She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 30

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Chapter 30- I Will Become A Beast Like You
translator: Oyen  editor: Larkspur

She wanted to tell him, and she wanted to tell him a long time ago... but she didn't have the guts to say that her husband was really so magnificent that his aura held her so firmly that she dared not be bad to him. Although she had a lot of bad intentions to do to him.

But now, probably because of the wine, her head was dizzy, and she didn't seem to have the kind of subconscious respect for him like in the past. She wanted to express her desire to do bad things to him very strongly. Although her heart was still beating fast, she had no reason to tell herself that she can't do that.

She bowed her head and leaned her forehead on his shoulder, smiled and said, "Zeyan, you know, I like you so much."

"En?" He lifted her chin with his hand and looked at her. "What did you say?"

Lin Qingqing saw that his face seemed more dignified than before, and his eyes also had a penetrating sharpness. Even though she was drunk in a daze, she was shocked by him. She swallowed subconsciously and said cautiously, "I said, I like you, Zeyan."

What's the matter? Can't she like him? Why do you want to look at me like this?

Yi Zeyan obviously found that her eyes were not right when she looked at him, he glanced at the table… Was the wine so strong? She didn't drink much either.

"Are you drunk talking?"

Lin Qingqing immediately shook her head. She made her expression more serious and tried to make her eyes less distracted, she stared at him and said seriously, "I'm telling the truth."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

Really, she said she was telling the truth, she said Yi Zeyan, I like you.

Even if it's just drunk talk... Even if it's just drunk talk...

Yi Zeyan thought that the eight wonders of the world should be changed into nine wonders of the world: the pyramid of Khufu in Egypt, the hanging garden in Babylon, the Temple of Artemis, the Statue of Zeus in Olympus, the Mausoleum of Mausolus, the Colossus of the sun god in Rhodes, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and the Terracotta Army in the mausoleum of the Qin Emperor.

Now it's time to add another one, Lin Qingqing said she likes Yi Zeyan.

Full of joy, excited almost to the point of numbness, he still quietly looked at her, smiled at her, and asked lightly, "Really?"

Lin Qingqing nodded with great certainty.

"Since when?"

With a smile and excitement, God knows how much effort it took him to ask this sentence so calmly, but he did not endure it thoroughly enough, towards the end, his words trembled slightly. But she did not seem to notice it. She tilted her head and thought carefully. One didn't know what came to her mind, she giggled, her smile looked a little impish.

"When you were in Qizhou, you held a gun and shot a balloon. At that time, you were very attractive and from then on I had the idea of wanting to get close to you."

One didn't know if it's because of the wine, but she didn't feel shy anymore. She really liked him at that time. She wanted to say everything she wanted to say to him.

However, Yi Zeyan was lost in thought... Could she fall in love with him just by watching him shoot a gun? He would have shot for her a few more times had he known it before (Huh? Why does it feel weird?)... It would have also saved so much trouble later.

"What about you, Zeyan?"


Yi Zeyan was still perplexed by that period of dizziness and did not respond for a moment.

"Do you like me?"

She was very surprised that she would ask that. Although she knew that he was very kind to her, he must have her in his heart, but she still wanted to hear him say it himself. And he had never said that he liked her, she was too curious to ask.

That's how it came out.

Yi Zeyan, do you like me?

Even though the alcohol makes the brain confused, the body is too honest, nervous, and the heart pounds as if it were about to explode.
She saw the corners of his mouth slightly hooked and smiled gently, with a little tenderness in his eyes.

"I like you," he said.


"I made it so obvious, can't you see it?"


She felt her head dizzier, because of his like, she did not know what expression to use, so she just looked at him muddled but saw him smile at her. "I am not so kind to everyone."

"——" Lin Qingqing felt her face was so hot that she couldn't let him see it. She quickly rubbed her hands and said, "I think you treat me well because I am Xiao Yuan's mother."

"You've reversed the primary and secondary. It is not because you are Xiao Yuan's mother that I treat you well, I love Xiao Yuan because you gave birth to him."


Is this another kind of confession? Oh, my God, it's... It's killing me.

Lin Qingqing felt her body soften, and it was absolutely not because of drinking, absolutely not! She simply leaned her whole person against him. She liked him, and he liked her too. She felt so excited that she couldn't help laughing in a low voice.

Her hands were on his neck. She felt her heart was confused and her body was also confused. She padded her feet and kissed his chin all the way to his ears. She stopped at his ears and asked him, "Zeyan, what was our first time like?"

Yi Zeyan was so stiff that he dared not move. As soon as he heard this, he gasped and felt a fire burning somewhere.

"Why did you suddenly ask this?"

The tone of his voice had changed, but she obviously did not hear it. She did not know where the reason had disappeared, all she had left was confusion and heat and an extremely strong desire. So she didn't realize how shameless the words were.

She said, "I forgot, would you tell me?"

Tell her what it was like the first time?

Yi Zeyan clenched his fists and adjusted his breath. He looked down at the woman holding him tightly, her cheeks were red and eyes bleary. However, it was like a special makeup on her beautiful face, drunken makeup? A little bit of makeup? Peach blossom makeup? He didn't know what to call a woman's makeup. In a word, she looked so charming.

Yi Zeyan felt that he was beginning to have trouble breathing, but he somehow still held on to his sense of rationality. He smelled the wine on her body and knew that she was probably drunk. She was babbling in her drunkenness, and reason dictated he should argue with her. What he had to do now was quickly coax her to bed.

However, all the ambiguous things in front of him were very fascinating. In the end, he was not really Liu Xiahui. It was not because of his love that he forced himself to be Liu Xiahui*, but now it was she who was taking the initiative...

(*T/N: Liu Xiahui was a Chinese politician with eminent virtue, another name Zhan Huo. Read here)

"Qingqing, don't do this, or I'll become a beast." He leaned into her ear and lowered his voice. 

Even though she was in a daze, she recognized that his tone had changed, and his voice sounded so hot that she was going to boil.

At the moment, she was nervous, excited and even a little scared. However, she was still smiling. "It turns out that Mr. Yi can become a beast ah, I want to see it!"


She is really going to drive him crazy.

"You haven't answered the question I just asked you!" There was a grievance in her voice.

"What?" he forced the last shred of reason to ask her.

"Tell me what we were like the first time."

"——" He adjusted his breathing. "What do you want me to tell you?"

"Tell me with your body." She smiled wickedly.


This evildoer!

She buried her head in his neck, pointed her finger at his lower jaw, giggled, and said to him like a silly girl, "I really want to...."

She spoke very lightly as if she were talking in her sleep.

The veins stood out on his forehead, and he took a deep breath and asked her, "What do you want?"

She looked up at him with a smile in her eyes. "Will you give me everything I want?"

He started subconsciously. "I will." Then he heard her chuckle... 

"I want you."

Yi Zeyan: "!!!!"

Oh sh*t!

Yi Zeyan slightly bent his knees and hugged her to his body, just like holding a little child. He had to give a good lesson to her mouth, the mouth that stirred his heart.

So when he carried her out of the hot spring pool, he bowed his head, grabbed her mouth, and began to kiss her. Then he held her hip in one hand and pulled at her clothes that were not fastened very tightly with the other. With a light tug, the robe slipped from her.

He walked quickly to the bedroom, hurriedly put her on the bed, and kissed her lips, with a sense of desperation...

It was already night, but Yi Zeyan was not sleepy. He put his chair by the bed, poured a glass of wine, and now sat in the chair tasting it slowly. Only the bedside lamp was turned on in the room, and the orange lamp was not very bright, shining vaguely on the sleeping woman.

There was an ambiguous smell all over the room, the sheets had been changed and left on the edge of the bed, it was such a mess that he had no face to look at it.

She was so tired that she fell asleep, but he couldn't.

He squinted and stared closely at the woman, leaning lazily against the chair and sipping the wine in the glass for a moment.

There was no way to fall asleep. The scenes from just now kept flitting in his mind... her every expression, her soft body... Everything was so beautiful and tempting that he really couldn't bear to fall asleep.

He was like a beast in the dark, hiding in a place where the light can't shine. His eyes are fixed on his prey, greedy, even a little abnormal, for fear that if he didn't pay attention, she would disappear from his sight.

Yi Zeyan smiled, gulped all the wine in the glass, and went to lie down beside her. Then he reached out and pulled her into his arms, combed her hair gently with his fingers, bowed his head, and left a kiss on her forehead.

He really wanted to do it again, but she cried out that she was too tired and couldn’t stand it. She had peaked thrice, while he had come just once… he murmured that he could go on...

When his eyes fell on the woman leaning against his arms, he suddenly smiled. Then he heard her say something. He listened closely… she was calling him.

"Zeyan, Zeyan...."

One after another, like cat paws scratching his heart.

"Zeyan... Zeyan, be gentle...."

Yi Zeyan: "——" 

What messy dream is she having?

A smile couldn't help but bloom on the corners of his mouth, it seemed that in the dream he didn't let her go.

Yi Zeyan looked at his cell phone, it was already very late, and it seemed that he couldn't go back tonight. He couldn't rest assured that Xiao Yuan was at home alone, so he called Lin Zhenzhen and asked her to pick up Xiao Yuan for one night, but he didn't have the face to tell her that he and Qingqing came out regardless of the little one, and only said that the two companies were very busy recently.

Lin Zhenzhen didn't ask much, after hanging up, she drove to pick up Xiao Yuan. When Xiao Yuan heard that his parents were not coming back, his first thought was that his father must be trying to give him a sister again, so the little guy was not angry but a little excited...

Lin Zhenzhen was worried that the little guy would blame his parents for being too busy to care about him, but she didn't expect that the little guy looked very happy, she was puzzled.

She brought the little guy to her home. The little guy saw an extra man in his aunt's home as soon as he entered. The little guy looked at the man in a daze. The man looked at the little guy in a suspicious way. The big one and the small one stared at each other.

Wu Qi was still eating, the wine on the table had been reduced by half, and the food was cold. The waiter heated it for him again. Lin Zhenzhen didn't know why he had to eat for so long, but it was difficult for her to get rid of him, after all, he had only just saved her! However, the cold face of the man, coupled with a scar on his face, looked a little scary. She was afraid of scaring the little one. She was about to introduce him to the little one when, to her surprise, the little guy grinned at the man and greeted him politely: "Hello, Yifu*!"

(*T/N: Yífu literally means mother's sister's husband; husband of mother's sister. Will be using Yifu hereon every time the dumpling addresses WQ. It differs from shū shu which also means uncle but is more general. Quite literally shū shu is father's younger brother; uncle)

Lin Zhenzhen: "——"

Wu Qi: "——" His hand holding the chopsticks subconsciously shook a little. 

And after being confused for a few seconds, Lin Zhenzhen looked embarrassed and corrected: "What are you calling ah? What Yifu, this is Uncle Wu!"

The little guy scratched his head and said, "Aunt brought a man back with her, I thought it was aunt's boyfriend, ah, so I called Yifu."

Lin Zhenzhen's face flushed, she was so embarrassed that she couldn't wait to find a crack in the ground to squeeze in. She reproached saying, "Don't talk nonsense." Then she looked at Wu Qi and said, "Take no offense at the child’s babble*."

(*T/N: 童言无忌 /tóng yán wú jì- an idiom meaning children's words carry no harm)

The man did not answer, popped a peanut into his mouth, and finished the rest of the wine. Then, he stood up and said, "It's getting late, I'm going back."

Lin Zhenzhen didn't know what to say for a while. When he got to the stairway, she choked out a sentence: "Take care."

The man stopped and looked over. Lin Zhenzhen's body turned stiff, but she saw that his eyes fell on the little dumpling beside her.

"Do you like candy?"

The little guy nodded.

"I'll buy it for you, next time." With that he turned and left.

Lin Zhenzhen and the little guy stood still in place. In the end, it was Lin Zhenzhen who came back to her senses first, held the little guy’s hand and said, "Come on, let's go brush our teeth, wash our faces and get some sleep."

Lin Qingqing woke up to find that she was the only one on the bed, and she was not dressed. Although she had drunk a little too much last night, she remembered almost everything that happened.

She and Yi Zeyan soaked in the hot spring together, she wrapped herself around him, and expressed her feelings to him. She also spoke some thrilling words, then he took off her clothes while kissing her. Later… later, there were some things that she was ashamed to say.

When Lin Qingqing heard the sound of pushing the door, she was shocked. She hurriedly shrank into the quilt but saw Yi Zeyan come in with several packing bags and say to her, "Wake up and have breakfast."

He put breakfast on the table, picked up a wristwatch that was on it, and put it on. He was wearing a white shirt. It was so suitable for him to wear a white shirt, he was handsome and upright, which was amazing beyond words. Below was a pair of black trousers, the trousers were very slim, showing that his legs were long and straight, and then there was a pair of leather shoes.

The very mature business suit exuded the charm of a successful elite everywhere.

This man was only slept with by her last night.

A kind of sweet pride rose spontaneously and the scenes from the time resurfaced in her mind. Lin Qingqing felt her face was burning, she pulled up the quilt to cover it and smiled softly. Only to hear him say, he turned to look at her: 

"Are you feeling unwell?"

Her face was even redder. "It's okay."

Lin Qingqing exposed a pair of eyes to look at the man, really did not expect that such a serious Mr. Yi would be such a beast in bed, and his waist skill is too good! Thinking of last night, she still shuddered with fear.

Yi Zeyan was not at ease when she looked at him. However, his eyes remained calm and he asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Lin Qingqing supported her chin with her hand and said: "I was thinking  that Mr. Yi is different."

"En?" He raised his eyebrows. "What's different?"

"I thought Mr. Yi was a gentleman, but I didn't expect him to be a pervert."

Yi Zeyan’s hand shook a little, and he almost didn't unbutton his shirt. He coughed gently, his tone could not help but be cautious as he said, "So seeing that I am not such an upright gentleman, are you disappointed?”

Lin Qingqing shook her head, anyway, she had already done it now, she simply calmly told him: "Not disappointed, I like the way you treat me."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

When he looked back, she had rolled into the quilt and covered her head with it.

I like the way you treat me...

Such words actually came out of her mouth, it turned out that she was so evil, which really made him sit up and take notice.

He looked at his watch, it was quite late. "It's almost time to eat. If you are not feeling well, you don't need to go to the studio today. Just rest here. I'll have someone pick you up later."

Saying so, he went to the door. Lin Qingqing kicked the quilt away, she didn't have time to think about it, jumped off the bed, and ran several steps after him to hug him.

Yi Zeyan: "????"

What is this? Don't be so clingy!

He turned to look at her and asked with his eyes, only to see her looking up at him. Her eyes glistening and cheeks glowing red, seeing him look over, she bit her lip and stepped on his feet. A kiss fell on his lips, and her pleasure was not concealed in her tone. 

"Goodbye kiss."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

Yi Zeyan's eyes narrowed, Lin Qingqing couldn't help but be startled. She pouted and looked aggrieved. "Goodbye kiss is not allowed? You said you like me before, but now you don’t even want to give me a goodbye kiss. Is Mr. Yi so heartless?"

Heartless? What nonsense is she talking about?

Yi Zeyan sighed deeply… No more, no more, be late, just be late!

Lin Qingqing waited for a long time but didn't see him make a statement. However, he actually began taking off his clothes… He took off his coat and threw it aside then began to undo his shirt, soon the shirt was also tossed away.

Why did you start undressing without saying a word?

Lin Qingqing was a little puzzled. "You... What's wrong?"

Yi Zeyan picked her up directly, princess-style, and quickly went to the bed. Then, holding her hands over her head, tightly imprisoned her. His lips were close to her ears, with a smile in his tone, but the evil smile said, "I can't go!"

Lin Qingqing: "Ei???????????"

An hour later, Lin Qingqing sat in the car with trembling legs. It took a while for her to get into the car, her body was still soft and unwilling to listen. However, Yi Zeyan, the beast, sat beside her with a refreshed spirit.

Scoundrel! Lin Qingqing scolded him in her heart.

After getting into the car, she didn't speak. Her face was still red, and she didn't know if she was still ashamed of what had just happened. Yi Zeyan also felt that he was a little too much. He just didn't control it well and exerted a little more strength.

He originally thought that she was drunk and made a mess last night. So when he got up this morning, he was still thinking about how he was going to tell her lest she regards him as a jerk who took advantage of others' vulnerability*. But he didn't think she would be very happy and say she liked the way he treated her.

[*T/N: 趁人之危 (chèn rén zhī wēi)- to take advantage of sb's difficulties (idiom)]

But what about what she said yesterday? Were those words under the influence of wine true?

He felt that he should be more open-minded and not care about so much, but he didn't know why, in the face of her, especially in the face of her feelings for him, he became particularly haggled over every ounce.

He wanted to know!

Legs folded, looking lazy, a hand casually resting on his knee, such a casual posture made his words seem like idle chatter.

"After all the wine you had last night, do you remember what you said?"

Although he spoke very calmly, Lin Qingqing’s heart jolted. He wanted to know if she could not remember what she said yesterday. He has already done that kind of thing, and he still wants to ask, so he cares so much?

Thinking back to the guy's excesses, she had an urge to tease him. She raised her chin slightly at him and said, "Remember ah!" She saw him drooping his head and coughing slightly. Then as if he had asked a casual question said, "Remember what?"

Then she drew close to him. One didn’t know if it was the unbridled thing last night, but now she was no longer as timid as she was before. What’s more, she gazed into his eyes, smiled and said, “I said I like you, I like you very much, I like Yi Zeyan very much."

The warm breath blew on his cheek, and her soft voice was like a soft little paw scratching his heart.

His face was starting to heat up again. However, since he was young, he had been exercising restraint over his emotions in the presence of people. He was now at a level where blushing was not in line with Yi Zeyan's identity at all. Even so, his face was frighteningly hot at the moment, but generally speaking, his blush was not as obvious... as long as he remained calm, no one else could notice it.

So he looked at her with a smile. However, he did not know that his red ears and the doting surprise in his eyes, that even he was not aware of, had long betrayed him.
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