The King's Return : Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: The 8th Member

After sitting down in front of the two handsome men, Liu Hong suddenly remembered——Qin Mo and Xiao Han, isn't this Miracle Twin Star that was like the sun in broad daylight at that time?

No wonder these two names sound so familiar that she seems to have seen them somewhere, it turned out to be them.

Although she only played miracles for a year, the names of the two were well known, and she saw Xiao Han herself on the arena, just walked into the private room, both of them were carrying light, she was not very familiar with the two, plus three years time change is too big, she didn't recognize at the moment.

——Why do the twin star pretend to be husband and wife and join the national grace guild? And ask her out to meet?

Sensing something wrong, Liu Hong suppressed her doubts and calmly called the waiter to order.

She was wearing white slim pencil pants today, with a simple plaid shirt on her upper body and a very neat outfit. The length of the hair is right up to the chin, and the hair on the left side is pinned behind the head, revealing half of the delicate face and smooth forehead. The hair style is very royal, and the eyes are confident and frank,giving a very capable feeling. This is totally different from Liu Xiang, who has long hair and gentle smile in Qin Mo's memory, the image of his sister Liu Hong is obviously more handsome.

Liu Hong asked: "Do you avoid certain foods?"

Xiao Han said: "Xiao Mo doesn't like spicy food, I don't mind either kind."

Liu Hong nodded: "Then order some non-spicy dishes." She knew the restaurant very well, after ordering a few specialties, she showed the menu to the two people and asked the waiter to take it down again.

After the waiter left, Liu Hong asked curiously: "Can you give me an explanation? Why do you pretend to be husband and wife in the game ah?"

Qin Mo said seriously: "First of all, I have to apologize to you face to face, Xiao Han and I are actually undercover in the national grace guild."

Xiao Han added: "The ID of Xiao Mo in the game is Ink Mark, the guild leader of Mojue guild. After the PK with you that day, he thought you were very good, he wanted to know your real identity. If he asked you face to face, you would not say it. So we set up a lover account to investigate on the national grace guild…...We didn't mean any harm, I hope you don't get angry."

"So it is." Liu Hong smiled brightly and said: "There is nothing to be angry about this little matter."

Doubt about someone's identity, open a small account to approach, which is common in online games. Moreover, although the Twin Star drives a small undercover to the national grace guild, they don't do anything harmful to her or the national grace, that is, they show their love on the guild channel all day long, and then mixes experience and talks with her.

Liu Hong wanted to laugh at the thought of the two men calling each other "wife" and "husband" without any obstacles and pretending to be rookie to play tricks on others.

——two actors, called husband and wife so smoothly, actually let her believe it.

The girl was not angry, Qin Mo and Xiao Han also breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. As soon as the two men looked at each other, Qin Mo pulled back to the main topic and looked at Liu Hong and said: "This is the case. Xiao Han and I created a Mojue team, the team is still short of the last member. We would like to invite you to join the Mojue. I wonder if you would like to play next year's Peerless Jianghu professional league with us?"

Liu Hong was surprised to hear that. As far as she knew, Qin Mo had retired in the year of her debut, and his whereabouts were unknown. Xiao Han, as the captain of Canglan team, has always been very popular. How could they two suddenly appear in the new game of Peerless Jianghu and create Mojue team?

Seeing her surprise, Xiao Han simply explained how the Dragon Song club sent him to the new game and how he met Qin Mo in the online game, Liu Hong suddenly realized: "So, it is also a coincidence that you formed a team, and it was not agreed in advance?"

Qin Mo nodded: "It's a coincidence, but it's also fate."

Xiao Han immediately chimed in: "Yes, it is fate that you can meet us in the game, why don't you consider joining the Mojue team?"

Qin Mo then said: "Since you have left National Grace club, it's better to start again in a different environment. There are three old players and four talented newcomers in our team. If you can join us, the lineup of our team will be very complete, the eight players come from the eight different schools on Peerless Jianghu."

Xiao Han said coordinately: "We didn't invite you to join on impulse, but out of consideration of the team's overall lineup."

Qin Mo nodded and said: "Yes, since you are playing Peerless Jianghu, you should also pay attention to the announcement just released two days ago. The league mode of this game is different from other games, it is a team scoring system. There will be many competitions when the new season starts next year, only a team with a comprehensive team can cope with high-intensity serial competitions, we sincerely invite you to join Mojue, as for the conditions, you can mention them."

Xiao Han said: "Yes, you have any thoughts on salary, other benefits, you can feel free to say."

"......" Liu Hong smiled and helplessly said: "You echo each other, it makes me feel a little moved."

Qin Mo said: "Why don't you think it over?"

Liu Hong was silent for a moment before she said: "Since you are so straightforward, then I also know that you don't hold a hidden meaning, I left national grace Club for personal reasons. On the day I left, I saw an advertisement for a public test in Peerless Jianghu, when I heard that the game was made by the same company as Wulin, and there would be a professional league tournament next year, I bought an identity card and went to the new area to have a look."

Qin Mo also thought of this, the day she sent her last Weibo was the day of the Peerless Jianghu public test, and perhaps it was the day she left the club. The two games are production of the same company, similar style, she ran to the new district, probably also want to change mood, while looking for some opportunities.

Sure enough, Liu Hong frankly admitted: "I was thinking that if there is a good team on Peerless Jianghu, I would join the team here. After all, I have three years of competition experience. If I work together with my new team-mates, at least I won't hold everyone back." She paused and added, "The league transfer window opens today, seeing my name hanging on it, there will definitely be a club contacting me. However, as a healer in Wulin, the team is definitely short of healer, which is not in line with my original intention. I wanted to be an output player since I was a kid, so if other clubs let me join as a healer, I wouldn't want to."

——It turns out to be like that.

Qin Mo always thinks that the tough girl blocking them alone on the road in the game should not be a healer. She plays Xuanbing Palace, a school with complex operations, very well, she is not afraid to fight Qin Mo, because she always wants to play output career. After she left the club, she didn't want to go back to her old job as a healer, so she came to the new game to look for opportunities.

She has played therapy for three years, and has accumulated a very high popularity in the Wulin. As the vice captain of the national beauty team, if she continues to sign with another club as a healer, she will definitely get a high salary. However, she is not satisfied with the present situation, but denies her past, comply her inner will, and starts to play an output——this kind of "break the cauldrons and sink the boats" (T/N: cut off all means of retreat to show one’s determination to press ahead) also makes Qin Mo admire.

Hearing that she wanted to find a good team in the Peerless Jianghu, Qin Mo asked curiously: "I want to know what kind of "good team" should be in your eyes?"

Liu Hong also made no secret of her thoughts and said bluntly: "First of all, a good team should have a good captain who is reasonable, can command calmly and stabilize the situation on the field, and can sum up experiences and lessons in time after the match. The psychological quality of the captain should be extremely strong, no matter winning streak or losing streak, the mood should not be affected too much. The captain is the backbone of a team, if the captain is not good, the team will definitely not have a good prospect."

Qin Mo nodded and said confidently: "I think I will be a good captain."

Liu Hong smiled, and then said: "Secondly, the team members must be united and not fight openly and secretly. I'm a straight tempered person, I like to say what I have to say directly, I hate to fight in secret. playing e-sport is not playing palace fighting, if there are such players in the team, it will affect other people's mood."

Qin Mo said: "You can rest assured that all the players in our team have been strictly screened. Moreover, several newcomers are very simple and there will be no situation like what you said."

Liu Hong added: "Finally, I hope that the top of the club and the captain can give each player room to play freely. To be honest, I hate being locked up like a bird in a cage, I think too strong management method is unreasonable. A good team should be one in which all members have their own characteristics and can put forward their own ideas and opinions. The captain should consider them comprehensively and strictly control important decisions. I don't like one person who has the final say and others must obey, that will make me feel that I am not a person but an obedient puppet."

Qin Mo and Xiao Han have a look at each other, Liu Hong's three key points are indeed the necessary conditions for a good team.

This girl actually has some opinions, which really surprised them, but on second thought, after all, she is the vice captain of the national beauty team and has her own experience in the management of the team, and she left the national grace club, probably because the club's style is too tough, contrary to many of her ideas——Xu Lin is a very strong female boss, everyone in the circle knows this.

Qin Mo looked at Liu Hong and said seriously: "Mojue's team can meet all the conditions you said, so we should be a good team?"

Xiao Han chimed in: "We respect the players' personal wishes. Would you consider joining our team?"

Liu Hong smiled at the expectant eyes of the two men and said: "I'm thinking about it, that's why I'm going to tell you what I think…...Twin star together, I believe in your strength."

Xiao Han's master is Li Cangyu, the captain of Canglan team, and Qin Mo's master is Ling Xuefeng, the captain of Wind Color team. No matter the character or the level of playing games, the apprentices brought by two world-class great gods will not be worse. Now, the two apprentices have jointly created the Mojue team, it can be imagined that on the day when the Mojue team was announced, it is estimated that the whole e-sport circle will explode.

——Liu Hong is looking forward to seeing that moment with her own eyes.

If she is lucky enough to join the team, she will also try her best to be an excellent output player and help the twin star to the top.

When Qin Mo heard that she would think about it, he was relieved and asked directly: "What are your requirements for salary?"

Liu Hong simply said: "Give me whatever salary the other players are paid."

Both of them were somewhat surprised by such an answer, with her current popularity and position, a club would definitely rush to sign her even if she asked for millions of annual salary, but she offered to keep in line with other players……

Xiao Han asked: "Don't you want to improve your salary?"

Liu Hong smiled and said: "The team building period is usually relatively difficult. My elder sister also went through a very difficult period in that year, I know all this. Since Mojue has just established, let's spend the money on the crucial point. I don't want any special treatment, just get the same salary as everyone else." She paused and added. "I am very optimistic about Mojue's final team, I believe that my salary will double by next year, right?"

"Of course." Qin Mo also smiled and said. "Well, we'll give you a million a year, a little higher than the four newcomers, just like another great god on the team."

"No problem." Liu Hong readily agreed to come down and asked curiously, "Who is the other great god?"

"The captain of the Pure Cleansing team, Zhu Qingyue." Xiao Han paused. "You should have heard of it?"

"Zhu Qingyue?" Liu Hong looks surprised. "You are too much! Can pulled over the first assistant? Is it disguised as husband and wife to undercover again......"

"That's not true." Qin Mo coughs awkwardly, and says. "Qingyue was persuaded to come back because the team was disbanded and was about to retire."

"Oh, it’s like that." Liu Hong nodded clearly and exclaimed. "I didn't expect that the lineup of Mojue team would be so luxurious…..."

Qin Mo gave Xiao Han a look, the latter understood and immediately stood up. The two people held out their hands one after the other and said: "Liu Hong, welcome to Mojue." "Welcome."

Liu Hong also stood up, shook hands with them one after the other, and smiled: "Thank you, captain, vice-captain, I will report to the team as soon as possible!"
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