She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 25

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E/N: Hey everyone! Eira-chan here. I know it has been a while since we last updated. I sincerely apologize for the terrible delay. I’ve started working so I didn’t have much free time to edit the chapters. It took some time to adjust to the working conditions and the tasks everyday and now that I’ve somehow adjusted, I’ll be back to editing. (Yaaaay!) Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for being so understanding and patient. I promise we’ll be back to our regular schedule of updates. And now without further ado, here is Chapter 25. Enjoy! :) 

Chapter 25- Am I About To Have A Sister?
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur
Early in the morning on the second day, the two left for Beicheng. Lin Qingqing wanted to go to the studio to have a look so Yi Zeyan sent her to the studio before returning to Yi Cheng Group.

Lin Qingqing had just opened the door of the studio when she met Qi Qi head-on. Qi Qi looked her up and down and raised her eyebrows. "Are you cheating?"

Lin Qingqing: "???" 

She glanced at her. "What are you talking about ah?"

They were already familiar with each other, so the two occasionally made a joke or two.

Qi Qi took it for granted. "Aren't you married already? Why do you still have a lustful look on your face?"

Lin Qingqing subconsciously touched her face… Was it… was it that obvious?

However, she didn't want to be laughed at by Qi Qi, so she raised her chin up and said, "Can't I have a lustful thing with my husband ah?"

Qi Qi shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.

"All right, let's not tease you. There's something wrong with the new song."

As soon as Lin Qingqing heard those words, she couldn’t help being nervous. "What's the situation?"

Qi Qi said, "Just open the app and have a look."

She quickly took out her cell phone and opened the music app. To her surprise, the song "Snowy Cliff" had unexpectedly been squeezed into the new song list.

However, this song wasn’t sung by Mo Qingyan, but by a singer named "Jiujiu".

"Jiujiu?" Lin Qingqing's eyebrows were tight and she read the name unconsciously. She somewhat had an impression of it. She remembered that she had met Liang Xin with a girl who was also a singer when she went to eat Japanese food with Yi Zeyan the last time. Later, she heard them talking about her in the bathroom.

However, the singer wasn’t cold nor warm. Her stage name was Jiujiu and she was in MK with Liang Xin.

Lin Qingqing felt very strange. When she presented this piece of music to MK, their boss Liu Wen also said he wanted it, but she personally went to them, refused, and took back her manuscript. Why did MK’s singer, Jiujiu dare to use this piece of music?

She looked at it. The one who wrote the music sung by Jiujiu was an English composer and she had never heard of the person. If Liu Wen really wanted to steal her music, he wouldn’t have written a personal letter asking her over to the interview.

Therefore, this manuscript wouldn’t be used by Liu Wen and given to his singers. Maybe this thieving was all by Jiujiu? After all, she had once submitted the manuscript to MK, and it wasn’t impossible for one of their singers to accidentally see it.

Lin Qingqing looked at the time and saw that the song was released one day after them. They released it around 10 o'clock while theirs released at 9 the next morning.

"Has your song been shown to others?" Qi Qi asked her.

"I once went to MK, but at that time I refused the invitation and didn’t sign a contract, so I still have the copyright."

Qi Qi was silent for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "Your music has been stolen."

She thought of this too.

"I just received a message that a new song conference will be held at 3:00 this afternoon, do you want to go for a while?"

Qi Qi was a veteran in the music circle so it wasn’t surprising that she was better informed. 

Lin Qingqing's eyes grew darker. "Of course!"

Qi Qi told her the location of the press conference, which was quite a distance from their studio. It was almost twelve. Lin Qingqing calculated the time and it was about the same time to go over from here.

She was about to set off when Qi Qi suddenly said, "I'll go with you."

"I'll go, too." Mo Qingyan also declared as she came out of the studio.

Mo Qingyan had changed her style. She no longer bore the anti-mainstream punk style costumes. Her long hair was transformed into a reddish-brown wave. She wore a vanilla-colored dress, faux fur on the outside, and only a little makeup on her face.

Mo Qingyan’s new look, without all the smoky makeup and nose ring, gave her a stunning countenance. Her figure wrapped in a mini dress turned out to be so good. Lin Qingqing suddenly found out that she had really picked up a treasure. The girl not only had excellent singing skills but also had an excellent figure and appearance. She was born to be a singer.

"Let's go. It’s almost time." Qi Qi reminded them.

Along the way, Lin Qingqing browsed through her cell phone for news about "Snowy Cliff". Because for a long time, although it wasn’t a big hit, it still had a certain popularity in the music industry. When this song was released, someone soon found the exact same song as this song except for its arrangement, that was, Mo Qingyan’s "Snowy Cliff".

Lin Qingqing turned over the comments under the song and became angrier.

【Now this little singer is really crazy about copying my Jiujiu’s new work!】 

【It’s nothing. I just want to come here to scold a plagiarism dog!】

【It's an eye-opener to see such a blatant plagiarist for the first time!】

Most of the comments below were cursing plagiarism. Lin Qingqing thought it was very funny. Obviously, her song was the one that was copied, yet she was being scolded for plagiarism.

Arriving at the venue for the press conference, the trio entered directly as many reporters milled around. At three o'clock, the host came on time to make opening remarks. After a short heat, the host invited the day’s protagonist, Jiujiu, to the stage.

Today, Jiujiu was dressed very formally in a high-quality dress as she ascended the stage gracefully. She bowed to the audience. "Thank you all media fans for coming to my new song release conference in spite of your busy schedule. As we all know, I have been studying for several years and haven't produced any new songs. This song is also my work which has been precipitated for three years. It is my painstaking effort. The new song was released on XX platform early yesterday. According to the current momentum, the effect is not bad. My efforts for so many years have not been in vain," she said and the rim of her eyes became red. She pressed her thumb on her eyelid, causing many people in the audience to sigh. Some fans kept talking about how difficult it had been for her to be silent all these years. 

After Jiujiu sighed, she said, "Well, no more nonsense. I present to you my new song, Snowy Cliff."

Different from the sighing sound and many people accompanying her to wipe away tears, Lin Qingqing, who mingled with the crowd, had a cold face.

Qi Qi sneered. "It's a pity that this girl isn’t an actor."

Mo Qingyan also said, "It's not too bad to sing."

Although Lin Qingqing was angrier than everybody else at the moment, she was grateful to hear these words from her companions, for she had thought it was her own battle. After all, the words and songs that Jiujiu copied were all made by her, but Qi Qi and Mo Qingyan were willing to fight side by side with her. These two and she had known each other for less than two months.

After Jiujiu sang, she bowed to the audience to their warm applause. However amidst the applause, a loud voice suddenly asked, "Miss Jiujiu, I want to ask, is this song really your original creation?"

When the voice finished, the scene quieted instantly. The people turned towards the source of the sound and discovered the speaker to be a woman who was thin and beautiful. She was an almost enchanting beauty that inspired charming yet exotic feelings to the people who looked at her.

After being questioned, Jiujiu looked at the woman. When she saw her, she seemed to be stunned for a moment, but got ahold of herself and immediately replied, "This is indeed my original work."

Lin Qingqing held the microphone in her hand, which Qi Qi had borrowed from a reporter she knew.

"Miss Jiujiu, you said this was your original work, but unfortunately, the song you sang appeared on the same music platform a day earlier. I wonder if you have any explanation for it."

At this time, a host answered, "This reporter, the theme of today's press conference is about Miss Jiujiu's new song. Please don't bring the song that has nothing to do here, thank you."

Lin Qingqing said, "Isn't this about Miss Jiujiu's new song? Miss Jiujiu's new song is released not only to be praised but also to be questioned, isn't it?"

The host wanted to rebuke her but Jiujiu stopped her with her hands and answered Lin Qingqing's question with a smile. "You're right. Of course, I have to accept everyone's questions. I'm going to answer your questions now. This song is my original. As to why the same version appeared on the internet, I do not know. Of course, I will also use legal weapons to defend my copyright integrity. Miss Reporter, do you have any more questions?"

Lin Qingqing said, "Miss Jiujiu's answer is really full of confidence."
Jiujiu said, "Of course. I have my own confidence as an original creator"

Lin Qingqing, the original creator, thought it was ridiculous.

"You said you were the creator of the song, so let me ask you, what are the lyrics of this song?"

Jiujiu looked confident and said, "It is a story about an unsuccessful poet."

Lin Qingqing asked again, "There is a saying in the lyrics of this song, 'When you were leaving in the past, you were leaning on the bank. Willow trees were weeping and sweet tears were streaming down your face. Today, when it returns, the green head and the water surface is covered with rain and snow, and there are no beauties.' These two lyrics are very similar to a poem in the Book of Songs 'I used to live in the past, willows are still lingering. Now I think, rain and snow are falling' ... I wonder if Miss Jiujiu has borrowed from the Book of Songs?" (T/N: I literally copied it from the MTL, I don’t understand, I’m sorry T^T E/N: Me too. It’s hard to translate Chinese idioms and poems into English since their true beauty lies in the Chinese characters themselves. )

"Of course. I have been enriching myself all these years, and I went to college especially to study. I can read every poem of The Book of Songs by heart, especially this one."

"In that case, I think Miss Jiujiu should be familiar with this, and won't make any mistakes?"

Jiujiu was very confident. "There is absolutely no mistake."

Her firmness and confidence immediately won warm applause from the audience, and many fans applauded for their idol's courage and modesty to learn not to be afraid of being questioned.

Lin Qingqing bowed her head, smiled and said, "In fact, you are mistaken. I am not a reporter but the creator of this song. Yes, I am the creator of this song, not Miss Jiujiu."

Lin Qingqing's words fell and there was an uproar.

Jiujiu from the stage panicked for a moment, but only for a moment. She stood upright on the stage and smiled sarcastically. "This song is really my work, but you said you are the original creator. If you can't convince everyone here without solid evidence, don't forget that there are a lot of people from the media here."

Jiujiu wanted to use the media to push her back? She is on the right side. What has she to be afraid of?!

Lin Qingqing was frank and open. She replied with a calm face, "When I heard Miss Jiujiu sing 'Flying Rain and Snow', the word 'Rain' was the first sound. If Miss Jiujiu really knew the Book of Songs well, these two lyrics were also borrowed from the Book of Songs. You would not know that the word 'Rain' was used as a verb and should be read as the fourth sound." 

At Lin Qingqing's words, many people in the audience took out their cell phones and searched for the correct pronunciation of the poem. At the same time, a staff member hurried up and whispered a few words in Jiujiu’s ear.

There was a flash of panic in Jiujiu's eyes, and she seemed to be standing still. However, she remained calm and said with a quick laugh, "It seems that the proofreading staff at the bottom made a mistake. This word is indeed the fourth sound. I also blame my carelessness in learning for making everyone laugh."

With that, she bowed to the audience, with a modest attitude and a sincere apology.

"Miss Jiujiu, your modest attitude towards learning is really commendable, and it seems that carelessness is a problem not only for you but also for me. In fact, the word "Rain and Snow" is right and wrong under the word "rain". But the flying I used in this lyric is flying all over the sky. With this flying, it is used as a verb instead of an adjective. Then the word "rain" in "flying snow and rain" is no longer used as a verb. It should read the first sound. Isn't this song your original creation, Miss Jiujiu? Do you understand whether the lyrics "flying", is really this "flying" or that "flying", Miss Jiujiu?"

Now, Jiujiu became more and more flustered. Her face turned pale, and the whispers under her became more and more intense. In Jiujiu’s song, the lyrics were clearly "Flying rain and snow". Then, when she admitted that she was careless, it inevitably made people feel that she concocted a very poor lie which led to the truth being revealed.

Lin Qingqing stared closely at the people on the stage and asked, "So, Miss Jiujiu, please tell us clearly, is this song really your original creation?"

This sentence was uttered harshly, and coupled with her guilt, Jiujiu stepped back unconsciously. She couldn’t utter a word for a while. With the tension escalating,  staff members hurriedly gestured to the stunned host who immediately understood and busily said, "Today's new song press conference is over. Thank you for coming all this way."

"Wait!" Lin Qingqing's voice resounded throughout the venue. No one could have imagined that the seemingly skinny girl roared so explosively. She walked up to the stage step by step and asked, "Miss Jiujiu, you haven't answered me yet. Is this song really your original? You take the painstaking efforts of others as your own, but you keep saying that they are original. Miss Jiujiu, don't you just take it for granted? What? Why can't you say a word now?!"

Immediately, a staff member appeared behind Jiujiu as if Lin Qingqing was a dangerous person who would threaten her life. Jiujiu, being guarded by so many people, seemed very awkward.

In this chaos, Liu Wen, the president of MK, suddenly appeared in the crowd. He went to the stage and took the microphone. He said to the audience, "I have just heard of the situation. Thank you for your support. At the same time, I sincerely apologize to all the visitors for the unexpected event of this conference."

Lin Qingqing raised his eyebrows and smiled sarcastically. "Mr. Liu, I have always respected your company. Didn't I come and refuse your invitation last time? I didn't sign the contract, and the copyright is still in my hand. The song was used by the singers under Boss Liu. Are you not honest?"

Liu Wen said with a smile, "Miss Lin, you misunderstood. I just learned about this matter. You do not know but many artists under my banner have their own teams and their business is also managed by their teams. There are only a few things I can manage. I am also very helpless about this. However, it is undeniable that Jiujiu is an artist of our company. I will also discuss with them the damages caused to Miss Lin due to the improper operation of Jiujiu and strive to give Miss Lin a satisfactory answer as soon as possible. As for the infringement losses we have caused, we will also bear them."

He was the boss of a big company, so his style of handling things was really clean and neat.

Liu Wen's remark was the final verdict on the matter. This new song of Jiujiu’s was indeed copied from another. It was conceivable how disappointed fans under the stage were. They thought their idol had been doing original work conscientiously for three years after being silent, but they didn't think a song that only took three years was copied from another person and was beaten in public by the original creator.

Listening to a voice of disappointment from the audience, Jiujiu’s face became pale. She bowed deeply and was escorted away from the scene by the staff.

As the saying goes, reach out and don't hit the smiling face. Liu Wen pulled down his face and apologized to Lin Qingqing in public. On her part, Lin Qingqing was no longer overbearing.

She came out of the conference with Qi Qi and Mo Qingyan. Qi Qi told her that Jiujiu’s song on the platform had been deleted. It seemed that Liu Wen was sincere.

This press conference was broadcast live by a lot of media. Because of the media’s role, this song also received some attention and coupled with Mo Qingyan's unique penetrating voice and great god Qi Qi personally composing the song, it soon won first place in the new song list.

This was something Lin Qingqing had never thought of. She did not expect much, nor did she ever think that this song would make Mo Qingyan famous overnight. She was prepared to wait for a long time. Even at the beginning, when this thing with Jiujiu happened, she had already prepared for the worst. However, she did not expect to get lucky because of bad luck, leading the song to receive unprecedented attention.

However, in a few hours, the search volume for this song had completely exceeded the expectations of the three, and the result was so good that they never thought of it.

Lin Qingqing immediately hired a shooting team to shoot a set of posters for Mo Qingyan. She believed that after hearing her singing, many people would search for her personal information, so she had to be fully prepared.

The three were so excited that they did not expect that a small studio could still make such a hot song. Of course, in addition to the excitement, Qi Qi did not forget to remind Lin Qingqing.

"Now that Mo Qingyan is getting more and more attention, there will certainly be all kinds of advertisements and invitations to press conferences. You'd better find her a manager to deal with these things, or you won't be able to do it alone."

Qi Qi's words woke Lin Qingqing up. The contract she signed for Mo Qingyan was not only a record contract but also an agent contract. After that, Mo Qingyan must find a manager and an assistant for her alone. However, Lin Qingqing was in trouble. She did not have many acquaintances in the music industry. It seemed that the manager may have to ask the family member again.

Qi Qi said, "However, I recently learned that Mu Cong does not seem to have anything to do and has just canceled the contract with the old employer. If you are interested, I can introduce him to you."
Lin Qingqing felt that the name Mu Cong was a bit familiar. After careful consideration, she suddenly realized that this Mu Cong was Ran Nan's manager, and he seemed to be quite famous in the managerial circle.

She nodded as if she was pounding garlic. "Of course I'm interested!"

Qi Qi said, "Well, I'll bring him directly in a few days."

Lin Qingqing felt that the world was really amazing, and she felt that she was lucky enough to explode. She could get whatever she wanted as if God was helping her.

Her side was full of harvest, but Jiujiu became a joke in the industry. She probably would not dare to show her face in public again.
After the conference ended in confusion, Jiujiu directly went to Liang Xin's residence, but she didn't think there were outsiders. The person in question was someone she knew, the president of the Bi Er Group Jiang Ruyan. Liang Xin had recently become very close to her and got the endorsement for the Bi Er Group.

Jiujiu's face was ugly. She was so angry that she did not consider the presence of outsiders. She pointed to Liang Xin's nose when she entered and said, "Didn't you say you wrote that song? Also, you said watching our friendship of so many years, you gave me in vain. Indeed heaven won't drop a pie. Such a good song, you did not give it to me in vain, yet you clearly dug a hole for me.”

Liang Xin, despite being accused, wasn’t flustered at all. Instead, she said, "You're still a star. Look at your image now, what's the difference between you and a vixen?"

Vixen? Now, Jiujiu had the heart to cut people down!

"I'll tell everyone that you gave me this song, and you're the one who copied it."

Liang Xin spread her hand and looked at her (JJ) casually.

"But first I have to remind you that you are the composer of that song. You pulled me into the water for no reason. How many people would believe you?"

"You——" Jiujiu was stifled.

However, she(JJ) wasn’t that angry to lose reason. She wasn’t stupid. Now Liang Xin was Bi’er Group’s spokesperson. With Jiang Ruyan’s backing, it was impossible to force her hand.

"You will be punished." Jiujiu finally declared unwillingly and left in a huff.

After Jiujiu's departure, Jiang Ruyan said, "I really didn't see mistakenly. Miss Liang is really smart enough to use a knife to kill people."

Liang Xin busily said, "President Jiang, you flatter me."

"However, I didn't expect Lin Zhenzhen’s younger sister to be quite good."

"Of course she is. There’s a great person behind her."


Liang Xin leaned in her ear and whispered, "Yi Zeyan."’

"Yi Zeyan?"

Who doesn't know Yi Zeyan in Beicheng?

"The last time, I saw her having a meal with Yi Zeyan, they looked very close."

Jiang Ruyan's eyes narrowed slightly. "I didn't expect that she and her elder sister had the same virtue. Yi Zeyan is already married. His wife is in Qizhou, and I heard she is a childhood sweetheart who grew up with him." (E/N: Uh, she IS his wife, dumbass. =.= ) 

Liang Xin was inexplicably excited and said, "How can Lin Qingqing climb up to a person like Yi Zeyan?"

Jiang Ruyan had a lot of contacts in the market, and she thought this kind of news wouldn’t be wrong.

Yi Zeyan had a wife who was still in his hometown in Qizhou. If she knew there was a fox-like Lin Qingqing hooking up with her husband, she would definitely be angry to death.

Liang Xin suddenly brightened up and said, "MK will be holding a charity do in a few days. Liu Wen will definitely invite Lin Qingqing, after all, he feels guilty towards her about Jiujiu’s matter. I just don't know whether President Jiang can invite Yi Zeyan or not."
"What do you mean?"

Liang Xin smiled and said softly, "I would also quietly send an invitation to Qizhou. If Mrs. Yi knew that there was a woman at Yi Zeyan’s side, she would be interested to come and see who the woman is."

Jiang Ruyan was immediately excited. She smiled appreciatively and said, "Very good. Rest assured, I will help you."
In the afternoon, Yi Zeyan left work to pick up the little dumpling.

Xiao Yuan was very happy to see him. He pulled him to a quiet place and asked mysteriously, "Daddy, am I going to have a little sister?"

Yi Zeyan: "Why is your head full of little sisters?" He crouched in front of him and smiled. "Not so fast."

The little dumpling frowned. "How long will it take?"

"It won't be long. Soon."

The little dumpling’s eyes brightened. "Really?"


When the father and son got into the car, the little dumpling thought of something and asked, "Has Daddy hugged Mommy? Is Mommy's body very soft and comfortable?"

Yi Zeyan coughed softly. "Of course, Mommy will sleep with me later."

"Then I can't sleep with Mommy in the future?"

"Xiao Yuan, you are a little man. You have to learn to sleep alone. You can't keep thinking about sleeping with adults." (E/N: Zeyan you sly bastard. Don’t fool your son! :P ) 

Xiao Yuan pouted and looked unhappy. "Not even once? Didn't Daddy teach me to learn to share?"

Yi Zeyan's head was full of question marks. Then he said with a straight face, "Everything in this world can be shared with you, but your mommy can't be, she belongs to me alone." (T/N: awwww Zeyan, you are even jealous of your kid. E/N: This sappy swindler. xD )

"She is also my mommy ah." The little dumpling was unconvinced.

"She has to be my wife first and then your mommy."


Yi Zeyan spoke firmly, bearing a father's dignity. The little dumpling was sad but dared not oppose his father. Instead, he muttered in a low voice, "You burn the bridge after crossing it." (T/N: Lol Xiao Yuan, you said that your father is ungrateful >_< E/N: Xiao Yuan is smartass! I love him! xD )

"En? Where did you learn this?"

The little dumpling didn't speak. He turned his body to one side and was angry with Yi Zeyan. He could only see his small shoulder and the back of his white tender neck.

He gently tugged at his clothes. "Angry?"

He said this, but there was a smile on his face, and there was no intention of coaxing others at all.

The little dumpling was still silent and Yi Zeyan thought he was really cute. He only showed him the back of his head when he was angry. Yi Zeyan simply propped his elbow on the armrest and rested his head. "Didn't Daddy teach you? A little man should learn to be independent. Daddy loves Mommy and also loves you very much. You know that, don't you?"

Yi Zeyan's words reminded the little dumpling that his father was also very pitiful. Other children's dads all slept with their wives, but his mother never slept with him. It was not easy for his mother to sleep with him now, and it would be a bit too much for him to rob his mother again.

The little dumpling thought it over and was in a better mood. He turned around and rubbed his little hand. "I know."

His good son was so easy to coax. Yi Zeyan was very satisfied and rubbed his small head. (E/N: Awww Xiao Yuan is the best little man ever! You better treasure this good son of yours, Yi Zeyan! >< ) 

The little dumpling’s mood came and went quickly, and soon he had a happy chat with his father, talking about things at school, and even telling him about the little things like whose pencil case dropped.

Yi Zeyan rubbed his forehead, and he remembered that the same was true of the little girl before. She also spoke of many trivial matters. He was injured at that time, and even if he wanted to return her an "Oh", he had to poke her finger with a pinyin. Now that he had a son, he was also a long-winded character. He had to go blah blah as soon as he had time, it was simply...

The little dumpling said a lot and did not see his father say a word, so he carefully asked, "Does Daddy think I'm very long-winded?"

Yi Zeyan: "——"

He looked at the little dumpling's face carefully. As he twisted his little eyebrows, his face became a little similar to hers. He (YZY) was really bored to death when he kept talking to him, but he could not afford to be angry at the cute dumpling, who was somewhat similar to her.

It's just … What else can he do when she was the one who gave birth to him?

So he smiled, rubbed the little dumpling’s head, and said, "No. Daddy is listening."

The little dumpling was relieved and spoke more enthusiastically.

When the father and son got back, Lin Qingqing had already arrived home. She had not seen her son for several days. As soon as she saw him, she hurriedly hugged him and kissed his face.

The little dumpling was as shy as Lin Qingqing, and he blushed and leaned against his mother’s shoulder as she bombarded him with kisses. 

Lin Qingqing took out the little toy that she had bought him. As she had expected, he was so fond of the fox mask that he wouldn’t let go of it.

Yi Zeyan watched the mother and son playing and the feeling of his heart being filled came again. It used to be very satisfying just to watch, but now...

He went over, rubbed his little son's face, and then rubbed his little girl's face.

Now… he could take part in it. It's all his. It was his, and he was really... really satisfied to death.
T/N: I wish that step-sister will get what she deserves, why is she so hateful? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Eira-chan: Honestly I just want that stepsister wench, that Lu wench and that Jiang President wench to receive severe face-slapping from Qingqing in the future. Frigging hateful a lot of them. 

Anywaaay, ahhhhh Little Dumpling is so cute! It’s adorable how much he resembles his mother! This little family of theirs has my whole heart and soul and if anyone dares to break them apart, well… *grabs knives and sharpens them meticulously* I’ll go all stabby on him/her! ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

Larkspur: Easy tigresses, have faith our Lady Lin ain't no sissy.
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