Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Don’t Keep Avoiding Me

Lin Xiyu was very surprised, she did not expect that someone like Lu Junting could coax people with a soft tone.

In fact, Lin Xiyu just wanted to vent. After venting, the depressed mood was much better, she quickly comforted herself that life would be fine, she was now just passing a hurdle, whose life was smooth, maybe after this hurdle her life would become better?

Lin Xiyu wiped away her tears and said, “I’m fine, I just want to cry for a while.”

When Lu Junting saw she wiped her tears, he was relieved. He leaned back in his chair and said, “You don’t have to be afraid, I will do everything I can to help you.”

Lin Xiyu nodded her head and asked, “What are we going to do next?”

Lu Junting glanced at her and said, “Since you can’t abort it, give birth to the child with peace of mind.”

“Do we need to tell Aunt Yao about this?”

“This can’t be hidden.”

In other words, not only Aunt Yao, the other people of the Lu family should also know?

“How do we tell them?”

“Let’s just say we’re dating, and accidentally got pregnant.”

Lin Xiyu knew that old Mr. Lu and old madam Lu were pushing Lu Junting to get married, and if he said that and she was pregnant with a child, when the time came, she could not say anything and old madam Lu would arrange for them to get married.

Lin Xiyu asked uneasily, “If when the time comes, grandma and the other want to arrange a marriage…”

“Then we get married, you don’t want to be pregnant before marriage, right?”

These words were right, but she always felt strange to the thought of getting married to Lu Junting. They had nothing in common, and she could now think of the awkward and depressing feeling of getting along with each other if they got married in the future.

She thought about which would be more acceptable if she did meet someone she particularly liked and wanted to marry in the future, being married and having children or not being married and having children. Anyway, the child was already here, it seemed better to have never been married.

It would be better to just tell the Lu family the truth and say that the child was an accident, that she was drunk that night, that the Lu family definitely wanted this child, that she would leave after giving birth, and that she could never have contact with this child if the Lu family wanted it.

“It’s better not to say anything for now, I’ll think about it.”

“What else do you need to think about?” Lu Junting asked her.

“I’m trying to decide whether to tell the truth or not.”


Lu Junting was silent, and his face tinged with a little coldness, and said, “It’s best not to think about it for too long, your stomach can’t be hidden.”

“I know.”

Lu Junting dropped her off at the institute where she worked. Lin Xiyu was absent-minded for a few days, and in a blink of an eye, she reached the weekend, and Lin Xiyu returned to the Lu family. She was very embarrassed now, whether to marry Lu Junting for the sake of the child or to give birth to a child when the time came to completely end the relationship with Lu Junting. She did not want to marry Lu Junting, but if she did not get married, she had to abandon the child.

Her parents’ job was to save children who had been abandoned by their parents, and she, as their daughter, would one day have to abandon her own child, just like Lu Junting said, her parents had spent their lives running around for abandoned children, but could not save their own grandchild.

She was very torn to death.

However, this matter could not be concealed, so how was she going to tell about this? Lu Yuan saw that she stayed in the room every day and did not go out, and forcibly pulled her out for a walk.

“It’s rare that you’re still at home on weekends, and you’re going to grow moldy if you don’t go out again, why have you become so homely now?” Lu Yuan squinted her eyes at Lin Xiyu, “Tell me the truth, do you have something on your mind that you are hiding from me?”

“What can I have on my mind?”

The Lu Family’s garden was quite large and had several styles. Lu Yuan took her around the lotus garden, which was Chinese-style, with a winding corridor built above the pond. The green lotus leaves covered the entire pond, occasionally dotted with a few pink buds, some withered lotus flowers already bearing lotus roots, and fish weaving beneath the leaves, with an occasional lake breeze bringing a refreshing coolness.

Passing through the corridor was a lily garden, where Lin Xiyu used to like to read. A pavilion was built in the garden, and at this moment there were several people sitting in the pavilion, and Lin Xiyu saw Lu Junting sitting in the crowd at a glance.

Next to him sat old Mr. Lu, the second and third uncles of the Lu family. Sitting in a crowd of elders, Lu Junting was not the least bit rushed, he looked natural and talked to them, occasionally nodding his head. Even though he sat next to all the elders, he did not have any sense of incongruity.

Today happened to be the weekend and everyone did not have work, so those few people sat in the pavilion drinking tea and talking about things. However, Lin Xiyu felt strange, even if it was a weekend, Lu Junting rarely came back, why did he deliberately run back today?

Lu Yuan also saw them, and she was also surprised. “Why is my eldest brother coming back again? Is he getting set up on a blind date again?”

Lu Junting was sitting right across from them, he took a sip from his cup of tea, casually swept a glance over to their side. Lin Xiyu stiffened, she hurriedly avoided his gaze and pretended not to see him, pulling Lu Yuan and leaving.

She felt embarrassed when she saw Lu Junting now, especially when she thought of his child in her belly. So she subconsciously wanted to hide whenever she saw him.

The two left the lotus pond and passed under the  wisteria flower garden. A whole corridor was wrapped in wisteria flowers, walking below was cool and comfortable, and a stone table and stone bench were placed in a wider corridor. Lu Yuan said, “Let's sit over here for a while, it's cool over here too, blowing wind in the courtyard is better than staying at home and feeling stuffy.”

This side was still some distance away from the Lily Garden, and Lin Xiyu agreed to come. Lu Yuan felt that sitting and doing nothing was boring, so she went to make a pot of coffee to bring there but she still felt a bit dull, and then she ran again to fetch the snacks.

Lin Xiyu poured a cup of coffee, and added a few pieces of ice cubes next to it. She was about to take a drink, but a hand suddenly reached over and snatched away her coffee cup.

Why did he come here?

Lin Xiyu tried to make her expression look as natural as possible, and asked, “Brother Junting? What are you doing here?”

“Why do you still drink coffee when you’re pregnant?”

It was not known whether it was Lin Xiyu’s illusion or not, but she felt that Lu Junting had a little bit of anger between his eyebrows.

Lin Xiyu was startled by his words, she was afraid that someone would hear that she was pregnant, so she subconsciously looked around, and there was no one there. She was slightly relieved and said, “Can’t I drink coffee while pregnant?”

“You can’t.” Lu Junting answered simply and neatly, and asked, “Have you eaten anything randomly during this time, such as medicine, wine, coffee and so on?”

Lin Xiyu thought about it and said, “No.”

“Pay more attention in the future.”

He seemed to care about her? Lin Xiyu always felt strange about his concern, or he just cared about the child in her belly, which was also his child after all.

Lin Xiyu felt awkward, and said with a smile, “Okay, I know.”

“Why are you avoiding me?”


Lin Xiyu looked at him. Today, he was dressed casually, with business-style short sleeves, a pair of casual pants, and casual shoes. 

Unlike the seriousness of suits and leather shoes, these casual clothes did not reduce the aura on his body in the slightest, but because there was less seriousness in the clothes he usually wore, his face looked a few points more handsome than wearing the suit. Especially at this moment, standing under the wisteria trellis, with the light shone down through the gaps, falling in dapples on his face, deepening the shadows on his face, making his facial-features even more three-dimensional, and the depth of those eyes in particular was captivating.

Lin Xiyu tried to make herself look less guilty and said, “I’m not ah.”

“If you aren’t avoiding me, why did you leave as soon as you saw me?”

He had a natural expression, he did not seem to be questioning her, but as he was just a pure curiosity. Lin Xiyu thought, didn’t she used to walk away every time she saw him before? You didn’t even care about it before, why did you care now? Is it because she is pregnant with his child now?

“Aren’t you guys talking about something? I’m afraid to bother you.”

He gave a slight nod and then said, “Pay attention to your diet.”

“Okay, I know.”

He said that and turned to leave. As if thinking of something, he turned sideways to explain what she needed to do and said, “I’m not some kind of fierce beast, don’t avoid me in the future.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

He turned away in the sound of the wind blowing, and a wisp of hot summer breeze mixed with a scent of flowers.

Not long after Lu Junting left, Lu Yuan came over with a pile of small snacks in her arms. She arranged them on a plate and said, “Consider it as afternoon tea.”

Lu Yuan was ready to help her pour the coffee, and Lin Xiyu said, “I won’t drink, I have already drunk a cup. I won’t be able to sleep at night if I drink too much”

Lu Yuan did not force her when she saw that her cup was empty, and she suddenly looked at her with a mysterious expression, “You know what? My grandma is setting up another blind date for my eldest brother.”

“En? So brother Junting came back this time for a blind date?”

“No, it was my grandma who saw him suddenly come back and called the Liang family and asked Miss Liang to come and play, just so that they can meet.”

Lin Xiyu nodded her head.

“My eldest brother doesn’t know about this yet, so you can’t tell him.”

“Why would I tell him? I’m not familiar with him.”

“That’s true.”

The two of them had been sitting over there for a while when Zhang Yao came over to them and said, “Both of you are really good at hiding. Grandma asked you to go over and keep the guests company, stop eating now.”

Lu Yuan said, “Why let us accompany them?”

“It is said that young people have a common topic, so come on, don’t dawdle. Grandma has called someone over to call you.”

Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan then went to the main house along with Zhang Yao. The main house of the Lu family was Chinese style, the furniture was made on mahogany, they could see the exquisite carvings everywhere, which looked low-key and luxurious.

Old madam Lu sat on the sofa, and Miss Liang sat next to her, chatting with her when Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan entered.

Both of them sat down on the sofa opposite Miss Liang, and old madam Lu introduced them to each other and smiled. “You young people will have something to say, and I, an old woman, am so derailed from the times that I don’t know what to talk to you about.”

Miss Liang said, “Don’t say that, grandma. Talking with you for this moment has benefited me greatly.”

Old madam Lu was amused and said, “I heard that you are in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now?”

“I’ve only been in there for a few years, mostly studying now.”

“You’re so smart and excellent, you will definitely have a bright future.”

Miss Liang smiled softly and subtly, “Thanks the old madam for the praises.”

Miss Liang had long hair and a distinct bone on her face. She was a kind of beauty with a kind of western facial feature, her temperament and family background were also a good match for Lu Junting, and she was also excellent personally. She could enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, her ability would not be bad.

Such a woman probably would be able to stand with a man like Lu Junting.

While talking, a few people entered the doorway. Lin Xiyu was in a daze and she felt that her elbow was bumped by Lu Yuan next to her. She looked at her, when she saw Lu Yuan winked at her. Lin Xiyu followed her line of sight and saw that it was Jiang Lisu’s family that came in.

Jiang Lisu walked on the front, followed by Lu Junfeng and Yan Yutong.

What day was today, everyone was here.

Jiang Lisu came in and smiled. “I heard we had guests. So, we come over to join the fun.”

Old madam Lu also introduced Miss Liang to them. Jiang Lisu took the gift in Yan Yutong’s hand behind her and said, “This child, Yutong is sensible. I have said that coming here is the same as coming home, she still prepares so many things. She brought some dragon beard puffs that mother said were delicious last time.”

Old madam Lu smiled and said, “Yutong is really sensible.”

Jiang Lisu said, “This child ah, you’re so likable.”

After she said this, she subconsciously glanced at Lin Xiyu, who noticed a faint coldness in Jiang Lisu’s eyes, and the look in her eyes seemed to be mixed with ridicule.

Lin Xiyu felt baffled.

Jiang Lisu worked in a bank, and those who dealt with money every day would try to maximize the benefits of everything. Lin Xiyu could understand that Jiang Lisu wanted to pick the most favorable daughter-in-law. After all, she had no mother and father now, and she really could not give Lu Junfeng any help.

However, why did Jiang Lisu give her that look after praising the other person? Didn’t she and Lu Junfeng already break up? It felt like she was deliberately praising Yan Yutong to show her.

This person was really bored.

Jiang Lisu deliberately got close to Miss Liang and sat next to her, while Lu Junfeng and Yan Yutong sat next to her, and it happened to be opposite of Lin Xiyu.

Lu Junfeng’s eyes fell on Lin Xiyu since he sat down, his gaze was complicated. He did not know if Yan Yutong had discovered it as she deliberately declared her sovereignty, holding his arm and whispering in Lu Junfeng’s ear.

Lin Xiyu had a bunch of things unresolved right now, and she did not have the heart to appreciate the subtlety between the two people across from her.

At this moment, Lu Yuan said, “My eldest brother and the others are back.”

Lin Xiyu looked toward the door, and sure enough, she saw several people who were drinking tea in the lily pavilion walk in, with Lu Junting walking right to the front.


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