She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 31

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I read all of your comment, Lol and he will almost become beast every time after the hot spring xD, and they will be more straightforward in the future? Here it is, chapter 31, enjoy~
Chapter 31
translator&editor: Oyen

Lin Qingqing thought that he would be panic, but she didn't even think that he didn't avoid her eyes, and even looked at her with such a smile.

As expected of a high level, Lin Qingqing suddenly felt bored.

Then she suddenly realized that she was a little close to him, Huo Yi was still in front of her, Lin Qingqing coughed and immediately sat back, glanced at Huo Yi with a conscious glance, Huo Yi's body shook, and immediately thought to himself, I'm dead, I'm dead, you can't see me, you can't see me.

The car drove to Lin Qingqing's studio downstairs. before Lin Qingqing got off, Yi Zeyan said to her, "I'll pick you up later."


Lin Qingqing turned away with a sweet smile, but her smile made Mr. Yi not return to his mind for a while.

Lin Qingqing entered the building but found that there were a lot of people downstairs, there were reporters and many fans, but fortunately there were security guards, so the scene would not be too chaotic.

When Lin Qingqing came to the studio, she first went to find Qi Qi and asked her: "Isn’t Mo Qingyan suppose to go for MV?"

The MV shooting on the Snowy Cliff was outsourced by Lin Qingqing to a film and television team. During this period, Mo Qingyan was filming MV on the set.

Qi Qi nodded.

Lin Qingqing felt strange. "How could there be so many reporters in the company waiting for her?"

And even if Mo Qingyan became popular overnight, her current heat could not reach the point of being surrounded by reporters and fans.

Hearing her words, Qi Qi thought of something, then pointed to the direction of the reception room. Lin Qingqing was not sure, so she went to the reception room.

When she came to the door of the reception room, Lin Qingqing saw a person sitting inside, he wore a cap. Seeing her, he immediately stood up and took off the cap, then he bowed to her in a standard 90 degree bow, he said politely and modestly greeted. "Hello, boss Lin, my name is Xiao Bai."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing looked at Qi Qi and asked her what was going on with her gaze. Qi Qi spread her hands to her and said that she did not understand what the man was doing.

Lin Qingqing did not chase stars, coupled with five years of incomplete memory, and she did not have a thorough understanding of the current pattern of the entertainment industry, but she had heard about the AEB group, she couldn't help it, because his fans were really crazy.

AEB Group was a men's group launched three years ago by NBS Company, South Korea's largest brokerage company. The group quickly spread throughout Asia when it debuted, and Xiao Bai, a Chinese member of the group, as the facade of the group, had become the dream lover of many girls.

Now Lin Qingqing finally knew what was going on with those reporters downstairs, but how did this guy come here?

Lin Qingqing pointed to herself and asked tentatively: "Are to see me?"

Xiao Bai nodded: "I want to join your studio."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

"But you can rest assured that I have terminated the contract with the South Korean brokerage company, there will be no contract problem."

Lin Qingqing suspected that she had misheard: "You said you want to join my studio?"

"Yes, with all sincerity."

Lin Qingqing gasped and was shocked for a long time before she regained her senses: "Mr. Xiao, I don't quite understand. on your terms, you can join a better company, and many big companies in China absolutely want you to join. I'm just a small studio, and I open this studio just because of my hobby."

"I know, so from this point of view, boss Lin and I are the same people. I want to terminate the contract with my brokerage company because they give me a position I don't like, I like music, I want to be a musician. I know that all members of your company are gathered because they love music, that's why I want to join."

Lin Qingqing has a bit of a headache. as the saying goes, you can't do porcelain work without a diamond, and she can't afford to provoke this big Buddha.

So Lin Qingqing gently advised: "Although you are right, the people in this studio love music, but each of us has its own strengths, and what I need is someone who has special skills in music."

Xiao Bai said: "This Boss Lin can rest assured, I like music very much. I am originally musician myself. If boss Lin doesn't believe it, I can perform for you."

He was very confident and spoke sincerely, as people said, if she refused, it would be too offensive.

Lin Qingqing thought for a moment and nodded: "Okay."

Lin Qingqing brought him to the recording studio, Xiao Bai did input a piece of his own music and then used the computer to synthesize it. Qi Qi and Mu Cong also didn't know whether they had nothing to do or whether they were watching on purpose, they also gathered together to the recording studio at the moment.

Mu Cong also carried a cup of Chinese wolfberry tea in his hand, which was just as leisurely as it was. In fact, after a period of contact with Lin Qingqing, he found that Mu Cong was simply boring to the fullest. As long as it was not working time, he was like a retired old cadre's life. He walked birds and played chess with the old man on the street. If he had nothing to do, he made a cup of tea at home and didn't stay up late, he liked health preservation. If he had nothing to do, he also urged them to drink more wolfberry tea. In a word, it was boring.

After the music was synthesized, with accompaniment, Xiao Bai did perform.

"Yo yo, I came here today and met Boss Lin, I said I loved music, and Boss Lin asked me to perform. Yo yo, I gave a performance for Boss Lin. Yo yo, whether my rap Boss Lin likes it...…"

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Qi Qi: "......"

Mu Cong: "......"

All three had the expression of eating shit on their faces, and even a person like Mu Cong who was not acquainted with the world like a retired cadre couldn't help whispering in the face of this improvise rap.

Lin Qingqing was close to him, and she heard him whisper: "What JB stuff is this TM singing?!"
(T/N: JB in chinese is actually d*ck? And TM is short of cursing in china)

After Xiao Bai finished performing, the three people looked slightly stiff and clapped their hands, Xiao Bai was very encouraged and asked with a smile: "What does boss Lin think?"

Lin Qingqing felt that he was playing with her, but seeing his sincere face, she could not tear his face, so she smiled politely and said: "I'm sorry, Mr. Xiao, I'm afraid our studio is not suitable for you."

Xiao Bai: "......"

She saw that the smile on the boy's face was stiff for a while, but he said as if nothing had happened: "It's Okay, I will try harder. Boss Lin will give me a period of time, and I'll definitely impress you next time I come back."

"That......" Lin Qingqing tried to persuade him not to come, but he bowed to her, put on his cap and left.

Although she really couldn't bear to look directly at his talent, she had to say that he was indeed a polite and humble child.

Xiao Bai knew that someone was blocking him downstairs, so he went out from the back door of the office building, there was a sports car parked on the path at the door, he got on the car and sat down, the man in the sports car asked him: "How is it? Have you seen the person you want to see?"

Xiao Bai took off his cap and smashed it heavily on the car window, he didn't say a word, but said with a heavy face: "Drive!"

When Yi Beiyuan was skateboarding in kindergarten, he saw a tall uncle waving to him outside the kindergarten railing.

The child ran over with his little short legs and looked at him through the railing, the tall man squatted down and asked: "Do you remember me?"

The little guy nodded, he saw him yesterday at the aunt's house.

Wu Qi took out a lollipop from behind and gave it to him: "Yesterday, I said I would give it to you."

The little guy looked at the lollipop he handed over and puffed it at the corner of his mouth, it was the kind of giant lollipop bigger than his face that he might not be able to finish in a month.

Although the little guy was surprised, he still took the lollipop from the crack in the railing and said politely: "Thank you."

Wu Qi asked him: "Aren't you afraid that I am a bad person?"

The little guy pointed at the general regulation on his shoulder and said: "Uncle Police is not a bad person."

Wu Qi: "......"

Only then did he remember that he had returned from his mission and had not had time to change his uniform.

There was a small platform at the bottom of the railing, Wu Qi was a person who didn't care about small things, he sat down on that platform. Although he was facing a four-year-old kid, he was still a little nervous for some reason. After a long time, he said to him: "Does your aunt really have no boyfriend?"

The little guy nodded heavily: "But there is a strange uncle who often goes to the aunt's shop to find her. The strange uncle is thin and white, and has no manliness at all. My aunt said that a man should be manly to look good, just like uncle."

Wu Qi: "......" Wu Qi patted his heart, but he didn't realize that his tone became cautious. "Did your aunt really say that?"

"Ehhhh——I added the last sentence myself."

"Alright." Wu Qi glanced at him and tried to say. "What did you call me when you saw me yesterday?"

"Aunt’s husband ah!" The little guy cried out sweetly and crisply.

Aunt’s husband...... Wu Qi began to resist the smile that was about to be bloom in the corner of his mouth, when he looked at the child again, his face was still cold: "Call again."

"Aunt’s husband!"

Wu Qi was silent for a moment and said to him: "Wait for me for a moment, and I'll buy you a candy."


Without waiting for the little guy to open his mouth, he went to the snack bar on the street, he bought a giant lollipop, but he didn't feel enough to express his feelings at the moment, so he bought another one.

Then he came back with two giant lollipops and handed them to him through the gap in the railing.

The child Yi Beiyuan: "......."

Would his dad beat him when he came home with three pieces of candy?

Forget it, he didn't buy it anyway, the little guy took the lollipop and said with a smile: "Thank you, aunt’s husband!"

This call embarrassed Wu Qi, a real man who fought wits with gangsters, to be embarrassed, he tilted his head and said: "You.......Don't call me that." Then he added: "You can call that when there is no one."

"Okay." The little guy answered.

As soon as Lin Qingqing left the building after work, he saw Yi Zeyan's car parked downstairs, she saw him get out and open the door for her.

As soon as Lin Qingqing saw him, her little heart began to jump faster again, but the whole person was surrounded by a sweet pink smell, she went up to him and asked him: "How long have you been waiting?"

"Not long." With that, he took a bouquet of flowers out of the car and gave them to her.

"Wow!" Who received the flowers and was unhappy? Lin Qingqing hurriedly took it, then got on the car and asked him: "Why did you suddenly send me flowers ah?"

Hadn't they been married for more than five years? It was kind of an old husband and wife.

"Passing by the florist, I saw that the flower was as beautiful as you, so I bought it for you."


What a good talker! From such a man's mouth to say such a thing, which girl could stand it? And his tone was not the kind of frivolous, a listen to the tone was flirting with girls, very sincere, sincere enough to make people felt move.

She didn't know if he flirted with his step sister like this before he married her, as soon as Lin Qingqing thought of, she felt jealous to death, but then she thought, in any case, this man was now hers, her husband, and only belonged to her, she was reassured at the thought.

At this time, Yi Zeyan's cell phone rang, he took it out and Lin Qingqing saw the word 'Cheng Yin' on the screen of the cell phone, Yi Zeyan saw the caller ID and frowned a little, he was silent for a while before picking up, open hands-free.(T/N : speaker mode)

Only heard Cheng Yin crying at the other end of the phone: "Brother Zeyan, Qi Ping hit me, he even hit me!"

"Aren't you going to get a divorce? Why did he hit you again?" Yi Zeyan asked with an expressionless face.

"I don't know what's wrong with him, but he suddenly came here to find me and beat me up. Brother Zeyan, I'm in pain, I'm really scared when I'm alone in the hospital, I'm in Beicheng, in the XXX Hospital near your home."

Although she didn't say it clearly, how could Lin Qingqing not hear it? she said this because she wanted Yi Zeyan to see her.

"He hit you, it's useless for you to call me, or do you want me to call the police for you?"

"What's the use of the police? The police don't take care of such household affairs." Cheng Yin took a sniff. "Brother Zeyan, I really think I'm scared to be here alone, come and see if I'm okay?"

Her voice sounded grievance and pitiful, but Yi Zeyan did not have the heart to pity her and said directly to her: "Cheng Yin, I always think you are a person who knows the limit."

There was a clear warning in his words, Cheng Yin at the other end of the phone was silent for a moment, crying, and said in a pitiful voice: "I know, I'm sorry brother Zeyan, I didn't know that I disturb you."

Yi Zeyan hung up the phone, but Lin Qingqing was lost in thought. although Cheng Yin asked Yi Zeyan to see her, it didn't seem to be a big deal, after all, everyone knew and Yi Zeyan had a good relationship with their family, but Lin Qingqing's mind was dark, she always feel that Cheng Yin's mind was not pure.

It was kind of a b*tch.

Fortunately, Yi Zeyan didn't take any of her tricks at all, he refused if he had to, it was not ambiguous at all.

Lin Qingqing said: "Since Cheng Yin is injured, let me go and see her."

Yi Zeyan looked at her with inquiring eyes.

"She has no relatives in Beicheng, her father and brother have a good relationship with you. If you don't want to go, I can go to see her instead of you."

Yi Zeyan said with a smile: "Okay, you can go if you want."

They first went to the kindergarten to pick up the child, Lin Qingqing obviously found that Xiao Yuan's schoolbag was heavier than before. Moreover, she didn't know what was in his schoolbag, and three sticks like chopsticks were exposed. She opened his schoolbag and looked at it. She saw three big lollipops in it and said: "Why so much candy? Didn't dad tell you that you can't eat too much candy before you change your teeth?"

Xiao Yuan immediately explained to his mom and dad in the face of their questioning eyes: "This is not what I bought, but an uncle bought for me."

"Uncle? What uncle?" Yi Zeyan asked with a straight face.

"It’s...... It's Uncle Wu Qi."

"Wu Qi?" Lin Qingqing felt strange. "How do you know Uncle Wu Qi?"

"I saw him at aunt's yesterday."


Yi Zeyan told her yesterday that she asked Lin Zhenzhen to take Xiao Yuan to her home to look after him. She felt a little guilty at the thought that she had left her child behind in order to soak in hot springs with her husband.

She touched her nose and asked him: "Why does Uncle Wu Qi send you so much candy?"

The child tilted his head and thought, then reached out and poked his fleshy face: "Probably because I'm cute?"

"Puff." Lin Qingqing was amused by him, she rubbed his little head and said: "Okay, okay, you are the cutest Xiao Yuan."

After picking up Xiao Yuan, the family of three did not go back directly. Lin Qingqing told Huo Yi to drive the car to the nearby XXX hospital. There are some things Lin Qingqing has to make clear to Cheng Yin.

Lin Qingqing went up alone, Yi Zeyan and Xiao Yuan were waiting for her in the car.

Lin Qingqing asked Cheng Yin's ward at the nurse, when Lin Qingqing entered, Cheng Yin was the only one in the ward. Cheng Yin was obviously stupefied when she saw her: "Qingqing, why are you here?"

"I heard you were hurt, so let's see how bad it is."

Cheng Yin's smile was a little awkward: "In fact, it's not much, but my finger is broken."

Lin Qingqing noticed that the middle finger in her left hand was wrapped in gauze, Lin Qingqing couldn't help laughing: "You cried so sadly when you called Zeyan, I thought how badly you were hurt!"

Cheng Yin probably didn't expect that Lin Qingqing heard the contents of her phone call with Yi Zeyan, and her eyes flashed in a panic, she said with a dry smile: "It's mainly because I'm not familiar here, and the only people I know are brother Zeyan, Qi Ping came to me and beat me up, I was very scared, so I took the liberty to disturb brother Zeyan."

Lin Qingqing's face became colder and colder: "You are afraid of being beaten, you should find the police. What are you doing with Zeyan? Who are you showing pity to? Zeyan is already married, don't you know? As for the tone of your b*tchy voice just now, if you change your temper, you will get two big slaps when you come up, I'm too lazy to tell you so much."

Cheng Yin's face flushed, and she probably didn't expect that Lin Qingqing would speak so directly that she didn't give a face at all! Her eyes were red, and glittering tears rolled in her eyes: "Qingqing, how can you misunderstand me so much?"

No matter whether she was intentionally or unintentionally, Lin Qingqing felt that she should be given a clear attitude: "You are also suffering from the mistress, and you should understand how I feel at the moment. If you do this again next time, I will do it directly."

Cheng Yin took a sniff, took a tissue and wiped it on her face: "I grew up with brother Zeyan, it doesn't matter if I call him to talk about my situation, but I don't understand Qingqing, why are you so worried about this little thing now? Don't you always not care about brother Zeyan? How many injuries on brother Zeyan are not caused by you? You hurt him, ignore him and treat him coldly, now why do you suddenly care so much about him?"

Her words surprised Lin Qingqing, she thought of the scars on Yi Zeyan's body, could she have made all those scars?

Was she too much?

"When brother Zeyan is tired and falls on the bed, you don't care about him, I just call him, and you rush to come here and scold me down, you......"


The voice that appeared suddenly interrupted Cheng Yin's words, it was Yi Zeyan, they didn't knew when he stood at the door.

Cheng Yin was startled, she swallowed her saliva subconsciously and swallowed what she was about to say.

Lin Qingqing couldn't say how she felt for a moment, she was silent for a while before she said: "I don't remember the past, but no matter how bad my relationship with Yi Zeyan is, as long as we haven't divorced yet, nothing can be a reason for you to provoke him."

"Take care of yourself!"

Lin Qingqing turned and left, but Yi Zeyan was a step behind, he and Cheng Yin were the only two people in the ward, the surroundings were very quiet, and didn't know how long it took Yi Zeyan to say: "I always thought you were a girl who knew the limit, so I take care of you because I feel guilty about your brother, but there is a limit to my guilt."

Yi Zeyan's voice was very cold, like a frosty sword: "I don't know what you mean by saying these things to Qingqing, it's not up to you to talk about the things between me and Qingqing, you step on my bottom line like this, I can't be particularly kind to you, even in the face of your father, so from today on, I don't want to see you again, and I won't mind your business, take care of yourself and don't involve your father, do you understand?"

Cheng Yin stared at him and almost forgot to react, she didn't know why things had come to this point.

Cheng Yin hadn't recovered for a long time, and when she came to her senses, she was the only one in the room, she couldn't understand Yi Zeyan's words, he didn't want to see her again and stay out of her affairs, that is, the conveniences he had given her would no longer be available.

With a wry smile, she felt that she was really unlucky, and that those words had been heard by him, and sure enough, the position of the woman in his mind was unshakable.

Yi Zeyan returned to the car, only to see Lin Qingqing playing with the child in the car, her expression did not look abnormal, Yi Zeyan breathed a sigh of relief.

After going home, they went back to the room one after another one, Yi Zeyan closed the door behind him, Lin Qingqing, who was walking in front of him, suddenly turned to him and began to take off his clothes without saying a word.

Yi Zeyan: "…..."

She stripped off his coat and threw it on the bed, then she began to unbutton his shirt, when she got to the third one, Yi Zeyan finally came back to his senses, he took her hand and asked: "What's wrong?"

She said nothing, twisted his hand and unbuttoned all his shirt.
T/N : and now we know the man for Lin Zhenzhen <3
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