The King's Return : Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Three Waterdrop Identity

Next, Qin Mo and Xiao Han continued to upgrade together with the undercover trumpet, taking the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the skills and combination skills of other schools. Pei Yu and He Beiguang were responsible for taking Zhu Qingyue through the task. Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice were handed over to Shen He and Li Muran to help hang up and beat peach blossom forests several times a day, so that they could familiarize themselves with the skills of different schools along the way.

In this way, after two days, they still didn’t find out clues about the origin of the three waterdrop, the two undercover is gradually familiar with the national grace management.

National Grace guild management "Wind Across Green Hill" character is relatively calm, handling affairs is also very principled. The deputy leader "Spring River Flower Moon Night", is a very simple and grumpy girl. On that day, she listened to the one-sided words of "gorgeous firework" and thought that Ink Mark bullied several girls with a high level. On the spur of the moment, she wanted to avenge a few girls, so she declared war on Mojue. Afterwards, she knew that those people were actually stingy men, distorting the facts and deliberately deceiving her. In a fit of anger, the girl went directly to offer a reward of 3,000 gold coins per head. She put the names of the gorgeous firework on the reward list of the Jianghu.

In the game there are many idle experts pick up Jianghu reward list to kill them in the field, it is said that gorgeous fireworks and co. were killed that they dare not go out of the main city.

The storm came to an end, and calm was temporarily restored in the game.

National grace guild will organize dungeons every day, this afternoon, the guild leader wind across the green hill said in the guild channel: "Level 45 team dungeon sunset peak open, go to great god three water, people with sufficient level join the team."

Great god three water, that is, the "three waterdrop" they come into contact with before, she has great prestige in the national grace guild, but everyone does not seem to know her identity, only treat her as a very good online game player. Qin Mo and Xiao Han quickly into the team, two people's trumpet just reached level 45, three waterdrop saw them, but also friendly to say hello: "The young couple is here, too?"

——The people in the guild called them "The young couple".

Every time they see the ID of "Longing for Your Heart, We’ll Never be Apart", single dog people howl.

Xiao Han typed: "My wife and I are both newbie, everybody takes care of us [smiles]."

Qin Mo cooperated and said: "We have not played this dungeon, is it easy to fight?"

Three waterdrop: "Not very easy to play, later I will voice command, everyone turn on the mic on the team channel."

Qin Mo immediately said: "She wants voice command, I will record it."

Xiao Han was surprised: "Need to record?"

Qin Mo explained: "Compare her voice with the voices of all the players in the national grace club, and we can draw a conclusion immediately."

"......" Xiao Han incomparably worshiped. "Xiao Mo, if you are not an e-sport player, you can change your career as a detective. However…...Who would do such a thing as analyzing voice?"

Shen He immediately raised his paw: "Me, me! I am a computer science major, haha."

Qin Mo smiled: "Yes, Xiao He can."

Everyone was somewhat surprised, but didn't realize that this usually laughing hyperactive teenager was somewhat skilled.

Shen He said without modesty: "I can not only analyze the sound spectrum, but also edit and make videos, write code, set up servers, and make websites!"

He Beiguang praised: "You are really a little computer expert ah."

Shen He: "Of course, haha!"

The dungeon of the game started very soon, Qin Mo found the recording software and pressed the recording key, after the 10 players entered the dungeon, a cool female voice was heard in his ear: "Everyone gather here first, I'll assign the positions, after the Boss is opened later, the healer will all stand at position 1 and melee to position 2…..."

Her voice was calm and the dungeon positions were arranged in perfect order.

Qin Mo quietly followed the national grace guild to fight a dungeon, spent half an hour smoothly clearing it.

After they came out from the dungeon the recording came to the end, Qin Mo sent the audio file to Shen He, who went online to find the materials for interviews with the players of the National Grace Club, and edited all the players' voices for comparative analysis, Shen He immediately busy at once.

Having explained these tasks and turning back to the game interface, Qin Mo saw an unexpected scene at the dungeon entrance——

From the national grace guild, an ID named "Jinling Old Dream" actually got into a fight with "three waterdrop"!

Jinling Old Dream, this ID Qin Mo has an impression, just followed the 10-member team to finish the "Sunset Peak" dungeon, her level is already 65, and it is the highest in the whole team. Of course, the team dungeon once a week, will also drop the weapon blueprint, the senior account to play low-level dungeon is not surprising.

Strangely, once she finished the dungeon, she started a war with three waterdrop, and there was no dispute between them during the process of playing the dungeon.

What's going on here?

The other players were all confused. Someone sent a line of questions on the team channel: "What's going on ah? A sudden fight?"

Some people gossip: "Is it kill for love?"

The guild leader in the dungeon team, Wind Across Green Hill, stood by calmly and did not mean to stop the fight.

Qin Mo soon figured out the reason —— "Jinling Old Dream" should be a professional player sent by the National Grace Club to Peerless Jianghu, the guild leader "Wind Across Green Hill" knew her identity, so she stood by and did not speak, and the reason why after the dungeon, "Jinling Old Dream" started a fight with "Three Waterdrop" is actually the same as Qin Mo, trying to identify the expert.

His guess is right, the club didn't know that the three waterdrop came to play Peerless Jianghu in private.

Jinling Old Dream is a long-range poison attack player in Fangcao Hall. Qin Mo had already PK Zhao Xingchen of Wind Color Team before, who played the same poison master, knew that the main feature of this school was to create poisonous state by spraying various poisonous powder, thus causing super-high toxic damage, but her style is very different from that of Zhao Xingchen. Zhao Xingchen is good at long-range sneak attack, but her fighting style is more inclined to face-to-face attack.

——Heartbroken Grass! Red Crown Crane! Arsenic-Frost Kills!

A barrage of poisonous powder was thrown at the "three waterdrop" in passing, aggressive and no mercy!

However, the response of "three waterdrop" was not slow either, while dodging the poisonous fog around, she sought opportunities to fight back against her opponent.

—— Double Dragon Beads! Double Aromatic Cinnamon!

Gold and silver double ring combo, successfully set the other party in place!

The poison powder was casually sprinkled in the air, the silver ring and the gold ring flew rapidly in front of their eyes, and the two people fought fiercely. They dared to chase each other, go back and forth frequently, and exchange a lot of skills, so that the blood level of both sides has been stuck all the time, such a high-end confrontation, let the girls who play dungeon together look silly.

Too, too powerful!

I didn't expect that there was such a powerful little sister in the guild besides great god Three Water!

A group of online games players stood dumbfounded and worshiped the experts, while Qin Mo watched the operation of the two players from a professional perspective.

The operation of Jinling Old Dream is particularly smooth, there has never been a fault in the calculation of movement, skill angle and cooldowng time——seemingly violent, but actually sharp and careful.

And the play of three points water is very flexible, sometimes forward and sometimes backward, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, does not hesitate when attacking, nor rashly attack when defending, the judgment to the situation is quite accurate.

Both of them are first-class experts, and it is to divide superiority or inferiority in the game.

In the end, both of them beat each other to about 5% of the blood, Jinling old dream stopped and typed: "Who are you?"

Three Waterdrop: "Idle person who come to play online games."

Jinling Old Dream: "......"

National Grace Club, training room.

With shoulder-length hair and a baby-faced face, female player An Ling frowned slightly and said: "This three waterdrop, I have just had a fight with her, the level is really high. Sister Junru, do you want to pull her to our team?"

Li Junru, who was sitting next to her, was wearing a neat ponytail, her face was very cold and her voice did not fluctuate: "No, she won't come."

An Ling wondered: "How do you know?"

Li Junru said faintly: "She used to be a member of our national grace club."

"From our club?" An Ling scratched her head. "Then I should know ah, who is it?"

Li Junru said a name, and An Ling suddenly opened her eyes in shock.

At the same time, in the training room of Dragon Song Club, Shen He raised his hand excitedly and said: "Master, I've got the result here!"

Qin Mo and Xiao Han immediately took off their headphones and went to Shen He's computer, only to see his computer opened an all-English audio analysis software,which contained one green sound spectrum after another, named after the players, obviously a sound clip picked up by Shen He from the National Grace Club usual interview.

There are two teams in the National Grace Club, there are many players and some voices are not very clear. However,  after Shen He's comparison, the voice of the command in dungeon today completely coincides with that of one of the player.

——Liu Hong.

Seeing this result, Xiao Han couldn't help showing a surprised expression: "Is it her?"

Qin Mo did not know the player, looking back at Xiao Han, feel uncertain: "Who is Liu Hong?"

Xiao Han asked: "Do you remember Liu Xiang?"

Of course, Qin Mo remembered that Liu Xiang was the second captain of the Red Fox Miracle Team. In that year's World Champion, the national team only allowed two healers. So many team's healer players competed with each other. Liu Xiang finally won a place for herself with undoubted popularity and strength, later World Champion almost had her seat every year, so she was also known as "Milk God".

She led the Red Fox team in the league, although the results are not top-notch, but always be able to let the powerful team overturned, whether Qin Mo was in the wind color team, or Xiao Han in the Canglan team, have stumbled in the hands of the Red Fox. Captain Liu has a good temper, long hair reach waist, and has the gentle temperament of Jiangnan beauty, and the Red Fox team is well managed. There are not many female players in the league, Qin Mo’s impression of her is very profound.

Liu Hong? Does it have anything to do with Liu Xiang?

Zhu Qingyue heard the conversation between the two people, came up and said: "She is Liu Xiang's little sister."

Qin Mo wondered: "Sister with different surname?" (T/N: the Liu in Liu Hong and Liu Xiang is different 刘鸿 for liú hóng and 柳湘 for liǔ xiāng)

Zhu Qingyue said: "It should be one with a father's surname and one with a mother's surname, but the two sisters has a very good relationship."

Qin Mo suddenly realized: "So Liu Hong is also a player of the Red Fox Miracle Team?"

"She's not on the Red Fox team." Xiao Han explained. "This player's experience is a bit complicated. The Red Fox team was not originally in Nanjing, but in Suzhou, it was an independent team, but in the year after you retired, the Red Fox team was suddenly acquired by the National Grace Club and moved to Nanjing collectively. In the same year, Liu Xiang's little sister, Liu Hong made her debut and followed her sister for a season as a healer substitute."

"I remember this girl." Zhu Qingyue added. "She is completely different from her sister, Liu Xiang is a very gentle and good-tempered girl, Liu Hong is not gentle at all, the little girl's eyes are sharp, the temper is also very fierce, at that time, some people joked, why is the healer so fierce? You can't rush to add blood to your opponent."

"What happened next?" Qin Mo was a little curious. "Did she leave the Red Fox team?"

"En." Xiao Han nodded. "We all thought she would take over from her sister and become the third captain of the Red Fox team, but to everyone's surprise, Liu Hong had only played in the miracle for one year and then transferred to Wulin, because the national grace team healer on the Wulin side just retired, the club transferred her to replace her, and I haven't seen her since."

——Following her sister to the Red Fox team, she was trained by the club as a healer substitute, played for a year, and was transferred to another project by the club.

Qin Mo carefully reviewed this female player's past and found that Liu Hong's experience was not very simple.

He always has a strange feeling in his heart that the girl who is valiant and brave in Peerless Jianghu with double rings stuck in the road to fight him one on one should not be a player playing healer, healer generally don't like to fight with others, but are used to standing behind their teammates to protect them. How can such a sharp and belligerent sister be a healer?

Aren't the national grace Club not as harmonious as it seems?
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