The King's Return : Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Dog Blood Qualifying Match (part II)
Su Cheng has already seen through Lin Shuangcheng's strategy, he deliberately ran over to fight a wave of team battle, and then pretended to run away, attracting Yuan Xi to chase. As a matter of fact, he, the flute player and the healer were just acting here. The real attackers in this wave of team battles were Three Waterdrop and Drunken River. Obviously, the two people had already laid an ambush not far away, as soon as Yuan Xi arrived, he would be killed with one blow.

Lin Shuangcheng, a man who always smiled and had a good temper when he was an e-sport anchor, attracted a large number of fans who thought he was a "warm man", but in fact, this man was full of bad water, killing people for nothing and killing people without seeing blood, Xie Changming summed up absolutely right——just a smiling fox.

This qualifying match was not command by Su Cheng, and he wanted to see the performance of the undercover couple, so even if he saw through Lin Shuangcheng's intention, he didn't give any hint.

Qin Mo is too late to prompt, because Yuan Xi went to kill Lin Shuangcheng with full passion, the speed is too fast.

——Of course, he died quickly, too.

When Yuan Xi was killed, the secret letter was transferred to Liu Hong, who immediately turned and headed for the village head's home in the middle of Luojia Village.

Secret letter mode is very fast, Yuan Xi came back to life only 1 second after he was killed, while typing on the team channel, he quickly rushed to the site of the team battle site!

Dead Soul: "Everyone, hurry up!! The secret letter is on Three Waterdrop, I'll go to the front and stop her!"

Naturally, everyone thought of this, Qin Mo and Xiao Han soon followed up.

Just after walking around the corner, they saw Pei Yu, Lin Shuangcheng and Li Muran standing at the intersection to intercept their pursuit. Obviously, Shen He escorted Liu Hong all the way to the village head's house, the whole team has a clear division of labor, which also shows that Lin Shuangcheng's thinking is very meticulous.

The intersection enters the 4V3 situation, because the blue side has healer present, as long as they can delay a little time, let Liu Hong deliver the secret letter to the finish line as soon as possible, they will win, but similarly, the red side will certainly seize the time to break through their interception and catch up with Liu Hong as soon as possible——in the secret letter mode, the movement speed of people carrying secret letter will slow down, which will give the intercepted team a chance to turn defeat into victory!

Su Cheng and Xie Changming are not easy to lose the game intentionally at this time, they immediately started a series of ensemble moves.

——Shadow Bird! Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace!

The flute sounded clear and crisp, and large black birds flew out from around Eternal Lamp and came head-on towards the other party like a tornado.

The sound of Guqin is ethereal, a soft green sound wave accompanies the blackbird, it also covers the place where the three people stand!

The range of attack by the Guqin and Flute groups is very skillfully overlapped, and the blood volume of the other three people is instantly reduced by 40%!

In a short period of 2 seconds, the blood on the opposite side fell so much, and Qin Mo was extremely shocked in his heart——this kind of guqin and flute ensemble is really very intimidating on the field, and it seems that the two Luoying Valley school great gods of the Interlude team will also become a very difficult opponent for the Mojue team.

However, the blue side has healer, Su and Xie attack strongly, Li Muran only needs a group adding blood skill to naturally added back the team blood volume!

Xie Changming obviously realized this, and at the moment after playing the flute, he immediately released a skill with the longest attack distance and the most penetrating ability——Broken Bridge Meeting!

Just like Pei Yu released through the wall to control Yuan Xi, but Xie Changming use this skill penetration is not the wall, but directly through the Lin Shuangcheng position, and accurately hit Li Muran, the healer under the protection of Lin Shuangcheng!

Pei Yu couldn't believe it——moving penetration, how did he do it?

Lin Shuangcheng and Li Muran did not stand still, both of them were moving rapidly, and Eternal Lamp could penetrate Gentleman Unparalleled position directly and accurately stun the moving Silence. This was quite a clever prediction skill, Pei Yu has not yet been able to do this——Sure enough, captain went undercover to as many guild experts as possible!

Because Li Muran was stunned and his healing skills couldn't be released, Su Cheng immediately followed the high damage large-scale group attack and combo attack——A Spring Flowing Over Stones, Mooring on an Autumn Night!

They are all very beautiful guqin music, only the player's fingers in the game play the strings rapidly, and the sound waves of different colors spread out from his hands continuously. The skill of guqin music combo has brought the blood volume of Lin Shuangcheng, Pei Yu and Li Muran to 20%!

Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon are so powerful that the two Han and Mo are naturally not idle, Xiao Han saw this and wrote a line: "Wife, go and intercept the secret letter!"

Qin Mo said: "En."

While Xiao Han was typing, he immediately operated his small account and threw the small ring in his hand in a straight line, seckill the Gentleman Unparalleled with residual blood.

——[Longing for Your Heart] kill [Gentleman Unparalleled]!

When Lin Shuangcheng fell, Pei Yu and Li Muran suddenly in a very dangerous situation, in order to avoid Morning Breeze Lingering Moon and Eternal Lamp seeing anything, Xiao Han didn't deliberately show mercy to his teammates, with a 10% attack bonus, he turned around and killed Pei Yu!

——[Longing for Your Heart] kill [Falling Feather], double kill!

Li Muran was constantly disturbed by Xie Changming's flute music and just took the time to give himself some blood, as a result, Xiao Han's ring suddenly exploded under his feet, killing him, too.

——[Longing for Your Heart] kill [Silence], triple kill!

Looking at "Longing for Your Heart" who killed two Mojue team members in a row, Su Cheng's eyes revealed a touch of untraceable smile——He wanted to cover it up, but it seems that he is really an expert of Mojue team.

At this time, Liu Hong, escorted by Shen He, has approached the target location of the village center. As long as she gives the secret letter to the designated NPC, they win the game.

As soon as the two people entered the village, they saw that Dead Soul was directly in front with his mechanical blood cow. Obviously, after his resurrection, he came directly to the target site of the task to intercept.

Shen He typed: "Good luck, elder sister Hong, I'll kill him!"

With that, Shen He immediately summoned a large number of mechanical rats to bite the other party, and Yuan Xi obviously knew the way the summoning flow was played. At the moment the mechanical rats appeared, he immediately used the forced hatred skill of the mechanical blood cow, a wave of mechanical rats around him was forced to bite the thick-skinned blood cow, and did not cause any harm to the owner, let alone the overlay weakness.

Shen He has a clear eye and a quick hand, and then summons two mechanical snakes and four mechanical chariots!

Yuan Xi was a little surprised at this, in front of him, the shota, who was only up to his waist, summoned his pets very fast, according to the cooldown time of the Zhuge Family, it was impossible for him to summon so quickly…...

Is it cooldown reduction flow?

The young man in front of the computer frowned slightly, and his fingers pounded on the keyboard, directly summoned the mechanical hawk, hovered rapidly in the air, and dropped the dense silver nails!

——The pets of the other side are many and fast, but due to no attack power, the damage caused is not high, but the interference is very strong.

Yuan Xi opened a large-scale big move, just to kill all these pets in one wave!

As he added the pet attack to the highest level, the big move of mechanical hawk did cause considerable damage, and all the Shen He’s pets in were dead……

But Shen He still has the next batch——Mechanical blood cow! Mechanical horse!

A wave of pets died, another wave of pets came out, Yuan Xi found that this kind of summoning flow is really annoying!

He was eager to get rid of the summoner and catch up with the person with the secret letter as soon as possible. However, he found that the summoner was very difficult to deal with and could not be killed for a while.

At the moment when he was upset and summoned four mechanical chariots, ready to blow the other party up……

Suddenly he heard a loud explosion of mechanical chariots in front of him.

At that moment Yuan Xi had an illusion that he had pressed the wrong key, but he looked at the screen carefully and found that his chariot was still there, and the summoner's chariot "Drunken River" had long been cleared by him.

So, who could it be?

There are three summoners in this game, not him, not Drunken River, then there is only one possibility……

It seems that in order to confirm his conclusion, a prompt also pops up on the screen——

[We’ll Never be Apart] kill [Three Waterdrop], intercept the secret letter!

[We’ll Never be Apart] give the secret letter to the village head, the game is over, the red side wins!

These two pieces of news made Yuan Xi suddenly stare wide——sure enough, it’s We’ll Never be Apart! He has not paid much attention to this woman, because he has just checked this person's data, and the score in the arena is only about 1,500, while that of Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon is about 2,500. Obviously, We’ll Never be Apart is holding their thighs to play in the arena, probably a sister led by a guild.

Didn't expect… the last minute, it was she who intercepted the secret letter?

How did she intercept the secret letter? Where did she go battle with Three Waterdrop? Didn’t Three Waterdrop had passed her?

Yuan Xi was puzzled and followed closely, as the game ended, both players were sent out maps.

Only Qin Mo and Liu Hong know what happened just now.

Liu Hong sent an apologetic expression on the team channel and said: "I'm sorry, I've been trapped." In fact, she was careless. Unexpectedly, captain Qin would take a detour and block her in front, directly using the blood cow to pull her under the bridge on the side of the village, and then bite out several layers of weakness with the ambushed mechanical rats in advance, and then give her a seckill with a series of blows.

Lin Shuangcheng was psychologically prepared for this result and sent a smiling expression: "It's okay, you won't be wronged if you die in the hands of your captain."

Liu Hong is very surprised, immediately typing: "How do you know this is our captain?"

Lin Shuangcheng said: "I wasn't sure, you said so, I was completely sure [smile]."

The deceived Liu Hong: ".................."

On the red team side, Yuan Xi is still in a dazed state.

He and Drunken River are fighting each other hard, so he somehow lying down and wins. He only hears a sound of chariot explosion, but he doesn't see how the other side operates. Mojue's guild is very famous in the telecom area 1, The ID of "Three Waterdrop", Yuan Xi naturally knows——this is a member of High Mountain and River dungeon first pass team, and if he is right, she should also be a professional player of the Mojue team.

A professional player who plays online games with only 1,500 points in the arena? Is it possible?

It can only be explained that We’ll Never be Apart is not a rookie sister holding her thigh in the arena, but a first-class expert.

Yuan Xi immediately checked the data of several teammates, all the four came from Interlude guild in Netcom area, what shocked him even more was that the only female among the four, the "We’ll Never be Apart", had a cooldown reduction of nearly 50%, while the other attributes were the upper limit of blue amount, the recovery speed of the blue amount and the defense bonus.

——Cooldown reduction, blue recovery speed, extreme summon?

This kind of equipment add point mode makes Yuan Xi suddenly have a strange sense of familiarity in his heart, and even makes him think of a person.

Qin Mo……

The name suddenly appeared in his mind, accompanied by countless memories of his youth.

Yuan Xi frowned slightly, quickly withdrew from the arena room and sent a message to the president of Wind Color in the new area: "Popular, do you have an account in Netcom area?"

Popular All over the World: "I have, captain Yuan, what happened?"

Yuan Xi: "Just give me one, I'm going to have a look at the Interlude guild in Netcom Area."

Popular All over the World: "Okay!"

Dead Soul withdrew from the arena in a second, and four members of the Interlude guild were left in the room, and Xiao Han continued to act——

Longing for Your Heart: "My wife was so handsome just now and won so quickly [smile]."

We’ll Never be Apart: "En, happened to intercept Three Waterdrop."

Longing for Your Heart: "Is it a detour? My wife is great [thumb]."

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon sends a smiling expression: "Great god Ink Mark, great god Thousand Miles Ice, do you still want to continue to show love?"

Longing for Your Heart: "......"

We’ll Never be Apart: "......"

Oh no, how can they be recognized!
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