The King's Return : Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Re-Undercover Plan

After finishing the dialogue with Lin Shuangcheng, Xiao Han pulled Qin Mo over to see the dialog box.

Seeing the last words from the gentleman, Qin Mo's eyebrows were raised slightly: "A stronger guqin player? Morning Breeze Lingering Moon?"

He thought that the strength of Eternal Lamp was strong enough, but he didn't expect that there were more powerful roles behind Eternal lamp.

The Luoying Valley school includes musicians who play guqin and musicians who play jade flute, they are all long-range spell attacks. Guqin players have a wide range of sound waves and many group attacking skills, jade flute players have many skills of penetrating obstacles and interfering with sound waves. Guqin and jade flute cooperation is also a good way of playing.

Qin Mo brushed the newcomer of Guqin school down when he picked people from the training camp at that time, because Mojue team did not need to leave too many long-range attacks. However, it is obvious that the Interlude team uses the Luoying Guqin and Jade Flute Ensemble as its tactical core. If  Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon are not inferior to Lin Shuangcheng, their ensemble sound wave tactics will be very terrible.

Aware that Qin Mo is bowing his head and thinking seriously, Xiao Han can't help but ask: "Do you really want to fight with these two people?"

Qin Mo's mind really can not be hidden from Xiao Han, probably just like an expert in a martial arts novel who excitedly wants to duel when he hears that there are experts in other places. Qin Mo is now in the same state of mind, he is eager to communicate with the two Luoying Valley great gods, his understanding of the school of Luoying Valley is limited to the introduction on the official website and Pei Yu's usual training performance, but he knows very well that Pei Yu's level in this school is far from the top of the pyramid, and if Xiao Pei wants to break through his own bottleneck, he must learn something from the experts of the Luoying Valley school.

But all the experts have their own business to do, if Qin Mo wants to learn from each other, they will send him to practice.

Qin Mo frowned and put forward the key problem: "We are in Telecom Area 1, they are in Netcom Area 1, if we want to duel, we can only go to the cross-server arena. However, the custom room in cross arena server can only invite friends. I did not add these two as friends, if the others invite the duel, they may not come."

Xiao Han suggested: "Trumpet." (T/N: small account)

Qin Mo looks back at him: "What trumpet?"

Xiao Han smiled, looked into Qin Mo's eyes and said, "Longing for Your Heart, We’ll Never be Apart."

Qin Mo: ".................."

Listening to the other person saying this sentence, Qin Mo's heart jumped suddenly, and he was a little in trance for a moment. The eyes of the mixed-race handsome guy are like a deep lake without seeing the bottom, seeming to attract him to sink......

Shen He, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation, could not help but interjected: "Yes ah Master! Your undercover small account can be used again!"

Qin Mo instantly returned to his senses, coughed softly and said:  "Oh, you are talking about the undercover small account."

Xiao Han wondered: "Otherwise?"

Qin Mo's cheek was burning. Just now, he was in a trance, he thought he was going to confess to him, it seems that he was thinking too much! This is clearly a pair of small account names!

——This wandering mind should really be changed.

Qin Mo took a sip of cold water from the cup on the table and let the heat on his face drop, then he said calmly: "Do you want to build a new account in Netcom area?"

Xiao Han said: "It's not necessary to build a new account. After one month's service, you can transfer the area. This game seems to be able to transfer from Telecom to Netcom, I'll check it out......" He said that and went to the official website to check the service introduction of the transfer area, and then confirmed it. "It is really possible to transfer, that is, you have to pay a lot of fees. Moreover, if we encounter a duplicate ID after we switch to the Netcom area, we need to add a suffix to the name."

These are not problems as long as they can be transferred.

Qin Mo simply said: "Then turn it on. It has been less than a month since the opening of the service, so let's take advantage of these two days to upgrade the trumpet."

Hearing that the two were going undercover again, Liu Hong couldn't help laughing and interjected: "Will you continue to call each other husband and wife after you arrive in the new area?"

Qin Mo: "......"

In order to investigate Liu Hong's identity, the two people called each other's husband and wife to show a wave of love in front of her, but now it is really very embarrassing in front of Liu Hong. Qin Mo is embarrassed to speak, pretending to wear headphones and did not hear. Xiao Han took the initiative to intercede and said: "We are here to break into the enemy's base and investigate the two experts in Luoying Valley, It's not easy to doubt whether it is necessary to continue pretending to be husband and wife."

Liu Hong: "Hehe, it’s like that ah."

Liu Hong's smile seemed to see through everything, Xiao Han didn't blush, but changed the subject: "By the way, starting from tomorrow, Xiao Mo and I will continue to play qualified match with Shen He and Muran in the morning, in the afternoon's training, Sister Xiang, please keep an eye on Xiao He and Muran, if you have any questions, please tell me."

Liu Xiang had been helping Li Muran improve his healing skills, but Li Muran was too boring that he didn't say a few words all day, and she was very bored. Xiao Han asked her to help keep an eye on Shen He's training, so she wouldn't be bored. Liu Xiang immediately agreed, smiling and said: "No problem, you go ahead and be busy."

National Grace Guild, the system channel pops up two familiar prompts.

——Guild members [Longing for Your Heart] are online.

——Guild members [We’ll Never be Apart] are online.

The guild channel immediately began to spit out: "This couple is back!" "I haven't seen this dog abuse couple online for a long time!" "Raise the torch!"

Longing for Your Heart: "We haven't seen each other for a long time, my wife and I will go on our honeymoon in a few days, this account will not be available, I'm here to say goodbye to you today, thank you for your care during this time."

Everyone immediately said goodbye to their departure: "Happy honeymoon!" "Give birth to a son early!" "Finally, we don't have to see this pair of ID abuse single dogs every day!" "Good-bye, young couple!"

Qin Mo finds that Xiao Han can enter the state of acting in an instant……

The reason he made up is really satisfactory. A couple will go on their honeymoon, quit the guild in the game, and no longer log in, and no one else will doubt it.

When they were undercover in the National Grace guild, they mainly paid attention to Liu Hong movement, they worked together with Liu Hong every day and did not deal with other people, everyone just complained about their ID, and they did not have much friendship with them, their withdrawal from the club did not cause much reaction.

After quitting the guild, the two went to do some tasks together, they used their spare time to upgrade the small account to level 80 and made a suit of equipment along the way.

Just a month after the public test, the transfer service was opened, the two went to the official website and spent some fees to complete the transfer formalities, then they transferred to the Netcom area together.

The painting style in the netcom area is different from that in the telecom area, when the two log in to the "Prelude of Water Melody" in the netcom area 1, the World Channel is brushing the screen, it seemed as if a team leader of 30 members dungeon had hacked the equipment and was scolded by the members on the world channel. Qin Mo had no interest in these PVE group tearing and forcing events, he opened the guild list directly and saw that the number one on the guild list was "Interlude".

Qin Mo and Xiao Han apply to join the guild, after a while, they receive a private chat at the same time——

Sweet Fragrance: "Hello, I am Interlude's internal affairs management, we are a competitive guild focused on PVP, we don't play dungeons, if it is a dungeon leisure party, the membership application will not be approved, please forgive me."

Longing for Your Heart: "My wife and I are both competitive parties, focus on the arena, please approve it."

We’ll Never be Apart: "We only play arena, not dungeon."

The application for membership was soon approved, Sweet Fragrance sent out a row of applause expressions on the guild channel: "There are newcomers, welcome!"

A group of people applauded in unison.

Longing for Your Heart: "Hello everyone, we are new here, please take care of us."

We’ll Never be Apart: "Hello everyone, we are new here, please take care of us."

The two people had a heart-to-heart connection again, Interlude guild channel immediately blew up the pot and the expression of applause all became a landmine: "Where did you get the husband and wife account? Blow it up!" "Oh, my God, this pair of ID is discrimination against us in single dog!" "Laozi even kneels ten times in arena, and will be tortured by this ID when return to the guild! This game is so hard to play ah!"

There are more rough men in pure competitive guilds, which is completely different from the small fresh style of many girls in the National Beauty guild, foul language is very common in the guild channel, for Han and Mo, this pair of "couples' parties", everyone only made two complained sentences and brought the topic back to qualifying match.

"By the way, god Ming has been appearing and disappearing quickly these days, has he reached the third level?" "When I saw him yesterday, he seemed to get more than 2600 points,. it was an explosion!"

The god Ming in everyone's mouth is obviously the expert "Eternal Lamp".

Xiao Han immediately chimed in: "Is god Ming here?"

Sweet Fragrance: "The god Ming basically doesn't care about guild affairs, so if you have any questions, just tell me."

This Sweet Fragrance is just like Little Medicine Fairy of Mojue guild, he is the management of the Interlude online games guild, the real master in the guild is busy forming a team, of course, he does not have time to manage these daily chores in online games.

Qin Mo followed Xiao Han's words and said: "We would like to meet god Ming."

Sweet Fragrance: "He is very busy recently, you should form a team to play in the arena first, he and Xiaoxiao (T/N: It's for the game ID of Morning Breeze Lingering Moon, the chinese is Xiaofeng Canyue) should both come over for the weekend guild task."

Qin Mo saw this and sent Xiao Han a private chat: "We will try our best to attract his attention during the guild task and get inside to find out."

Xiao Han immediately replied: "Okay wife."

Qin Mo: ".................."

Xiao Han's acting is too deep, is it necessary to call wife when chatting privately?
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