The King's Return : Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: New Undercover

Cabbage Dumpling: "Hello everyone, I'm new here! Strong summoner, in the arena will never drag you back, is there a team that is short of people for me?"

As soon as this word came out, someone on the guild channel immediately appeared and said: "Strong summoner? You're not bragging, are you?"

Cabbage Dumpling: "Brag or not brag you will know! Do you want to play one-on-one in the arena for two rounds?"

A group of militants(T/N : means people who likes war) immediately agreed: "Okay, let's play a few rounds!"

Cabbage Dumpling is simply and directly built the room: "Challenge room 7365, password 1234, come quickly."

The guild channel became very lively for a moment, and many bored people went to see how powerful the new "strong summoner" is. When Xie Changming saw this, he was so confused that he couldn't help asking: "Senior brother, what's wrong with this cabbage dumpling? As soon as he joins the club, he finds someone to duel with him?"

"Let me see." Su Cheng opened this person's information and checked it, there is no guild record. The level 80 full-level account with a fairly clean history has 2,000 arena points.

As long as anyone who has played in the arena knows that there is a difference between a fixed teammate and a person to play qualifying match, with a fixed teammate, they can communicate with each other, run-in with each other, and improve the winning rate of qualifying match, and if a person goes to the arena alone, it is easy to encounter off-line, hang-up tricks, people who really like to play in the arena are generally willing to join a large guild like Interlude and find a few friends of the same level to work together, it is very difficult to play more than 2,000 points in single qualifying match, not to mention a profession like a summoner, which especially needs the cooperation of teammates…...

There are only two possibilities for this "Cabbage Dumpling" to score 2,000 points within half a month of the opening of the arena——either he is so good that even Su Cheng is inferior to him, and he can sweep the whole arena with his teammates by his own ability; Or, he actually has teammates, everyone together to 2,000 points, but, for some reason, he suddenly broke away from the team, came to the Interlude guild.

At this stage, the team that can score 2,000 points is basically the main elite of each big guild and the small account they are cultivating, this account has no guild record, and it is more likely to be the small account trained by some guilds.

The small account was suddenly added to Interlude, and the intention was absolutely obvious——almost four words were written on the forehead: I am an undercover.

Su Cheng's lips rose slightly and said: "Our gang has been really lively recently, and there may be another undercover."

Xie Changming almost spurted out saliva: "What? Another one?!"

We’ll Never be Apart and Longing for Your Heart vest has just been stripped off, the result is another undercover, is this Interlude going to become an undercover gathering place?

And those who are undercover, either take the ID of "Longing for Your Heart", "We’ll Never be Apart" which killed single dogs, or the ID of "Cabbage Dumpling" which makes people hungry ——can't they take a good name?

Unable to complain, Xie Changming sighed and said: "Senior brother, why don't you guess which team this man belongs to again?"

Su Cheng smiled and said: "Yuan Xi, right?"

Xie Changming couldn't believe it: "Yuan Xi from Wind Color?"

Su Cheng nodded: "Just now he suddenly retreated in seconds in the area, probably sensed something was wrong and went to find small account."

Xie Changming said excitedly, "Senior brother, if you are right this time, if you guess a lottery number for me next month, I will definitely buy it!" As he said that, he ran to the arena room to watch the game, watching and said. "It looks like you got it again ah! This summoner is so good that he has defeated several guild experts in a row, and his equipment and attribute addition mode are exactly the same as those we met in qualifying match."

"En, I noticed."

"What do you think Yuan Xi wants to do when he comes to our guild? He is not going to test the situation of our team like Ink Mark, is he?"

"Not necessarily." Su Cheng chuckled and said meaningfully. "Maybe he didn't come for us, let's wait to see a good play."

On the guild channel, an ID player named Simon II sent a message: "Dumpling is awesome! I lost all three games!"

The person who said this was pretty good at Interlude guild, and he was also playing the summoner flow, he actually lost to the new Cabbage Dumpling, everyone couldn't believe it.

Cabbage Dumpling: "Continue, continue! Is there anyone else coming to the challenge arena?"

Su Cheng doesn't know what to say——as soon as he enters the guild, he challenges the expert of the guild, he really knows how to go undercover with such a high profile.

Cabbage Dumpling: "We’ll Never be Apart? This elder sister is also playing the summoner, do you want to play two games?"

Qin Mo, who was named, frowned slightly and typed: "No, I'm still playing qualifying match."

Cabbage Dumpling: "After qualifying match, let's fight one-on-one ah, learn from each other."

——Cabbage Dumpling apply to add you as a friend.

——We’ll Never be Apart refused your friend's application.

Yuan Xi stared in front of the computer and sent two friend applications in succession, all of which were rejected.

Yuan Xi was so angry that he couldn't wait to cut off the keyboard, after a moment's silence, he retreated to the next one and sent a friend applications to Longing for Your Heart.

——Longing for Your Heart passed your friend application.

Xiao Han wondered: "Why this Cabbage Dumpling add me as friend?"

Qin Mo's expression is full of helplessness, said: "Yuan Xi came to the door."

Xiao Han turned his head and looked at Qin Mo in surprise: "Yuan Xi? You mean, this Cabbage Dumpling is Yuan Xi ah?"

"En." Qin Mo rubbed his temples with a headache and said. "It is estimated that he checked my equipment in the arena just now and suspected me, so he came to Netcom as undercover. At first glance, the summoner's account is a small account created by a big guild. Moreover, even if Yuan Xi opened his small account, he never knew how to change his equipment and career, in addition, as soon as he joined the guild, he added me as a friend, so he just wrote a line on his forehead: I am Yuan Xi."

Xiao Han also wanted to laugh, the most pitiful undercover in history was probably Yuan Xi, who was recognized as soon as he joined the guild.

Acting is so bad, couldn't keep his temper, ran to be undercover, also not afraid of being great gods joke.

Qin Mo said helplessly: "He has already suspected me, this small account, is it better not to log in again?"

Xiao Han said: "If you disappear at this time, won't you confirm his conjecture?"

This sentence is also reasonable, he refused his friend's application and suddenly disappeared, Yuan Xi would only suspect that We’ll Never be Apart has something to do with Qin Mo.

Qin Mo frowned: "What do you think we should do?"

Xiao Han smiled and patted Qin Mo's shoulder: "Continue acting."

Qin Mo: "How to act?"

Xiao Han said: "Morning Breeze Lingering Moon and Eternal Lamp know our identities, but Yuan Xi doesn't know yet. if we continue to be husband and wife, he will not equate you with Qin Mo."

Qin Mo: ".................."

That's right, but is this really good? Will it be too much and it won't end well then?

Xiao Han said decisively: "Listen to me, don't come forward, I'll take care of him."

Qin Mo had to believe Xiao Han for the time being, ignoring Yuan Xi's undercover small account.

In the game, Xiao Han took the initiative to send a private chat to Cabbage Dumpling: "Why do you want to add me?"

Cabbage Dumpling: "What's the relationship between you and We’ll Never be Apart?"

Longing for Your Heart: "What do you think?"

Cabbage Dumpling: "Couldn't it be a lover by name?"

Longing for Your Heart: "You guess right, We’ll Never be Apart is my wife, the legal one."

Cabbage Dumpling: "Really?!"

Yuan Xi did not believe this statement, he was also wondering when he played qualifying match just now that the score of the couple in the arena was only a little more than 1500 points. Why did "Longing for Your Heart" can win three kills in one fell swoop? "We’ll Never be Apart" can intercept the secret letter at the critical moment to win the game? Obviously, neither of them is simple, and the most likely is small account opened by two professional players of a certain team——which is why Yuan Xi came undercover, and he wants to find out what the small account has to do with Qin Mo.

But now, Longing for Your Heart actually say that the other party is his wife, the legal one.

Legal? Does that mean they have received the certificate?!

How can there be a husband and wife who play games so well?

Yuan Xi's brow tightened tightly, and quickly typed: "I don't believe it."

Longing for Your Heart: "It's up to you to believe it or not. Anyway, We’ll Never be Apart is my wife, and everyone in the guild knows it."

Cabbage Dumpling: "......"

Is it true? Otherwise, how could this person speak in such a certain tone? Yuan Xi scratched his head and became confused.

Longing for Your Heart: "Say, what are you doing with my wife?"

Cabbage Dumpling: "Cough, it's nothing, there are not many experts who play Zhuge Family mechanism flow in this game, I want to share experience."

Longing for Your Heart: "My wife is very busy, the first lesson tomorrow morning is Chinese class, and he has to prepare for the lesson tonight."

Cabbage Dumpling: "......Your wife is a Chinese teacher?"

Longing for Your Heart: "Yes, teach the third year of senior high school. Nowadays, students are under too much pressure to take exams, their high school teachers have a heavy curriculum task. If the students' performance is not good, they will deduct the bonus."

Cabbage Dumpling: "really? There is also talk of deducting bonuses?"

Longing for Your Heart: "En, the school is strictly controlled. Last year, half of the students in my wife's class were admitted to key universities, which gave a lot of bonuses to teachers, and we took a trip to Europe."

Cabbage Dumpling: "Really? So your wife teaches Chinese very well?"

Longing for Your Heart: "Of course, he can get the honorary certificate of an excellent teacher every year."

Cabbage Dumpling: "Oh, that's awesome. I hate Chinese most, always stray from the topic when I write a composition."

Longing for Your Heart: "Yes, I am not good at Chinese either, I have never passed the composition!"

Cabbage Dumpling: "Yes, composition is very difficult to write!"

While chatting, Yuan Xi suddenly realized——D*mned, how did he mislead the topic and start talking about high school Chinese? I'm here to go undercover!

Thinking of this, Yuan Xi immediately returned to the topic: "Do middle school teachers still have time to play games? Still playing so well?"

Longing for Your Heart: "How do you know my wife plays well? He is very poor, with only 1500 points in the arena."

What's poor? The qualifying match just now obviously killed Three Waterdrop and intercepted the secret letter!

After laying down this line of words, Yuan Xi suddenly realized that he had changed his account now and could not tell what happened in the qualifying match just now, otherwise his identity would be exposed. He immediately deleted the word in fear and said tentatively: "Is your wife very poor? Do you want me to teach your wife how to play summoners?"

Xiao Han was amused——Your summoner was taught personally by him himself, actually want to teach him in turn? He is really overestimate himself.

However, on the surface Xiao Han continued to pretend and replied: "No, my wife is going to prepare lessons, bye-bye."

After typing this line of words, Xiao Han took the initiative to quit the game and said to Qin Mo, "Xiao Mo, you go offline. I've taken care of Yuan Xi over here."

Qin Mo is very confused: "Yuan Xi is very suspicious, how did you deal with it?"

Xiao Han said bluntly: "I told him that you are my legal wife, and your occupation is a middle school Chinese teacher. There will be classes tomorrow, so you need to go offline to prepare lessons, he's been completely messed up by me, and his mind is probably in a muddle, I've just discussed with him how to write a composition for a long time."

Qin Mo: "............"

He leaned over and looked at the chat records, and Qin Mo could not help but chuckle——Xiao Han was so bad that his nonsense completely biased Yuan Xi's way of thinking.

Yuan Xi is also stupid enough to be undercover with this acting skill? Four big words "I am Yuan Xi" were clearly written on his forehead, but he thought he was well disguised and pretended to find Xiao Han's tricks, only to be reversed by Xiao Han——this guy's IQ really made Qin Mo a little worried.

In the wind and color training room, Yuan Xi's mind is getting more and more disordered, seeing that Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart offline one after another, he feels frustrated that he has no strength to use.

After frowning and pondering for a moment, Yuan Xi sent a message to the president of the Wind Color: "Popular, gather all the small accounts in Netcom area tomorrow to cooperate with me in a play."

Popular in the world: "What play?"

Yuan Xi said: "You surround the couple, Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart in the wild, I pretend to pass by and save them, they will certainly thank me for my help and then become friends with me. In this way, I can get closer to them and find out the origin of the two."

Is such a clumsy trick really useful?

Popular in the world said with a bitter face: "Won't it be seen through?"

Yuan Xi is very confident: "Don't worry, it won't, the account you gave me doesn't have any guild records, they won’t know who I am." You let go and beat them, I'll come out later."

Popular in the world: "......"

Why there is always a feeling that captain Yuan is seeking death.
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