The King's Return : Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Transfer Window

Qin Mo immediately went online to search Liu Hong's news and found Liu Hong's personal Weibo after learning the identity of "Three Waterdrop".

Her latest Weibo, which was just published on the day of the public test in Peerless Jianghu, is a picture of the sky taken by mobile phone. In the blue sky, there are white clouds dotted on it. This Weibo only has four words: "the weather is very good." There are tens of thousands of messages from fans below the Weibo. Some people agree that the weather in Nanjing is really good recently, and some people ask the goddess if she wants to travel during the holiday. It can be seen that this unique female player has a very high popularity and is definitely regarded as a great god with first-class level among the active players in the Wulin Professional League.

But her contract with the club hasn't expired, so it's even more difficult to dig such player......

Qin Mo thought carefully and said: "It's not easy to dig her up, let's not act rashly and test her attitude first."

Xiao Han asked: "How do you want to test?"

Qin Mo said: "Continue undercover."

So they logged in to the rookie husband and wife's account and took the initiative to invite three waterdrop to join the team.

After seeing the invitation to form a team, Liu Hong readily agreed. These days, she has been taking the young couple to do the task, to see the young couple acting cute, show beautiful love, she feels that she has to believe in love again.

After joining their team, Liu Hong took the initiative to ask: "Do you want to continue to do the task?"

Longing for Your Heart: "The great god is trying to influence us to upgrade, my wife and I will be embarrassed like this."

We’ll Never be Apart: "Yes, we often take high-speed train to travel all over the country on business, my husband said he would like to invite great god to dinner to express his gratitude, I just don't know which city great god is in."

——Two people often travel by high-speed train on business?

When Liu Hong saw the words sent by the young couple, she was a little surprised: "Are you a real husband and wife?"

Longing for Your Heart: "En, just got married, ready to go to Europe for a honeymoon [smile]."

We’ll Never be Apart: "............"

Xiao Han's performance is a bit too much, isn't it? Is it necessary to say that we are going to Europe for our honeymoon?

Liu Hong saw a large row of ellipses send by We’ll Never be Apart and wondered: "What’s the matter?"

Longing for Your Heart: "My wife is shy, embarrassed to admit%&¥#@¥@#%."

Qin Mo took his elbow hard hit Xiao Han's hand, Xiao Han finger shaking, directly lay a row of random code.

Three Waterdrop: "What is this random code?"

Longing for Your Heart: "It's all right, my hand slipped." Then he looked back and smiled at Qin Mo. "Cooperate a little bit, don't let her find the flaw."

Qin Mo: "............" endure it first and then deal with you later.

It is said that a row of random codes were sent because the hand slipped, it is estimated that his wife is making trouble with him over there. Liu Hong thought of here, but she couldn't help raising her lip slightly and said: "You are quite in love, I thought you were just couples in the game, but I didn't think you were married."

Longing for Your Heart: "Yes, we are newly married."

We’ll Never be Apart: "Newlyweds!"

Longing for Your Heart: "Oh, newlyweds, my Chinese is not very good [smile]"

Qin Mo rolled his eyes and changed the topic and said: "Great God, which city are you in? If we have a chance, shall we treat you to dinner when we go on a business trip?"

Liu Hong said: "I am currently in Changsha."

When Qin Mo saw this, his eyes brightened and he said: "That’s right, I remember Liu Xiang is indeed from Changsha, Wulin is on vacation now, Liu Hong should be at home, too, right?"

Xiao Han touched his chin and said: "That's a coincidence, why don't we ask her out to meet?"

Qin Mo nodded: "Okay."

Xiao Han asked: "As a small account? Or directly point out that we are the Mojue team?"

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Let's make an appointment as a small account. If we say directly that we are the captain and vice-captain of Mojue team from Dragon Song club, invite her out to dinner, according to her character, it is estimated that she will not come. It would be better to talk about it after the meeting, and apologize face to face for the undercover things. I don't know if she would mind, but it would be difficult if she was dragged into the game."

Xiao Han also thought it was reasonable, so he opened the game interface and said: "Great god Three Water, my wife and I will go to Changsha on business tomorrow, do you want to have a meal together?"

Three Waterdrop: "No need to be polite, I'm just idle and bored when I take you to upgrade."

Xiao Han added: "It’s not to be polite, my wife thinks you are very good, wants to see you once  very much, great god please give her a face, we treat you to have a meal."

Qin Mo chimed in: "Yes, you can decide where to eat. We'll pay the bill, otherwise we'll be really ashamed to let you take us again in the future."

The young couple always give Liu Hong a feeling of love, they often say the same words with the same heart, and the two of them have a special tacit understanding in each other words, this kind of love from the heart can not be faked.

Although she seldom meets with online friends, the two obviously don't know much about e-sport. Many members of the national beauty team are discussing the situation of team players on the guild channel. However, the young couple don't understand anything, they are studying the playing methods of Xuanbing Palace and Zhuge Family school all day long, and they have studied it very seriously.

After thinking about it carefully, Liu Hong decided to meet them——she was eager to know what kind of loving couple they were. She has been in the e-sport circle for a long time, and her character is more and more likes tough girl, she thinks about the game and tactics everyday. She is almost forgetting that there are still sweet things like lovers and love in this world, it's better to see them.

Liu Hong sent them an address and made an appointment: "Let's have lunch tomorrow."

Qin Mo and Xiao Han's plans were successful, and they were both somewhat happy.

——Shen He is right, husband and wife undercover is more likely to be believed. Imagine if she was invited out to dinner alone, she might not be willing to come.

In the morning of the next day, everyone gathered in the training room on time. Qin Mo just sat down and turned on the computer, and then heard Xiao Han say: "Xiao Mo, you can see that the transfer window in Wulin is open."

Qin Mo hurriedly opened the official website of the Wulin Professional League. Indeed, he saw an announcement hanging on the top——the opening of summer transfer window.

The competitive game "Wulin" has a history of more than ten years in China, Liu Chuan made his debut in this game, the origin of Dragon Song club is closely related to this game. Wulin professional league is also a large-scale member of the domestic e-sport League, it has a large number of teams. The national beauty team can make the top eight in the League every year, it is a first-line team, also made the top four last season. Vice-captain Liu Hong is known as "Milk God" plays an important role. In the end, they failed to win the trophy because the output was too weak——this is also the news that Qin Mo saw on the news yesterday.

To Qin Mo's surprise, the name of the player in the Wulin transfer window is "Startled Wild Goose"——the registered ID of Liu Hong of National Grace club in the league.

Xiao Han obviously saw the name and said doubtfully: "As far as I know, the contract of National Grace Club is relatively harsh, Chief Xu always signs players directly for five years. Liu Hong officially debut her career three years ago, her contract with the club should not have expired yet. How did her name appear in the transfer window?"

Qin Mo is also very confused: "Is it because other clubs have dug her away?"

Xiao Han shook his head: "The players who were dug should not hang in the transfer window. The players who hang on the transfer window are generally free."

——In other words, Liu Hong has not joined any other clubs for the time being, but has recovered her freedom from the national grace club.

——The contract did not expire but she regained her freedom. Did she cancel the contract with the club?

Qin Mo searched the Internet, sure enough, at the same time when the transfer window of the League opened, the official Weibo of National Grace club also made a notice: "Liu Hong, vice captain of National Beauty team, has cancel the player's contract with National Grace club for personal reasons, wishing Liu Hong a bright future in the new team." The tone is quite official and polite, it can't be seen what was going on.

However, under the calm announcement lies a surge, the national beauty team vice-captain gone directly and was still the main healer, the club manager will definitely vomit blood!

The news, like a bomb thrown into a silent lake, immediately caused an uproar, and Liu Hong's Weibo immediately exploded——

"Is Sister Hong really leaving the national beauty? I thought I was blind when I saw the transfer window in the morning!" "What happened to the goddess? Did the club treat you badly? Is that old witch Xu Lin bullying you?" "Where is the goddess going? Have you found a good place to go?" "Milk God won’t retire, right? I hope it's a transfer. Don't retire ah! If you leave, national beauty will be very dangerous next year. It is estimated that there is no way to enter the top four......"

Liu Hong did not respond to the overwhelming comments.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo looked at each other, at the same time found this excellent opportunity——

Since she has left the national grace club, it's much easier to dig her up!

Qin Mo said decisively: "We have to try our best to persuade her to join Mojue team at lunch today. We have to act as soon as possible so that she doesn't get poached by other clubs."

Xiao Han nodded: "OK, I'll go back and get ready, we'll drive there at 10: 30, we have to arrive ahead of time, we can't let girls wait for us."

At 12 noon, Liu Hong arrived at the restaurant room booked in advance on time.

When she pushed the door and went in, she found two handsome men sitting in the room waiting for her. One of them was blond and black-eyed, very handsome, with a smile on his face when talking to the other. The other one has a cool temperament, a pair of beautiful eyes, and occasionally nods to show that he hears.

Seeing that they were chatting, Liu Hong froze slightly and said: "I'm sorry, I booked this private room in advance, may I ask who the two of you …... is?"

Xiao Han stood up and said: "Hello, Three Water, I am Longing for Your Heart, he is We’ll Never be Apart, we are husband and wife in the game."

Qin Mo nodded in agreement.

Liu Hong: "........................"

Is this really the loving young couple in the game?

Why are two handsome guys? The world is too mysterious.

Fortunately, Liu Hong's psychological endurance was very strong, and she soon realized that they were a same-sex couple, she immediately adjusted her expression and walked graciously into the room, saying: "Hello, I'm sorry, I was just a little surprised. Are you really married?" She has also heard of men together, many of whom went abroad to get a certificate, these two handsome men show love so naturally, perhaps also received a certificate abroad?

Qin Mo heard these words, his ears warmed slightly, stared at the nonsense of Xiao Han, explained: "No, we are not husband and wife, we are just friends, that's what we said in the game."

Xiao Han smiled at Liu Hong without any explanation.

Qin Mo coughs and calmly says: "Let's officially introduce myself, my name is Qin Mo, I used to be the vice captain of the Wind Color team, and now I'm the captain of the Mojue team."

Xiao Han followed: "My name is Xiao Han, I used to be the captain of Canglan Team and now I am the vice-captain of Mojue team."

Liu Hong: "......"

Well, the couple's tacit understanding is back, and the speech format is exactly the same.

Thinking of the picture of them calling each other "husband" and "wife" in the game, Liu Hong simply could not bear to look directly at them.

——Your acting skills are really like movie king!
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