The King's Return : Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: National Grace

Qin Mo kill these people, just to help Zhu Qingyue revenge. In his capacity, it is impossible to continue to dispute with such low-quality players who kill small account. Just then Wind Leaves chatted privately with him and asked: "Boss, I have just opened Jianshen Valley Ruins team, there is still lack one more person, Is Bright Moon Clear Sky coming?" He should have seen the messages Qin Mo sent to the guild before, and then took the initiative to send a private chat.

Yesterday, when Qin Mo was leading the 10-member team, Wind Leaves happened to be absent, so he was replaced by "I am not a profiteer". Wind Leaves is a friend of Qin Mo when he was level-15. He belongs to the Hanhua Sword School, he has learned a lot of operation skills with Qin Mo, and has played many dungeons with Qin Mo. Now he can also command dungeons by himself, he takes all the dungeons in the guild.

"Okay, I let him enter the team." Qin Mo is of course very reassured about Wind Leaves, so Qingyue is added to his team to mix experience.

Knowing that the auxiliary was a friend of the guild leader, Wind Leaves was also very kind to him: "Hello [bright moon clear sky], our guild has played this Jianshen Valley Ruin dungeon many times, and the team is above level 50, it is very easy to pass this dungeon, you don't have to do anything after you enter this dungeon, just follow us."

Bright moon clear sky: "Thank you."

Only this guild would be happy to bring a small account that does nothing.

Zhu Qingyue found that the Mojue guild was well managed, the friends Qin Mo knew in the online games were Little Medicine Fairy, Mirage and Wind Leaves, Qin Mo was apparently very good at employing people. He arranged them in their best positions to take charge of their duties. The atmosphere of the Mojue guild was very good and the chat of the guild Channel was very good, many people are upgraded in the formation of teams, and many people send strategies to help novices on the guild platform.

Wind Leaves commanded well, and it took half an hour to clear Jianshen Valley Ruins smoothly.

After came out from the dungeon, Zhu Qingyue had already risen to level 38, and Qin Mo took him on a task to level 40.

Qin Mo looked at the time in the computer, it was just eleven o'clock in the evening, he wanted everyone to go offline to sleep. As a result, a message suddenly popped up on the guild channel—[National Grace] declared a one-hour war on [Mojue]! The guild members of both sides will automatically become attack-able when they meet in the field, please pay attention!

——Guild members [Roly-Poly Doll] were brutally killed in Jianshen Valley by the [gorgeous fireworks] of the [National Grace] guild!

——Guild members [Green Child] were brutally killed in Jianshen Valley by the [Gorgeous Notes] of the [National Grace] guild!

Five consecutive messages popped up, apparently a task team was killed in the field.

The killed Roly-Poly doll was puzzled: "Declare war? What is this!"

Green Child: "Do we have enemies with the National Grace? Just now I was killed on an escort task."

Curiosity killed the cat: "Is National Grace the e-sports club of the pure female player in Nanjing ah?"

Roly-Poly Doll: "I don't understand, it was a bunch of girls who killed us anyway."

Guild Channel has a lot of messages, the deputy leader Little Medicine Fairy saw these news and immediately chatted with Ink Mark: "God Mo, these days the guild is calm, Mirage is organizing everyone to upgrade tasks, and no one is causing trouble! Why did National Grace suddenly declare war with us ah?!"

Shen Qi knew that Qin Mo was busy preparing for next year's professional league, so she tried her best to keep a low profile and patiently warned members not to clash with other big guilds. Suddenly, received a declaration of war, and a team of people were killed by the national grace, Shen Qi was confused.

Qin Mo saw that a few "gorgeous" at the beginning of the ID, lightly said: "It seems that I caused it."

Little Medicine Fairy was shocked and said: "Ah?"

Qin Mo simply explained to her the process of killing that team in Jianshen Valley in the afternoon, and Shen Qi's mood was suddenly a little complicated: "It's not your fault, it's them who killed the small account first! How can there be a declaration of war?"

Qin Mo thought about it and said: "Maybe the management of National Grace doesn't know the truth."

In the twinkling of an eye, a lot of news popped up in the lower left corner that guild members had been killed, all of which were done by the national grace on the map of Jianshen Valley.

Qin Mo frowned and issued a notice directly on the guild channel: "People on the map of Jianshen Valley returned to the main city of Mingzhou first, put the task on hold and I'll take care of it."

He said that and sent Xiao Han a team invitation, which Xiao Han immediately accepted.

Xiao Han's team happened to include Shen He, Pei Yu, He Beiguang and Li Muran. Qin Mo also invited Zhu Qingyue. Seven members of the Mojue team came to the map of Jianshen Valley together and found the "gorgeous firework" five teams, and killed them all in one fell swoop.

Ink Mark: "Looking for National Grace as a backer? I remember you didn't join a guild in the afternoon, right?"

Gorgeous Firework: "........."

Looking at Qin Mo's tone was not very good, Xiao Han did not know what had happened, so he asked: "What happened in the afternoon?" Zhu Qingyue explained the story to everyone in a low voice, Xiao Han was surprised and said. "So it seems that some of them went to National Grace and complained that they were bullied by the Mojue Guild and wanted National Grace to help them out?"

Qin Mo said coldly: "Obviously, otherwise there is no reason to declare war with Mojue suddenly."

Shen He was almost shocked: "Holy sh*t! They are so shameless! He killed the trumpet first and was killed by others. He can’t beat it and find a backer and hug their thigh."

He Beiguang also angrily said: "Think we have nobody ah?"

Pei Yu was very clever to see the other party's intention: These five people have female names, but the real gender is unlikely, it is estimated that they went to the National Grace to draw some sympathy points."

Xiao Pei really saw the key at a glance, the five teams are all female players, as for the operator behind the female account is not clear whether it is stingy big man or not.

The National Grace Club has always been known as "the daughter of e-sport". All the players are girls, and most of the players in online games are girls. National Grace is surprisingly united in any game, the girls are united just to avoid being bullied by the superior. The gorgeous fireworks five-member team was "bullied" by the great god Ink Mark, which just touched their scales.

The five members of the gorgeous team are all female account, and they are all of level 60. It is relatively easy for high-level women to join the National Grace Guild. A few of them distorted the facts, cried and complained about their sufferings. They said that they had been robbed by Ink Mark on escort task and killed twice by Ink Mark…... Qin Mo can even imagine that the management of the national grace is furious to have a determination to kill in revenge.

—— It's a good scheme to sow discord.

—— But do you think it's safe to find a backer?

Qin Mo calmly said: "Originally, I didn't want to dispute with you, since you are so fond of playing tricks, I will kill you once, when I see you."

Gorgeous Firework: "Ha ha, you wait!"

Qin Mo stood in place because he knew that the large national grace troops would come soon.

Sure enough, the gorgeous firework directly issued a guild summoning order, and immediately appeared a large number of national grace guild players, all female! It is now 11:30, most of the players are offline to sleep, there are some in the dungeon can not accept the guild call, so only more than 30 people from national grace came to help.

Qin Mo typed on the nearby channel: "Is the national grace guild management in? Do you want me to explain?"

There is a girl called "Spring River Flower Moon Night" sent a row of sneers: "Ink Mark, don't think you can kill people just because you are famous in the first district! Don't talk nonsense to him, he kills fireworks a few times, we kill him several times!"

Qin Mo said lightly: "All right, then come on."

This sentence is equivalent to giving Mojue team a hint——ready to go to war!

The girls who came to help were full of fighting power, and a lot of skills were thrown down, but …... all the skills were fought on, and then there was no more!

—— It's a cyan rain curtain!

Don’t know when Zhu Qingyue's white umbrella opened, the transparent rain curtain spread out to the surroundings instantly. The seven members of Mojue team were all covered by the invincible rain curtain and were unscathed.

It is not advisable to open the invincible barrier at the beginning of the game, but Zhu Qingyue is obviously very good at judging the situation. Now it is an online game, they have to resist the first wave of group attack and gathering fire and create opportunities for the Han and Mo to break into the other side's lineup, so he did not hesitate to open the invincible barrier and plain white umbrella array.

Shen He also responded quickly, a large number of mechanical rats poured into all the national grace like a surging tide, and soon put half of the players in a weak state, then he called four mechanical chariots in a row to surround a group of people in the middle!

He Beiguang carried a big knife and rushed forward, with the "Sea Blood Fragrance" on his body——forcing the skills of the surrounding enemies to attract to him for 8 seconds.

Pei Yu stood in the distance, the green jade flute in his hand played melodious music, with the melody of "Shadow Bird" sounded, a large number of birds rushed down from the air, causing a lot of continuous damage to the people of national grace!

The back row is supported by Zhu Qingyue, the front row is protected by He Beiguang, and there is interference from Shen He and Pei Yu in the distance. Qin Mo and Xiao Han, taking advantage of a short period of three seconds of invincible time, instantaneously rush into the national grace guild, hand up and down, first seckilled the Spring River Flower Moon Night that just spoke, followed by Qin Mo with a group control, Xiao Han Thousand Step of Ghost Walk splitting and killing people quickly…..

—— The guild war was one-sided.

Gorgeous fireworks did not expect, he calls national grace nearly 30 people to help, unexpectedly like cutting vegetables, killed all in one breath by Ink Mark team!

Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice have rushed together for a second, almost referring to one dead person, there is no solution!

The "Northern Light" with 100,000 blood rushed forward, and the "Silence" added 10 layers of blood Buff, everyone could not take this blood cow ......

He Beiguang looked at the corpses all around him and said proudly: "Thick skin is cool, so many people can't kill me!"

Shen He also said excitedly: "It's really fun, hahaha!"

Pei Yu said: "The invincibility of Great God Qingyue is too timely."

This sentence is not flattering, Zhu Qingyue also accepted it with a smile: "My level is low, can only hide in the back to help everyone."

Shen He praised: "Milk mom is also awesome! Continuously adding blood to everyone all the time, my blood has not dropped. Ha, ha, ha, it's still full."

Li Muran: "…...Milk dad."

Shen He patted his forehead: "Oh, I was wrong, I was wrong. Why do I always forget that you are a male healer?"

Li Muran: "If you call wrong again, I won't give you any more blood."

Shen He: "Q_Q"

Everyone was surprised, it was rare to see Li Muran say such a long sentence! It seems that he is also very happy.

——This is the first cooperation since the Mojue team was established.

It was not until this moment that everyone finally understood why Qin Mo chose this lineup.

The average level of online games players is not high, but the situation of seven players hitting more than 30 players like cutting vegetables still makes everyone feel quite good. Zhu Qingyue's timely state support, Li Muran's rapid healing, He Beiguang's front-row attack, Pei Yu's interference with Shen He's rear, coupled with the Twin Star's joint outbreak to seckill——the Mojue team playing  national grace, these online game players just like a sweep of the wind.

On the other hand, all the bodies were lying on the ground. The gorgeous firework did not dare to speak. The "Spring River Flower Moon Night" that took the lead also quieted down.

It's really a slap in the face to pull a group of people angrily to revenge, but only to get killed.

Ink Mark typed: "Since you do not want to listen to my explanation, then ask your guild leader to contact me in private."

He left with this sentence and turned away, and several members of the team followed him at once.

Spring River Flower Moon Night looked at several people's backs and lay on the ground, stunned for a long time. Only then did she come back to her mind and chatted privately with guild leader: "Qing-jie, more than 30 of us were destroyed in the field, ah, ah, ah, that Ink Mark is very strong! And there are a lot of powerful friends, he told you to contact him privately!"

Wind Across Green Hill: "I'm in dungeon, come out right away."

Spring River Flower Moon Night: "Oh!"

Wind Across Green Hill: "Are you the one who declared war on Mojue?"

Spring River Flower Moon Night: "I don't want to see Ink Mark bully our guild people ah! So…..."

Wind Across Green Hill: "I will investigate the matter, you first take everyone back to the main city."

At the same time, Qin Mo and co. came to the exit of the map of Jianshen Valley, only to find a national grace guild member with ID "Three Waterdrop" stuck in the road.

The other side stood alone in the middle of the road, but quite imposing.

This is a female account, dressed in dark blue, black long hair neatly tied in the back of her head, her hands each holding a ring, the left hand ring is silver, small and exquisite similar to the collar; The ring of the right hand is gold and is large enough to hold a person's waist; the top of the ring has a shape similar to that of a sparrow, and her hands can hold the body of the sparrow.

—— Seven-star artifact "Sparrow Spirit"!

Qin Mo had seen this weapon on the Jianghu Weapons List before, and it is one of the few seven-star artifacts at present. Unexpectedly, today he saw its owner, the player from the Xuanbing Palace.

Xuanbing Palace is a relatively mysterious school. Up to now, Qin Mo has not dealt with the people of this school. Moreover, dual-ring School is a five-star school in the evaluation of the official website, the use of two-handed weapons is complicated. The use of left and right rings may cause different effects, people who are not aware of it are difficult to control two-handed weapons, while the one in front is obviously a master.

A line of words appeared on the nearby channel: "Ink Mark, dare to fight one-on-one?"

The members of the Mojue team were a little surprised——it was very courageous of you to go one-on-one with our captain!
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