The King's Return : Chapter 93

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Chapter 093: Husband and Wife Output Explosion

When Qin Mo and Xiao Han went undercover at the National Grace Guild, they took the "rookie" route, they pretended not to know anything and approached Liu Hong to let her take them to upgrade. The undercover to Interlude guild, rookie is not appropriate, Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon has formed a team, they are definitely not in the mood to manage rookie in online games, on the contrary, only the experts can attract their attention.

Therefore, Qin Mo and Xiao Han didn't hide their own level either, they took the opportunity to show their skill in the attack and defense war of the guild and were far ahead in the output ranking.

At 08:40, all the intermediate killers in the guild territory were cleaned up, and the third wave of senior killers appeared.

The strength of the senior killer is equivalent to boss of the 30-member team dungeon, needs to form a team to kill. Just then, a prompt popped up on their screen——Chivalrous man [Morning Breeze Lingering Moon], level 80, Luoying Valley, inviting you to join the team.

Qin Mo raised his lips slightly and said: "He has noticed us, let's join the team."

The two joined the team personally led by Morning Breeze Lingering Moon, in this team, there are a lot of master T of Kuangdao Gate, as well as several healers, which are the team responsible for pulling Boss, before the number of people is not full, there happen to be two vacant seats, Morning Breeze Lingering Moon invite the pair of "husband and wife undercover" to the team to come in.

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon: "Everybody go and pull the Boss over, spread it to different areas, and let the people of other teams kill quickly."

It is normal for Kuangdao Gate meat shield to pull Boss, but Xiao Han and Qin Mo's small account is the output type of Xuanbing Palace and Zhuge family, which is not suitable for pulling Boss.

Xiao Han typed and asked: "Guild leader, shall we go too?"

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon don't hesitate: "Go ahead, pull boss over and have healer follow."

Qin Mo knew that Morning Breeze Lingering Moon was deliberately testing the two people, so he said: "Let's go, let him see our strength."

Xiao Han nodded and immediately followed Qin Mo's steps.

Not far away, a senior killer appeared, wearing a red tights, with a highly toxic concealed weapon in her hand, hidden weapons shot at the surrounding area, causing a large amount of blood loss from nearby players. At the same time, the red ribbon in her hands fanned out toward the front, knocking out a large area of people in the range instantly.

It was so chaotic that Qin Mo immediately summoned the mechanical blood cow, ran towards her, and slammed into her abdomen with the horn of the wooden cow!

This is the forced hatred skill of the mechanical blood cow, once the senior killer is hit by the wooden cow, she immediately chases the wooden cow angrily and kills it. Although the blood volume of Qin Mo's wooden cow is very high, the other party is the team boss after all, she kills the wooden cow in three or two strokes. As the owner of wooden cow: "We’ll Never be Apart" has become the object of hatred of senior killers, after killing wooden cow, she decisively turned to hunt down Qin Mo!

Qin Mo retreated quickly with the Qinggong of the Zhuge family, and Xiao Han decisively placed a large ring trap on the way of the killer.

The team Boss will not be controlled by the fixed effect, and the senior killer is naturally not fixed by the ring. Xiao Han then throws out a small circle with a series of violent attacks, coupled with the huge damage caused by the blasting of traps on the ground, so that her hatred value is immediately transferred to the Longing for Your Heart.

The killer ran after Xiao Han again, and Xiao Han moved quickly with Qinggong, just in a triangle position with Qin Mo!

Seeing that she was about to catch up with Xiao Han, Qin Mo immediately summoned two mechanical snakes to quickly wrap around her, and at the same time forcibly besieged her with four chariots!

"Boom", with the explosion of mechanism chariots, boss's hatred transferred to Qin Mo.

Players around: "................."

Are these two playing football? Boss is about to be ruined by them.

On the nearby channel, We’ll Never be Apart: "Hatred is stable, everyone output it."

Longing For Your Heart: "My wife and I are responsible for pulling boss, everyone output quickly!"

Everyone reacted and immediately threw various skills at the intermediate killer, and the healer immediately ran over to add blood to the couple.

Some people couldn't help asking: "Can you two crispy skins hold up?"

We’ll Never be Apart: "Can hold, nearby master T don't use compulsory skills."

Longing for Your Heart: "My wife is right, we just need to hit the highest output and exchange hatred over and over again."

Everyone: "......"

It is too difficult to do this! The reaction time for exchanging hatred cannot exceed 3 seconds, otherwise it will be seckilled by the Boss.

Standing on the roof to see this scene, Morning Breeze Lingering Moon eyes narrowed slightly and opened the built-in video recording software of the game.

With the tacit cooperation of Han and Mo, boss's hatred has been shifting from one side to the other, more than 20 players around quickly output it, and as expected, kill the senior killer.

Then, Xiao Han and Qin Mo do the same trick, and pulled up a senior killer in the distance.

People usually do not dare to let go of their output when they hit the Boss, fearing that once the output exceeds the first hatred, the Boss will run after themselves. However, today, they don't need to have this worry at all, because even if everyone let go of the output, no one can output more data than the couple.

The output data of Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart have both exceeded 2 million, and their output has quickly ranked among the top five on the guild statistical list.

Half an hour later, the senior killers were all cleaned up, and the fourth wave of attacks from Red Flower Gate "Killer Leader" finally appeared.

Eternal Lamp immediately said on the voice channel: "Everyone gather in the middle of the guild territory! You Shao pull the boss, healer watch the blood of the main T, and follow my instructions!"

You Shao, ID "Youth Travel" is supposed to be a super meat shield cultivated by the guild, or it may be a member of the Interlude team, with golden equipment made of level 80 seven stars artifact, with ultra-high defense, but the weapon is probably not ready yet, and the purple weapon by the dungeon is still worn.

He came forward with several skills to force hatred and quickly stabilized boss.

Eternal Lamp: "Hit!"

Hearing the instructions of the guild leader, everyone let go of the fight.

The killer leader has high blood and defense, and occasionally uses some full screen moves, causing a lot of damage to everyone. Fortunately, the commander, Eternal Lamp is calm. Every time, he will remind everyone before the big move begins, the whole guild members unite and gradually brush her blood volume.

The second stage has the roll call person seckill, the first one is Longing for Your Heart, the second is We’ll Never be Apart, the guild channel burst out laughing: "Oops, Boss doesn't like people who show love!" "That is, it directly cuts the couple!" "It seems that this Boss is also single dog, and hates the ID of showing love!"

Of course, boss seckilled doesn't look at the name, but at the output, Xiao Han and Qin Mo hit the output too high, so they were directly seckilled by the boss.

The two men ignored the jokes of the guild channel and continued to fight after being rescued by nearby healer. This Boss directly kills one of the top ten output people every other second, which is very ferocious, but the guild has many healers, using the combat resurrection skill to save the dead again, and everyone succeeded in pressing her blood volume to less than 30% by the sea of people tactics.

In the third stage, there were numerous traps, causing serious casualties. Fortunately, most of the Interlude Guild were arena players, they moved at first-class speed and survived without any danger.

It was not until 09:30 in the evening that everyone finally finished fighting the ultimate Boss.

Originally, there were thousands of guild members, only a hundred of them survived, and others became ghost of one who was murdered by the boss. Although the guild territory is full of corpses of small fellows, everyone's mood is very happy, because the world channel has printed a golden word announcement——Congratulations [Interlude] guild has successfully completed [guild offensive and defensive battle] task, and gained 10,000 guild development points and 100,000 guild funds!

Although Qin Mo has not fought in this offensive and defensive battle, after this attempt, he also knows that this is the most difficult kind of guild task, and a slight command error may destroy the guild, the success of the Interlude Guild in passing this task also depends on the proper arrangement of the guild management formation and the clear and calm command of the leader.

In addition to the guild development points and fund rewards, all participants in the activity also received silver chest rewards.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han's small account output data ranked in the top five, and they also got the golden treasure chest.

Everyone was happily opening the treasure chest. Qin Mo and Xiao Han also opened the treasure chest and looked at it. All they got were gold materials, Qin Mo opened the extremely rare gold material blood droplet, which is the necessary material for making weapons for the Kuangdao Gate, Qin Mo used it to help Xiao He build Deep Blue Sea before.

Seeing him got blood droplets, somebody says immediately in guild channel: "Blood droplets market price seems to reach 50,000?" "Hang it out and sell it ah!"

Mojue guild materials are all purchased by little profiteer, Qin Mo also do not know the market price of materials. However, 50,000 gold coins are nothing to him, not to mention that he is only a trumpet.

A message appeared on the private chat channel——

Youth Travel: "Hello, can you sell me the blood droplet cheaper? I'm short of this for weapons."

Qin Mo said: "Oh, give it to you."

A row of surprised expressions came from Youth Travel: "Give it to me?"

Qin Mo easily added him as a friend and mailed the material to him.

When Youth Travel saw the mail, he was very moved: "Thank you, sister, thank you so much!"

As Qin Mo's small account is a female account, the other party called "Sister" is also a normal reaction, Qin Mo did not explain anything, only made a sentence: "You're welcome."

At the same time, Interlude team base.

A teenager said excitedly: "Captain Su, this We’ll Never be Apart actually sent me the blood droplet material directly! My weapon can now be built!"

The gentle-looking man known as the "Captain Su" turned off his headset, smiled and said: "En, go make a weapon first, and show me the data when you're done."

The teenager said excitedly: "All right!"

Su Cheng opens a video, lowers his voice and says: "Ah Ming, come and have a look."

Xie Changming immediately came over to sit down beside him and looked at the computer screen attentively.

Su Cheng tapped his finger at the mouse, playing the video slowly, and asked: "Do you see anything?"

"The two people really have a tacit understanding to be able to do a seamless hatred relay when pulling the Boss." Xie Changming touched his chin thoughtfully and asked. "Senior brother, who do you think they are?"

"According to the data, the two just transferred from Telecom Area 1 this week." Su Cheng frowned slightly and said. "I don't know much about Telecom area, don't you know Lin Shuangcheng? Go and ask him."

"Okay." Xie Changming got up decisively, went outside the training room, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

A moment later, a familiar voice came to his ear, with a smile: "Hello, Changming, what are you looking for me for? You're not going to have another duel, are you?"

——As the anchor of e-sport, Lin Shuangcheng has a naturally good voice, and his magnetic voice has attracted many fans.

However, Xie Changming has known him for a long time and has been immune to his voice. When he heard this, he couldn't help laughing and saying: "Get on with you! When it comes to the technical disconnection of the arena, I will serve you."

"I told you I’ve just moved, and the network cable wasn't ready." Lin Shuangcheng shrugged and said. "The training room of our Sword Song team has pulled the optical fiber, and the Internet speed is very fast. What about it? How many rounds?"

"No." Xie Changming got serious and said, "I came to you to ask about something."

"Oh?" Lin Shuangcheng's voice rose, with a hint of doubt. "What are you asking?"

"Apart from your Sword Song, how many teams are there in Telecom Area 1?"

"Why is everyone looking for me? I don't get a cent for the consulting fee." Lin Shuangcheng joked.

"Do you care about the consulting fee?" Xie Changming urged. "Say it quickly! My senior brother is still waiting, don't write!"

"Well, for Su Cheng's sake, I'll tell you." Lin Shuangcheng paused and took his tone seriously. "The situation of Telecom area is more complicated, Wind Color, Huaxia and National Grace Club have openly sent people to this area. Huaxia's team has been renamed the Imperial team, and its name is very domineering, but it is very low-key, I haven't contacted it yet, we know more about Wind Color there, the leader of the team is a summoner. According to my guess, it should be Yuan Xi, the successor of Qin Mo, in addition, there is another one named Snow Mountain, who is Zhou Xuewei, the former winner of the Newcomer Award. National Grace side, I only know that they focus on attacking with poison, which players are not aware of, and the girls are more mysterious."

"What about Mojue?" Xie Changming found that he had missed the key point, and hurriedly reminded him. "Is Mojue an unofficial team or a club?"

Lin Shuangcheng said in surprise: "Do you know Mojue, too?"

"......" Xie Changming was unable to laugh or cry: "The official adjusted the dungeon difficulty of High Mountain and River for the sake of Mojue, and they still said on the official website that Ink Mark did not open the plug-in, do you think I am blind?"

Lin Shuangcheng sighed softly: "Indeed, Mojue is the largest Boss in Telecom Area1, this team...…Actually......"

Xie Changming pricked up his ears curiously: "Actually what?"

Lin Shuangcheng: "Actually, it's not convenient for me to say."

"......" Xie Changming almost dropped his mobile phone: "Can you please stop being the cliff-hanger!"

Lin Shuangcheng said in a relaxed tone: "There is a little guy in our sword song team who has a lot to do with Mojue, I promised him to keep it a secret for the time being."

Xie Changming was speechless: "What little guy has something to do with Mojue? You just make it up!"

Lin Shuangcheng smiled: "One day, Mojue side will announce itself, you can wait."

Xie Changming changed the subject and said: "Okay, you don't have to say it, it's just that a husband and wife undercover have appeared in our guild these two days, do you know which one sent them?"

Lin Shuangcheng: "This is even more inconvenient to say."

Xie Changming reluctantly hung up the phone and went back to the training room to complain to Su Cheng: "Senior brother, Lin Shuangcheng is a smiling fox, the key news is not disclosed at all."

Su Cheng asked: "What did you hear?"

Xie Changming said: "I only heard that the teams of three clubs, Wind Color, Huaxia and National Grace, are all in the Telecom area 1, Wind Color team is led by Yuan Xi and Zhou Xuewei. In addition, the sword song team of Lin Shuangcheng and the more mysterious Mojue team, Lin Shuangcheng did not elaborate on the situation of Mojue."

Su Cheng said "Oh" and focused on the computer screen.

Xie Changming leaned his head in doubt and said: "Senior brother, what are you looking at?"

There's a video on the screen, the couple used the principle of hatred relay to fight boss around. There's also a message on the nearby channel by Longing for Your Heart: "I'm responsible for pulling boss with my wife, everyone output it quickly!" Su Cheng's eyes fell on the words "wife".

At that time, the nearby channel was brushed too fast, Xie Changming stood on the roof and did not see this line of small character, when he looked at it carefully, he could not help but widen his eyes: "This great god called wife without hindrance!"

Su Cheng looked back at Xie Changming and said: "Their relationship must be very good, otherwise, the title of husband and wife can't be used even in acting. For example, can you call me husband now?"

"Hus…..." I can't f*cking said it! Xie Changming could not help blushing. "Hey, senior brother, don't tease me."

Su Cheng smiled, and his dark eyes became deeper: "These two people are not simple, especially the summoner who play the female account, their psychological quality is not generally strong."

Xie Changming touched his chin and began to reason: "For a team with powerful summoners, I can only think of Wind Color at present, didn't Lin Shuangcheng say that Yuan Xi led the team?"

Su Cheng shook his head: "It won't be Wind Color,  do you think it is possible for Yuan Xi to play the female account and call someone else, husband?"

Imagine the picture of Yuan Xi, a tall and grumpy guy, calling him "husband". Xie Changming killed himself and immediately denied the speculation: "it can't be Yuan Xi, who is it?"

Su Cheng chuckled and said: "I guess it's Mojue."
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