The King's Return : Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Undercover Plan

Three Waterdrop is very efficient, Qin Mo's lower left corner soon received private chat from the national grace guild leader.——

Wind Across Green Hill: "Hello Ink Mark, I am the guild leader of the National Grace guild, Three Waterdrop has already told me that the guild is too impulsive in its management and declare war on Mojue rashly without clear investigation, it’s my fault to make you suffer."

The other party is so polite, Qin Mo naturally will not haggle over, asked: "Have you found out now?"

"En, I've kicked out those gorgeous firework and co. from the guild." Wind Across Green Hill said, "They kill the small account in the open field, after you kill the team, they go to the national grace to distort the facts and incite the feelings of the girls to let us stand up for them. The five-member team has a vile way and has been blacklisted by our guild, we will meet and kill each other in the future, the declaration of war on Mojue has been lifted. I am very sorry, I will mail the equivalent of gold coins to those killed in the field in Mojue as compensation, I hope the guild will not make any quarrel over this."

The declaration of war on Mojue should have been opened by the impulsive management of their guild, and the leader was very calm and polite.

Looking at a paragraph from her, Qin Mo replied generously: "?It's okay, just explain the misunderstanding clearly."

After closing the dialogue window, Qin Mo turned off the computer conveniently. Seeing that it was past midnight, he asked everyone to go back to sleep.

The next morning, Xiao Han took two new ID cards to the training room and said to Qin Mo: "Undercover must open small account, let's choose a different school to get familiar with."

That's exactly what Qin Mo meant, since he entered the new area of Peerless Jianghu, he often went to the official website to see the introduction of various schools, the effect of many skills were also calculated by him based on his previous game experience. However, theoretical knowledge did not work in actual combat after all, no matter how powerful he was on paper, he would still be abused if he did not have actual combat experience.

Peerless Jianghu have eight schools: Hanhua Sword School, Kuangdao Gate, Fangcao Hall, Yongye City, Zhuge Family, Luoying Valley, Tingyu Tower and Xuanbing Palace. Each school has two different ways of playing, which add up to 16 cultivation roads, to really understand the game, the best way is to play the trumpet of each major school in person.

Xiao Han said: "I want to build an account of Xuanbing Palace, yesterday, I saw that person fighting with you, I still don't understand the double-ring skills."

Qin Mo said: "Then I'll build a summoner of Zhuge Family and get familiar with the summoning flow in this game to see if I can help Shen He sum up some experience."

After the two men agreed, they quickly turned on the computer and prepared to build a trumpet.

When choosing gender, Xiao Han suddenly suggested: "let's build a pair of husband and wife account."

Qin Mo's hand was slightly stiff: "…... What?"

Xiao Han's expression was calm and honest: "Build a husband and wife account, as a husband and wife to go undercover, the other party won’t easy to suspect."

Qin Mo: "......"

Shen He, who was sitting next to him, chimed in: "Yes! Don't you watch spy movies? Basically, the undercover agents in spy movies are husband and wife, and it is better suited."

Xiao Han gave him a "little apprentice really sensible" eyes, looking back at Qin Mo: "Okay? Build a husband and wife account."

Qin Mo stabilized the accelerated heartbeat and pretended to say calmly: "All right."

Xiao Han smiled and said: "So when I get into the game, I'll call you wife?"

Qin Mo: "......"

The newcomers are really kneeling down to god Han, so devoted in acting, can call it so smoothly ah…...

Qin Mo's face warmed slightly: "Cough, don't yell."

"Oh." Xiao Han changed the subject and said. "Let's think of a husband and wife names, that look like a husband and wife account at once glance."

Qin Mo bowed his head and thought for a moment, then said: "Longing for Your Heart, We’ll Never be Apart, how about it?"

"No problem." Xiao Han said happily. "I understand the meaning of this sentence, it is indeed a lover account."

—— Longing for Your Heart, We’ll Never be Apart means that we hope to find a person who treat us wholeheartedly, to grow old together and never to be separated.

Qin Mo came up with such a name, also don't know if it is intentionally or unintentionally, Xiao Han heard these words, only feel the heart is like a feather being lifted lightly, and wished to press Qin Mo on the table and kiss him severely. Looking back, Qin Mo's face is still calm and quiet, as if he was just pretending to be a husband and wife to go undercover in the national grace......

To get rid of the messy thoughts in his mind, Xiao Han quickly built a Xuanbing Palace male called "Longing for Your Heart", Qin Mo cooperated to build a female called "We’ll Never be Apart", two people were born in the newbie village at the same time, formed a team to do the task together. It took only ten minutes to complete the newbie village task and join the school.

When Xiao Han in the School, he discovered that Xuanbing Palace has two ways of playing, besides double rings, there are also long whips.

Long whip is a medium-distance single-handed weapon, relatively simple operation, double-ring operation difficulty hit five stars, Xiao Han chose double-ring, want to thoroughly understand the play of this cultivation road.

Qin Mo chose summoner, mechanic master of the Zhuge family, the two were promoted to level 15, and then went to Mingzhou City to continue to do the task together.

"Wife, come here, let's clear up the difficult tasks first."

"......" Qin Mo, who was being called wife, was embarrassed. "You are so absorbed into it."

Xiao Han said innocently: "Practice in advance so that no one will see the flaw. Right, wife?"

Qin Mo: "Oh."

Xiao Han slightly raised his lip angle, thinking that one day they would call face to face and listen to your promise.

The two-person team did the task and completed it at a rapid speed. After reaching level 25, they went to the National Grace Guild to submit their application for membership.

However, the national grace did not approve their application. Obviously, yesterday's gorgeous firework and co. joined the guild to provoke trouble, this made the guild leader’s Wind Across Green Hill improve her vigilance. It’s probably that the application for membership is more strict, people who don’t know will not be casually approved.

Qin Mo was not in a hurry, he familiarize with the operation of the summoner while to do the task with Xiao Han, all the way to the Jianshen valley.

They have already done the task at level 30-35, and they are naturally familiar with the map of Jianshen valley.

Coincidentally, the two had just received a task to clean up the mobs in the forests, only to see a group of people PK at the edge of the forest.

——Gorgeous firework, gorgeous note, gorgeous sword immortal.

These familiar IDs again.

Assassin, Louying valley guqin player, and swordsman, the three-person team surround a blue figure with the name of "Three Waterdrop" on the top of the head, the expert who fought Qin Mo one-on-one fight yesterday.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han immediately stopped and found a place with a good view to watch the battle.

The silver rings in the hands of the surrounded sisters were thrown forward one after another, and the other party guqin player was lost in an instant. Then, the golden ring laid a trap on the ground, and set the swordsman in place, then, turning back, the fierce attack of "Snake Bead Sparrow Ring" gave the swordsman a seckill too!

Gorgeous firework saw two teammates dead in a twinkling of an eye, immediately turned around and ran away.

Three Waterdrop use Qinggong skill Frost on River to fly to the front of him and stop him in his way. The golden ring in her hand swept to the other party's waist, while the silver ring accurately shot to the opposite opening and the gorgeous firework could not avoided it, the two strokes all hit, leaving only a trace of blood, he immediately lie on the ground.

Three Waterdrop: "Overestimate yourself."

She left this sentence and turned away, it was obvious that the three people had taken the initiative to besiege her and were killed by her, that's why she said "Overestimate yourself".

The gorgeous firework became angry from embarrassment and angrily scolded: "F*ck # # @ #! It was you who told the guild leader to kick us, right? You sl*t would chew your tongue by talking behind our back!"

Three Waterdrop had already walked five meters away, saw this and came back, stood beside the other party's corpse and said faintly: "You have no ability, five people can not beat Ink Mark, but also pretended to be girls to run to the National Grace Guild, distorted the facts, wail and whine, looking for girls to help you out, a few elder men, really promising."

Gorgeous firework: "............"

Three Waterdrop: "Another nonsense, do I have to believe that you will delete your account if I kill you?"

Perhaps the other party's temperament is too fierce, the swearing gorgeous firework suddenly silent.

When Qin Mo saw this scene, he also gave the girl a thumbs up in his heart.

Some of the girls players in the e-sport circle are gentle and easy to talk to, and some are as smart and introverted as Zhou Xuewei, the girls in front of them are obviously of the type of strong personality and tit for tat, who dares to mess with her, she kills until they don't dare to mess with her. The strong and principled girl is really appreciated, this time she is still acting alone. Qin Mo confirms her idea that she should be a player of National Grace Club, but not a member of National Grace Team.

It is obvious that the group of people who came in from the Wind Color school like Zhou Xuewei, Zhao Xingchen and co. acted collectively. On the one hand, they upgraded quickly, and on the other hand, they could practice cooperation and cultivate tacit understanding in the process of upgrading. The same is true of Dragon Song, Pei Yu and He Beiguang are also upgraded together and rarely go solo in the field.

And "Three Waterdrop" is a person who acts alone every time, there is only one explanation——she came to play Peerless Jianghu in private, maybe the club did not know.

Thought of this, Qin Mo immediately said to Xiao Han: "Opportunity has come, try to approach her."

"Got it." Xiao Han nodded, turned and rushed to the dozen mobs and pulled a large number of mobs, and deliberately pulled the mobs to the road to pass three waterdrop.

Seeing him start acting, Qin Mo also followed, summoning a group of mechanical rats to bite everywhere, attracting all the little mobs around him.

So, three waterdrop passes by to see such a scene——only to see a pair of level-35 players who are obviously lover, surrounded by dozens of small mobs, like hens flying and dogs running, horrible to see.

Longing for Your Heart: "Wife, wife, why are there so many little mobs here ah?"

We’ll Never be Apart: "I don't know ah! Husband, run that way!"

The two of them played the rookie couple with great devotion, chime in one after another and cooperating with each other in a tacit understanding. Qin Mo said while controlling the five mechanical rats to flee quickly, those who were attracted by the hatred of the mechanical rats all ran after the mechanical rats, very "coincidentally" surrounded the three waterdrop in the middle.

Three Waterdrop: "............"

For a lever-60 person, killing a level-35 mobs is as simple as stepping on a flock of ants.

The silver ring in the hands of three waterdrop was thrown out decisively, and it went round and round in the dozen little mobs. Dozens of small mobs fell one by one, sending out a scream of "ao ao".

A moment later, all the little mobs were killed, Qin Mo stopped in front of Three Waterdrop and took the initiative to type: "Thank you for your help."

Xiao Han followed and said: "You are really good, an expert, can you teach me how to play this Xuanbing Palace school? The effect of left-hand and right-hand weapons is different. I don't know how to use skills."

Qin Mo followed him and said: "Expert, teach my husband, he's so dumb that he didn't even understand his weapons after playing a whole day."

Xiao Han: "I will study hard if wife hug me! Can the expert teach me?"

Three Waterdrop: "......"

Husband and wife small account must show a wave of love in front of others, and it's abusive for a single dog playing an online game.

But she's idle in the game, and it's okay to bring a newbie with her.

So three waterdrop took the initiative to join Qin Mo and Xiao Han's team, help them through the task, teach Xiao Han some double ring school skills along the way: "The left hand ring size is small, can be thrown directly to hit the opponent. Right-hand weapons are large and are usually used to trap or control opponents. Such as Double Dragon Beads, Double Aromatic Cinnamon this kind of double ring combination skills, the blue consumption is very high, so let's see the right time to release it…..."

Xiao Han listened carefully and learned several strategies from her.

Qin Mo found this school's playing method very interesting, as long as the left and right weapons cooperated well, they could play a very smooth control and critical strike.

In the near combat, it sweeps the opponent's waist and abdomen with a big ring, and throws a small ring in the distance to hit a high-damage critical, offensive, defensive, it is a medium-distance high-attack and high-control profession.

——It also happens to be the most lacking profession in the Mojue team.

If she could join, it would really make the overall lineup of the Mojue team more complete.

Xiao Han, aware of Qin Mo's thoughts, began to say: "If she is really a national grace club player, she may not be very easy to dig."

Qin Mo nodded: "I know."

E-sports players of the national grace club are particularly united, the club has one heart and one mind, they share the same feelings as sisters, this is something the entire e-sport circle knows, it is almost impossible to dig up National Grace players.

But Qin Mo has a very strange feeling——this player must have a story, she is not as simple as the average players.

The active players will obey the arrangements of the club, if she is the player sent by the club to Peerless Jianghu, then she will certainly have act together with the big team, but…….she was not, all morning, she was upgrading with Qin Mo and Xiao Han, doing nothing, and no one came to look for her.

Since she was not sent by the club, why did she run into the new game by herself?

Playing online games and be idle? This reason obviously doesn't make sense.

Thought of here, Qin Mo said: "Let's think of some ways to join the National Grace Guild."

Xiao Han nodded, typed on the team channel and asked: "Expert, are you from the national grace guild? Can we join?"

Three Waterdrop: "Yes, I'll talk to the guild leader."

A moment later, the lower left corner of the two people popped up at the same time——Wind Across Green Hill approved your application to join the [National Grace].

Longing for Your Heart: "Hello, everyone, we are new here, please take care of us."

We’ll Never be Apart: "Hello, everyone, we are new here, please take care of us."

The degree of this connection is also unbeatable, both of them are pretending to be rookie, two messages almost pop up at the same time, it is just like a public show of love.

The guild channel immediately exploded: "Burn the lovers' dogs!"

"Single dogs are very upset!"

"Where did you get the husband and wife account ah ah, such dog abuse ID is blinding!"

Qin Mo did not expect that they would knockout the same words, the mood was suddenly a little subtle.

Longing for Your Heart, We’ll Never be Apart, this is not a name he blindly picked up, but his best wish for love when he was a child, he hoped that in the future he would find a gentle girl who loved him wholeheartedly, he would also love and care for her. He wanted to give her a romantic wedding and have a couple of children after marriage, he would go through this life together in a plain and happy way.

But now……

The girl in the dream became a mixed-race handsome boy. (T/N: Lol Qin Mo >_<)

Think of this, Qin Mo suddenly somewhat at a loss——in the case of Xiao Han, it seems that the plan also has to change?

Sensing that Xiao Han looked at him, Qin Mo's cheek was burning and he stood up and said: "Cough, let's go to lunch first."

Shen He asked: "God Han, how are you doing undercover ah?"

Xiao Han said frankly: "The husband and wife team have successfully infiltrated the enemy."

Qin Mo is confused for a while, always feel that Xiao Han said "husband and wife" "wife" are too smooth, in the end, does he understand the meaning of these words?
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