The King's Return : Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Drop the Vest

Not only Xiao Han and Qin Mo were surprised, but Xie Changming was completely confused when he saw this line of words written by his senior brother. Su Cheng speculated that the undercover small account were sent by Mojue team, the reasoning process was well founded and convinced Xie Changming, but now, he actually directly said that the small account is "Ink Mark" and "Thousand Miles Ice" the two great gods? Xie Changming couldn't figure out how he guessed, so he had to brazenly ask: "Senior brother, are you sure it's them?"

"Of course I'm sure." Su Cheng's lips rose slightly. "In this qualifying match, the two experts of the Xuanbing Palace and Zhuge family, 'Three Waterdrop' and 'Drunken River', appeared on the opposite side, which shows that the husband and wife who come to our guild as undercover are not Three Waterdrop and Drunken River, excluding the 'Falling Feather' and 'Silence' encountered in qualifying, there are still four people left in Mojue team, of which 'Bright Moon Clear Sky' is an auxiliary, and 'Northern Lights' is a meat shield, players of these two professions are generally not good at output, so there is only one possibility——Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice have changed professions and opened small account undercover to our guild." Su Cheng paused and added. "In addition, I heard that these two people also stole the wild Boss of the Sword Song guild in the Jianshen Valley, they cooperated very well with each other, and with their consciousness, they could still control another output career."

"......" Xie Changming worshiped. "That makes sense!"

That is to say, after encountering the guild administrator "Sweet Fragrance" in the cross server arena, Ink Mark has a strong interest in the largest "Interlude" guild in the Netcom area, and then transferred the small account to the Netcom area with his good partner Thousand Miles Ice, pretending to be husband and wife to go undercover in the Interlude guild.

If all these causes and effects are linked together, Xie Changming also found that the senior brother's conjecture was very reasonable and there were no loopholes.

Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice went undercover in netcom area in person, apparently to get close contact with Interlude team's Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon, so as to find out the formation of Interlude team, just, they probably didn't expect, Su Cheng this person is extremely clever, logical thinking is particularly smart, called them to the arena and tried to find out their real identity.

Xie Changming gloated and typed: "It turned out to be the great god Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice, I've heard a lot about you."

Qin Mo, who had dropped his vest, was a little embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

But Xiao Han, with an indifferent look on his face, is still acting: "Who are Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice you are talking about? I never heard of them. Wife, have you ever heard of them?"

Xie Changming: "......"

The vest had been dropped and he still called him wife, why didn't he blushed ah?

Su Cheng chuckled and typed: "You and your wife are English simultaneous translator and middle school Chinese teachers, right?"

Xiao Han: "En, my wife is very good at Chinese, I am good at English, which is just complement each other."

Su Cheng: "You are not e-sport players?"

Xiao Han: "No. I told you that my wife is a Chinese teacher."

Su Cheng: "Isn't your wife the captain of the Mojue team?"

Xiao Han: "Mojue team? I haven't heard of it."

Qin Mo finally couldn't help it, blushing and typing: "You've had enough, you've been recognized and still called wife, you're not afraid of being laughed at!"

Xiao Han: "......Oh, all right."

Xie Changming almost laughed madly, he thought that this pair of "husband and wife" undercover is really very funny, especially "Longing for Your Heart" this guy, called wife extremely smooth and is addicted to acting.

As an undercover, Xiao Han was stripped of his vest face to face, which was an extremely embarrassing thing, what's more, Xiao Han was shamelessly called "wife" after being stripped of his vest, he was full of nonsense and devoted himself to acting……

Thinking that the opposite Morning Breeze Lingering Moon might be watching the jokes of the two undercover, Qin Mo's ears were burning, he took a deep breath to calm down and quickly typed and explained: "Hello, god Ming and Xiao Xiao, make you laugh, we went undercover in the Interlude Guild, we didn't mean any harm, we just wanted to know about the strength of the legendary Luoying Valley double god."

Su Cheng sent a polite smile: "Courtesy, I'm the same as Ah Ming."

Qin Mo said: "Don't be modest, the playing style of the guqin and flute ensemble is very powerful, the tacit cooperation between the two of you has also opened our eyes."

Su Cheng said: "No, Ah Ming and I are just partners, not as good as the tacit understanding of the two of you."

Xie Changming took the opportunity to joke: "Yes, we certainly can't compare with you two, calling husband and wife without any obstacles, admire, admire."

Qin Mo was embarrassed by this profound remark, but Xiao Han answered bluntly: "Thank you for your praise, acting is necessary, both of us are good at acting."

Xie Changming asked curiously: "The eight players of your Mojue team are the eight people who pass the high mountain and river dungeon, right? I met four of them in qualifying just now, which is quite a coincidence."

It seems that the other side already has a very comprehensive understanding of Mojue team, no wonder they can guess their origin, the so-called "there are no secret words in front of wise people," Qin Mo also don't want to pretend, simply said: "That's right, Isn’t the official issued a notice that the team personnel limit is eight? I've just found players from eight schools."

Su Cheng praised: "Such a lineup will indeed be more comprehensive."

Qin Mo asked smoothly: "What about you?"

Su Cheng said: "We haven't got enough people here yet, you should also have guessed that the main output of Interlude's team is my guqin and flute ensemble with Ah Ming."

Qin Mo frankly admitted: "I did guess that long-range wave attacks can cause terrible group damages. Your team, the offensive side of the escort mode and the secret letter mode will be very strong."

It means that the defensive side of the escort mode will not play well, the other side saw the key at a glance, and Su Cheng was also very impressed, he said bluntly: "You are right, our team will be better at attacking, and the defense is not very good, there is no strong support and healer in the team, in the later period, I will find some excellent folk experts from this aspect to balance the gap between attack and defense."

Seeing that the two captains went on and on about the configuration of the lineup, Xie Changming's eyes were wide open and he hurriedly stopped: "Senior brother, how can you disclose the details of our team ah! There is no strong healer and auxiliary, which is our team's biggest weakness, and you tell him that!"

"Don't worry." Su Cheng chuckled and said. "Ink Mark is a man of first-class consciousness, he can probably guess our lineup configuration from our guqin and flute ensemble. Anyway, he will know sooner or later, and it is better to speak out openly and make friends in private."

"......" Xie Changming looked complicated, he felt that the plot was very wrong, the two undercover were exposed face to face, as a result, the undercover revealed himself——there was no thrill of spy movies at all.

After a moment of silence, Xie Changming typed and asked: "By the way, I know Lin Shuangcheng, you also know him, right?"

This was inferred from Lin Shuangcheng's phone call and the "haha" before today's match. I remember Lin Shuangcheng said at that time: "How can anyone come to me to ask about the information," obviously, before Xie Changming asked him to ask about the information, Mojue asked him to inquire about the information of Interlude guild, Lin Shuangcheng, as an onlooker, knew clearly about the undercover of the two great gods, and might even know the true identities of the two.

Lin Shuangcheng, this guy, really enjoyed watching a good play!

Of course, Xie Changming didn't think the other party would voluntarily reveal his true identity, he just asked casually to make sure that his speculation was correct.

Sure enough, We’ll Never be Apart said: "We do know captain Ling of the sword song, and there is also a member of Sword Song who has something to do with us."

Xie Changming clearly said: "No wonder, Lin Shuangcheng said that there is a little guy in Sword Song who has a lot to do with Mojue. He promised to keep it secret and not disclose the real origin of your team, I went to him and ask, but he would not say anything."

Lin Shuangcheng's way of doing this is very righteous, he has known that Mojue's team has Han and Mo, the twin star, but he has not publicized it everywhere, because that would make Song Changdong difficult——Lin Shuangcheng is very prudent in his work, since Xiao Song has become a Sword Song, he naturally needs to take care of Xiao Song's feelings and keep secrets for Mojue.

Qin Mo feels that it is right to send Xiao Song to Sword Song, no matter what the level of Lin Shuangcheng is, at least he is a good captain with high EQ, both Interlude and Mojue were not offended.

Xie Changming was still unable to calm his curiosity, and then asked: "Are you also looking for folk experts to form your own team? Or is it owned by which club?"

Qin Mo is not easy to answer this question. Although Mojue has brought in the investor Dragon Song, and the members' food, accommodation, and training are all in the Dragon Song Club, Mojue is by no means a team under the Dragon Song club, but he and Xiao Han also set up, owned and managed the team themselves.

Strictly speaking, Mojue should be an unofficial team with a rich club background?

Seeing Qin Mo's dilemma, Xiao Han took the initiative to answer the question: "This is not convenient to reveal at present, you will know when the league starts."

Xie Changming wanted to continue to ask, but Su Cheng interrupted him directly: "Enough Ah Ming, if you ask like this, you won't get any results, their identities will come to light sooner or later, don't worry."

"All right." Xie Changming had to stop questioning and said with a smile. "At least we have known the configuration of the eight members of the Mojue team, and also saw a funny scene of husband and wife undercover, which is not a loss."

"En." Su Cheng typed in the game. "What are you two going to do next?"

"Is there any other team in Netcom area?" Qin Mo directly asked.

"No, there are many PVE dungeon guilds in Netcom area 1, Interlude is the largest PVP competitive guild. I've been in touch with other guild leaders and have no intention of forming a professional team." Su Cheng said. "The situation in this area is not as complicated as that in Xijiang Moon area. According to Lin Shuangcheng, in addition to Mojue and Sword Song, there are three large clubs in Xijiang Moon, including Wind Color, Huaxia and National Grace, right?"

"Yes, the three teams have also been formed." Qin Mo revealed. "The current style of National Grace is using poison to attack, you should know that Wind Color use summoners as the core. Imperial team under Huaxia club has always been very low-key, and I have not contacted any of their players so far, I am not clear about the situation of this team."

The two sides exchanged the information they knew. Anyway, at the beginning of the league, the names of all the players in the team will be exposed, so we should do some understanding in advance.

While the two were talking, two system prompts suddenly popped up on the guild channel——

Welcome chivalrous men [Cabbage Dumpling] to join the [Interlude] guild!

Sweet Fragrance, the administrator, immediately brushed out a row of flowers and said: "Let's welcome the newcomers, summoner expert with more than 2,000 points."
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