Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 13

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Double release~
Chapter 13: Get the Marriage Certificate

Old madam Lu added, “While the child is still at early months, we need to do the wedding first, otherwise it won’t look good to wear a wedding dress in later months. Give birth to the child first, and if you still want to keep working, you can, if you don’t want to go to work then enjoy yourself at home and let Junting make the money, he will make money anyway.”

Lin Xiyu’s senses returned, and hurriedly said, “Brother Junting and I have only been dating for a short time, we don’t know each other well enough yet, and this child was also an accident. I was drunk that day…… After all, getting married is a life event, and I want to think about it again.”

After hearing this, old madam Lu’s enthusiastic expression faded, but she did not force it. She said, “You’re right, marriage is a big deal, you should think about it.” After she said it, she continued with a worried expression, “But this child is a human life after all, no matter what you think about it in the future, grandma hopes that this child will still stay.”

Old madam Lu was also a reasonable person, Lin Xiyu breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Grandma, rest assured, I will keep this child.”

Old madam Lu smiled reassuringly and gave her a few more pats on the hand.

At this time, Lu Junfeng also returned to his senses after the shock. His whole body was now in a mess, the fact that Lin Xiyu was pregnant was enough to shock him, and now he was even made to know that the child she was carrying was his eldest brother’s? And the two of them were getting married? After returning to his senses, he suddenly stood and Jiang Lisu hurriedly pulled him to sit down and whispered in his ear, “Don’t make a fool of yourself.”

How could Lu Junfeng calm down at this moment? He stood up and took a few big steps to Lin Xiyu and asked her, “Xixi, are you really with my eldest brother?”

Lin Xiyu and Lu Junfeng had not been together for so long, so the rest of the Lu family did not know about it. When old madam Lu saw Lu Junfeng’s strange expression at this moment, she scolded, “You this tiger’s child, what are you doing? What’s with that look?”

Jiang Lisu hurriedly stepped forward to pull him and smiled. “He hasn’t rested well in the past few days, and his spirit is a little confused.” After saying that, she did not forget to give Lu Junfeng’s father a wink.

Lu Xun also stepped forward and tugged at his son, saying in a deep voice, “You come back with me first.”

With red eyes, Lu Junfeng struggled and asked, “Xixi tell me, when did you get together with my eldest brother, you tell me!”

Before he could finish speaking, he was already pulled out the door by Jiang Lisu and Lu Xun.

Old madam Lu did not take it seriously and comforted Lin Xiyu, “Don’t worry about your second brother, he’s always loved to fool around since he was a child.”

Lin Xiyu smiled dryly, not knowing what to say.

After having dinner over at the main house, Lin Xiyu returned to the third family’s house where she lived along with Zhang Yao and Lu Yuan. Once she entered, Zhang Yao hurriedly asked her, “There were so many people just now I didn’t have time to ask. Xixi, you tell me what exactly happened between you and Junting.”

Lu Yuan also said, “Speak quickly, I just asked you and you didn’t say anything. Now, no one can tell me, right? When exactly did you get together with my eldest brother and have a child? You actually hid it from me so well, Lin Xiyu, you don’t think about our friendship ah.”

After telling a lie, she had to use countless lies to round up the lie, and Lin Xiyu felt exhausted.

“I haven’t had time to tell you guys yet.”

“The child has already been here, why did you mean ‘haven’t had time’?” Miss Lu Yuan was very angry.

Lin Xiyu was no longer in the mood to explain, she covered her head with her hand and said, “I have a bit of headache now, I have to go up and rest for a while.”

Lu Yuan followed her upstairs, and before Lin Xiyu closed the door, she asked. “Lin Xiyu, don’t you escape, tell me clearly, why are you hiding it from me? Didn’t you just say that you didn’t know my eldest brother well?”

Lin Xiyu squeezed her outside and then went inside, “I want to rest, get out of my way.”

“Lin Xiyu, did you hear what I said? You answer me…”

Lin Xiyu shook her head, “Don’t listen, don’t listen, just shut up.” She pushed the door violently and with a bang, it closed, with Lu Yuan knocking and yelling from outside, but Lin Xiyu did not care.

Lin Xiyu went to bed, she felt that life was really like a drama, and it was still the kind without rehearsal. Lin Xiyu rubbed her stomach and thought, you will really bring me a ‘surprise’ ah!

After everyone left, Lu Junting was called to the study by old Mr. Lu and old madam Lu. As soon as Lu Junting entered the study, old Mr. Lu pointed at his nose and scolded, “You bastard, look what you’ve done, how old is the child, and you laid your hand on her!”

Lu Junting’s face did not even change for a moment as he said, “You’re going to hug your great-grandson soon, I see that you two are quite happy?”

Old Mr. Lu looked like his tail had been stepped on, his face sank and said in a deep voice, “I’m happy that I’m about to hold my great-grandson, but it has nothing to do with you, bastard!”

Lu Junting thought, this grandfather of his is old and confused, right? If it wasn’t for this bastard of his, how can he hold his great-grandson?

Old Mr. Lu said, “Although her parents are no longer alive, her parents were also highly respected people during their lifetime, you’re not allowed to wronged others, you know?”

Lu Junting said, “My woman, I naturally won’t let her be wronged.”

When old madam Lu heard this, she sneered and glanced at him obliquely, “Your woman? The little girl only intends to date you, she has never thought of marrying you.”

Lu Junting: “...”

Lu Junting was very upset to hear this, but he did not even know how to refute it, after all, she really did not think of marrying him, even if she was pregnant with his child, she still did not think of using this child to marry into their Lu family.

Lin Xiyu felt a little annoyed, now that she had made everyone misunderstand that she and Lu Junting were in a normal relationship, and maybe she would be arranged to marry Lu Junting next.

Lin Xiyu felt uncomfortable when she thought of getting married to Lu Junting. She did not deny that Lu Junting was a very good person, but they were living in a completely different world, no common language, and if they got married in the future, they would sit together every day and look at each other but had nothing to say, how uncomfortable it would be.

Thinking about it, the culprit of this matter was Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan was still in good spirits, she did not know anything, and could sleep peacefully every day, but contrary to her, she could not sleep peacefully, why?

Lin Xiyu felt that she needed Lu Yuan to take part of the responsibility of this matter. Thinking of this, Lin Xiyu came out with a majestic expression and yelled downstairs, “Lu Yuan, you son of a bitch, you come up here for me.”

Lu Yuan ran up with great momentum, folded her hands into fists, and rushed at Lin Xiyu with anger on her face. “Lin Xiyu, what do you mean, do you want to fight? I haven’t even looked for you to settle the account, is it not enough to be friends ah? You don’t tell me anything, what do you want to find me? You tell me quickly, spit it out!”

Lin Xiyu stared at her coldly, “It’s not all because of you!”

“What do you mean?”

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be pregnant.”


Lu Yuan looked at her with a look of ‘are you crazy?’, “Are you kidding me? What does your pregnancy have to do with me? I don’t know anything.”

Lin Xiyu adjusted her breathing and tried to calm herself down a bit before she told her what had happened. After listening to it, Lu Yuan’s whole body was uncomfortable, she covered her mouth and was shocked for a while before she came back to her senses, “That means you and brother Junting are not dating?”

Lin Xiyu nodded her head.

“No, then brother Junting is too awesome to make you pregnant after having sex with you once?”

Lin Xiyu squinted at her, “Is that the point of this matter?”

Lu Yuan looked guilty, she coughed lightly and said, “What happened that day was my fault, I shouldn't have left you, but think about it ah, if I had stayed over there that day and drank with you. You had just said that the wine had some ‘fun formula’ added to it, wouldn’t it have been even stranger for the two of us to drink it together?”

Lin Xiyu said, “If two people drink it, it can’t be to the extent where they don’t have any sense.”

“You too. If you can’t drink it all, why do you have to finish it?”

“Since childhood, my parents taught me that it was shameful to waste food.”


Lu Yuan coughed lightly, “So what do you think now? My grandma and the others will certainly want you to marry my eldest brother, maybe they’ll start making arrangements after today.”

Lin Xiyu got a headache just thinking about it, “Do you think I should just be honest with them?”

“I advise you not to, my grandparents are happy now, they are looking forward to my eldest brother’s marriage for many years. Now well, my eldest brother not only has a girlfriend but also a baby, they are going crazy with joy. If you go and throw a pot of cold water now, it is possible that my grandfather will have a stroke and lie in the hospital like my uncle.”

Lin Xiyu also felt that it was not good to splash cold water on the two elders after she had already admitted that she was dating Lu Junting.

“Why don’t you just try with my eldest brother. You see, my eldest brother is also good, and he’s not bad looking either. Didn’t you see Miss Liang today, looking at him with straight eyes, it’s not a loss for you to marry him ah.”

Lin Xiyu looked at her expressionlessly, “If you were me, would you  marry?”

Lu Yuan did not hesitate to shake her head, “No, I can’t hold it.”

“Wouldn’t that be enough? Wouldn’t I also can’t hold it? And do you know what it’s like? If I’m with brother Junting, we can’t say a word at all. I’m somehow nervous when he’s in front of me, I feel uncomfortable doing anything. It’s like facing the head teacher, do you know that feeling?”

Lu Yuan nodded, and gave her a few pats on the shoulder with an expression of ‘no need to explain everything’, “I understand.”

“So, the thought of marrying him makes me despair.”

Lu Yuan said, “But at present, it seems that you can only marry him. After all, everyone knows that you are dating him now and you are having a child with him. Although grandma said she gave you time to think about it. You’ll eventually be set up by them to marry my eldest brother.”

Lin Xiyu sighed heavily, “So what should I do now?”

“What else can I do? Just get married, it’s not a bad idea to marry my eldest brother.” Lu Yuan suddenly said with a mysterious expression, “You don’t know, my eldest brother is really super rich. This one is your stomach, it’s already worth hundreds of millions before it’s even born.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

Lin Xiyu subconsciously touched her stomach, was it that exaggerated?

Lin Xiyu knew that there was no better way at the moment. She and Lu Junting also said that they were in love with each other, and it seemed natural to get pregnant and get married.

The thought of getting married to Lu Junting was unbelievable. Two months ago they were people who were not even close to each other.

When Lu Yuans aw Lin Xiyu frowning, she comforted her again, “Although my eldest brother is a little scary, but fortunately, he has a good look, not to mention that you have also seen that he is usually very busy, it is rare for him to be at home, so you don’t have to worry about facing him all day. You just need to raise this one in your stomach well, even if you don’t have to do anything, you will have no worries about food and clothing in your life.”

That’s right, but she always felt sorry for herself, sacrificing her marriage, married to a person who did not love her, and whom she did not love, just because an accident had tied the two together.

Lin Xiyu suddenly realized that adults who made mistakes had to pay a huge price, but the mistake was made by her, and she should bear the consequences caused by her own mistake.

So, would the rest of her life be tied to Lu Junting? Just thinking about it made the road ahead seem uncertain, neither of them were the type to like each other, and it was indeed quite a difficult thing to spend your life with someone you don’t like.

It seemed that it did not have to be a lifetime. In fact, she could first marry Lu Junting, and then divorced later after giving birth to this child. She could also visit the child in a normal divorce, not to leave the child alone, nor to feel ashamed to face her parents.

Lin Xiyu felt that this was a good solution, as it would give the two elders of the Lu Family an explanation and save Lu Junting the trouble of being constantly urged to marry, and there was no need to tie both of them for a lifetime.

However, Lin Xiyu felt that this matter still had to be discussed with Lu Junting first, and he had to agree. Without further ado, Lin Xiyu immediately called Lu Junting.

“Brother Junting?”

“It’s me.”

“That… Where are you?”

“At home.”

Lin Xiyu’s eyes brightened, “You haven’t left yet? I want to discuss something with you, I’m not sure if you have time.”

“I have.” He answered very quickly.

“Then I’ll come over to you now.”

“No need, you stay there, I’ll come over.”

It was the same whoever came over, and Lin Xiyu did not care so much. Lin Xiyu hung up the phone and Lu Yuan asked her, “What are you looking for my eldest brother for?”

“Something to discuss.”

“Discuss what?”

Lin Xiyu did not want to talk about it for now, she was afraid that Lu Yuan would pursue the question, so she changed the topic and said, “Lu Yuan, don’t you tell anything to other person of what I told you today, even to Aunt Yao, do you know that?”

“Aiya, who else can I tell ah?” Lu Yuan gave her a blank look.

The place where the third family lived was not far from the main house, Lu Junting arrived in a short time. Seeing Lu Junting, Zhang Yao and Lu Liang were a little confused. Although they were all family, Lu Junting rarely came here.

“I’m here to find Xixi.”

Now that everyone knew that Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu were dating, it was not surprising that he came looking for Lin Xiyu. Zhang Yao understood and politely said, “Xiyu is upstairs.” And kindly pointed it out for him.

Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan were chatting when a few knocks sounded on the door. Lu Yuan said, “My eldest brother came so fast?”

Lu Yuan hurriedly gave him a step aside, and when Lu Junting walked in, Lu Yuan said without thinking, “You guys talk first, I’m leaving.” After saying that, she ran out of sight, eagerly helping the two people close the door behind them before leaving.

Lin Xiyu also did not expect Lu Junting to come so quickly. As his tall figure stood towards the room, the spacious room immediately seemed cramped.

This kind of oppressive feeling drove Lin Xiyu’s expression to be less natural, “That.. brother Junting, sit down.”

Lu Junting walked over to the desk, pulled the chair and sat down. He asked her, “What are you going to talk to me about?”

Lin Xiyu took a moment to ease the tension she felt when facing him and organized her words before saying, “I’ve thought it over, I’ll marry brother Junting first and then divorce after I give birth to this child so that brother Junting can also give your grandparents an explanation. After the divorce, brother Junting can still go find someone you like. As for the wedding, we can skip it for now and just get a marriage certificate, so it’s easy to explain. If Grandma and the others ask, just say we’ll do it after giving birth.”

Lin Xiyu waited for a while and did not hear his answer. She looked towards him and Lu Junting was contemplating. His expression did not change much, only that pair of eyes was like sinking in the abyss, let people can’t see though.

“Brother Junting, what do you think?”

Lu Junting slowly raised his head and said, “It’s up to you.”

Lin Xiyu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Although Lu Junting always gave people an impression that he was above the people, Lin Xiyu felt he was still quite nice to talk to. Out of gratitude, she then said, “Brother Junting can also talk about what you want from me.”
“I have only one request.”

Lin Xiyu hurriedly said, “Brother Junting can say it.”

“We’re going to get the marriage certificate tomorrow.”



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