The King's Return : Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Arena Ranking

Sometimes Xie Changming can't keep up with Su Cheng's train of thought, the man in front of him looks very gentle and plays guqin well. Listening to him play the guqin will give people a feeling of "like a spring breeze." but no one can guess what he is thinking, especially his eyes, which seem gentle and harmless, but in fact they are frighteningly deep.

Even if he is his junior brother, Xie Changming also thinks that he knows less than 30% of him.

The only thing for sure is that Su Cheng is very clever, and his speculation has never been wrong.

Thinking of this, Xie Changming brazenly asked: "Senior brother, how can you be sure that they must be from Mojue team?"

Su Cheng's lips are smiling, but his eyes are fixed: "There are five teams in Telecom area 1, we can use exclusion. First of all, it's impossible for the sword song team to send undercover to us, Lin Shuangcheng knows and it's unnecessary. Second, Nation Grace club is all female players, they are short of manpower, it's not easy to find strong teammates in the new area, they are too busy to attend to other teams. Third, the Huaxia Club does not have a strong summoner, and Yuan Xi is not the kind of person who can bend and stretch himself to be undercover. So, all that's left is Mojue."

Xie Changming expressed admiration: "It makes sense!"

Su Cheng turned around and double-clicked the mouse to open a screenshot, pointing to the above eight IDs: "This is the screenshot of the clearance record before the revision of High Mountain and River in Telecom Area 1. The eight members of the Mojue Guild are from eight schools respectively. If I guess correctly, they should be the eight members of the Mojue team."

The ID in the screenshot is indeed followed by the name of Mojue guild, he also heard that there was an uproar in the forum, and some people said that "Ink Mark open plug-in", as a result, they were hit in the face by the officials, Xie Changming wondered: "If these eight people are all players of the Mojue team, how dare their captain hang up the list openly? Not afraid of other teams know?"

"So what if you know? Can you come up with a way to deal with it?" Su Cheng looked at him with a smile.

Xie Changming thought about it for a moment, and finally he was defeated: "It's true that the eight schools are complete, and it's difficult to counter them."

"That's it, their team is very comprehensive, the captain can adjust the players before each game. This comprehensive team has no obvious weakness, so he is not afraid to announce the list in advance. Among these eight people, there are experts of Xuanbing Palace double ring school and Zhuge family mechanism flow, just in line with the two small accounts that undercover come to our guild." Su Cheng paused, then said. "In addition, I just asked Sweet Fragrance, who said that she did meet Ink Mark, guild leader of Mojue, in the cross server arena qualifying match last week, and added friends to each other under curiosity, the time when the undercover of our guild appeared was just in those days."

"......" Xie Changming was about to kneel, he just went out to call Lin Shuangcheng one minute, the capable senior brother found out all this clearly.

"What shall we do next?" Xie Changming seriously asked.

"Pretend not to know first, I'll call the pair of undercover and let's go to the arena to play qualifying."

Qin Mo and Xiao Han just came out of the arena, and they received an invitation to form a team and a private chat from Morning Breeze Lingering Moon: "I'm going to cross server arena with Ah Ming, we are short of team mates, do you want to come?"

"Okay." Qin Mo did not hesitate to agree to the invitation, Xiao Han also followed.

In the cross-server arena room, a team of four people, including Longing for Your Heart, We’ll Never be Apart, Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon, was formed.

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon: "Hello."

Longing for Your Heart: "My wife and I are at the same level, will the two great god bear with us."

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon: "You're welcome, your wife is very powerful."

We’ll Never be Apart: "I am flattered."

Eternal Lamp: "I want to know, are you two a real husband and wife? And also couples in online games?"

Longing for Your Heart: "The real husband and wife, just got married some time ago."

Eternal Lamp: "Really? What kind of work do you do?"

"I am an English simultaneous translator, and my wife is a high school Chinese teacher."

Eternal Lamp: "......Then, you two are a good match."

Longing for Your Heart: "I also feel the same [smile]"

Xie Changming could not help complaining: "This great god is so thick-skinned that he brags without a rough draft, and he is not afraid to blow the cowhide."

Su Cheng was quite calm: "When undercover, one has to be thick-skinned, don't use this kind of test method, it's useless."

Xie Changming picked up the back of his head and found that he was really silly, since the other party was undercover, what can be tried out in language testing? All of this must be a lie.

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon: "Let's start, play a few rounds until sleep."

We’ll Never be Apart: "Okay."

Qin Mo also can't bear Xiao Han's nonsense, he wants to start quickly and press the ready button.

Their small account score is only about 1500 points, but the Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon are more than 2500 points, the system will average their scores to match teammates and opponents with about 2000 points. Of course, because Qin Mo and Xiao Han win many times in a row, the system may choose an equal rival when selecting opponents, so that they can be matched.

——During the qualifying match in the cross-server arena, looking for teammates and opponents, please wait a moment.

——Have found your teammates and opponents, do you want to enter?

At the peak of the evening online, the cross-server arena matches teams quickly, and it only took a few seconds to find the right team, everyone enters the arena room……

Qin Mo was suddenly awkward.

The person whose teammates were matched was unexpectedly Dead Soul——Yuan Xi, captain of Wind Color team in the new area.

And the match of the opponent is even more impossible to say——Drunken River, Silence, Three Waterdrop, Falling Feather, Gentleman Unparalleled.

Xiao Han almost sprayed the water he drank.

Lin Shuangcheng saw the two sides' lineup and sent two words: "Haha."

He immediately guessed that the other party's "Longing for Your Heart" and "We’ll Never be Apart" were Twin Star from Mojue, before Xiao Han came to him to inquire about Interlude, and then Xie Changming asked him about Mojue, saying that the guild had come to a pair of undercover from telecom area, which simply should not be more obvious, Su Cheng, a man with a deep mind, deliberately pulled the two trumpets into the team to play qualified match, obviously testing their identity.

As a result…….it happened to be Mojue!

What is even more ridiculous is that there is also Yuan Xi among his teammates, Wind Color new summoner that has replaced Qin Mo.

——This qualifying match is really a dog blood drama.

Lin Shuangcheng held his arm to watch the drama, extremely gloat over other misfortune.

Shen He couldn't sit still and asked: "Master, what should we do? Do we need to act with the two of you?"

Qin Mo calmed down: "Let’s go to fight, do not act. This place is full of experts, and they can see it right away if you act."

Here, Dead Soul sent a row of question marks on the team's channel: "???" Obviously, he is still out of the situation, and don't know what "haha" of Gentleman Unparalleled means, after thinking about it, he just lost the last match against Gentleman Unparalleled, it is quite possible for him to ridicule himself with "haha". Yuan Xi could not help but explode in place: "What are you haha for? I met you three times in the arena today. It's really bad luck!!"

Lin Shuangcheng was very surprised: "I didn't haha you, what are you excited about?"

Yuan Xi: "???"

Xie Changming asked: "Senior Brother, it's Mojue on the opposite side ah, how to fight this game?"

Su Cheng smiled: "That depends on how the two undercover deal with it."

Longing for Your Heart: "The opposite, don't kill my wife later, I'll kill whoever kills my wife [smile]."

Yuan Xi: "???"

Lin Shuangcheng: "......"

Liu Hong: "............"

Shen He: "..........................."

Qin Mo's face was burning and said: "You've acted too much! Quickly prepare to fight."

Xiao Han immediately pressed the ready button. In fact, his sentence is a hint to the Mojue team members, do not kill Xiao Mo, otherwise the operation under the conditioned reflex of the Xiao Mo is too sharp and may be recognized by Yuan Xi.

However, Yuan Xi, the captain of the New Area Wind Color, who was randomly assigned to this inexplicable team, is still in a state of confusion. His brow wrinkled into a Sichuan character, thinking, after the start of the game, regardless of what others may say, is that haha by the captain of Sword Song.

The countdown to the start of the game finally appears on the screen…...
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