Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: You Hate Me so Much?

Lu Junting leaned back into the chair and squinted his eyes to look at him, “Xiao Ziang, what do you mean?”

Xiao Ziang touched the tip of his nose, his heart was chaotic, thinking that he could simply tell him the truth, so he said, “Didn’t my engineering team recently take care of the reconstruction of the dormitory building at Ancheng University? I went to inspect today, and I happened to run into Xiao Xiyu.” Speaking of this, he deliberately lowered his voice, for fear of being heard by someone, and said to him with a solemn expression, “She is with a man.”

Xiao Ziang obviously felt Lu Junting’s eyes turn cold in a flash, so cold that he subconsciously shivered.

“Which man?” Yet his tone remained calm.

Xiao Ziang replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him before.”

Lu Junting looked like he didn’t want to take it seriously. He picked up the pen and continued to sigh, saying, “Probably a classmate, don’t think too much about it.”

“I didn’t really think much about it at first, but do you know how she introduced me? She introduced me as her brother’s friend, don’t you think that’s weird? As if she was deliberately covering up her marriage.”

Lu Junting’s movement paused, reminding him of the time when she introduced him in front of her colleagues. She introduced him as her friend’s brother, leaving the relationship clear.

Lu Junting was silent for a moment, and suddenly said to Xiao Ziang, “Xiao Ziang, you get closer, I have something to say to you.”

Xiao Ziang originally thought that he was going to whisper something to him, so he walked over obediently, and especially cooperated with bringing his ears forward a little, when he heard Lu Junting coldly throwing a sentence, “Get out.”

Xiao Ziang: “...”


Xiao Ziang cursed out of Lu Junting’s office, and slapped his own mouth, telling himself that he talked too much, he was a big idiot. He should have let him know nothing and be given a green hat by Xiao Xiyu.

When Lu Junting came back, the nanny was taking Lu Chengmao to play in the backyard, who liked to go outside and could not stay at home.

Lu Junting did not see Lin Xiyu, so he asked, “Is Chengmao’s mother coming back late again?”

The nanny said, “She had called and said she’d be back in a little while.”

Lu Junting thought of Xiao Ziang’s words. It was so late and she had not yet come back, and he did not know which wild man she had gone out with.

Originally, he deliberately took time to accompany the mother and son today. Who knew that the girl ran away early in the morning, so he went to the company when he was bored at home.

Lu Chengmao was sitting on the stroller, looking up at his father at this time. The fleshy white and tender face, a pair of big round eyes, looking smart and moist. His cute little appearance made people could not help but want to rub when they looked at him.

The little guy’s bright eyes kept staring at him, which made Lu Junting very surprised. As a person who sat on the higher ranking position for a long time, his eyes had long been practiced to be sharp to shock so many people, and not many people dared to keep staring at him. This little cub had some skills and was not afraid of him.

Lu Junting squatted in front of the stroller, his gaze softened, his face showed a bit of the old father’s love. He stretched out his hand to him, but unexpectedly, this little guy was particularly cooperative. As soon as he stretched out his hand, the little guy stretched out his fat arms to his side, which meant to give him a hug.

Lu Junting picked up the fleshy little dumping, and the round eyes of the little dumpling was still staring at him. Lu Junting was also afraid of scaring him, his originally sharp eyes became softer and softer under his son’s gaze, and the man who did not smile could not help but bring a smile on his face as he asked, “Do you like daddy?”

And he hugged him so enthusiastically.

Lu Chengmao stared at this big toy in front of him, it was really a big one ah, it was fun to look at, but he did not know how it felt.

The fleshy little hand waved and he slapped Lu Junting on the face.
Wow, it felt good in his hand!

Lu Junting, who was immersed in the warm atmosphere of father and son loving each other, suddenly received a slap, and could not help but feel a little confused, but the little guy had little strength, so the slap did not hurt.

Lu Junting deliberately put on a stern face and said, “You’ve got a big guts ah, daring to hit your old man?”

The little guy was not afraid at all, giggled and laughed so hard that his saliva fell down. Lu Junting did not dislike it, and helped him wipe it off with a bib.

His son laughed, his eyes shining, like thousands of stars scattered in it, much like when his mother laughed. Although the rumors about him were not very good, he was scheming and strong, in fact, like many ordinary men, he also had the joy of becoming a father for the first time, and he still had a love for his young son.

Looking at his son’s smile, the old father’s heart was soft, and he was not angry at all when he was slapped by his son.

“Why do you like to smile so much? Just like your mom.”

He felt a pain in his scalp just as the words left his mouth. It turned out to be the little guy continuing to test his hand, his little fat hand grabbing and tugging on his hair and not letting go.

No respect at all for him as an old father.

Lin Xiyu went home and did not see her little baby. She knew that her little baby liked to go out, so she ran to the backyard to take a look, and just saw this scene.

Her little baby was held in his father’s arms, and his small fleshy hands pulled his father’s hair fiercely. Lin Xiyu knew how much it hurt when the little guy yanked on someone's hair.

Lin XIyu was startled, and hurriedly rushed over to take her little baby from Lu Juntig’s arms, and then looked at Lu Junting. The man’s expression was really not very good.

Lu Junting did not understand why, when this little guy pulled his hair, it was really painful.

Lin Xiyu opened the little guy’s fingers one by one, and the little guy was not happy at once. He hadn’t had enough of his big toy. He stretched out his hand towards Lu Junting and whine incessantly.

Lin Xiyu was afraid that Lu Junting would get angry, so she pretended to reprimand the little guy, “HOw can you pull your daddy’s hair?”

Lu Junting asked with a gloomy face, “He usually pulls your hair like this?”

Lin Xiyu hurriedly said, “No, no, he rarely pulls my hair.”

It was the obvious protective attitude.

“His bad habit has to be changed.”

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll help him change it.”

Although Lin Xiyu knew that as a father, Lu Junting would not do anything to his little baby, but when he had a calm face, it was especially scary.

“I’m going to take my little baby upstairs to breastfeed him first.”

After she said that, she hurriedly left with her little dumpling, afraid that he would ask the mother and son if she was late.

Lu Junting’s carefully groomed hair was caught by the little dumpling, and the majesty of the old father was shattered all over the ground, and a little embarrassment cracked in his cold and arrogant temperament. However, he was not too angry, what made him angry was the attitude of the little girl. Looking at her protective look, as if he really wanted to do something to that little guy. Such a small little cub, what else could he do?

Lin Xiyu hurried upstairs with her little baby, closed the door of the room before she breathed a sigh of relief, and then smiled at the cute face of her little baby.

Lin Xiyu poked his fleshy face with her finger and said, “Only you have the ability to dare to grab your daddy’s hair.”

She did not know if the little guy thought his mother was complimenting him, but he was so affected by playing with the toy that he was in a good mood again and giggled.

Lin Xiyu held him and sat on the chair, this was the chair she specially sat on when she was breastfeeding. The familiar position of the familiar place, the little guy remembered that he seemed to be hungry, and his mouth was deflated. He began to arch around his mother’s chest, grunting and immediately about to cry out.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly fed him milk, and when he drank milk, the little guy was satisfied. He touched his mother’s face with his little fleshy hand.

After feeding, Lin Xiyu carried her little baby downstairs to play. She sat on the sofa with her little baby in her arms. Her little baby was holding a ball that could be pinched and rattled, the ball made of latex had many soft buttons on it, it would ring when pinched, each button had a different sound, and her little baby loved to play with this.

Lu Junting came down from upstairs, and Lin Xiyu did not know if Lu Junting was still angry after having his hair pulled, so the tone of greeting was a little apprehensive, “Is brother Junting done with your works?”

“En, it’s done.”

Lin Xiyu glanced at his hair, the area that was pulled by her little baby had been taken care of, and seeing that he was calm, he should have put the matter of his hair being pulled by her little baby having him.

Lin Xiyu secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Junting walked to sit down next to her and asked, “What is he playing?”

Lin Xiyu said, “I don’t know what it is, but little baby likes to play with it quite a bit.”

Lu Junting reached over and took the toy in his son’s hand. Lu Chengmao was having fun when his toy was suddenly snatched away, he immediately stopped, and started to frown as he hummed to grab it.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly coaxed him, “Daddy doesn’t want it, Daddy just wants to take a look.”

The little guy was very anxious, half of his body leaned out to grab his small ball. Lu Junting gave him the ball and said, “No one can touch what you like.” His index finger scratched the tip of his nose, “That’s a character like mine.”

The little baby was very happy to take back the toy, he giggled and squeezed the ball to squeak.

“Did you go out today?” Lu Junting seemed to ask casually.

Lin Xiyu remembered that she met Xiao Ziang today, and she did not know if Xiao Ziang would mention it to Lu Junting, but since Lin Xiqian also intended to meet Lu Junting, she simply told him the truth.

“I just went out and took a friend to stroll around.”

“Lu Yuan?”

“Not Lu Yuan.”

“En? Who is it?” It still had that casual tone of question.

“He is kind of my step brother, my parents adopted him for a while.”

“The child adopted by your parents?” Her words surprised Lu Junting, “Why have we never heard of Mr. and Mrs. Lin adopting a child?”

Lin Xiyu said, “In fact, it’s not an adoption. At that time, because of the need to treat him, the adoption procedures had not been completed. He had a heart disease and at that time the domestic heart stent surgery was not mature enough, and then an American couple knew the situation and intended to adopt him. My parents felt that it was better to follow the American couple than to follow them, so they gave him to the American couple.”

Lu Junting’s eyes narrowed slightly, he also did not expect there was this relationship. He was silent for a while and then said, “Since there is such a relationship, then you can invite him to your home some day for everyone to get to know each other.”

Lin Xiyu nodded, “Okay, I’ll arrange it.”

She agreed, and it was unexpected to Lu Junting. He said that to test her, after all, he knew that the little girl did not want others to know the relationship between them.

“When will you move in with me?” He asked again in a natural tone.
Lin Xiyu did not react to what he meant by that as she said with a puzzled look on her face, “Aren’t I living with you right now?”

“I mean, when are you going to move into my room?”


Lin Xiyu was stunned. He asked her to move to his room with this particularly natural tone, as if asking her what to eat tonight? Want to share a room with him? She suddenly thought of that time she overheard him talking to sister Wu about wanting to sleep with her. Upon hearing this, she was inwardly apprehensive, she was afraid that he would come and mention this to her, but then he did not mention the issue of sharing a room, so she did not bother to ask. She did not expect him to suddenly mention it today, the key was that his expression was also particularly natural, even with a sense of a matter of course, as if this was a perfectly normal thing.

Lin Xiyu felt chaotic, she did not understand. This relationship of theirs, they were just getting together and living together because they had a child, it was not the same as a normal couple, so why did he want to share a room with her?

And Lu Junting probably saw her doubts, and still said in that natural tone, “Now that the child has been born and your body has recovered, we are husband and wife, so naturally we should sleep together.”

Lin Xiyu keenly captured the phrase ‘your body has recovered’, saying that the child was born was understandable, but why did he have to emphasize that her body had recovered.

Lin Xiyu felt her back stiffen, and a rush of hot air rushed towards her face.

Her mind was confused, her whole person was in a state of confusion, and she had no reason to digest these words.

She thought that she and Lu Junting were just a nominal couple, because the marriage between the two was because of the little baby, and although they were a couple, she felt that both of them had their own lives.

Lu Junting should not have much interest in her, and that night was also due to confusion, plus she was a little similar to his ex-girlfriend, and he probably did not distinguish between them for a while.

Lin Xiyu felt that Lu Junting might be treating her like a child, after all, she was Lu Yuan’s friend, and Lu Yuan was the kind of little girl who had not grown up in his eyes.

But now that he asked her to move in with him, how could she not understand what he meant? He wanted to be an actual husband and wife with her.

Lu Junting said again, “I’ll ask sister Wu to help you move things in a while. Chengmao is almost half a year old, and can drink milk powder, you don’t have to be so tired. Let the nanny take him to sleep in the future.”

In Lin Xiyu’s confused look, Lu Junting went upstairs.

Lin Xiyu was absent-minded all night. At night, she coaxed her little baby to sleep, but she could not sleep, walking back and forth in the room restlessly. She did not understand why Lu Junting wanted to share a room with her, wasn’t it always fine before? She had thought that life without each other before was the norm for their lives from now on.

After a while, she heard a knock on the door. Lin Xiyu opened the door, and there was sister Wu standing outside the door. Lu Junting ordered her to come over and help move things.

“Do you want to move now?”


Lin Xiyu sent away sister Wu. She thought about it and felt that she still had to explain this matter clearly to Lu Junting.

Lin Xiyu made a mental preparation for a while, walked to Lu Junting’s study and knocked on the door. There was an answer from inside, and Lin Xiyu pushed the door in. Lu Junting was video-calling with someone, so Lin Xiyu did not disturb him. Lu Junting gestured to the sofa next to the wall with his eyes, and Lin Xiyu obediently walked over and sat down to wait.

Lu Junting used English all the way, and his English pronunciation was very standard. When he spoke in English, his voice sounded more magnetic. Listening to it, Lin Xiyu thought it was probably the affairs of foreign branches.

Lin Xiyu waited for twenty minutes for the video conference to end, and Lu Junting looked over to her and asked, “Didn’t sister Wu help you move your things?”

Lin Xiyu really did not understand. How could he speak so casually and take his attitude for granted?

Originally, she was uncomfortable when facing him, and she was even more uncomfortable hearing his words now. However, there were some things that Lin Xiyu felt necessary to make clear with him.

“Why did brother Junting suddenly want to share a room with me?”

Lu Junting asked rhetorically with a matter-of-fact look, “Shouldn’t husband and wife share a room?”

Lin Xiyu pondered for a while before saying, “It’s true that husband and wife should share a room, but we all know the situation of brother Junting and me. We got married because we had little baby. Of course I know everyone has needs in that area, and brother Junting is a normal person, so I can understand your needs. Although we are husband and wife, I’m sorry I can’t accept it. I think that kind of thing is the natural thing for two people who love each other, not because of carnal desire. I wasn’t sober the night I had little baby, or that wouldn’t have happened.”

“Listening to you say that, you seem to regret having that night with me?”

Lin Xiyu looked towards him, he looked as usual, but this person had a sense of oppression. Even if his expression was natural when he spoke, that sense of oppression shocked people’s hearts.

Lin Xiyu said, “There is no way to change the past, and there is no need to regret it. I just want to live in the present and the future with little baby. Of course, originally we said that we would divorce after I gave birth, and because we did not divorce later because of little baby. I can’t help with brother Junting’s needs, but I won’t interfere with brother Junting’s private life.”

The implication was that he could find another woman to solve it.

Lu Junting’s gaze suddenly tightened, he felt quite strange. Whose women did not want their husbands around every day to accompany them, but she was very good, she could not wait for her husband to find another woman outside.

Lu Junting’s eyes tightened, and a cold glow naturally appeared under his eyes. Lin Xiyu only felt that the air seemed to be suddenly cold several degrees. Being swept by his eyes, her body seemed to have passed a cold current, becoming frozen and numb.

However, his eyes were so cold, but the corners of the man’s mouth curved into an arc, as if he was laughing, “Do you know why so many people want to cooperate with me? Not only because Changheng’s resources can bring benefits to others, but also because everyone in the circle knows that I, Lu Junting, am the most contractual person. When you and I became husband and wife, there was a contract between us, so now you expect me to break the contract and have an extramarital affair? To plunge me into injustice and have my reputation ruined after all these years?”

Lin Xiyu felt that Lu Junting was a man who could teach people well. These words of his were so powerful and reasonable that she could not refute a single word.

She even felt ashamed, as if she was really the evil person who would set him up for injustice.

“I’m sorry brother Junting.”

“Get out.”

His tone was obviously cold and unkind. During the time she knew Lu Junting, he had always respected her and had never been so unkind to her. Lin Xiyu also realized that she seemed to have really said the wrong thing, so she didn’t say anything more and left obediently.

Back in the room, little baby was sleeping soundly. She laid beside him, looking at little baby’s fleshy face. The baby’s eyes looked like her, but the contour of his face resembled his father.

Lin Xiyu sigheh softly, “Did mommy really do something wrong, is it really excessive for mommy to say that?”

When Lin Xiyu got up the next day, Lu Junting had already left. She wanted to apologize properly, but she did not expect for him to leave so early and he hadn’t come back for several days after this departure, and he also hadn’t called.

He used to have business trips before, but every time he left, he would explain to her first, but this time, he didn’t tell her anything, as if he was silently telling her that he was angry.

Lin Xiyu also thought about it carefully in the past two days, and she also felt that those words were a little disrespectful to him. Lu Junting really did not treat their mother and son badly, and had done it thoughtful enough. Although he said at the beginning that they would divorce after giving birth to the baby, the little baby was still so young, she couldn’t leave him for a while.

It was also quite normal for husband and wife to have sex life, and she was naive enough to think that she and he could live their own lives independently of each other.

Now she clearly realized that if she was to stay with him and continue to be his wife, then she could not really have completely had nothing to do with him.

In fact, it did not seem to be so difficult to accept, anyway, it was the first time she had done it with him.

Lin Xiyu wanted to call him, but she didn’t dare. After a few days, Lu Junting still didn’t come back. That night, Lin Xiyu coaxed her little baby to sleep and practiced calligraphy for a while as usual.

After drinking the water in the cup, she went downstairs to pour the water again, but unexpectedly she saw Lu Junting sitting on the sofa after she turned on the light. His head was leaning against the sofa, his eyes were closed, and she did not know if he was asleep or not.

Lin Xiyu walked lightly and came over. Only when she got closer did she smell of alcohol on him. Lin Xiyu saw that he had his eyes closed, not disturbing him, and was about to go to get him a blanket to cover. However, as soon as she turned around, her wrist was suddenly grabbed, and his iron claw-like hand suddenly pulled her. The next moment, she was sitting directly on his lap.

The strong and elastic thighs. Lin Xiyu felt as if she was scalded as soon as she sat down, and subconsciously had to jump up, yet the man behind her suddenly came over and put an arm around her waist.

His firm chest that exuded heat was pressed against her back, and a burning breath sprayed into her ear. Lin Xiyu stiffened her body, and did not dare to look back.

“You hate me so much?”

His voice was low and hoarse, tinged with alcohol, and seemed to penetrate her ear in the silence of the night with a slight sense of intoxication.

He was so close to her, ambiguous posture, ambiguous words, a man like Lu Junting with first-class field control. She was afraid that no woman could resist if such a man flirted with a woman.

Lin Xiyu felt that her heartbeat was accelerating. She didn’t know if it was whether she was affected by the heat of his body, her cheeks were burning slowly, her mind was in a mess, and she felt her whole body was swelling. She wanted to calm herself, but her thoughts were still messy.

You hate me so much?

Did it sound like a complaint? Was it because he was drunk that he was saying such things? Or did he go for a drink because she made him feel bad?

Was she so powerful that she could influence his emotions?

Lin Xiyu adjusted her breathing slightly to bring herself back to her senses as she said, “Brother Junting, I don’t hate you.”

“If you don’t hate me, why do you still push me out?” His voice was hoarse and tightened, “You tell me, what I have to do for you to like me, and I’ll do it, okay?”


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