The King's Return : Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Guild Offense and Defense Battle

In the next few days, Qin Mo and Xiao Han playing their main account to play qualifying matches with the team members during the day. In the evening, their small accounts "Longing for Your Heart" and "We’ll Never be Apart" will log into Netcom Area, the two had a tacit understanding, and the trumpet team scored more than 1,000 points in qualifying.

Soon it was Saturday, when the two people went online in the Netcom area, the online number of Interlude guild had already exceeded the thousand mark, apparently for this guild task.

At 7:00 p.m., Sweet Fragrance swipes the screen on the guild channel to let everyone log in to the voice room, and returns to the guild territory as soon as possible. Qin Mo and Xiao Han's small accounts also log in to the voice room. However, there are too many people in the voice room, to avoid noise and deafness, Sweet Fragrance has set the mode of "only administrators are allowed to speak".

After the online guild was assembled, Sweet Fragrance said: "Hello everyone, I am Little Sweet, the manager." The royal elder sister's voice in the ear was very clean. "Let me first mention the matters needing attention in today's task, the guild task we randomly refreshed at this time is a difficult 'guild territory attack', starting at 8 o'clock, a large number of red flower school killers will sneak into the guild territory and kill our guild guards, we need to protect the guards and wipe out all red flower school killers."

"There should be four waves of Red Flower school attacks. The first group are junior killers, they are very good at fighting, but there are a lot of them, you need to use group attack skills to seckilled them as soon as possible. The second group is intermediate killers, with a level similar to that of wild elite monsters, they have a lot of AOE group attack skills and high damage, they need a small group of people to gather fire to solve the problem. The third group of senior killers appeared, which was no less difficult than the team Boss and required a team of people to solve it. The difficulty of the final killer leader is similar to that of the World Boss, which needs all of us to solve together."

"Next, I will arrange a group with Mulberry Picker, Magpie Fairy and Calm Storm can divided into the team. Those who accept our invitation to join the team in the guild list will please click and agree."

The four managers began to invite players to join the team from the guild list and soon organized thousands of people into dozens of teams. Each group has 6 teams with a total of 30 people, all the teams are numbered one by one and the corresponding leader is selected.

It can be seen from their preparations for the guild task that although Interlude guild is a pure PVP competitive guild, its management system is in good order, this shows that the founder of the guild, Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon, have great vision and all the selected management are conscientious to the guild.

The ratio of men and women in this guild is as high as 8:2. and there are many hot-blooded elements in the club territory who can't wait to duel, and the scene is very lively.

It was not until half past seven that Sweet Fragrance's voice rang again: "Stop the PK first, the guild leader is here."

As soon as the voice fell, two orange IDs appeared in the voice room, since these two people had the highest authority, they were automatically placed at the top of the voice list when they appeared——Eternal Lamp, Morning Breeze Lingering Moon.

As soon as the two ID appeared, the guild channel in the game immediately began to brush the screen crazily: "Worship the god Eternal!" "Xiaoxiao, look at me! I'm a brainless powder!" "god Ming and Xiaoxiao, the legendary double gods of Luoying Valley!"

Obviously, everyone in the guild worshiped the two great gods Luoying Valley.

Sweet Fragrance said: "Boss, I have formed more than 50 teams, each with about 30 people, can you take a look at the arrangement?"

"Thank you for your hard work." A sunny young man's voice was heard in their ear. "From team 1 to 10, Little Sweet will take you close to the guild hall. Don't let the killer enter the hall and kill our guards."

"All right." Sweet Fragrance immediately began to arrange.

Eternal Lamp went on to say: "Rain Bell guards the East Gate with team 10-19, Little Mulberry guards the North Gate with team 20-29, Luo Luo guards the West Gate with team 30-39, and the people of team 40-49 guards the South Gate with Magpie Fairy. I've made different color marks on the top of the four major leaders, take a look at your team numbers and keep up with them!"

In the game, the four leaders designated by Eternal Lamp started to lead the team and the players in the guild territory immediately followed them. As Sweet Fragrance arranged the team number in advance and Eternal Lamp instructions were very clear, soon a large number of players gathered at the gates of the east, south, west and north of the guild territory, and some players who had not been arranged continued to stand by in the middle of the territory.

Eternal Lamp continued: "The rest of you follow me to fight guerrilla warfare, wander inside the guild territory, and kill the fish that get out of the net!"

Just then, a soft male voice suddenly added: "Friends of Kuangdao Gate with team number over 50 click Morning Breeze Lingering Moon at the guild channel to join the team."

A deliberately low voice came from the voice channel, it seemed that Eternal Lamp was asking the people beside him: "Gather up the people at the Kuangdao Gate, do you want to specially pull the Boss?"

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon: "En, after the senior killer appears, I'll pull them over and you can lead the team to kill them, which will be more stable."

Eternal Lamp: "Okay, let's do it."

A lot of people on the guild channel are saying: "Are you together?" "Finally heard the voice of the male god Morning Breeze! The ear is going to get pregnant!" "Can you discuss it again and have encore 233!"

Qin Mo immediately determined that the two men should be in the team's training room, because, in addition to the voice they just whispered, there was a background sound of keyboard tapping. Qin Mo's ears are very sensitive to the sound, what's more, he listens to the mixed keystrokes every day in the training room of Dragon Song club.

It seems that the Interlude team has been established.

It was soon eight o'clock in the evening, and several big-character announcements in gold were brushed out successively on the guild channel.

——Red Flower School killer is about to attack the guild territory, please return to the defense as soon as possible!

Shortly after the notice was brushed out, a large number of female killers dressed in red fell from the sky, as if pouring dumplings into the pot……

Qin Mo didn't expect that there were so many killers from the red flower school. If it weren't for his own experience, he thought he had seen the special effects of the movie.

A large number of Red Flower school killers attacked the guild territory one after another, some of them came through the east, west, south and north gates, and some flew directly to attack the guild hall inside the guild territory, the scene was a bit chaotic, Eternal Lamp immediately calmly said: "Don't panic everyone, according to the distribution just now, killed these killers quickly!"

The dazed guild members finally got back to their senses, and all kinds of group attack skills rushed to the surrounding area.

Xiao Han immediately reaches out his hand, Qin Mo senses that his fingers are under his ears and was about to ask him what he wanted to do. As a result, the sound effect of the game in his ear suddenly weakened, and Qin Mo finally understood that he was helping himself adjust the volume, because there are too many guqin and flute players in Interlude guild, it is good for a single guqin to play music, but hundreds of guqin and flute sounds are mixed together, and the ears will explode.

Qin Mo used to turn up the volume to concentrate when playing games, Xiao Han obviously knew his habit and immediately turned down the volume before helping everyone to attack.

The other side's consideration let Qin Mo's heart warm slightly, softly said: "Thank you."

Xiao Han smiled: "You are welcome, kill the mobs first."

Qin Mo nodded, glanced across the screen, and soon found the figure of the guild leader Eternal Lamp——the man, dressed in a dark green gown and holding a snow-white flute in his hand, was standing on the eaves playing the flute quickly. Due to the serious noise around him, Qin Mo could not hear what he was playing clearly, but from the skill effect, we can see that what he played was the skill of "Shadow Bird", he saw a large number of black birds flying out of his surroundings, and all the junior killers on the ground were killed like chopping vegetables!

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon is also playing guqin music quickly on the roof, the soft green sound waves spread from his fingertips to the surroundings, and the large area on the junior killers were dead on the ground.

Two people are on the roof, one is standing playing the flute, the other is sitting playing the guqin……

It is like a beautiful landscape painting.

A new wave of screen brushing immediately appeared on the guild channel: "The guqin and flute ensemble of god Eternal and Morning Breeze is really beautiful!" "What are they doing standing on the roof, lest everyone should see how much you are in love? 2333!" "Go go go, god Eternal is mine!" "Morning Breeze is my husband, is that right, Morning Breeze?"

The guild channel was badly brushed, and Eternal Lamp couldn't help saying: "Everybody, let's fight quickly!"

At the command of the guild leader, the frequency of mass attack was immediately increased. The killers around were screaming, and the bodies of the killers in red were everywhere.

Qin Mo suddenly chatted privately with Xiao Han and said: "I have a hunch that this team will definitely harvest a large amount of literary and artistic fans in the future."

Xiao Han asked: "Is it because the ensemble of flute and guqin looks beautiful?"

Qin Mo asked: "Don't you think so?"

Xiao Han smiled and said: "My appreciation of things like guqin and flute is limited, all I know is that both of them are experts."

——They are really experts.

Eternal Lamp just stood on the roof, playing flute music to hit the killer on the ground, and the sound wave penetrated through the stone pillar obstacles on the ground, with a high hit rate. And Morning Breeze Lingering Moon's guqin group attack skills is just right, each time they make a move, the little mobs below will fall down.

Qin Mo squinted at the two men on the roof and chatted privately with Xiao Han: "Kill the mobs first and let Eternal Lamp notice us."

"Okay wife." Xiao Han wrote this reply and started to fight the mobs immediately, Xiao Han is already very familiar with the game of double ring in Xuanbing Palace. He threw out the big ring decisively and quickly laid a row of traps on the ground to kill all the little mobs around him; The summoner Qin Mo immediately summoned four mechanical chariots to surround the little mobs, and a Cross Encirclement to clean up all the little mobs!

Two people changed account, and they still have a tacit understanding.

The number of killers is increasing, and the offensive and defensive battle in the guild territory is becoming more and more fierce.

After the offensive and defensive task starts, a real-time statistical ranking list will appear on the guild channel, which is divided into three ranking lists: Injury ranking, Healing ranking and Output ranking. After the task ends, the system will issue awards according to the ranking in the ranking list, and those who contribute more in the guild task will naturally receive more awards.

Moments later, everyone saw two special ID were seen quickly climbing to the front page of the output rankings——

Longing for Your Heart, the total output is 1076454;

We’ll Never be Apart, the total output is 1076345;

With millions of outputs, this is simply terrible!

The front page is almost full of elite teams from the Interlude Guild, the entry of these two strange IDs into the ranking list also surprised Sweet Fragrance, she remembered that the couple had just joined the guild, and they had just reached the full level after reading the information, the arena score was also very low. She thought these two people were rookie. Unexpectedly, their output was so terrible?

Ten minutes later, the first wave of junior killer attacks ended in an orderly group attack.

After only half a minute, the second wave of intermediate killers appeared in the field of vision.

The number of intermediate killers is not so many, but their strength is stronger than that of junior killers by more than one level, not to mention that their blood volume exceeds 500,000 each, they also have 360-degree group attack skills.

The members of the Interlude guild immediately began to lose a lot of blood, Eternal Lamp indicated: "Pay attention to the recovery of blood for the teammates, each team has one killer, kill it quickly!"

The team had been divided up before, and a group of five began to kill these little Boss.

As the number of Interlude guild is not a multiple of 5, Xiao Han and Qin Mo went online relatively late, and the formation happened to be short of people, two people in a team, no master T and no healer, Qin Mo had to summon the mechanical blood cow to pull Boss, as the summoner's most defended pet, the mechanical blood cow can take damage instead of its owner and force the surrounding designated targets to attack itself.

The lifelike wooden cow walked in front and pulled the "intermediate killer" over. Xiao Han immediately released a big ring to fix the killer, and the small ring of his left hand followed closely, and a set of "Ring Interlock" combo attacks caused extremely high damage. Qin Mo cooperated with summoning the mechanical rats to quickly bite out the five layers of weakness of the killer. At the moment when Xiao Han's fixing effect was coming to an end, Qin Mo continue with mechanical snakes, and then the flexible S-shaped position fixed the killer.

With the cooperation of the two people, they actually achieved seamless continuous control.

The killer was set in place and couldn't move at all. Xiao Han and Qin Mo joined hands in a set of critical to kill the 500,000 little Boss in one breath!

Standing on the roof, Morning Breeze Lingering Moon saw this scene, can't help but frown slightly, chatted Eternal Lamp privately: "Longing for Your Heart, We’ll Never be Apart, where did these two come from? Why didn't I remember?"

Eternal Lamp replied: "It should be a new member of the guild, Little Sweet told me a few days ago that there was a husband and wife account in the guild, but I didn't care at that time."

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon was silent for a moment and typed: "These two are not newcomers, but undercover sent by other guilds."

Eternal Lamp had just picked up the water cup and was ready to drink water to moisten his throat, seeing the messages, he immediately put down the cup and typed quickly: "Undercover? Are you so sure?"

"En, take a closer look at the summoner's operation." Morning Breeze Lingering Moon patiently explained. "All kinds of mechanicals continuously summon without pause, and the manipulation of pets is also flowing. In addition, he is stuck with the time to use the ability to return to blue, and the amount of blue is always above 60%. The mechanism flow of this game is more complicated, and there are not many people who can play it well. Among the experts of Zhuge family I have seen, his consciousness and operation are absolutely one of the best."

When Eternal Lamp looked down carefully, he did find that the summoner named "We’ll Never be Apart" operated very smoothly, he was working with the "Longing for Your Heart" to solve the intermediate killer, and the two men were able to dodge from the killer very quickly, there is almost no need to add blood——because they basically don't lose much blood.

It is not difficult for two people to get rid of a little Boss that only a five-person team can kill, most of the top players in the guild can do it.

The key is that the operation of these two people really gives people a very enjoyable sense of easy and smooth.

Eternal Lamp commented: "The Xuanbing Palace Longing for Your Heart has a very good level, right-hand and left-hand weapons change so fast that even the moves never stop."

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon came to the conclusion: "They should not be a real husband and wife, but teammates."

Eternal Lamp was very confused: "Is it possible that other teams have been sent here to find out the information?"

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon smiled slightly and said calmly: "Hold your horses first, let's see what these two undercover want to do when they infiltrate our guild."
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