She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 29

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Chapter 29
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It didn't last long, and he gently sucked her lips, and he wasn't greedy enough.

"Why is Dad covering my eyes?" The little dumpling reacted.

Yi Zeyan took his hand away, little dumpling looked at him with a face of stupidity, only to find that his father was smiling at his mother, who was blushing red and looked at his father with the same face of stupidity.

This man……The child is still around, why ah?!

Lin Qingqing blushed inappropriately, his unexpected kiss left her heart in a mess.

Mr. Yi, who had done bad things, was the most calm of the three, he put his fist on his lips and coughed softly, saying: "Let's go, go back to dinner." Then one hand naturally led his wife and one hand naturally led the child, he led his whole world back to their house.

Lin Qingqing was very tired from the day's events, so this night she was very calm and did not go to seduce her male god Mr. Yi, the two hugged each other and slept as usual.

At noon the next day, Lin Qingqing received a call from her elder sister in the studio. Lin Zhenzhen told her that Lin Peng had sent something to let her have a look.

She didn't know what Lin Peng was up to, but Lin Qingqing still put down the matter at hand and went to the Peace Restaurant.

Lin Peng sent a package of documents, elder sister hadn't opened it yet, waiting for her to open it. Lin Qingqing opened the package and there were pile of checks in it, which Lin Peng gave to the sisters.

Lin Qingqing and Lin Zhenzhen looked at each other, both of them didn't understand why Lin Peng suddenly want to give them money.

"I just drove him away yesterday, and he's giving us money today. What's he going to do?"

Lin Zhenzhen shook her head: "Who knows? Send it back to him if you don't want it."

Lin Qingqing put the check back. "Who cares about his money? Send it back to him."

Lin Qingqing skipped work, and now she was ready to leave. Unexpectedly, a waiter hurried up and said: "Boss, something's happened downstairs."

Lin Qingqing thought that it was the guests who were drunk and making trouble again, she said impatiently: "Which table of guests is agitated?"

The waiter said: "It's not a guest, but someone drove a bulldozer to come over and said they were going to tear down our restaurant."

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing and Lin Zhenzhen both looked puzzled, Lin Qingqing asked: "Is this the place is going to be developed?"

Lin Zhenzhen was also at a loss: "I didn't get any notice ah."

The two sisters did not dare to delay, so they hurried downstairs to look at it, indeed, they saw a lot of people already gathered in the street downstairs. This was the old street of Beicheng. On the far right was the newly developed street, which belonged to the main road and was lined with high-rise buildings. This street belonged to a small road on the side of the main road, which still retained the style of the old Beicheng. The buildings on each street were not very high, Peace Restaurant was just at the intersection of the two roads.

Lin Qingqing saw several people standing beside the bulldozer, they were wearing safety helmets and pointing at the drawings, Lin Qingqing recognized one of them wearing a helmet was Jiang Ruyan.

Lin Zhenzhen came out and asked the people: "What's the matter? Why do you want to tear it down?"

Jiang Ruyan looked at her with her eyebrows raised and said with a smile: "We have already bought this place, I plan to develop it into a residential area."

Lin Zhenzhen said: "The neighborhood committee has not told us, and you can't just tear it down, right?"

Jiang Ruyan took it for granted. "I've already bought it, why can't I just tear it down?"

"Miss Jiang, the purchase of land requires the approval of the state, and the state has not explained the situation to us, and you have brought someone to demolish the house before the problem of compensation has been solved, is it a bit overbearing?"

This was what Lin Qingqing said.

Jiang Ruyan took a meaningful look at Lin Qingqing and said with a smile: "The first time I saw Mrs. Yi, I was still thinking about what position it was until recently that I knew that Mrs. Yi was backed by Mr. Yi. However, even if Mr. Yi was here today, I would still tear it down. The state has yet to give an official reply, but this is only a matter of time. I have already bought it and I intend to tear down the one on this side first, and if I want to tear down such a family first, the state will not argue with me."

As soon as Jiang Ruyan's voice fell, he saw a man hurrying forward and said in a deep voice, "Jiang Ruyan, what do you want to do?"

Lin Qingqing and Lin Zhenzhen looked at each other, the man who came forward was Qin Bailun.

Qin Bailun's face was cold and angry, Jiang Ruyan saw him, but smiled: "I'm here to do business, don't make trouble with me."

Qin Bailun said: "What are you doing? It's against the law for you to do so before the official reply comes down."

Jiang Ruyan said: "My father agreed that I came here. Even if I really violated the law, what am I afraid of with my father backing me? You'd better get out of the way, or father will blame you, what can you do?"

Qin Bailun said, "I'll tell father myself, now take someone with you to leave now."

Jiang Ruyan looked at the way Qin Bailun looked, he was really angry. The man seldom showed his expression in front of her since he got married. He never showed happiness in front of her, nor did he show sadness in front of her, but whenever it had anything to do with that woman, he would always be angry with her.

Jiang Ruyan was furious at the thought of this, she glanced coldly at Lin Zhenzhen and said: "Don't you never care what I do? Why are you so active in stopping me now? Is it because I demolished your first love's house, and you feel distressed?"

Lin Qingqing now also saw, turned out to be the husband and wife quarrel, but quarrelled to demolish somebody else's house was really not nice, right?

Qin Bailun glanced at Lin Zhenzhen subconsciously. Lin Zhenzhen tilted his head and did not look at him from beginning to end. He felt so embarrassed that he shouted at Jiang Ruyan, "Go back immediately and don't make a fool of yourself here!"

Her husband felt that she was losing face in front of her first love. How could Jiang Ruyan endure this tone, she winked at the assistant on one side, and the assistant then took a big bucket out of the car, but saw that there was letters in half a bucket.

When Qin Bailun saw this thing, he immediately became angry: "Why did you move my thing without my consent?"

Jiang Ruyan raised her eyebrows and said: "My husband's things are my things. Why can't I move my things? You don’t want me to tear down the house, right? Yes, I won't tear down the house, but this things is an eyesore, and I hope you can burn it in front of me."

In the past, when elder sister and Qin Bailun were in love, Lin Qingqing always acted as a messenger for the two, so she recognized the style of the envelope in the bucket at a glance, those were all letters from elder sister to Qin Bailun.

Qin Bailun looked at the letters, his eyes flashed with a kind of unspeakable pain, he closed his eyes, almost gnashing his teeth at Jiang Ruyan: "Jiang Ruyan, you should not go too far!"

"I am going to far? It's just some old letters, why can't you burn them?"

What kind of dog blood story ah?! Lin Qingqing looked straight and frowned, she kindly reminded: "I said, what conflicts do you have between husband and wife? Can you solve the problem with the room? Do you have to make trouble on the street?! Don't you feel embarrassed?"

Jiang Ruyan said: "I'm just doing business, I don't feel ashamed, but I don't know if Mr. Qin feels guilty and ashamed."

Qin Bailun seemed to have suddenly lost his strength, he took a step back and smiled wryly: "Okay, I'll burn it."

He said, walking towards iron bucket step by step with heavy steps.

Yi Zeyan knew that Lin Qingqing had come to the Peace Restaurant, so he came directly to pick her up after work. His car stopped at the intersection, surrounded by people and cars in front of him. Huo Yi sees the situation in front of him and asked Yi Zeyan: "Sir, do you need to get off?"

Yi Zeyan looked at the situation ahead and shook his head: "No need."

His sister-in-law's ex couldn't control so much of his emotional entanglement. It was useless for him to go at this time, he didn't want to interfere as long as he didn't threaten his Qingqing.

Lin Qingqing didn't know Yi Zeyan was nearby, a little speechless just looking at Jiang Ruyan and Qin Bailun the two people.

Qin Bailun went to iron bucket and squatted down, he looked up at the letter inside and looked up for a long time, his eyes swept over the people and fell on Lin Zhenzhen. Lin Zhenzhen took Lin Qingqing's hand and never looked at him.

He suddenly smiled bitterly, took out the lighter and lit the letter, the flame soon burned and engulf the envelope, the more it burned, Qin Bailun closed his eyes and looked desperate.

"It has been burned as you said, can we go now?"

Qin Bailun's voice was hoarse, as if exhausted.

However, Jiang Ruyan still hadn't finished. She took out a watch, looks at it carefully, and smiled: "This watch is an old one, and even the pointer is broken, it's useless to keep it, burnt it."

Lin Qingqing recognized that the watch was given to Qin Bailun by her elder sister, it seemed that Qin Bailun had won the championship with the school football team that year, her elder sister bought him a watch to congratulate him.

Qin Bailun saw the watch in Jiang Ruyan's hand, his whole body seemed to have been struck by thunder, he shouted angrily: "What do you want to do? Don't do anything about it!"

However, Jiang Ruyan sneered and threw his watch into the fire directly, the fire was burning in the iron bucket. Qin Bailun instinctively rushed over and snatched the watch out of the fire.

Jiang Ruyan did not expect this reaction from him, she hurried over, grabbed his burned hand and said: "Are you crazy?"

Qin Bailun pushed her away, he stroked the watch anxiously until he was relieved to see that the watch was still intact.

Jiang Ruyan, wearing high heels, was pushed by Qin Bailun. She almost twisted and nearly fell over. However, he was so concerned about a broken watch that he rushed to the fire to pick it up regardless of injury.

Of course, she knew who sent the broken watch, and when she saw that it was so precious to him, she became angry, and when she thought of the person who sent the watch, she became even angrier.

Her teeth rattled and her eyes looked at Lin Zhenzhen, but she was still standing there as if what was happening in front of her had nothing to do with her.

She and Qin Bailun were here because she was desperate, why could she still stand there as if nothing has happened?!

The more Jiang Ruyan thought about it, the more angry she was, and the letter in iron bucket was almost burned, she kicked directly on the iron bucket, she didn't know where her strength comes from, she even kicked it to fly, she just kicked it in the direction of Lin Zhenzhen.

The burning letter was scattered out of the iron bucket, and the people around hurried to avoid it, this unexpected change was totally unexpected to the sisters. Lin Qingqing looked at her elder sister with a face of worry in panic, but Lin Zhenzhen had no time to avoid it and could only subconsciously block it with her hand.

Only the sound of "bang" hit the body, but Lin Zhenzhen did not feel the pain, she looked up, there was a figure in front of her, very tall, almost blocked the sun overhead.

Lin Qingqing was also worried about her sister, and did not see when the man came out, but she breathed a sigh of relief that her sister was not hurt.

Only to see the man wearing a black jacket with a black T-shirt and camouflage pants and sheepskin boots on his legs, didn't know if he's cold in this weather.

He was very handsome, but the whole person exuded a cold breath, cold lines, cold eyes, and the ferocious scar on his face, which seemed to give people a sense of danger.

Lin Qingqing had seen him. At that time, brother Long and co. were making trouble in the restaurant, she and her sister went to the hospital to make amends to them, she happened to meet several special police officers to arrest brother Long and his lover, and this man was one of the special police officers at that time, it seemed to be their head.

At that time, Lin Qingqing felt that the man was very familiar and seemed to have seen him somewhere.

Just as she was looking at the man, she heard her elder sister's uncertain voice: "Wu Qi?"

Wu Qi? Did elder sister know him?

Qin Bailun was also stunned, he also wanted to run to help her to block it, but someone was one step ahead of him.

Yi Zeyan was also scared, Lin Qingqing was standing next to Lin Zhenzhen, and iron bucket might have hurt her.

When Yi Zeyan came to his senses again, he found that he had already pulled open the car door and got out of the car. He could no longer sit idly by. He would not forgive those who wanted to hurt Qingqing.

Yi Zeyan stepped forward to hold Lin Qingqing's hand, Lin Qingqing turned to look back and saw that Mr. Yi already stand beside her.

As soon as Yi Zeyan appeared, it was hard to let people not pay attention. Jiang Ruyan returned to her senses and politely greeted him: "Mr. Yi, we are dealing with private affairs, let Mr. Yi laugh."

Yi Zeyan said with a smile: "I heard that Miss Jiang wants to buy this place, but things haven't been settled yet. Is it a little too much for Miss Jiang to bring people to make trouble?"

Jiang Ruyan said: "Mr. Yi really misunderstood. I didn't come here to make trouble. Besides, I already bought it."

"Really?" Yi Zeyan said slowly, his eyes falling on her. "With me here, Miss Jiang, you can't buy it."

Jiang Ruyan: "..."

He seemed to be just telling her the fact that she couldn't buy it without him. Many elders around them say that the new upstart Yi Zeyan was formidable, it seemed that they were not wrong, not everyone could have this overwhelming momentum.

Jiang Ruyan was not stupid, his remark seemed flat, but it was obviously a warning.

Anyway, her goal had been achieved, and there was no need to stay here, she said with a polite smile: "I'll leave first, how troublesome!"

She said, pulling Qin Bailun, who had lost his soul, to leave.

Lin Qingqing looked into her husband's starry eyes, looked at the way he had just opened his aura, and looked at the way he blocked the domineering Jiang Ruyan with a word. Oh, his husband was so handsome.

Yi Zeyan turned to her and looked at her sparkling eyes.

He could not help frowning, what was with the look of worship on her face?

"Are you alright?" He asked.

Lin Qingqing never felt that she was an idiot, but she couldn't help but make a fool when she was facing Yi Zeyan. For example, now she was so staring at him and shaking her head.

It looked a little silly.

However, Yi Zeyan was embarrassed, he turned away from her eyes and gave a light cough to remind her and pinched her hand, Lin Qingqing was back to her mind and scolded herself for being stupid, then he asked Lin Zhenzhen: "Are you okay, elder sister?"

Lin Zhenzhen shook her head. Her eyes swept over the back of Wu Qi's hand, when he was just helping to block iron bucket, he was scalded by the burning iron bucket, and the skin on the back of the hand was scalded.

"You're hurt, come in, I'll help you to disinfect."

Although Lin Zhenzhen said so, her eyes tried to look at him, waiting for his opinion.

After thinking about it, Wu Qi nodded his head and stepped into the shop.

"Will you stay here for dinner before you go?"

This was what Lin Zhenzhen said to Yi Zeyan and Lin Qingqing, Lin Qingqing was about to answer when Yi Zeyan's respond first: "No, we have to pick up Xiao Yuan."

Yi Zeyan said so Lin Qingqing naturally could not say anything, so Lin Zhenzhen didn't force her to stay, they got on the car and left.

Wu Qi had already been taken to an empty private room by the waiter, Lin Zhenzhen found the medicine box, she went in and told him: "Give me your hand."

He didn't say a word, he reached out his hand, Lin Zhenzhen hesitated for a moment, then pulled his hand and sterilized it with alcohol. The skin was burned and a small piece of scarlet flesh was reveal, Lin Zhenzhen saw that it hurt, she frowned and asked him: "Does it hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt." The man said without expression.

Lin Zhenzhen sterilized him, and helped him with some anti-inflammatory medicine, when she put things back in the medicine box, she said: "Thank you for saving me."



This kind of topic terminator was really...... difficult to communicate, Lin Zhenzhen scratched her hair and added: "I'll make two dishes. Would you like to have dinner here?"


Lin Zhenzhen went out with the medicine box, and Lin Qingqing, who got on the car, finally remembered where she had seen Wu Qi, and she hurriedly called her elder sister.

Lin Zhenzhen put on her apron and was about to cook, she took off her gloves and picked up the phone, but she heard Lin Qingqing say: "Elder sister, I know who Wu Qi is, he was the rogue who I met in the next alley in the first year of my junior year, who wanted to kiss you."

Lin Zhenzhen: "......"

It was supposed to be a rainy autumn. Lin Qingqing went home with a small schoolbag after school. When she passed the alley, she saw two people leaning against the wall and didn't know what they do.

She looked carefully, oh my God, isn't the person pressed against the wall her elder sister? She was pressed by a boy, only to see him clasping her elder sister's hand and pressing her against the wall, from her point of view, she felt that he was kissing her.

Lin Qingqing was afraid that her elder sister would be bullied, she picked up a long stick and ran to her and shouted: "Smelly rascal! Let go of my elder sister!"

Moving aside from elder sister, the boy leisurely turn to look over, Lin Qingqing had never seen such a terrible eyes, very cold, there was a little scarlet in the corner of her eye, at that moment, she suspected that she was not facing a person, but a wild animal about to outbreak.

She was scared and shook her hand, the stick fell to the ground, her  elder sister took the opportunity to push him away, she took her and ran out of the alley, she saw a terrible person and she had a nightmare at night.

Later she knew that the man was her elder sister's classmate, an ignorant bastard, a bully on campus, and no one dared to provoke him.

"Elder sister, you must be careful of him!" Lin Qingqing said anxiously that she was afraid that her elder sister might lead the wolf into the house.

Lin Zhenzhen heard this but could not help laughing: "It's not as terrible as you think. Wu Qi is not that kind of person."


Why would elder sister speak for him?

"What's more, he just saved me."

It seemed to be so. Anyway, the man also saved his sister, but Lin Qingqing was still worried and said: "No matter what you say, you must be careful."

"I know."

Lin Zhenzhen hung up the phone, could not help but think of the past, in fact, she once, like Qingqing, misunderstood him, she thought he was a perverted demon.

She saw him beating a gentle and quiet boy in the class with her own eyes and spitting blood. At that time, she began to be afraid of him and thought that he was a ruthless person. Later, she accidentally found out that he secretly followed her, and she thought that he was a pervert who liked to follow girls. In a word, when she went to school, she never had a good impression of Wu Qi.

It was not until later, when the gentle boy who had been beaten by him was arrested for molesting a girl, she didn’t knew that the boy who seemed gentle and quiet liked to secretly photographed the bottom of a girl's skirt with his mobile phone, when Wu Qi beat him up, he knew that he had secretly photographed the bottom of her skirt.

As for the fact that he followed her home at night, it was only because several thugs often stayed near her home. He followed her back, and those gangsters did not dare to harm her.

It was just that at that time she was biased against him and always looked at his behavior with tinted glasses, and it was not until she analyzed it carefully that she realized that his behavior was well-intentioned.

And she also knew that Wu Qi liked her when she was in high school.

That time, that is, the time Qingqing misunderstood that he forced her to kiss him, she found him following her again, she finally could not bear it, hiding in the alley waiting for him to follow her, then asked him why he did this, and she told her directly that she didn't like him very much.

At that time she said some very radical words, and then succeeded in infuriating him, he pressed her against the wall, but did not kiss her.

He just looked angry and said to her: "Why did I do this?" He leaned in her ear, gnashing his teeth and said to her. "Because I like you!"

No one thought of it, Wu Qi, who knew nothing about learning and fighting every day, became a special police officer.

Thinking of these Lin Zhenzhen could not help smiling, she shook her head, put on her gloves and began to cook.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Qingqing was still worried, she asked Yi Zeyan: "Do you think Wu Qi is a good man? My elder sister is not on guard against him, is she in danger?"

Yi Zeyan said: "In that case, he can save your elder sister regardless of his own safety, and it will not be bad."

Lin Qingqing nodded, but also, not all people have the courage to sacrifice themselves, just like she did not stand beside her elder sister at that time. Since Yi Zeyan said so, she has nothing to worry about, she still trusted Yi Zeyan's vision.

The sky began to snow, for Lin Qingqing, a girl who lived in the north, the common weather of snow had no romantic and aesthetic excitement, and even felt a little bored. Although the air conditioner was on in the car, but looking at the snowflakes falling outside the window, Lin Qingqing shivered: "This kind of weather is suitable for comfortable soaking in hot water."

"Go to a hot spring?"


Yi Zeyan asked the driver to turn around, Lin Qingqing asked doubtfully: "Do you really want to go?"

"Don't you want to soak in hot water?"

She merely said that ah.

"What about Xiao Yuan?"

"I asked Hui Yi to pick him up."

Therefore, is it necessary to leave the children and go by ourself? Lin Qingqing was ashamed of this, but soaking in hot springs was really attractive, not just because of the weather, but because of going to soak in hot springs with Yi Zeyan.

Dense water vapor, soaking in hot spring pool of two people wearing thin clothes......The heavy breath in her ear......Lin Qingqing hurriedly shook his head, and thought about something else.

The hot spring was located in the south of the city, a large and a small number of hot spring pools had been contracted and a resort had been built. The hot spring was indoor, and it was in the private room. There were tables and chairs in the private room for eating, there was a bedroom beside the hot spring pool for the guests to rest, it was the ultimate leisure.

They planned to eat first, Lin Qingqing simply ordered two dishes, the shop also provided a bottle of wine, Lin Qingqing poured in the wine and tasted it, it was a bit spicy.

"Not as good as my elder sister’s." Lin Qingqing was a little disgusted, and pushed it aside.

Yi Zeyan finished eating first, went to the bathroom and changed into clothes prepared by the store for soaking in hot springs, Lin Qingqing poured down the small bottle of wine while he was changing clothes.

When Yi Zeyan finished changing, Lin Qingqing also took the clothes to change them. However, she didn't expect that although the wine was not good to drink, it had strong after effect. After changing the clothes, she felt a little dizzy.

Lin Qingqing slid into the hot spring pool. The water was just over her chest, the warm feeling got into each pore and made her tremble with comfort. Yi Zeyan leaned against the opposite edge of the pool, he was much taller than her, the pool water only overflows his waist, and the long arm is laid lazily on the edge, he is looking at her with a smile at the moment.

The robe on him was a very thin robe, and as the water fluctuated, the skirt swung open, vaguely revealing the strong muscle lines inside. Vapors steamed up his face, but it was still hard to hide his good looks.

Wearing such simple clothes couldn't resist his charm, especially when he looked at people like this, although he smiled, his eyes were unfathomable and imposing, but he was so gentle.

When the alcohol ferments in the body, Lin Qingqing looked at the man opposite, and feels that her heart started to beat faster. Originally, she wanted to drink strong wine to be courageous, but she found that it was too strong, now she even had an impulse to rush over.

No, no!

Lin Qingqing wanted to wake herself up, she held her breath and drilled into the water. Yi Zeyan did not know what was wrong with her, when he saw her suddenly drilling into the water, he was startled and almost instinctively leaned over and pulled her out of the water.

He put his arm around her waist, and he was so strong that it was easy to pick her up. The clip on her head slipped down with the movement, her long hair slipped down heavily, and her robe slipped down her body, revealing her white and greasy shoulder, Yi Zeyan noticed that she was not wearing underwear.

He gasped, hurriedly avoided her face and helped her pull up her clothes.

She was supposed to stop herself from pouncing on him, but why did he send himself up? His body was unbelievably strong, and his shoulders were much wider than hers, and her skeleton was naturally small, which made her even smaller when compared with him.

She looked up at him, but saw him frown slightly, his face a little heavy, but he was still so good-looking, no matter how he looked.

Not only that, he was also very good to her, really very good, he helped her out of the difficulties, helped her succeed, he was gentle to her, also gave her such lovely children.

I like him very much, I really like him very much ah.

Lin Qingqing couldn't help hugging his waist.
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