The King's Return : Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Dog Blood Qualifying Match (part I)

At the end of the ten-second countdown, everyone was transferred to the arena map. The map randomly selected for this round of matches was "Luojia Village". Everyone was especially familiar with this place——the newbie village in the game was also the first world that everyone saw after entering Peerless Jianghu.

The game map selects the scene of Luojia village at dusk. Under the sun setting, the whole village looks like a soft golden veil. The rivers, bridges, thatched cottages and even the sheep on the hillside outside the village all copy the scene settings of the newbie village, making people feel like they have just entered the game.

As the map was fully loaded, a series of prompts appeared on the screen——

The random mode of this game is "Secret Letter Mode".

The victory conditions of both sides: Take the secret letter and give it to the village head.

Death penalty rule: Resurrection after the first death for 1 second, 2 seconds for the second time, 3 seconds for the third time, and so on.

Killing reward rule: the attack power of killing one person is increased by 10%, killing two people by 20%, killing three people by 30%, and so on.

From the system prompt, it can be seen that there is a great difference between the secret letter mode and the escort mode.

The escort mode is divided into the red offensive side and the blue defensive side, while the secret letter mode has no difference between attack and defense, and the goals of both sides are exactly the same——snatch the secret letter from the messenger and give it to the designated NPC. Therefore, the random maps of secret letter mode are generally villages, towns, schools and so on. In the middle of the map, there will be an NPC, that receives secret letter, whoever submits the secret letter first will win.

The rules of reward and punishment are also different, the resurrection time after death in the escort mode is 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds, while the secret letter mode is 1 second, 2 seconds and 3 seconds, indicating that the dead players in the secret letter mode can be resurrected almost immediately to participate in the team battle, the fighting pace will be much faster than the escort mode, which is also because the team of escort moves slowly, but the letter courier moves very fast.

There is another characteristic of the secret letter mode——the secret letter can be robbed repeatedly.

For example, a player from the red side intercepted the secret letter first, but was killed by the player from the blue side on the way to deliver the letter, then the secret letter on him will be transferred to the killer.

As long as the secret letter does not reach the target NPC, the game will not be over.

Almost all of the arenas below 2,000 points are in escort mode, and only over 2,000 points will there be a 20% probability of secret letter mode, this mode has not been encountered much recently, but the rules are probably clear.

In this game Qin Mo and his team are the red square, the birth point is in the lower left corner, and the blue square's birth point is in the upper right corner.

Among the red team, Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon, the flute and guqin player are all long-range spell professions, Qin Mo and Yuan Xi are the summoning professions of the Zhuge family, plus Xiao Han's small account Xuanbing Palace distance trap flow attackers, the output of five people will be very terrible, but such a lineup has no meat shield and no healer, and its survival ability is very low. In contrast to the blue side, Lin Shuangcheng's swordsmen are melee group attacks, Shen He's summoner, Li Muran's healer, Liu Hong's traps and Pei Yu's flute player, the configuration will be more perfect than the red side's team.

However, the battle pace of the secret letter mode is extremely fast, and the pure output team also has a chance of winning as long as it can win a few team battles.

The team is full of experts, and who is in charge has become a difficult problem for everyone to discuss.

On the blue side, Shen He, Li Muran and Pei Yu are all newcomers. Liu hong just took three newcomers to do qualifying match today, she was in charge of the previous rounds, but now, there is a Sword Song captain in the team, and there is also the undercover small account of his own team. Liu hong immediately tactfully threw the hot potato to Lin Shuangcheng: "Great god Unparalleled you command, I don't understand the secret letter mode."

Lin Shuangcheng guessed the identity of the couple's small account, certainly will not take this hot potato, said: "I do not understand the secret letter mode, you just command, I just play soy sauce."

Liu Hong: "You command, you command!"

Lin Shuangcheng: "No, no, no, you just command."

Shen He typed anxiously: "Please discuss it quickly! It's about to start!"

He was almost worried to death, although he knew that there were a lot of great gods in the other party's team, including the small account of master and god Han, Shen He was not the kind of character who immediately threw in the towel when he met the great god. He was preparing for the match with all his might and was going for a big fight. Hurry up with a sharp command to lead us to win! Even if you lose, you can't lose too shamefully, right?

Liu Hong said bluntly: "Let's vote, agree with the one under my command hit one, and agree with the one commanded by the great god unparalleled hit two!"

The team channel immediately showed up with four 2's.

Lin Shuangcheng: "………………"

Mojue four people bully an outsider is not kind! This girl is also witty, she uses the way of voting to decide the command power. Lin Shuangcheng can't refuse, so he had no choice but to go ahead and say: "Okay, I can't say more about the four of you, since it's my command, just turn on the voice, it's too slow to type."

Everyone immediately turned on the team voice channel and heard a magnetic voice of a young man: "The secret letter mode has a fast pace and we have no chance to win if we fight head-on in a team battle."

Shen He typed: "Can't you fight the front? We have healer ah!"

Lin Shuangcheng explained calmly: "There are five outputs on the opposite side, as well as the multi-point control of the double summoner. The other side will definitely control the healer and then gather fire to kill a person, as long as there is a gap, our side will be easily destroyed."

Liu Hong also agreed with his analysis and typed: "So great god Unparalleled, what’s the idea?"

Lin Shuangcheng said: "Try ambushing on the road and wait for them to intercept the secret letter before we take advantage of it."

Shen He suddenly realized, sending a row of thumb expressions: "This is a good way!"

Lin Shuangcheng quickly marked an ambush site on the map: "Everyone, gather at the marked places."

At the same time, the red side is also struggling with the command.

Su Cheng is usually the commander of the Interlude team, and Xie Changming can also command when his senior brother is away, the styles of the two men are not quite the same, but their tactical ideas are both first-class. However, now there is still a pair of expert undercover in the team, coupled with the new great god of Wind Color, Su Cheng is not good to directly say that he is in command, so he suggested: "Why don't we choose a commander first?"

Qin Mo wanted to see the great god's tactical awareness, and immediately typed and said: "Xiaoxiao, you can take command." (T/N: Su Cheng ID name: Xiaofeng Canyue - Morning Breeze Lingering Moon)

Xiao Han then said: "That is, Xiaoxiao command."

Yuan Xi did not know the situation and sent a query: "Xiaoxiao? Can you do it?"

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon push the boat along the river: "I'm not good at secret letter mode, how about you?"

Yuan Xi quickly said: "Okay, I'll do it!"

Qin Mo: "......"

I really want to shoot this idiot, what a mess!

Picture 1: "Everyone gather at the courier refresh point! Let's intercept the secret letter first!" As a result, Yuan Xi thought he was very handsome and took the initiative to act as the commander of the game and he took the initiative to take the lead in the small field. Qin Mo was not good at openly opposing it and had to helplessly follow Yuan Xi's footsteps.

This team is full of crisp skin, relatively speaking, the survival ability of the summoner is relatively strong, Yuan Xi will operate his own summoner "Dead Soul" and consciously rushed to the front of the team.

He is still in the habit of summoning defensive pets, because he thinks that this way can save some amount of blue——the summoner's blue will gradually recover over time, and the blue will almost be full when the fight really starts. It's like giving away a pet for free.

Qin Mo does not approve of this approach, because although it saves blue, once the pet is killed and cool down, it will not be able to summon it again at a critical moment. At that time, Qin Mo took great pains to train him to be his successor, unfortunately, Yuan Xi did not agree with many of Qin Mo's ideas, the two people had a lot of disputes about this. After a long time, Qin Mo did not want to change him. After all, every player has his own habits, Yuan Xi is not Qin Mo after all, it is impossible to become a copy of Qin Mo.

The summoner "Dead Soul" moves forward quickly with a huge blood cow, Qin Mo checks his equipment, different from Qin Mo's quick cooldown reduction of summoning, Yuan Xi still uses his favorite critical hit bonus, he stacks all pet attacks to the highest level. This bonus mode will make his pet extremely terrible, but also, once his pet is killed, he will become very passive.

A moment later, Dead Soul takes the team to the refreshing point of the messenger. In a forest in the northwest of the village, they saw a messenger in black on his way, the messenger's blood volume is 500,000, and its defense is not high, but its attack power is quite fierce, the messenger set in the game is an assassin identity, with numerous highly toxic concealed weapons on his body, he will automatically attack the players who enter the field of vision, and quickly stack the poisoned state on the players.

When Yuan Xi saw the messenger not far away, he immediately let his mechanical blood cow rush to him, the wooden mechanical blood cow rushed to the messenger like a tiger going down the mountain and hit his belly with the horn of the cow! At the same time, Yuan Xi quickly summoned four mechanical chariots to surround the messengers!

The sound effect of "boom" sounds, a lot of damage caused by the explosion of chariots, and the forced hatred skill of the mechanical blood cow, pulled the messenger steadily over in less than three seconds.

Yuan Xi typed on the team channel: "Kill quickly!"

After all, this guy is brought out by Qin Mo, the consciousness is not poor, pull hatred very fast.

Everyone immediately burst out of output, Morning Breeze Lingering Moon and Eternal Lamp stood in the distance, playing guqin and flute together, the sound waves attacked one after another, the small account of the couple's of Han and Mo also cooperated with each other. In addition, Yuan Xi's pet attack power was terrible, five outputs burst out together, killing the messenger within half a minute!

A secret letter fell to the ground and Yuan Xi stepped forward to pick it up.

Although the secret letter was successfully intercepted, the red side also paid a heavy price——everyone was in a state of poisoning, and only half of their blood was left.

Yuan Xi didn't mind: "Let's go!" He turns around and heads for the target NPC to receive the secret message.

We’ll Never be Apart: "Be careful of the ambush."

Seeing this person's warning, Yuan Xi said decisively. "I know that the opposite side will definitely ambush on the road, everyone protect it!"

Because he had a secret letter with him, if he dead, the secret letter would be transferred to the blue side, and the four had to gather around him to protect him.

Everyone rushed towards the middle of the village. However, when they passed the corner ahead, a clear and crisp sound of the flute suddenly sounded from behind the wall, it was Luoying Valley's flute song "Broken Bridge Meeting"!

With the green sound wave flying straight through the obstacle, Yuan Xi, who was walking in the middle, was stunned at the spot!

Then, a sharp sword of light suddenly killed Yuan Xi, a series of moves directly cut his blood to 30%!

——It was the "Gentleman Unparalleled" who let him lose three games in a row today and "haha" him.

Yuan Xi gnashed his teeth in anger and immediately typed: "Protect me!!!"

A lot of exclamation marks are enough to prove his grumpy mood at the moment.

Qin Mo frowned and summoned two mechanical snakes with his backhand, one on the left and the other on the right, tying Unparalleled Gentleman in place, Xiao Han realized that he was in an ambush and cooperated with Qin Mo to put down a large ring trap around him. Of course, Xie Changming and Su Cheng were not idle, they stood in the distance and played the guqin and flute together. For a while, all kinds of wave attacks covered Lin Shuangcheng like a tide.

Su and Xie's joint wave attack is very terrible, and their equipment matching and add-on mode can complement each other, with this wave group came, Lin Shuangcheng and Pei Yu's blood volume also began to decline rapidly, but their team also has a Li Muran, hand speed quickly help the two back to blood.

Three people of the other side are ambushed here to intercept, but Shen He and Liu Hong are nowhere to be found……

Qin Mo sensed Lin Shuangcheng's intention and secretly said it was not good, but Yuan Xi obviously did not realize this, and he was extremely angry when he saw the "Gentleman Unparalleled" ID. After the stunned control was over, he immediately summoned a wave of mechanical rats to bite Gentleman Unparalleled ferociously and at the same time summoned the mechanical hawk to fly in the air and throw the concealed weapon. The two mechanical snakes were closely entangled Gentleman Unparalleled, quite a kind of "I won't give up until I kill you"!

Since his pet attacks have all reached the highest level, this wave of continuous pet summoning has also brought Gentleman Unparalleled to a state of residual blood.

Lin Shuangcheng responded quickly, immediately turning on the Qinggong skill "Flicker" and retreating rapidly.

He had only 5% of his blood left, and Yuan Xi, of course, would not let him go, so he chased him quickly with a wave of pets!

Only one meter away, he can seckill Gentleman Unparalleled! Yuan Xi was so excited that he couldn't wait to teleport behind Gentleman Unparalleled!

It was too late for Qin Mo to stop him, Yuan Xi disappeared around the corner in the twinkling of an eye, three seconds later, a prompt popped up on the screen——

[Three Waterdrop] kill [Dead Soul] and intercept the secret letter!

Yuan Xi sent a large row of exclamation points on the team channel: "F*ck!!!!"

Qin Mo thought that it's useless for him to scold any more, he is really stupid to death, the opposite less than two people in the case also rashly ran to chase, can not see Lin Shuangcheng is "luring snakes out of the hole"?
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