The King's Return : Chapter 75

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Today daily chapter~ So, actually I translated wrong for the guild name, the club is the National Grace, and the team name is National Beauty for the one in the Wulin, and it become National Grace team in the Peerless Jianghu, I'm sorry for the mistake :(

Chapter 75: Red Fox Team

Three years ago, Suzhou.

In the red fox team meeting room, Liu Xiang said with a gentle smile: "Everyone don't have any psychological pressure, the national grace club is not weak. Chief Xu also promised to be kind to the red fox team members, we will accept the management of the national grace club in the future, just changing places."

She spoke easily, but the expressions of the team members were not relaxed, Yang Muzi, the vice captain, said quickly: "Sister Xiang, Xu Lin, this woman is very ambitious, she wants to imitate Liu Chuan of the Dragon Song Club to build an e-sport kingdom made up of pure female players, but there is a key problem, Liu Chuan was born as an e-sport player, he understands the hard work of e-sport players and has a good eye for people, but Xu Lin, she only knows e-sport, but has not experienced e-sport, I am very worried that after our red fox team joins this club can still be as comfortable as before? What are we going to do if Xu Lin interferes with the management of our team?"

Some members chimed in: "Yes, she just bought Nanjing's National Beauty team some time ago, and now she comes to buy Red Fox Team, obviously, she is ambitious."

"If we go to Nanjing, will we have to listen to her in the future?"

"What if she wants to kick someone off if she doesn't like it?"

There was a lot of talk in the meeting room, and everyone's faces were filled with worries.

Liu Xiang was silent for a moment, then waved her hand to stop the discussion and said softly: "I understand everyone's worries, but the team's operation in recent years is not good and it is difficult to go on without the support of sponsors, no matter what purpose Xu Lin set up the National Grace Club, at least she has provided us with good conditions. After we arrive in Nanjing, we need to accept the unified management of the club, we really can't be as free as before, but on the bright side, we don't need to worry about funds and sponsorship. The so-called "rely on a big tree to enjoy the cool air", with the support of the club, our Red Fox team can go further, right everyone?"

Liu Xiang's words made the meeting room immediately quiet, everyone knows that she has worked very hard over the years, looking for sponsors and advertising endorsements to support the team's daily operation. A girl, with no background, to be able to carry a few girls who have the same dream in the e-sport circle, the Red Fox team has really not been easy until now.

Some time ago, the most important sponsor of Red Fox withdrew its funds, Xu Lin took the opportunity to offer to buy Red Fox Team, this is indeed a "fish in troubled waters"(T/N: try to profit from other misfortune), but there is no way, they don't know how to do business, a group of girls by their own strength to find sponsors is very difficult, Liu Xiang agreed to rely on the National Grace Club in the future, it is really for the Red Fox Team to go further.

In the corner, sixteen-year-old Liu Hong said nothing, a pair of clear eyes have been staring at her elder sister, eyes full of anger and unwillingness.

The meeting ended in a depressing atmosphere, in the end, the Red Fox team's decision to accept the acquisition of the National Grace Club was also understood by the players.

That afternoon, Liu Xiang signed a contract with the people sent by Xu Lin to buy the team, and then asked the team members to pack their bags and prepare to move to Nanjing. Liu Hong is very unhappy in the dormitory playing with her 3x3 Rubik cube, using her flexible hands to restore a Rubik's cube in just a few seconds, then messing up and restoring it again——She does this repeatedly, as if trying to relieve her depression.

Liu Xiang saw her younger sister and smiled and went over and rubbed her messy hair: "Be obedient when you get to Nanjing, it's time to comb your hair, too, you look like a madman."

As she spoke, she took a wooden comb and gently helped her younger sister to tidy up her hair.

Liu Hong put down the Rubik's Cube, looked back at her elder sister and said: "Elder sister, do you really want the Red Fox team to be bought?"

Liu Xiang's hand froze slightly, and her eyes flashed a trace of loss. However, she quickly changed into a calm look: "My younger sister, it can't help it, it is better to be bought than dissolved. Besides, Chief Xu's ambition is also good for us, she wants to make the club bigger and the management of the team should be more formal. In the future, even if I retire and put the Red Fox team in your hands, you can continue to walk with this team."

Liu Hong pouted her lips and said nothing.

She had a very bad feeling that the Red Fox team would no longer be the same as the original Red Fox team after leaving Suzhou.

Red Fox team emblem is a fiery red fox, team uniform is also very conspicuous red, local fans in Suzhou will spontaneously organize together in each game to cheer the players. Red Fox's achievements are not first-class, but the cohesion of fans is particularly strong. The management sisters of Red Fox Association have contributed a lot to it——Zhou Qingman, whose ID Wind Across Green Hill, is a native of Suzhou, the president of their fan support association and the guild leader of their guild.

Liu Hong bit his lip and said: "Is sister Qing going to Nanjing too?"

Liu Xiang sighed softly and said: "Yes, I told her, she would go with us and will continue to be the president of the Red Fox Association."

Liu Hong did not speak any more, Liu Xiang smiled and tied up her hair and said: "Okay, go and pack up your luggage."

The next morning, the Red Fox team set out to move out of Suzhou.

To Liu Xiang's surprise, fans unexpectedly came to the team base in unified red uniforms to see them off, looking at the red sea outside the car window, Liu Xiang could not help but burst into tears—— It was like a wanderers leaving their native land, branches and leaves left the foundation, and her heart was very reluctant.

Outside the window, fans were shouting frantically: "Captain Liu! Don't worry, we'll go to Nanjing by car to watch the game in the future!" "Sister Xiang, good luck! Good luck, Red Fox!" "Red fox is the best!"

Liu Xiang held back her tears and waved goodbye to her fans with a smile.

Along the way, the female team leader sent by the national grace club introduced the situation of the club to everyone while spattering with saliva, the others in the car did not speak, Liu Hong was still playing with the Rubik's cube with her head down, she was still young and could not help anything, this made her feel some unspeakable frustration——when will she be strong? Can she help her elder sister to share some burden?

Suzhou was very close to Nanjing, and the Red Fox team soon arrived at the club base in Nanjing.

The two glittering characters of "National Grace" came into view, the team leader sent by Chief Xu led them into the door of the club. On the first floor was a freshly decorated canteen, and on the second floor was a spacious and bright training room. The third floor is a clean and tidy row of dormitories——the club base is large and can accommodate dozens of players at the same time, the boss obviously spent a lot of money.

Seeing the perfect infrastructure of the club, the team members felt a little relieved, they put their luggage in the pre-allocated dormitory and then went to the meeting room to meet the boss.

Xu Lin is already over 30 years old, but her face is still very young, her skin is well maintained, she is dressed in a suit and skirt with black high heels, she has neat short hair and looks very capable.

She is undoubtedly a strong woman, she majored in computer engineering in university. After graduation, she started her own business and became a famous female entrepreneur in the circle in a few short years, she is worth billions, because she loves e-sport league, she wants to set up a comprehensive e-sport club composed of pure female players, providing a support for female players, the starting point is very good.

Seeing the red fox team members, Xu Lin smiled slightly and said in a natural and graceful way: "Welcome to the national grace club, this will be your home in the future."

The conditions she gave the Red Fox team are really good, the salaries of the players have increased a lot, every year, the club will organize all the players to travel abroad……

All these beautiful surfaces, but let Liu Hong's heart more and more uneasy.

Sure enough, the first conflict between Red Fox and the club soon surfaced.

Liu Hong is about to celebrate her 17th birthday, her elder sister wants her to make her debut as soon as possible. When choosing a career, Liu Hong wants to choose a white magician, this is an aggressive and controlled profession in miracles, she can take the route of violence and also can also take the field control route. However, Xu Lin said: "You are Liu Xiang's younger sister, your elder sister is famous milk god, you should continue to play healer as her successor, the team is just short of healer."

Liu Hong’s temper is not as good as that of his sister, she stretched a small face and retorted on the spot: "I don’t like healer, I want to play white magician."

Xu Lin smiled and said: "There are already two white magicians in the Red Fox team's substitutes, you have to start from the perspective of the team."

Liu Hong stared at the other party stubbornly: "But I can be better than the two of them."

Xu Lin: "......"

The girl is very young, and her bright eyes are just like little german shepherd, when she stares at people, it makes her goosebumps.

Unlike her elder sister's gentleness, this younger sister was a wild horse that was difficult to tame!

Xu Lin was a little angry, she lifted her glasses and said faintly: "When signing a contract with the club, you should read the contract. There is one thing in it——professional players must obey the arrangement of the club."

Liu Hong said stubbornly: "Red fox can cultivate another healer before elder sister retires. I want to play white magician, I will become the first white magician on Miracle, I can make the output of red fox team more powerful!"

"Enough." Xu Lin interrupted the little girl who dared to confront her face to face and calmly said: "Call your elder sister over."

Finally, after talking to Xu Lin, Liu Xiang decided to let her younger sister be her substitute.

When she returned to the dormitory to tell her younger sister the news, Liu Xiang's heart was also very sad, she tried to make the expression more tactful. However, Liu Hong's eyes turned red immediately after hearing it, she looked into Liu Xiang's eyes like an injured beast and asked slowly: "Elder sister, do we have to listen to that woman?"

Liu Xiang was silent for a moment, then rubbed her head and said softly: "Yes, it is stipulated in the contract, elder sister can't make decisions for you...... I'm sorry."

Liu Hong gritted her teeth and clenched her fist vigorously: "All right. Since she won't let me play white magician, then I will take elder sister's class and be the first healer in the league!"

Looking at her confident appearance, Liu Xiang smiled and said: "Good luck, elder sister believes that you will have a good future."

The next spring, the Red Fox Team came out with a fierce-eyed girl named Liu Hong, who is said to be Liu Xiang's younger sister.

This news immediately caused a sensation throughout the league, many advertisers frantically came to Liu Xiang and Liu Hong sisters to endorse the products. You know, the league has never seen sister flowers, not to mention sister flowers that are both online standard. Elder sister's long hair until waist, gentle personality, younger sister's neat short hair, young and frivolous, Liu Xiang and Liu Hong's endorsement products almost sold out, the national grace club received soft advertising, and the popularity of the sisters with huge personality contrast among netizens soared.

Liu Hong has become what everyone calls "the successor of Milk God". Everyone thinks that after Liu Xiang retires, her younger sister will join the national team as the first healer, and become the third generation captain of Red Fox.

However ……

Xu Lin immediately made a decisive decision when the healer of the national beauty team under the club retired due to his declining state: "The national beauty team can't do without healer, I want to transfer Liu Hong."

Liu Xiang was in a dilemma: "But I wanted my younger sister to be the captain of Red Fox after I retired…..."

Xu Lin said flatly: "There are still at least two or three years before you retire, but if there is no healer for the national beauty, they will not be able to enter the top eight next season."

Liu Xiang also understands the difficulty of the club. Besides, the transfer of players within the club is just like the transfer of staff positions within the company, from the point of view of contract, it is also very reasonable. However, she has always wanted to give the Red Fox team to her younger sister, if her younger sister is transferred, where will she find a more suitable captain?

Liu Xiang, with a pale face, gently clenched her fist and asked: "At national beauty over there, have they never trained a healer before?"

Xu Lin said: "That player's consciousness is not as good as Liu Hong's, so I think, instead of making Liu Hong your substitute, it's better to transfer her to the national beauty as the main force, and the salary can be doubled from the current level. Go back and ask your younger sister if she agrees."

Liu Xiang reluctantly went back to ask her younger sister, to her surprise, Liu Hong did not stubbornly reject Chief Xu's proposal as she was when she was young, but said: "Okay."

She could no longer be so capricious as to embarrass her elder sister, since it is the team that has been acquired, it should have the self-consciousness to depend on others and it is not wise to resist the boss. Anyway, she won't stay in national grace for the rest of her life, just endure this period of time. Liu Hong looked up at her elder sister and said calmly: "Elder sister, don't worry. I'll go to the national beauty tomorrow."

Liu Xiang held on for three years after the acquisition of Red Fox, but finally she had no choice but to announce her retirement due to her declining state and handed over the captain to a talented player in the team. To Xu Lin's surprise, shortly after Liu Xiang left, Liu Hong, who was in her prime, suddenly said she would leave.

"Chief Xu, I want to cancel the contract with the club and pay 2 million penalty according to the contract." Liu Hong, who grew up with sharper eyes, kept short handsome hair, tall figure and aggressive momentum, looked at Xu Lin calmly and said coldly: "In recent years, us sisters have earned more than that for the club right?"

"......" She is the main healer of the national beauty team, her contract with the club still has two years to expire. Why did she suddenly want to cancel the contract? Xu Lin frowned displeased: "Which club is digging you? Say, what conditions did they give you? I can give you twice as much as they did!"

"No need." Liu Hong raised his lip slightly. "No club dug me up, I wanted to go myself."

Xu Lin stood up in surprise: "Why?"

Liu Hong did not explain the reason and said lightly: "I'll leave the contract here, the penalty will be transferred to the club account within three days, goodbye."

When she got out of the boss's office, she went to the dormitory to pack. There are not many things in the dormitory, she only needs to take her own clothes, and the Rubik cube that her elder sister gave her for her birthday when she was a child.

In three years, she grew up and her sister retired. Red fox is no longer red fox, and she does not need to stay in the national grace.

Liu Hong stood in the sun and squinted at the clear sky overhead.

Elder sister's name is Liu Xiang, because elder sister was born on the banks of the Xiangjiang River. Her name is Liu Hong because her parents want her to be ambitious.

——High mountains and hills, deep forests and great valleys, luxuriant trees and smooth branches, the place birds, tigers and leopards love, and the bad place of chickens and dogs.

Xu Lin is a person whose mind, bearing and vision are not comparable to those of Liu Chuan, and national grace can’t be the second dragon song. Elder sister has gone, and she doesn't want to waste her time in this club. Although the penalty of 2 million is almost all of her savings over the years, she can buy her own freedom…...It's worth it.

The weather in Nanjing is very good, Liu Hong smiled slightly, carrying the suitcase and turned to leave the National Grace Club without any lingering feeling.
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