and wonderful game.

However, when the blood volume of both sides reached half, the Eternal Lamp hit "Shadow Bird", but the other side suddenly vanish from sight.

Eternal Lamp confusedly laid a row of question marks: "?????"

Spectators: "He seems to be offline 2333!" "At a critical moment, he is offline!" "Technical disconnection? Do you understand?"

Eternal Lamp went around the challenge arena by himself, then left a line of words: "Can you repair your broken net if you have money! I'll take care of you in case of disconnection."

During that time, Lin Shuangcheng seemed to have just moved, the network of his new home was not very good, and he was often disconnected during the live broadcast, fans all knew about this matter and explained to him: "I think the network cable in his home was broken again after he moved!" "god Ming should withdraw first, let him fix the network and then fight with you again!" "Why does he always disconnected? Should we donate money to change his network cable?"

A ID named "Morning Breeze Lingering Moon", who was watching in the room, smiled and said, "Let's go Ah Ming, wait for him to fix the network cable and continue."

Eternal Lamp: "Xiao Yun told your master that I would send him ten yuan to repair the network cable quickly!"

Vanish into Smoke: "Oh! Goodbye, god Ming!"

The two people left the room one after another, and the spectators gradually dispersed.

The reason for this duel is that at that time, many players of the Luoying Valley school posted posts on the official forum, complaining that this school was useless, had no output and was fragile, could not beat other schools at all, and was restrained to death by melee professions, it is often abused into a dog by swordsmen of the Hanhua sword school. Eternal Lamp is an expert of the Luoying Valley School, and Gentleman Unparalleled and has won many battles in the Hanhua Sword School, when they got to know each other in private, they went to the cross-server arena to play a few rounds, and at the same time, they also tested the school's balance, it turned out that Luoying Valley was not a school that was abused into a dog. Eternal Lamp and Gentleman Unparalleled tied at 1:1, and there is no obvious suppression during the match.

The official took the opportunity to post a Weibo message: "Please take it easy, feeling that if you can't beat a certain school, it may not necessarily be a problem of data imbalance, or it may be that you have not yet mastered the skills to play this school well. Don’t blame the official imbalance for your own dishes, Didn't Eternal Lamp win the Gentleman Unparalleled?"

After that, Eternal Lamp released a lot of strategic experience in the school exchange area of Luoying Valley and everyone realized that it was because they were stupid and can't play combo moves……

Before long, the beta test service was closed, and the match between Eternal Lamp and Gentleman Unparalleled was over.

However, Eternal Lamp has since become the most admired great god of Luoying Valley players, and the people on the forum call him "god Ming", and all his posts have been topped into HOT.

Qin Mo quickly found out the whole story, so it seems that Eternal Lamp is also a first-class expert during beta test, and the level is not much different from that of Lin Shuangcheng. Since Interlude guild has once again appeared in the Netcom area 1 in this public test, does it prove that this person is also determined to participate in next year's professional league?

Thinking of this, Qin Mo immediately turned back to Xiao Han and said: "Xiao Han, are you free?"

Xiao Han was originally in a single row queue in the arena, hearing Qin Mo's words, he immediately cancelled the queue and said: "I'm free, just give me orders."

Qin Mo also said bluntly: "There may be another strong opponent, come here and I'll show you a video."

Xiao Han was sitting next to Qin Mo, he simply slid his swivel chair forward for half a meter and leaned his head directly toward Qin Mo's computer: "What strong opponent?"

Qin Mo pointed to the computer and replayed the video of the match between Eternal Lamp and Gentleman Unparalleled, he explained as the video is played: "This Eternal Lamp is the guild leader of Interlude Guild. During the beta test, he was tied with the challenge arena of Lin Shuangcheng and its strength was very strong. Today, I met several players from Netcom Area 1 in the Cross-Server Arena, all from the Interlude Guild, which shows that he also participated in the public test and established the largest guild in Netcom Area."

Xiao Han looked at the high-level duel in the video and touched his chin thoughtfully: "Do you mean that his goal is the same as that of Lin Shuangcheng, and he also wants to form an unofficial team to participate in the professional league?"

Qin Mo nodded: "I'm just speculating."

Xiao Han put his arm around his shoulder and said, "There is nothing to speculate about, take a rest and I'll ask Lin Shuangcheng directly." Mixed race has a straight-temper. After saying this, he simply returned to his position, opened his friend list to find the ID of "Gentleman Unparalleled" and sent out a sentence: "Eternal Lamp, do you know?"

Lin Shuangcheng happened to be in the cross server arena, and quickly replied: "Playing qualifying, I'll get back to you later."

Xiao Han was not in a hurry to disturb him, a moment later, he came out of the arena and was also surprised by Xiao Han's sudden mention of the ID of Eternal Lamp, he chatted privately and answered: "Why did you suddenly ask about this person?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "Eternal Lamp has set up a guild called Interlude in Netcom Area, is it the same as you that is forming a team to participate in the professional league?"

Lin Shuangcheng was very surprised: "How do you know?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "My family Xiao Mo met the guild in the cross server arena today, watch the video of you and Eternal Lamp and speculate."

Gentleman Unparalleled: "Your family Xiao Mo?"

Thousands Miles Ice: "Is there a problem?"

Gentleman Unparalleled: "No problem, your family god Mo is really extremely clever, and he is right [smiling]."

Thousands Miles Ice: "Can you tell me about this person?"

Gentleman Unparalleled: "Why should I tell you?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "Since he is going to build his own team, he will be the opponent of your sword song team in the future, don't you want us to make him lose confidence, and then you can win him? The enemy of an enemy is a friend, a friend of a friend is still a friend, don't you think?"

"......" Lin Shuangcheng's chin is about to drop in front of the computer, Xiao Han's strange logic is really good…... It makes sense.

"All right, I know very little about him, I'll tell about him to you." Lin Shuangcheng typed quickly and said: "He is a senior student in the conservatory of music, and he plays flute well.  I met him in Beijing when I was e-sport anchor. Later, we got the beta test code together and took part in the beta test of Peerless Jianghu, he entered the Netcom area, because he could play flute well, he ran to play the jade flute flow in Luoying Valley school, the strength of this man is indeed very strong, but you are all wrong, Interlude is not the guild he founded——behind him, there is a stronger guqin player, Morning Breeze Lingering Moon."
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