She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 32

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Chapter 32
translator&editor: Oyen

There were many scars from his chest to stomach, some from knives and some from burns. Although she did not ask him along the way, Cheng Yin's words still appeared in her mind again and again.

How many of the scars on brother Zeyan's body were not caused by you?

Lin Qingqing looked at the scars on his body, it took a long time to ask: "Did I make all these?"

Yi Zeyan smiled as if nothing had happened and said: "Don't listen to Cheng Yin, she doesn't know anything, you know that I joined the army, and the army camp was hard, and I will leave scars more or less, so most of these injuries are not caused by you."

Most of them were not caused by her, that is to say, some of the injuries on his body also caused by her.

"Why ah? Why is this happening?"

She really didn't want to believe she hurt him.

Yi Zeyan didn't take it too seriously, he slowly buttoned his shirt as if he was stating a simple fact to her: "There is a man who know she doesn't like him very much, but he can't help approaching, but she resists his approach, she has countless ways to reject him, he knows that he is going to get hurt if he is going to get close, then he is really hurt, who do you blame?" He smiled at her. "I asked for it, not you."

Why was she reject him? Why was she hate him? Why was she hurt him? He was so good! Although she had no memory, she felt as if someone was stabbing her in the heart with a knife when she thought that some of the injuries on his body were caused by her own hands, she was very sad and wanted to cry.

Stomach cramps, she was so uncomfortable that she crouched down. Yi Zeyan found her strange and asked: "What's the matter?"

Tears rolled down her eyes, completely out of control, she clearly had no memory, but she didn't know why she felt so sad and regretful.

"You know, I think it's good to be a child, when I feel sad, I cry whenever I feel like crying, when I cry, there will be parents to comfort me, but adults can't." Lin Qingqing shed tears and rushed at him with a wry smile. "Do you think I am very melodramatic, crying so sadly when I can't remember anything?"

"No." Yi Zeyan pulled her into her arms and held her, "Children have parents to comfort them, you have Yi Zeyan, I will hold you when you cry, I won't think you are melodramatic."

Yi Zeyan picked her up like a child, he put her on the table and helped her wipe away her tears, his buttons were half buttoned and the scars on his chest could be seen vaguely.

It was so dazzling and distressing that she felt so complicated that she even felt powerless to say sorry to him at the moment.

She simply went up and kissed his scar.

With her soft hot lips, Yi Zeyan's body tightened subconsciously at the moment, and she unbuttoned his shirt and kissed the scars on his body.

The proof that made her regretful and sad.

Yi Zeyan gasped, grabbed her shoulder, put her body back, and wouldn't let her go on.

Lin Qingqing asked him: "What's wrong?"

There were still tears on her face, her eyes were red, her skin was white and tender, and the red eyes made her skin look like snow buds. The charming face has just cried, like a delicate flower beaten by the rain, which aroused pity but made people want to mercilessly □□.

Yi Zeyan did not dare to look at her at first, but his tense tone revealed his uneasiness at the moment: "You don't have to do this."

She put his head against her and asked: "What on earth has happened to us before?"

He touched her face and said: "Nothing, don't think about it."

It seemed that he didn't want to tell her, and Lin Qingqing didn't want to ask again.

The surroundings were very quiet, so quiet that she could hear the sound of her heart. Such a quiet and proper environment gave people a desire to be honest about everything.

"Am I unattractive?" She asked suddenly.

"Why do you ask?"

"Sometimes I think you don't want to approach me. I've been looking for opportunities to approach you and seduce you, but you are always serious, so I don't think I'm attractive."

What nonsense was she talking about ah, how could she feel that she was not attractive?

She had just cried, and when she looked at him in tears, Yi Zeyan simply didn't dare to look at her, his temple muscles moved and tried to restrain himself for a while before he said to her: "You are very attractive, you don't know anything, I think of you like crazy, but I am very hesitant. before you lost your memory, you didn't like me at all, and I didn't dare to do anything. I'm afraid one day when you think about it, you'll think I'm taking advantage of someone else's danger. That's why I'm afraid to get close."

He also did not expect that one day he, Yi Zeyan would become so contradictory, and his caution led her to misunderstand that he was a serious person.

He was not a serious person, he was a beast, he thought about her like crazy every day.

Once seduced by her, he would lose his mind completely.

Listening to his words, Lin Qingqing was a little distressed, but she was happy, because he said that he thought of her like crazy.

She was not unattractive, he was just afraid to hurt her, afraid to hurt her so he kept pace, this way he really distressesed her.

Her heart was suddenly filled with a complicated feeling, she had a lot to say to him, the current atmosphere couldn't be more suitable. Lin Qingqing grabbed his hand, she took a deep breath and said to him word by word: "You know, Yi Zeyan, in fact, I am really afraid to think of the past. I am afraid of what I really did to hurt you. I'm in love with you. I love you very much. I love you to the bone. I miss you every day, all the time. As long as I'm separated from you, I miss you in every inch of my body. I want to be close to you. I want to be held by you, sometimes I think my obscene thoughts about you are like a pervert."

Yi Zeyan: "......"

Yi Zeyan was holding one hand by her and holding the other hand on the edge of the table to imprison her whole person in his arms. The hand grasping the edge of the table did not know when it was tightened, and his shirt sleeve was pulled to his elbow. The veins stood out on the exposed arm. A close look could even see his arm trembling faintly.

He stared closely at the woman in front of him, his head buzzing.

She said she was in love with him......

It was not like, but love.

Love him to the bone.

He bowed his head slightly, calmed down for a while, then asked her as if he were chatting casually: "What did you just say, say it again."

Lin Qingqing: "???" Lin Qingqing thought for a moment and said. "I said I want to be close to you. I want to be held by you."

"One more sentence." He interrupted her.

One more sentence?

When Lin Qingqing remembered, she blushed, bit her lip and said: "I said I love you."

"What love?"

With a smiling voice, but the tone changed.

"I love you very much. I love you to the bone. I think about you every day, like a pervert......"

Before she finished, he bowed his head and kissed her lips, and the unspoken words were swallowed into his kiss.

There were some hasty kisses, but there was a sense of extreme lingering.

Lin Qingqing froze for a moment, then closed her eyes, put her hands on his neck, and responded to him excitedly and as much as she could.

The room seemed to heat up all of a sudden, and there was a sound of kissing everywhere. Lin Qingqing felt that something hot was blocking her heart. However, she could do nothing but kiss him.

He held her in his arms and sat on the bed, he spread her legs and let her sit across his lap, he suddenly put her on his leg, her body leaned back, he twisted her hands behind him. Lin Qingqing felt her head dizzy, she bit her lip and couldn't help laughing.

When Lin Qingqing woke up the next day, Yi Zeyan was gone, she lay in bed for a while before she got up, fortunately, she often worked out when she was in college, so her physical fitness was not bad, otherwise she would not have been able to get up with such intense exercise last night.

The sheets were so unseemly □□ that Lin Qingqing was embarrassed to take them to Hui Yi for washing a large pool of unknown liquid. She stuffed the sheets into the washing machine, and Lin Qingqing went to the studio, fortunately, the people in the studio were very nice and didn't ask her why she was late.

It was just that she was absent-minded all day, and then Qi Qi couldn't watch it any longer, so she couldn't help reminding: "What's the matter with you? Why I feel like you're on drugs? After giggling for a while and then giggling again, with three big words written brightly on one face!"

"Which three?"

"Spring Heart Rippling?"(T/N: the face after the deed I think?)


Lin Qingqing was a little embarrassed, she tried to be a little reserved and calm, but she couldn't control the images in her mind. Lin Qingqing remembered that she persuade Yi Zeyan's desire.

Because Lin Qingqing came a little late in the morning, she took the initiative to stay and work overtime for a while in the afternoon, by the time she went back, Yi Zeyan and the child had already come back.

Yi Zeyan sat on the sofa and read a book in his hand, little dumpling knelt on the ground to play puzzles, his father would glance at him sometimes and remind him: "The green one should be on the left."

"Really?" Little dumpling muttered to himself and moved the green to the left. "That's true eh!"

Under the warm light overhead, and the picture of father and son was so warm and harmonious. Lin Qingqing suddenly felt that her life was unbelievably complete, even if she had lost her memory, even if she had been incomplete for five years. but she thought that as long as Yi Zeyan and the child were around, it's enough.

Yi Zeyan soon saw her at the door, as soon as he saw that her, Mr. Yi's ears were inexplicably red, his eyes fell back to the book and asked calmly: "Have you eaten?"

"I have eaten."

Lin Qingqing put down her bag, picked up her son and kissed him on his soft and tender cheek and played with him. In the evening, Lin Qingqing still told her son a story to coax him to sleep before going back to her room as before.

Yi Zeyan changes his pajamas and sits by the desk, reading a book, seeing her come in, he says: "Is Xiao Yuan asleep?"

"En, sleep already."



Lin Qingqing looked at him, but saw him sign his thigh to her. Lin Qingqing blushed, she went over, Yi Zeyan pulled her hand to him, and Lin Qingqing sat on his thigh.

He put his arms around her waist from behind and stuck it to his strong chest. Lin Qingqing only felt in a trance for a moment, and she immediately calmed herself down.

He took out a document for her: "This is the person Mo Qingyan is looking for."

Lin Qingqing quickly took the file and looked at it, it was indeed Chang Qi's information, which was very detailed.

"How can you find out so quickly?" Lin Qingqing took a look at Chang Qi's present location. "Po city?" Why did he go to Po city? Isn't he from Qizhou?"

Chang Qi and Yi Zeyan were from Qizhou, and she also knew that Mo Qingyan first appeared in Qizhou to find him, Mo Qingyan stayed in Qizhou for two years, but she never found Chang Qi.

"I don't know."

But Lin Qingqing didn't want to go deeper, she planned to give this to Mo Qingyan tomorrow, and Mo Qingyan would surely be happy if she knew it.

Lin Qingqing thought of one thing and asked him: "Why didn't you tell me you went to find Mo Qingyan before?"

"There's nothing to say."


"Have you done anything else for me that I don't know?"

Yi Zeyan looked at her serious expression, frowned: "Are you being polite with me? You're my wife, isn't it natural for me to help you?"

He took it for granted, but Lin Qingqing was a little ashamed: "That's true, but you're usually so busy, I don't want you to work hard for me."

"It's just like lifting a finger, it's not a labour." (T/N: it’s just a little things)


He casually replied, his lips rubbing against her ear, Lin Qingqing felt a little itchy, and there was also a tingling sensation of being electrified.

It was so close that she could hear his every breath, and she could even hear the slight noise in his throat as he kissed her ear.

The noise seemed to be so hot that it made her heart beat faster.

"You......Do you want to do it again?"

Yi Zeyan stopped and answered softly: "En?"

The magnetic voice really made her heart melt away, this man was really fascinating.

"I want to do it, can you stand it?"

Such a charming voice, warm temperature blowing in her ears, the whole body was enveloped by his hormone scent, she couldn't stand it, couldn't stand it, how could she stand it ah?!

This d*mn charming man! Lin Qingqing felt that she was going to crazy in love, but for the sake of his health, she still kept the last hint of reason and urged: "Be moderate ah......What do you do if you have a kidney lost?"

She heard him chuckle in her ear, and then his low voice: "It's only once or twice after all those years. It's not so easy to lose."

Lin Qingqing felt that her whole face was burning, she really couldn't stand him leaning around her ear and talking to her in such a low voice ah!

But the trouble was, his kiss slowly spread from her ears to her neck.

Then he put her on the table......

Also didn't know how long it took, Lin Qingqing was panting on his arms, she was so soft that she almost turned into a pool of water, but he held her in his arms and looked refreshed.

Then neither of them made any more trouble, also didn't know if they did some high-intensity exercise, Lin Qingqing fell asleep soon after she went to bed. The next day, Lin Qingqing specially got up early in the morning, fortunately, Mo Qingyan had not gone to shoot MV when Lin Qingqing arrived at the studio.

Mu Cong also came early, at the moment, he and Mo Qingyan were talking about several recent advertising cooperation in the office.

When Lin Qingqing saw that they had almost done talking, she called Mo Qingyan out, and she gave her the information that Yi Zeyan gave her.

Mo Qingyan opened and looked at it, suddenly stunned: "This......This......"

She was so excited that she said incoherently: "I'm going to see him, I'm going to see him, Sister Qingqing, shall I go and see him?"

Mo Qingyan grabbed her hand. Lin Qingqing felt her hand shaking, her eyes were red, and she looked forward to it. The Mo Qingyan she knew was always cold, she seemed to be absolutely out of things, it seemed that nothing in the world could shake her mood.

So looking at her like this, Lin Qingqing felt incredible, she couldn't bear to refuse, she clapped her hand and said: "Go ahead, I'll give you two days off."

Mo Qingyan said: "You go with me."


"I don’t dare to go alone, will you accompany me? And Sister Qi Qi, you go with me too."

Lin Qingqing thought for a moment and said: "Okay, we'll accompany you."

Lin Qingqing told Qi Qi about the incident, Qi Qi said: "As the boss, why am I still watching when you've all slipped away? Go! Why don't you go!"

Lin Qingqing booked a plane ticket to the Po city, Mo Qingyan specially changed her clothes, but she saw her wearing a snow-white dress, a long white trench coat outside, her long curly hair scattered behind her and wearing a crown-like headband on her head, which was almost like going to the red carpet.

Seeing Mo Qingyan liked this, Lin Qingqing and Qi Qi both gave each other a tacit look, and they all understood that Mo Qingyan was not as simple as going to see a lifesaver at all.

Before leaving, Lin Qingqing called Mr. Yi and told him that she was going to Po city.

Yi Zeyan did not ask any more questions, but only asked her when she would be back.

"It should be at night."

"Well, be careful on the way."

It took three hours to get to Po city, fortunately, Chang Qi's small town was in Po city. Lin Qingqing chartered a car and took nearly an hour to drive from the airport.

Although Yi Zeyan had a wide network, he could not find out Chang Qi's specific residence address, but only found out that he opened a fruit shop in the small town.

The car stopped near the fruit shop, Mo Qingyan leaned against the chair with her eyes closed when the car was halfway through the trip, Qi Qi was driving in front and Lin Qingqing was sitting behind with her, so she could clearly feel Mo Qingyan's body shaking from time to time.

Lin Qingqing took her hand and said: "Don't be afraid, we are all with you."

The car stopped, but Mo Qingyan still closed her eyes, Lin Qingqing pushed her to remind her: "Here we are."

Mo Qingyan slowly opened her eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened the door to get out of the car.

The fruit shop was not far ahead, there was a large truck parked at the door, a man was standing on the truck to unload the goods, and several young men stood under it to help.

After unloading a few boxes of fruit, the man jumped out of the car nimbly and the young men loaded the unloaded fruit into a nearby tricycle and took out their mobile phones to scan the code to pay.

Today's weather was not very good, the sky was gloomy. Although it didn't snow as often as it did in Beicheng, the weather in Po City was wet and cold, making bones ache.

Mo Qingyan felt as if she could not feel it, in her thin clothes she walked over step by step.

When she got out of the car, she saw the man for the first time, his skin was much darker and he seemed to be thinner than he was when he left, he had an eye patch on his left eye, but she recognized him at a glance, it was him, the person she had been looking for for so many years.

When she was 12 years old, there was an earthquake in her hometown. She was crushed by the cement board. In order to save her, he went directly to the bottom of the cement board to support the cement board. After she escaped successfully, he couldn't support it, the tail bone was fractured and almost became disabled.

All her relatives died in the earthquake, she was scared and lonely, he was always by her side, teaching her how to play the organ, how to play the guitar and how to read music score.

Later, he was sent to Libya as a peacekeeping force. Before leaving, she asked him when he would come back, he said he would come back when she grew up.

"Today is my birthday, can you promise me a request?"


"When I grow up, will you come back and marry me?"

He touched her head and said softly: "I promise."

I've grown up, brother Chang Qi, I've grown up.

She didn't know when her tear fall, she tugged at the skirt, obviously not far, but each step seemed to use her whole body's strength.

"Chang Qi——"

She wanted to call him, but her voice was hoarse and she could not make a sound.

At that moment, she saw a little girl running towards him, she looked at most two years old and walked very slowly. As she ran, she shouted in an innocent voice: "Daddy, daddy——"

Chang Qi saw her and rushed up to pick her up and help her clean up the black thing on her mouth. A slightly fat woman came up to him and smiled at him: "Brother Qi, are you tired?"

"Not tired."

After loading the car, several young people saw Mo Qingyan, all of them looked bright at the moment, one of them exclaimed: "Oh my God, where's the fairy come from?"

Chang Qi heard the voice and looked down his eyes, he saw Mo Qingyan standing not far away, he frowned and asked her: "Who are you looking for?"

Mo Qingyan felt as if her heart was as heavy as a piece of lead, when she saw the little girl appear, and saw the woman calling him brother Qi gently.

"Who are you looking for?"

It was as if someone spilled a basin of cold water on her head, he asked her who she was looking for, he looked at her with a dazed expression that he didn't know her at all.

"Who are you looking for?" He asked again.

Mo Qingyan was silent, after a long time, she took a deep breath and turned away.

Lin Qingqing and Qi Qi had a panoramic view of this scene in the car. They had long seen that Mo Qingyan was unusual to her lifesaver, but he seemed to has been married, after Mo Qingyan got on the car, they did not know how to comfort her for a while.

"Let's go!" Mo Qingyan said.

Qi Qi turned the car around and soon it was out of the street, after the fruit shop completely disappeared, Mo Qingyan burst out like a accumulated reservoir, crying bitterly with her head in her arms.

Lin Qingqing was completely frightened, she tried to comfort her, but it didn't help.

After Mo Qingyan left, Chang Qi handed the child to the woman next to him, turned around and entered the shop. The woman poked her daughter's lovely face and said to her: "You can't call the eldest uncle daddy again, do you know?"

Chang Qi closed the bathroom door, he stood in front of the mirror and took off the blindfold of his left eye, however, there was only a black hole in the eye. It looked as horrible as it was.

It was dug up by the thugs when they were fighting.

He bowed his head and washed his face, took out his wallet from his bag, opened the folded wallet, and in the middle was a picture of a young girl, she smiled beautifully as the beautiful spring.

She had grown up and become more beautiful, she was just like a little fairy.

He looked at the picture and laughed, but with a laugh, he hit the mirror with a heavy blow. The mirror was torn apart, in the broken mirror image, a drop of tears seemed to roll down his face.

Mo Qingyan was so out of control that Lin Qingqing and Qi Qi were really worried. Lin Qingqing took her to dinner, she didn't eat much, but she drank a lot of wine, she couldn't help it. Lin Qingqing had to open a room, and together with Qi Qi, she carried the drunk girl to rest.

For fear that she would commit suicide, Lin Qingqing and Qi Qi had to sleep with her in the same bed with her.

It seemed that they couldn't go back tonight.

Lin Qingqing wanted to call Yi Zeyan, but he called her as soon as she took out her cell phone.

"When will you be back?"

"I may not be able to go back today, something has happened."

"Is it serious?"

"Not serious."

Instead of asking any more questions, he said: "Pay attention to safety."

"I understand."

Hanging up the phone, Lin Qingqing grumbled with dissatisfaction, did not say miss her or anything ah, right now they were still passionately in love!

However, Lin Qingqing did not know that Yi Zeyan, who hung up the phone, was stupefied for a long time before putting down the phone.

He went to the bed and looked at the empty bed. Finally he was able to sleep with his wife in his arms. In a flash, she disappeared, he didn't know whether he could sleep or not. Yi Zeyan even felt a kind of unspeakable loneliness spreading in his heart.

After thinking about it, he knocked outside the Xiao Yuan door, only to hear the sound of footsteps in the room, but no one came to open the door for him.

"I know you haven't slept yet, open the door!"

Also didn't know if he recognized the harshness of his tone, but the little dumpling opened the door and made a surrender form: "I'm going to sleep right away, really."

Yi Zeyan ignored him and walked in, the little guy saw this and said: "Dad, I'm really going to sleep."

Yi Zeyan lifted the quilt and lay on it without hesitation: "I'm sleeping here tonight."

"Ah?" The little guy climbed into bed and said: "Why ah?"

Yi Zeyan saw his brow tighten, he poked at his little head: "You look like you're dislike me?"

The little guy pouted: "This family is used to sleeping alone."

The way he pouted really resembled her, Yi Zeyan really liked it, so he teased him: "You disliked me when you were so young. Will you dislike me even more when you get old?"

The little guy shook his head and rushed over to give his father a hug: "I won't dislike daddy."

Yi Zeyan held him in his arms and kissed him on the forehead: "Good son!"

If you can't hold her, you can also hold her son ah.
T/N : look at YZY missed his wife, so hold her son if you miss your wife lol >_<
They are more and more shameless after the 'first time'
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