Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: My Woman
Lu Junting walked into the room, and naturally saw that there were more guests in the room, but his face did not change much, and asked, “There are guests at home?”

Old madam Lu said, “Come and get to know each other, this is Miss Liang.” After saying that, she smiled at Miss Liang and said, “This is my unsatisfactory eldest grandson, Lu Junting.”

As soon as Lu Junting heard Miss Liang, he knew that the family arranged a blind date for him, this kind of careless arranged marriage, but Lu Junting did not reveal a slightest emotion. He walked over, extending his hand to Miss Liang politely.

“Hello Miss Liang.”

Miss Liang was very surprised. They all said that Lu Junting was cold and arrogant, he was difficult to get along with, but now he looked quite poised. 

Miss Liang hurriedly got up and shook hands with him. She looked a little shy, and she did not date to drop her gaze towards Lu Junting. “Hello Mr. Lu, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Miss Liang is polite, please sit down.”

Lu Junting sat down, Miss Liang naturally sat next to him and Lu Junting asked, “What did you guys just talk about just now?”

Old madam Lu was quite satisfied with Lu Junting’s  performance, her eyes were curved into a crescent smile, “We were talking about you when you were a child.”

“There’s no need to bring my embarrassing stories from my childhood to the guests, lest it makes people laugh.”

Miss Liang said hurriedly, “It’s not, it’s not. Mr. Lu was quite cute in your childhood.”

“Miss Liang is overly praising me.”

Miss Liang bowed her head and smiled, and Lu Junting added, “My family’s yard is huge, do you want me to show Miss Liang around?”

Old madam Lu could not wait for them to have a chance to spend time alone, and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, yes. It just happens that the lotus flowers are blooming, you can take Miss Liang to see the lotus flowers.”

Miss Liang was also quite happy to see the lotus, and left with Lu Junting with a shy smile on her face.

As soon as the two left, old madam Lu asked, “What do you think? Is there a chance?”

Jiang Lisu said, “I think these two children are quite compatible. It seems that Junting is very satisfied with Miss Liang. Mom, our family may have a joyous event soon.”

Old madam Lu was very happy and said, “I told you, we will only know if it is suitable when we meet. No, as soon as they met with each other, he thought we were an eyesore and took her out to be alone.”

Zhang Yao also laughed. “No, I thought this child Junting would be angry, I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be able to move his eyes once he saw Miss Liang. Mom, you’re right to call Miss Liang over this time.”

The more people talked, the happier they became, and by the end of the conversation, they were already discussing what the wedding should look like and how many children they would have in the future.

Lin Xiyu listened calmly on the side. Seeing that Lu Junting seemed to be quite satisfied with Miss Liang and if Lu Junting really became with Miss Liang, what would happen to  this child in her belly? Could Miss Liang accept it? If she could not accept it, she would simply take the child directly to live somewhere else. Anyway, Lu Junting said that he would give her a sum of money, and then she would not have to abandon the child, nor did she have to marry Lu Junting. The more she thought about it, the more she thought this plan was quite good.

At this time, Lin Xiyu’s mobile phone suddenly rang. She was startled after looking at the caller ID and her eyes swept around. Fortunately, everyone was talking about Lu Junting and Miss Liang’s post wedding matters, so no one even noticed her.

Lin Xiyu covered her mobile phone and went outside to answer the phone.

“Hello, brother Junting?”

“Do you know about my blind date today?”


His tone was natural, and did not seem to be angry or happy, but it made Lin Xiyu feel a little weak as she lied very calmly, “I don’t know, I didn’t even know until I came over here and saw Miss Liang.”

“En.” He responded, paused for a moment and said, “I don’t know either.”

He did not know that it didn’t matter if she knew or not, so Lin Xiyu casually responded, “Oh, so, then you should keep Miss Liang company, I’ll hang up now.”

Lin Xiyu did not care so much, hung up the phone and prepared to go back, but unexpectedly, she ran into Lu Junfeng who was walking to her way and she turned around.

Lu Junfeng came over, calling her in a complicated tone. “Xixi.”

After experiencing these things, Lin Xiyu really did not have any thoughts about Lu Junfeng.

Lin Xiyu asked him directly, “Are you looking for me?”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time and I want to talk to you.”

“It’s not convenient now, Lu Yuan is still waiting for me. I’ll go first.”

Lin Xiyu was about to bypass him, but Lu Junfeng crossed an arm in front of her and said, “Xixi, you don’t even want to talk to me now?”

Before Lin Xiyu could speak, she saw Yan Yutong hurriedly walking from the side of the main room. Seeing this scene, Yan Yutong did not even think about it at all before she angrily shouted, “What are you doing?”

Lu Junfeng looked at her, displeasure coming through his face, “Why are you here?”

Yan Yutong had just seen clearly, Lu Junfeng’s expression towards Lin Xiyu was not like this, he looked impatient as soon as he met her, but his face was full of tenderness for Lin Xiyu.

She walked over to Lu Junfeng and directly wrapped his arm, Lu Junfeng jerked a few times without pulling away. Yang Yutong asked Lin Xiyu with a face of vigilance, “What do you want from him? Don’t you know that I’m already with him?”

Lin Xiyu was also speechless, “Which eye did you see me looking for him?”

Lin Xiyu still held her mobile phone in her hand. Yan Yutong glanced on it and said, “If you don’t call him, how can he come out?”

Lin Xiyu felt that both of them were sick. “I took my phone out to answer the phone, it has nothing to do with Lu Junfeng.”

“You still don’t want to admit it?” said Yan Yutong, raising her voice.
“Stop it.” Lu Junfeng chided.

This shout from Lu Junfeng made Yan Yutong even more upset, and she held out her hand at Lin Xiyu, “Give me your phone.”

“Why should I give it to you?”

“You said that you didn’t call him, right? Let me see it.”

“I should give you my phone if you say so? Why should I?”

Lin Xiyu was too lazy to pay attention to them and directly bypassed the two of them and left. After a while, Lu Junfeng and Yan Yutong also returned. In front of the elders, Yan Yutong did not dare to find trouble with Lin Xiyu.

Everyone was still gossiping about Lu Junting. When they were chatting vigorously, the person of the gossip, Lu Junting returned, and old madam Lu glanced behind Lu Junting and asked, “What about Miss Liang?”

Lu Junting walked over to the sofa, sat down and said, “She went back.”

Ah? Why are you letting her go back ah?”

Lu Junting looked at old madam Lu, and his face was not very good. “Can you get my consent first if you want to arrange for me to meet with anyone in the future?”

Lu Junting’s attitude made old madam Lu stunned, “No, are you not satisfied with Miss Liang?”

Lu Junting said expressionlessly, “I’m not satisfied, I have already made it clear to her that we are not suitable, and I let her go back.”

A group of people who had just been quite enthusiastic to discuss the upcoming happy event in the family, in the blink of an eye Lu Junting threw a basin of cold water on them, and the atmosphere became awkward.

Old madam Lu was almost furious and said, “Just tell me, just tell me directly what kind of woman you really like?” Old madam Lu thought about it and asked, “Are you still not forgetting the one you used to date? If you can’t forget her, you can’t tell me directly. If you can’t pull it off and beg her to get back together, grandma will go beg for you.”

When Lu Junting heard this, he frowned, and his tone was a little cold, “What are you talking about?”

The more old madam Lu thought about it, the more she felt that she guessed right, and she said, “I just said, after breaking up with that girl, you haven’t had a girlfriend. You just can’t forget her, right?”

Lu Junting rubbed his eyebrows with his thumb and index finger and said, “There is no such thing.” After he said that, he subconsciously glanced at the position where Lin Xiyu was sitting, but he saw that she and Lu Yuan whispering about something, covering their mouths and laughing occasionally, looking quite happy, completely unconcerned with the matter, not caring at all about what was said over here.

Lu Junting let go of the hand rubbing his brow and said, “You don’t need to help me set up a blind date anymore, I already have a woman.”

Old madam Lu sighed, and when she heard this, it was as if she had heard some great news. Her eyes widened in shock and said, “You have a girlfriend? When did this happen? How come I haven’t heard you mention it?”

“Not long, it’s still in the development stage, and she doesn’t really want me to mention it.”

There was silence all around, and this news had made everyone stunned. Lin Xiyu’s body tensed involuntarily, it wasn’t her, it wasn’t her, she did not think he was talking about her, she was not his woman either, and they were not dating, so it definitely was not her.

Old madam Lu looked back and asked, “Did you deliberately lie to me? Deliberately lying to me that you have a girlfriend for the sake of me not setting you up on a blind date?”

“What am I doing lying to you? I’ll bring her to you later when the relationship develops steadily.”

Old madam Lu was not very happy, “We’re all family here, what else can’t you say?”

Jiang Lisu opened her mouth in time to resolve the contradiction, “Mom, young people nowadays are different from those of our time, besides, shouldn’t you be happy that Junting has someone to date? Junting has a good eye, and I’m sure the girl he’s dating will make mom happy with her too.”

Hearing this, old madam Lu’s mood turned better, but she was not at ease, and instructed Lu Junting, “You must bring her back to the house some time later and give everyone a chance to get acquainted.”

Lu Junting actually replied straightforwardly, “Okay.”

Jiang Lisu laughed. “The family has been really happy recently.” She looked at Zhang Yao, who was sitting across from her and said, “Sister in law, you should also have a happy event on your side, right?”

Zhang Yao was confused by this question, “What kind of happy event can we have on our side?”

Jiang Lisu’s smiling gaze swept over to Lin Xiyu and said, “Isn’t Xixi pregnant?”

When these words fell, many pairs of eyes around with different gazes looked on Lin Xiyu’s body at the same time. Lin Xiyu was also puzzled, how could Jiang Lisu know?

Zhang Yao looked back and forth at Jiang Lisu and Lin Xiyu. She was surprised for a long time before she responded, “Xixi, you’re pregnant?”

Lin Xiyu subconsciously clenched her hands, her gaze coldly looked towards Jiang Lisu. Only she and Lu Junting knew about this matter, and Lu Junting was not the kind of person who would talk about private matters everywhere, so how did Jiang Lisu know about it?”

And she obviously did not know that the child she was carrying was related to Lu Junting, otherwise she would not have used such a gloating tone. Thinking of this, Lin Xiyu did not panic, she wanted to see what they wanted to do with her pregnancy.


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