The King's Return : Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Ink Mark VS Three Waterdrop

The weapon in hand is gold and silver double ring, looks very distinctive, Qin Mo conveniently checked its data——

[Sparrow Spirit]

[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Double Ring]

[Creator: Three Waterdrop]

[Basic Attack 3800-3850, Attack Distance 0-10m, Attack Speed +10]

[Attack speed+10; There is a 50% probability of slowing down all targets by 30% for 3 seconds when hit by a normal attack]

The basic data itself adds attack speed, and the additional attribute adds attack speed. This weapon's attack speed bonus has reached 20 points, and it also comes with deceleration.

The idea of building a weapon is very clear——increase your speed, slow down your opponent, and finally win by speed.

Qin Mo turned off the weapons inspection window and saw another line of words pop up on the nearby channel: "How about it? Is it okay to solve the problem by one-on-one fight?"

Ink Mark: "Yes. If I win, please return home to kick the gorgeous fireworks and co. out of the guild and lift the declaration of war against Mojue."

Three Waterdrop: "No problem. What if I win?"

Ink Mark: "It's only me who will win."

Three Waterdrop: "......"

Shen He's eyes were almost starring, he suddenly felt that Master was so handsome that he wanted to prostrate himself under Master's suit pants.

Xiao Han couldn't help smiling at the "unfair bet"——Qin Mo is so confident, of course, he also believes Qin Mo will win.

Three Waterdrop added: "If I win, you don't kill any more members of the National Grace guild in the future. After the fight, this matter is over."

Qin Mo was somewhat surprised: "Don't you need me to apologize to firework and co.?"

Three Waterdrop: "They don’t deserve it."

It seems that this girl is a reasonable, know that gorgeous fireworks character is not very good, she came out one-on-one fight to settle disputes, probably don't want to let both sides of the guild directly war and make big things.

Three Waterdrop: "Change to the challenge arena?"

Ink Mark: "No, just fight here, everybody back ten meters."

The crowd immediately retreated to the periphery and made room for the two people to fight one-on-one.

As the national grace and Mojue guild are currently in a state of declaration of war, the two sides name will automatically become red when they meet, and Three Waterdrop can directly attack Ink Mark without opening a vendetta. When she saw that all her teammates had retreated, she typed two words on nearby channel: "Here we go." As soon as the words popped up, tthe dark blue figure leaped forward, stepping on a snow-white frost flower at its foot——the Qinggong skill of Xuanbing Palace "Frost on River"!

The figure of blue instantly came to the front of Ink Mark, the silver ring of the left hand was flung out and hit Ink Mark face, the golden ring of the right hand followed closely and set at Ink Mark underfoot, it was the cooperation skill of double-ring——Double Dragon Beads!

This skill Qin Mo has seen on the official website, the effect is that the big circle is settled a person in place and the small circle causes damage. The damage is not high, the key lies in the body-settled effect. Once a person is settled in place, she will definitely opened a stronger follow-up moves.

Qin Mo did not hesitate to open the Qinggong Skill "Flicker", the swordsman in white flying lightly into the high air and retreating like a big white bird.

Three Waterdrop also open the school's Qinggong to pursue and use the skill——Double Aromatic Cinnamon!

It is also the skill of double-ring cooperation, the silver ring attacked Ink Mark in the sky, but the gold ring fell to the ground, instantly laying a large circular trap!

Xiao Han found that this person's tactical awareness was quite good, starting with "Double Dragon Beads" was only to force Ink Mark to use Qinggong, while the trap of "Double Aromatic Cinnamon" trap was her real moves. Will Qin Mo fall down and fall into the trap? You know, he can't see the trap set by Three Waterdrop in the sky.

However, Qin Mo could not see it with his eyes, but his heart could have predicted it.

He identified the opponent as an expert from the beginning, and followed the thinking of the expert to judge the possible moves, Double-ring after double-ring can force the opponent into the trap set in advance.

——Sure enough, he guessed right!

At the moment when the qinggong skill was about to land, Qin Mo opened a series of moves at an extremely fast speed—— Sword Horizon and Sword into the River!

Although he stepped on the ring trap and lost 20% of his blood at one fell swoop, he also used the repelling effect of Sword into the River to blow off Three Waterdrop that hit in the close quarter to fly 10 meters!

Ten meters, this just stuck each other's attack distance.

Both of them couldn't hit each other, and the blood level of both sides was instantly at the same level by Qin Mo's timely counterattack.

Three points of water felt somewhat surprise in the heart, did not expect the other party to react so fast, unexpectedly guessed her trap arrangement, and came up with the most perfect response.

The girl sitting in front of the computer frowned slightly, hand speed quickly burst Qinggong skill to dash and then opened a big moves——

Ring Interlock!

The silver ring on her left hand suddenly split into numerous small silver rings, the ring interlock, like a storm swept over to hit the direction of Ink Mark standing!

The other side played so fiercely, Qin Mo was unhurried, he dodged quickly using his skillful movement skills, the figure of the swordsman in white was wandering around in the presence like a ghost, it dazzled people, the silver rings hit him all over the place and he dodged more than half of it quickly!

After the silver ring combo ended, Qin Mo aiming at the gap between them and dashed in front of her with Qinggong, sweeping away the arc of the sword in his hand——Sword Horizon, Sword Rain Remnant!

The simplest Heaven Sun combo, directly silence the other party on the spot!

The silent person could not release any skills. Qin Mo took advantage of the opportunity to hit a huge amount of damage with a quick series of moves, pushing the opponent's blood level to below half blood.

However, the silence lasted only 3 seconds, after the 3-second effect was over, Three Waterdrop immediately swept the gold ring of the right hand to the waist of Ink Mark in a row——directly hitting the opponent with weapons like chopping wood. This is a general attack method that does not consume blue, the damage caused by general attack will be very low, but her weapon "Sparrow Spirit" has played a huge role at this moment——30% slowdown.

The weapon effect of Sparrow Spirit was triggered, and 30% of Ink Mark speed slowed down in a negative state. Three Waterdrop immediately took the opportunity to retreat and distance themselves, and then release the skill "snake bead sparrow ring"!

See gold and silver rings like two intertwined snakes quickly bite towards Ink Mark——lock the opponent, and hit a single critical strike with super high damage!

The two people's blood level at the same level again.

At one point, the arena was locked in a stalemate, the two sides exchanged a wave of skills, and the blood level dropped to about 40%.

At this moment, three waterdrop suddenly opened a big moves "Definitely Vast Expanse of Water"!

This is Jianghu secret book skill, it can freeze targets within the range.

Ink Mark was frozen in place, and three waterdrop immediately came close to him, a set of skills hit his blood level and pressure it to a dangerous state of 10%.

The onlookers did not expect that the girl would play so fiercely, when he saw that Ink Mark was about to die, Shen He was so anxious to run up to help Master, but Xiao Han was not worried at all, because he knew that Xiao Mo had actually been testing the other party, he hasn't done his best yet.

Most of the skills of "three waterdrop" go into cooldown, yet the big skill of "ink mark" is still there.

——Heart of Sword Spirit!

The moment the freezing effect ended, Qin Mo immediately made a big move, and a soft white sword surrounded the other party like running water!

——Unrivaled Sword!

The follow-up skills were released without hesitation, the icy sword with cold air flew straight out of Ink Mark, instantly pierced the chest of three waterdrop, and burst out a gorgeous blood flower!

The effect of this series of combo attacks is quite terrible, three waterdrop is not only locked in place by the white shock wave and cannot move, but also bear 35% blood lock damage!

Her blood volume is only 5%, and she is still locked in place, as long as the other party takes two normal attacks casually, she will fall down.

However, Ink Mark did not kill her, but took the initiative to open Qinggong back more than ten meters, and put away the long sword in his hand.

Three Waterdrop: "......"

In a duel between masters, sometimes even if not dead, can also be determined by high and low.

She saw that Ink Mark was actually left, at least, Ink Mark's Jianghu secret book "Sword Rain Fragrance" has not been opened, while she has opened the Jianghu secret book "Definitely Vast Expanse of Water". She was not able to kill the opponent when frozen for 3 seconds, but she was caught by the opponent's chance to fight back, in fact, this has already determined the outcome.

Deaths above level 50 in the field will be subject to systematic punishment,which will cost a lot of experience and gold coins. After all, there is no deep hatred, Ink Mark did not kill her, obviously don't want her to lose money and experience.

To figure this out, the mood of three waterdrop is suddenly a little complicated. After a moment of silence, she typed: "You won, I'm willing to lose the bet, and I'll let the guild master kick those troublemakers later."

When she said this, she turned and left. Qin Mo asked doubtfully: "Are you not the administrator of the National Grace guild?"

Three Waterdrop: "No."

Ink Mark: "Then why do you stand up for the national grace?"

Three Waterdrop: "Sorry, the reason is not convenient to say."

Looking at her back when she turned to leave, a group of people Mojue definitely looked at each other.

Shen He scratched his head and said: "This sister gave a strong feeling ah, can fight with Master like this......"

Zhu Qingyue praised: "The consciousness is good."

Xiao Han wondered: "She said she is not a national grace administrator, is she a folk expert?"

Qin Mo frowned slightly and said: "It should be a professional player of the National Grace Club."

Xiao Han was surprised: "How do you decide that? With her level alone, it is possible to be a folk master, isn't it?"

Qin Mo explained: "Just now, gorgeous firework issued a guild call-up order, a group of people from the national grace came to help. She did not act with the large army, but blocked us on the road alone. This shows that she is not a pure online gamer, she settled the matter with a one-on-one fight with me, apparently not wanting national grace and Mojue to make a big deal of it. I guess she is an active member of the club, she didn't want to show off in front of the members of the club, so she came to me privately to settle the dispute."

Xiao Han thought for a moment and felt that Qin Mo's analysis was quite reasonable, he turned back and asked Zhu Qingyue: "Qingyue, a player from the National Grace Club, have you ever thought of competing with this person?"

Zhu Qingyue shook his head: "This club has two teams of national beauty and red fox under its banner. I'm sure new people have been sent here to take the lead in Peerless Jianghu, I do not know who it is."

Qin Mo listened to the discussion, the heart suddenly have a very strange feeling——just that the girl strength is very strong, also very simply to admit losing, both play and character let Qin Mo appreciate. However, there was no teammate beside her and she acted alone, he always felt that the girl had a story.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo said: "I plan to open a small account into the national grace guild to investigate."

Xiao Han asked: "Do you want to go undercover?"

Qin Mo nodded: "I want to find out who this three waterdrop is, and by the way, I also want to find out all the ins and outs of the national grace."

Zhu Qingyue agreed with this: "The strength of the National Grace Club is not weak, it will be our strong enemy in the future, conveniently, it is better to have a thorough understanding."

Xiao Han thought for a moment and said: "Qingyue is now more than 20 levels behind us, can’t act together. Pei Yu and co., you guys are responsible for taking Qingyue to upgrade as soon as possible. I go undercover with Xiao Mo."

Everyone: "......"

Two great gods go undercover together? Is it necessary?

Qin Mo also said: "I will go undercover alone."

Xiao Han said stubbornly: "I'll go with you, double insurance." Otherwise, there are so many national grace girls, what if you are kidnapped?

Qin Mo asked doubtfully: "Do you have to follow me everywhere I go?"

Xiao Han replied calmly: "Of course, I am your vice-captain, how can I not follow you?"

Everyone: ".................."

Oh, the original vice-captain's duty is to follow the captain ah, the newcomers widen their knowledge!

Qin Mo helplessly said: "Okay, let's go undercover together."
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