Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Just Married Myself to Him Like This

“Ah?” Lin Xiyu was stunned, “Tomorrow?”

Wasn’t it a bit rushed?

“I don’t usually have much time for personal matters, and it just so happens that I’ve had a couple of leisure days, or I don’t know how long it will be until the next time.”

Thinking about it, he was indeed a busy man. Anyway, it had been agreed to get the marriage certificate first, sooner or later. Lin Xiyu did not think long before agreeing, “Okay, let’s go tomorrow.”

“Is there anything else?” Lu Junting asked again.

“No more, I had trouble brother Junting to come here.”

Lu Junting stood up, “Rest early, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

After that, he went out. Lin Xiyu did not expect Lu Junting to come so early the next day, before she got up, Aunt Yao came knocking on her door, saying that Lu Junting had come to pick her up. Lin Xiyu asked Aunt Yao to help her find her household registration book, and by the way, she told Zhang Yao about the marriage certificate. Zhang Yao felt that it was a bit hasty for her and Lu Junting to get the marriage certificate, but now that Lin Xiyu was pregnant, sooner or later, she was going to marry Lu Junting, and Zhang Yao did not say anything else.

Lin Xiyu also followed Lu Junting to talk about this matter with old madam Lu and old Mr. Lu. Hearing that they were going to get a marriage certificate, the two elders were overjoyed. Lin Xiyu also talked about the wedding at a later date, and old madam Lu agreed in one breath.

“It’s better to do it later, when your body is recovered. There is enough time to arrange it well. Don’t worry, we’ll make the wedding beautiful, we won’t wronged you.” Old madam Lu had not been so happy in the second half of her life, not only her grandson who had been giving her a headache had finally solved the major events in his life, but also about to hold her grandson. Now, she was really satisfied with Lin Xiyu everywhere.

Lin Xiyu answered obediently, but her heart was a little bit guilty. When she had given birth, she and Lu Junting would go on their separate ways, the wedding most likely could not be done, old madam Lu was probably looking forward to it for nothing.

Lin Xiyu went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Lu Junting, took pictures, took the vows, signed, and got the license, and everything went smoothly. Although Lin Xiyu knew that obtaining a certicate with Lu Junting was only a temporary measure, once she went out and was illuminated by the sun overhead, she could not help but feel a little in trance. So, she was now married, and married to Lu Junting. Thinking about it, she felt incredible.

“Get in the car.”

Lu Junting’s voice pulled her thoughts back. Lin Xiyu was still in a bit of a trance, and she absentmindedly got into the car, not realizing that in this time, it was Lu Junting himself who helped her pull open the door. 

After getting into the car, Lu Junting said to her, “Give me your certificate.”

Lin Xiyu was stunned for a moment, and Lu Junting continued, “It’s useless for you to hold it. It’ll be needed for the birth certificate later on when the child is born.”

Lin Xiyu did not suspect anything, obediently gave him the certificate. He was right, there was no point in her taking it.

Lu Junting put away the marriage certificate and handed her two cards over. Lin Xiyu looked puzzled, and Lu Junting said, “These two cards, one is my secondary card, the other is my special card for you. The password is on the back of the card, I’ll give you a fixed living allowance every month.”

Lin Xiyu waved her hand without thinking, “You don’t have to give me this.”

“You are my wife now, no need to be so polite with me. It’s only right that you spend my money.”


Lu Junting’s tone was calm, with a meaning that could not be rejected. Thinking about it, Lin Xiyu finally took the card.

In any case, she was indeed his wife in name, and the child in her womb was his.

“Do you have any plans for next?” Lu Junting asked her.

Lin Xiyu said, “I quit my job first, and then went back to Wucheng to pay respects to my parents. I’m married now and I want to tell them.”

Lu Junting nodded, “It’s time to pay your respects, I’ll make time to accompany you.”

Lin Xiyu said hurriedly, “No need, I just let Aunt Yao and Lu Yuan to accompany me.”

Lu Junting looked at her expression. This girl was really unwilling for him to accompany her, he did not force it and said, “You can tell me what you need when the time comes.”

“Okay, thank you brother Junting.”

Lu Junting sent Lin Xiyu to Lu's house. Lin Xiyu quit her job the next day, she went back and discussed with Zhang Yao about going back to her hometown. Zhang Yao felt that it was also really time to go back and pay respects, so she agreed to it. The group immediately told old madam Lu about this matter. Although old madam Lu was worried about Lin Xiyu’s pregnancy as she went out and had some mistakes, Lin Xiyu wanted to go back to pay respect to her parents. It was not good for her to say anything, not to mention that Zhang Yao followed. Old madam Lu hesitated for a while before she agreed, but told them not to delay too long and go home as soon as possible.

On the afternoon of the same day, the group took a flight to Wucheng. After Lin Xiyu arrived in Wucheng, she first went to pay her respects to her parents and then went to the orphanage where her mother used to live, which was also where Zhang Yao used to live.

Zhang Yao and Lin Xiyu’s mother Zhang Ai was abandoned by their parents from childhood, and both grew up in an orphanage. The dean gave them the same surname and the two had always been close as sisters, and later they were admitted to the university in Ancheng together. Zhang Yao met Lu Yuan’s father in university and stayed in Ancheng, and Lin Xiyu’s mother returned to Wucheng after graduation to become a teacher. Later, she went to graduate school to become a university professor, and then met Lin Xiyu’s father, Lin Dague by an unexpected event. Both of them had the same interests, and soon got together. After marriage, the two began to do charity, Lin Dague took out most of his family property to invest in charity, Lin Xiyu’s mother also went around to talk about investment, and the husband and wife opened more than a dozen orphanages in Wucheng and even the whole country.

The dean who took care of Zhang Yao was still there. The dean looked at Zhang Yao’s face and immediately recognized her, “Are you Zhang Yao?”

“Do you still recognize me?”

The dean smiled and said, “I still recognize you.” After she finished, she looked behind her and Zhang Yao then introduced, “This is my daughter, and this is Zhang Ai’s daughter.”

The dean smiled at Lu Yuan and Lin Xiyu with a loving face, “The kids are so big already ah.” She especially looked at Lin Xiyu for a long time, “The last time I looked at you, you were still a little girl. You’ve grown so big in a flash, your mother in heaven would be so happy to see you growing so well.” She sighed with pity.

A few people chatted with the dean for a while. Zhang Yao asked about the situation of the orphanage, and the dean smiled. “It’s all pretty good, there are still many caring people who continue to donate after Zhang Ai passed away. One gentleman even donates a sum of money to the orphanage every year.”

Zhang Yao was curious, “Which gentleman ah?”

The dean said, “I don’t know, the other party has been donating anonymously. It should be a good person who does good deeds without leaving his name.”

Zhang Yao said, “That’s right, there are still many people in this world who are as kind as Zhang Ai.”

After chatting with the dean for a while and seeing the children at the orphanage, the group said goodbye to the director.

They sat in the car. Zhang Yao remembered something and suddenly asked, “By the way, Xixi, I remember that one year your mother mentioned to me that they seemed to be planning to adopt a boy. The boy seemed to have a heart attack or something, he was thrown by his parents in Wucheng orphanage. I went to the orphanage today and suddenly remembered this matter. What happened later, how did I not hear about the boy, is he already… gone?”

Lin Xiyu also remembered this, she said, “That boy was adopted by an American couple. He was brought to America and then slowly cut off from this side, but I heard that he had an operation, it was quite successful. If he is well maintained, there should be no problem in keeping his life.”

Zhang Yao nodded and sighed, “Your mother ah, her life had been spent on others. I thought that’s your mother and I came from the same place, but I don’t have your mother’s greatlove, I only have a little love. All I want to do in life is take care of my own family, and I don’t have time for anyone else anymore.”

Listening to this, Lin Xiyu was also very emotional. If Lin Xiyu could choose, she hoped that her mother would not have any great love, she would like her mother to live and be by her side, not having to run around for others, and just growing up well with her daughter.
Lin Xiyu did not have the same consciousness as her parents, she was just an ordinary person, just living her life well. She never thought of becoming a respected philanthropist like her parents.

Lin Xiyu’s home had been auctioned off after his parents passed away. Back then, in order to build the orphanage, the two not only pulled investment everywhere but also borrowed money from the bank. Then, both of them suddenly died, all the valuable things at home were taken to auction, and the house was also auctioned off to pay off the debt. Eventually, there was about a million left for Lin Xiyu, which Zhang yao kept for her, and it was enough for her to live in school later. It was also because of this money that Lin Xiyu was also living more comfortably in the Lu family. At least she was not living in the Lu family for nothing, she was using all the money her parents had left her.

Although her old house was gone, Zhang Yao bought a small house over here. Zhang Yao grew up here, this place was also considered her mother’s home. She would occasionally come back to live here, and Lin Xiyu used to stay over here every time she came back during summer vacation.

Originally, they planned to play here for a few more days, but due to the old madam Lu’s urging, they could not help but to rush back, they were afraid that old madam Lu would be worried. So, after staying for two days, they departed back.

Lin Xiyu returned in the afternoon. In the evening, she read a book for a while and prepared to take a bath and sleep when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Lin Xiyu opened the door and saw Zhang Yao standing outside.

“Xixi, your brother Junting is here to see you.”


She just came back and Lu Junting came to see her so quickly? What’s the matter?

Lin Xiyu went downstairs with Zhang Yao. Sure enough, she saw Lu Junting sitting and chatting with Lu Liang downstairs. Lin Xiyu went over them and greeted, “Brother Junting.”

Lu Junting glanced at her and said, “Follow me out for a walk.”

It seemed that there was really something to find her. People like Lu Junting did not have time to accompany people to hang out.


Lu Junting glanced at her and said, “It’s cold outside, go put on a jacket.”

Probably he was used to giving orders in the company, his tone was forceful, so Lin Xiyu went upstairs and put on a jacket before following Lu Junting out the door. The night was as cold as water, the courtyard of the Lu family was silent, and the two kept an arm’s width apart walking not too fast or too slow.

Lu Junting was much taller than her. He probably came directly from the company after working, wearing a complete set of shirt and trousers, with an air of a working elite of a domineering CEO. Lin Xiyu felt a bit stressed walking with him.

“Does brother Junting have something to tell me?”

Lu Junting put his hands in his pockets and swept his gaze towards her. Lin Xiyu lowered her head slightly and subconsciously straightened her ears to avoid his sight.

“I’ve come to discuss this with you.”

“Discuss what?” Lin Xiyu asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“When are you going to move in with me?”



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