Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Let’s Get Married

Zhang Yao was angry and said directly to Jiang Lisu, “Second sister-in-law, there are some words that cannot be said indiscriminately.”

Jiang Lisu was not at all unhappy with this question, she smiled amiably, “I also heard about this matter from Yutong. That day Yutong was not feeling well and went to the hospital, she happened to see Xixi coming out of the doctor’s office. Yutong saw that she looked bad and thought she was sick. Out of concern she went to ask the doctor, I didn’t expect it to be a happy event. It turns out that Xixi is pregnant.”

If Lin Xiyu was married, pregnancy could be called a happy event, but she still did not even have a boyfriend yet, and an unexpected pregnancy would be nothing but a scandal.

Lin Xiyu realized that things were not so simple, how it was so coincidental that Yan Yutong was also in that hospital when she went there. Yan Yutong also knew that she was pregnant, but told everyone about it when everyone was here.

Lin Xiyu guessed correctly, there was really no such thing as a coincidence in this world. In fact, Yan Yutong specially followed Lin Xiyu that day, because that day Yan Yutong suddenly could not contact Lu Junfeng and thought that he secretly dated Lin Xiyu. The place where Lin Xiyu worked was not a secret, so Yan Yutong also knew. She secretly went to the place where Lin Xiyu worked to find out, she did not see Lu Junfeng, but saw Lin Xiyu hurriedly leaving from the place where she worked. She thought Lin Xiyu was going to meet with Lu Junfeng, so she continued to follow, not expecting to let her find out that Lin Xiyu was pregnant.

Of course, she also knew that the child was not Lu Junfeng’s, she had asked the doctor for the date, and Lu Junfeng had not met Lin Xiyu during that time. It was fine as long as it was not Lu Junfeng’s. She wondered which wild man she secretly had an affair with and got pregnant.

Seeing everyone’s eyes, Yan Yutong glanced at Lin Xiyu’s helpless look of being exposed to the scandal. Pressing the feeling of pleasure that came out of her heart, and said, “It’s at the fourth hospital, Xixi registered for a specialist’s number, I said I was Xixi’s friend, and the specialist told me. Xixi ah, this is a happy event, why don’t you tell everyone? Even concealing it from your Aunt Yao?”

Yan Yutong wanted to see how Lin Xiyu still pretended to be pure and clean. Wasn’t she a well-behaved girl that everyone liked? She even got pregnant without having a boyfriend, now everyone knew that she was a rotten thing, to go outside blindly and mess with the rotten goods.

After Yan Yutong said that, she looked at Lu Junfeng beside her. Obviously, Lu Junfeng had been shocked by the news, she knew that Lu Junfeng’s mood must be very complicated at this time. She just wanted him to know that the girl he had been thinking about was just like this, her pure appearance was all pretended.

Zhang Yao was also anxious, and asked, “Xixi, is what your second aunt said true? Are you really pregnant?”

Lin Xiyu knew that she could not hide it anymore and nodded her head. Zhang Yao was instantly angry and furious. “Then, why didn’t you even tell me? Do you have a boyfriend? When did this happen ah? Who is the man ah?”

Lin Xiyu lowered her head and did not speak, she knew that Jiang Lisu would definitely seize this opportunity, so she waited for them to continue.

Sure enough, Jiang Lisu immediately said, “Xixi, don’t be shy, we’re all family. If you have a boyfriend, just say it out loud. If you are bullied just tell me about the bastard who bullied you, we will help you get revenge.”

It was unknown whether they would take revenge for Lin Xiyu or not, but she was sure they loved to see her joke, otherwise they would not deliberately take advantage of everyone here to talk about this matter.

Yan Yutong also said, “Xixi, you can tell us who that person is, what’s wrong with being open? Could it be that the person is very unsightly?”

Zhang Yao was really angry and distressed. She held Lin Xiyu’s hand and comforted her. “It’s okay if you don’t want to say it.”

Jiang Lisu said, “How can such a big thing not be said? If it is spread, others think that the Lu Family is irresponsible to her. To say that it is okay to have a serious boyfriend, if not, let people know she is unmarried and pregnant, isn’t it letting people denigrate our Lu Family’s bad upbringing? After all, Xixi was still born into a scholar family, and she got pregnant she even had a serious boyfriend, isn’t that a disgrace to Mr. Lin? Of course, I also want to believe Mr. Lin’s teaching, and that Xixi is not the kind of person who plays outside unbridledly, right?”

Lin Xiyu glanced at her expressionlessly. Everyone could understand this, she was ridiculing that she did not have someone to teach her, she was a disgrace, and did not know how to behave. She had originally thought about whether to directly say that this child was Lu Junting’s, but now, she did not want to say it, let them scold, scold the wild man, scold that bastard, scold him properly, in front of Lu Junting, let Lu Junting listen to how badly he was scolded.

Jiang Lisu rushed to old madam Lu, “Mom, why don’t you ask her. We can’t ask her, you are the honored elder, I think she will talk to you.”

“No need to ask.” Lu Junting’s cold voice suddenly rang out, “The child in Xixi’s stomach is mine.”

The moment Lu Junting’s words came out, the surrounding area immediately fell into an awkward silence. Obviously everyone was shocked to the point where old madam Lu covered her mouth and looked at him with a face of disbelief.

The smile on Jiang Lisu and Yan Yutong’s face seemed to be blown by a cold wind, completely frozen. Yan Yutong could not hold back for a moment and subconsciously blurted out. “Eldest brother you’re kidding, how is it possible for you and Xixi?”

Lu Junting swept his glance on her lightly, and Yan Yutong suddenly shivered. She was shocked by him to choke subconsciously.

“Whether it’s mine or not, don’t I know it better than you?”


Yan Yutong did not dare to put a fart again, who dared to question Lu Junting?

Lu Junting said to old madam Lu, “Didn’t I just tell you that I have a girlfriend I’m dating? That’s her.”

Old madam Lu slowly regained her senses, and suddenly a wave of anger rushed up. She said to Lu Junting. “This child… What is so bad about your relationship with Xixi? You don’t even tell us such a big thing about being pregnant. If it wasn’t for your second aunt, would you still have to keep it hidden?”

The corners of Jiang Lisu’s mouth twitched unnaturally. It was indeed that she had stirred up the matter of Lin Xiyu’s pregnancy, but she had never thought that the child in Li Xiyu’s stomach was Lu Junting’s.

Lu Junting looked at Jiang Lisu, his face was a little cold. “The bastard that second aunt is talking about is me, are you satisfied?”

Jiang Lisu: “......”

Jiang Lisu laughed dryly, “This… I don’t know ah, I’m just afraid that Xixi will be cheated.”

Lu Juntin added, “Isn’t second aunt questioning the Lu family’s teaching? I’m a real Lu family, my girlfriend and I had a child by accident in a normal relationship, and second aunt thinks I’m disgracing you?”

Jiang Lisu drew a cold breath. Although he called her ‘second aunt’, as the head of the Lu family, even her husband, Lu Xun had feared him.

The Lu Family’s industry was very well divided, in order to prevent property fighting between the family, the Lu Family’s largest industry Changheng Group had always been inherited by the eldest son and grandson, the second house in politics, and the third house in law. The second and third house did not have much income, to maintain their decent life all came from the supply of the Changheng Group.

In other words, the expenses that usually exceeded the income of the second and third houses were all provided to them by Lu Junting, who almost held the economic power of the entire family, and Lu Junting also had the final say in this family. Although Jiang Lisu was an elder, Lu Junting as the head of the Lu Family, was not something that she could afford to offend.

Lu Junting’s words made Jiang Lisu very uneasy, she smiled extremely unnaturally, “Aren’t I concerned about Xixi? I’m afraid she’ll be cheated, I also didn’t know that Junting and Xixi are in relationship.” After she finished speaking, she squeezed out a smile of apology on her face and said to Lin Xiyu, “Xixi, this second aunt is worried about you, and I was anxious just now. My words didn’t sound too good, don’t take offense.”

Lin Xiyu ignored her, she was actually very confused. The girl Lu Junting said he was dating was her? Or did he say it was her just to help her out?

Lu Junting was not that easy to fool, he added, “Second Aunt, you claim that it was for Xixi’s good, since you knew she was pregnant why didn’t you say so earlier, but had to say it when everyone was here, questioning her lack of family education before anything was clear. Mr. and Mrs. Lin were respected during their lifetime, and their charity work is recognized even by the country. Fortunately all here today are family, if there were outsiders, second aunt, you are disrespecting the two Lin family members in front of outsiders in your words, and will let people say that our Lu Family throwing stone into a well* and will not treat Mr. Lin’s daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Lin’s peaches and plums are all over the world**, and many were  in solidarity for them. Second aunt, if you fall in front of outsiders, do you want to leave a stain on second uncle’s career?”
*to take advantage of the opportunity to frame others when they are in danger.
**a metaphor for the recommended talents or students who are cultivated, and there are many everywhere

These words scared Jiang Lisu so much that her face instantly turned pale as she hurriedly said, “Of course I didn’t mean that, I’m not… I’m not…”

Lu Junting’s voice was tinged with harshness, and every word contained a warning. Jiang Lisu was so frightened that her heart beat wildly, and she, who had always spoken fluently, unconsciously stammered.

Old madam Lu was also criticizing her. “Junting is right, questioning before anything is clear. Xixi is not the kind of girl who plays around outside. Second-eldest child ah, you should go back and talk to your wife.”

Lu Xun hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry mom, I’ll talk to her properly when I get back.” He did not forget to glare at Jiang  Lisu after he finished saying that. His look was too obvious, it was to blame her for being nosy.

Jiang Lisu did not dare to say anything now, nor did she dare to put on a face. Hearing her husband’s words, she still smiled dryly.

Old madam Lu walked over, and Lu Yuan hurriedly gave her way. Old madam Lu sat down next to Lin Xiyu, she held her hand and asked her with a loving face, “Xixi, tell grandma, are you really dating your brother Junting?”

Things had developed to this point, so Lin Xiyu could only nodded, “I’m dating brother Junting.”

Old madam Lu’s smile got a little wider, and then she asked, “Xixi, tell grandma, is that bastard Lu Junting lied to you, is he the one who bullied you? Don’t be afraid of him, you tell grandma the truth, if he lied to you, grandma won’t let him off.”

Lu Junting: “...”

Lin Xiyu glanced towards Lu Junting as she said, “No, brother Junting didn’t bully me, we’re dating and still in the development stage. Originally, I didn’t want to say anything so early.”

“Really?” Old madam Lu was relieved, and her eyes lit up, she asked. “Then you tell grandma, do you like your brother Junting?”

Lin Xiyu continued to lie brazenly, “I… like brother Junting.”

Old madam Lu patted her hand, and completely relaxed her mind. “That’s good then, that’s good, so about your pregnancy…”

“I didn’t pay attention to the unexpected pregnancy. I originally wanted to hold off for a few days before telling everyone.”

Old madam Lu’s eyes bent with laughter when she heard this, “Look that bastard kid Junting didn’t tell me about you guys either. Grandma really didn’t know you guys were dating, that’s why I called Miss Liang over, Xixi don’t blame grandma, okay?”

“It’s also because we didn’t tell grandma in time, I don’t blame you.”

“Okay, okay, okay, good child.”

Old madam Lu was in a good mood, holding Lin Xiyu’s hand and continued, “You had graduated this year, right? You are also at the legal age to get married, since you and your brother Junting are dating and you are pregnant with his child, why don’t grandma do the honors and let you guys get married.”


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