The King's Return : Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Running Away from Home (part I)

Yuan Xi sat in the back of the taxi tightly clenched fist, mind quickly slipped past those fragments when he was young——he was only in his early 16 s when he first came to Wind Color club, he was a stranger, and he was young, so he always felt like he was living under others, eating and sleeping, everything is not used to. The teenager who shared the same dormitory with him was Qiu Zongping, he still remembered the scene when he saw saw Qiu Zongping for the first time, the team leader introduced them and said: "Xiao Qiu, Xiao Yuan, you will live in the same dormitory in the future, Xiao Qiu is a local, Xiao Yuan, you can ask him if you are not familiar with Shanghai."

After the team leader left, the two teenagers stared at each other. Finally, it was Qiu Zongping who first broke the silence and took the initiative to hold out his hand and said: "Hello."

Yuan Xi shook hands with him and said: "Hello, please take care of me in the future." At that time, he thought that he must have a good relationship with his roommate.

Although Qiu Zongping didn't speak much at that time, he took good care of Yuan Xi as a roommate because he was a local, two people have a good relationship. At the weekend, Qiu Zongping will take Yuan Xi around Shanghai, like the Oriental Pearl Tower, Xujiahui and Nanjing road…...All kinds of things about Shanghai are gradually familiar to Yuan Xi by Qiu Zongping, Yuan Xi regards him as his best friend, two people go to the training room everyday to practice basic movement and accompany each other, Yuan Xi thinks it's good to have such a partner.

Before long, Zhou Xuewei, this sister in the training camp was transferred to play by the vice captain Qin, and the other teenagers were very envious.

Yuan Xi went back to the dormitory to talk about the matter with Qiu Zongping, and his heart was filled with longing: "Xuewei's debut in advance this time was due to the retirement of the team's great god healer, one day, we will also have a chance."

Qiu Zongping smiled and said: "Yes, take your time. Anyway, we are still young, and there will always be opportunities in the future."

Yuan Xi said excitedly: "Maybe we can make our debut together!"

Unexpectedly, what he casually said became true.

The performance of that season plummeted, and Vice Captain Qin Mo began to select a large number of newcomers from the training camp, first Zhou Xuewei, Zhao Xingchen, and then Lin Yao, Yuan Xi, who has outstanding talent, soon got the chance. In a training camp trial, he won five players in a row, Qin Mo finally noticed him.

"Do you like summoner?" Qin Mo's face was cold and light, but his eyes were especially black and clear, to those eyes, anyone was ashamed to lie.

"Yes, I'm actually a fan of captain Ling and Vice captain Qin." Yuan Xi blushed and whispered.

"but the way you play is not like me and master." Qin Mo said lightly.

"I…...I think if you learn from other people's style of play, you won't have your own characteristics." Yuan Xi's face was even redder, but her eyes were firm. "I prefer to use my pet to kill my opponent, not just as a control field. I think the summoner has a strong ability to break out and can be the main attacker."

"En, you have a good talent, follow me first." Qin Mo did not object to his statement, which made Yuan Xi very happy.

After returning to the dormitory that night, Yuan Xi excitedly knocked on Qiu Zongping's door: "Xiao Qiu Xiao Qiu, do you think vice captain Qin wants me to be his successor? Hahahaha, everyone says he is cold and arrogant, but I think he is very gentle, he is very kind to me, and today he praised me for my talent!"

Praised by the vice captain, Yuan Xi was so excited that he almost went downstairs to run a lap. At that time, Yuan Xi was very simple.

Vice captain Qin was able to take a fancy to Yuan Xi, and Qiu Zongping was also very happy for him, he patted him on the shoulder and said: "Vice captain likes you a lot, you have to work harder in the future, don't let him down."

Yuan Xi was so happy that his whole face was red: "Of course! I must practice well!"

The next day, Yuan Xi followed Qin Mo to practice the summoner's play of each kind of pet from scratch, because of his good talent and some basics, he learned very fast, and within a week he learned all the things Qin Mo taught him. Just at this time, Qin Mo let the newcomers who did not start the training camp come to a rotation battle, and then called Qiu Zongping to find him.

Yuan Xi knew that Qiu Zongping's talent must have been recognized by vice captain, and he was also very happy for his roommates.

As a result, Qiu Zongping said after coming back: "Vice captain Qin team asked me to change to practice summoner and try to form cooperation with you."

Yuan Xi was stupefied, reflecting that Qin Mo wanted to inherit the "double summner" lineup of Wind Color team, and immediately became happy: "That's good! The two of us are going to be partners!"

At that time, Yuan Xi was not hate Qiu Zongping, but liked this roommate who accompanied him to progress.

However, in the process of training later, he gradually found that Qiu Zongping's progress was far faster than his own. Although he was able to win Qiu Zongping, Qiu Zongping always mastered the tactical thinking of god Mo at the first time, but he learned neither fish nor fowl. Probably because of the psychological dislike of this kind of fighting, Yuan Xi has never been able to learn the essence of Qin Mo's fighting method. Instead, Qiu Zongping has a surprisingly high ability of understanding, the more he learns, the more he looks like him

Yuan Xi felt a strong sense of crisis.

He has always been the first Summoner in the training camp, and his friends who usually train together regard him as the successor of the third generation Summoner after Ling Xuefeng and Qin Mo. However, Qiu Zongping's existence has greatly threatened his position, there is always a main force and an assistant in the team of double summoner, just like the match of red flowers and green leaves. Ling Xuefeng was famous in the League at that time, but his partner's name was rarely mentioned. Later, little prince Qin Mo became the God of the new generation of summoner, and his partner still can't be remembered by many people.

——Yuan Xi doesn't want to become a supporting role that no one remembers, let alone serve as a foil to Qiu Zongping's green leaves.

If it is really a double summoning combination, he should also be the protagonist, and Qiu Zongping should play a supporting role, right? Obviously he was the summoner who practiced first, he was discovered by Qin Mo first, wasn't he?

However, things are always moving towards a situation he does not want to see.

When Qin Mo retired, he decisively handed over the vice captain to Qiu Zongping, and everyone respectfully called Qiu Zongping: "Vice captain Qiu."

The combination of Yuan Xi and Qiu Zongping will officially debut next season——Qiu Zongping is the core of the tactics, and Yuan Xi can only assist.

Reporters always rush to pass the microphone to Qiu Zongping while leaving Yuan Xi aside, about the discussion of the new generation summoner\, everyone only paid attention to Qiu Zongping, few people knew who Yuan Xi was, when referring to Yuan Xi, everyone only remembered that he was "the partner of vice captain Qiu"; The league's selection of the best summoner is definitely not for him, not to mention the highest popularity award, fans have all thrown their votes at Qiu Zongping…...Yes, Qiu Zongping is more handsome and more stable than him, but is he so bad?

Later Yan Ruiwen retired and handed over the captain, Qiu Zongping became the legitimate third generation successor of Wind Color team, his popularity rose rapidly, while Yuan Xi was still a little transparent that few people paid attention to, he even suffered many doubts because his style of play was different from Qin Mo's.

They are newcomers who started out at the same time, why is the gap getting wider and wider? It is clear that his own strength is not weak, how can all the benefits be taken by Qiu Zongping in the end?

It would be impossible for anyone to feel comfortable in the face of an old friend who started out with him but left him far behind.

After becoming captain, Qiu Zongping is very busy every day, dealing with reporters' interviews, contacting with sponsors, and making good relations with fans, he was no longer the teenager Yuan Xi remembered as bringing him delicious food at night and discussing the future with him.

Every time Qiu Zongping came back, Yuan Xi went to bed early, the communication between them became less and less, and the relationship became more and more strange.

In this Peerless Jianghu public test, Yuan Xi decisively proposed to lead the team to change the project in person, he thought he could get rid of Qiu Zongping's influence and break into a new world, but he found that Qiu Zongping's influence still existed, Qiu Zongping can even persuade the manager to replace him as a captain.

Qiu Zongping's three words are like a lingering dark cloud, which always covers his head, making Yuan Xi feel especially depressed.

Obviously, they were still good friends before, how did they become like this?

Yuan Xi looked out of the window at the gloomy sky, and his mood gradually sank to the bottom of the valley. What Qiu Zongping said behind his back was like a sharp knife that pierced his heart——it turned out that the man had never looked up to himself. He had been a green leaf beside him for so many years, but in his heart, he was just a useless fool, not as good as a hair of Zhou Xuewei.

The taxi driver in the front row couldn't help asking: "Sir, where are you going ah?"

The man stopped his taxi with a suitcase in his red eyes and asked him to drive forward after getting in the car, he did not say where he was going, like lost his soul , as if he was lovelorn, but he looked a little pitiful.

The driver looked into Yuan Xi's eyes from the rearview mirror and could not help persuading: "Love is not something that can be forced to come, don't be sad young man, you are not bad-looking, there must be girls like it."

"......" Yuan Xi wiped his face awkwardly and said in a hoarse voice. "What are you talking about? I'm not lovelorn."

"Oh. Then, sir, tell me where you are going ah?" The driver is really helpless, hehad driven around the road for three times. "It's almost evening rush hour, and there will be traffic jams on the road."

"Er...... Let's go to Chenyi Square." Yuan Xi had to name a place.

Along the way, his mobile phone rang repeatedly, looking at the three words "Qiu Zongping" in the caller ID, Yuan Xi only felt heart ached.

His feelings for Qiu Zongping are actually very complicated, just like the little friend next door who played mud with you when you were young, you agreed to grow up and work together, but in the twinkling of an eye, he suddenly became a big star surrounded by countless fans and halos, while you are an unknown 18th line little actor, he plays the leading role, young master, you can only play a little guard beside him, will be a little jealous of him, but you also have admiration that you are embarrassed to say.

In fact, behind Yuan Xi's pride, there is more deep inferiority complex——nothing can compare with his Qiu Zongping's inferiority complex.

Qiu Zongping did everything he dreamed at that time, but he failed to do the same.

Thought there would be a chance in the new game, but every word of Qiu Zongping said to the manager today was full of contempt and ridicule for him, and also made him realize clearly——Yuan Xi was such a bad person in Qiu Zongping's heart.
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