Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Living With Him

Moving in with Lu Junting?

In fact, after both of them took the marriage certificate, Lin Xiyu thought about the problem of where she and Lu Junting would live after they got married. There were two options, one was to live with Lu Junting where he lived now, and the other was the Lu family.

She was more inclined to live in the Lu family. It was after all Lu Junting’s own family, and there were many elders in the house who could take care of her, so no one should object to her choosing to raise the baby here. Anyway, now that she was pregnant, the elders could not arrange for her to share a room with Lu Junting. She could even continue to live in her old room, except for an additional marriage certificate and Lu Junting who might come back occasionally to say a few more words to her.

Lu Junting offered to take her to live there probably because the elders wanted to. Lin Xiyu wanted to discuss it with him properly, they did not have a relationship anyway, if she wanted to stay here to raise the baby, Lu Junting should not force her. However, before she could speak she heard a voice ring out not far away.


Both of them looked towards the visitor and saw a figure stumbling out of the corridor next to them. Getting closer, Lin Xiyu quickly recognized that the person was Lu Junfeng.

Lu Junfeng seemed to have drunk too much. His eyes were confused and red, and his cheeks were also revealing an unnatural blush. He stared directly at Lin Xiyu and said, “Xixi, I have something to say to you.”

After he finished speaking, his footsteps were unstable and he walked over to their side, but he had not yet approached, Lu Junting took a long stride and stepped forward, blocking Lin Xiyu. Lu Junfeng saw this and his steps stopped, he sneered at Lu Junting, “Eldest brother, this matter has nothing to do with you, I’m looking for Xixi.”

“Lu Junfeng.” Lu Junting’s tone was cold, “Look at me clearly, she is now your sister-in-law.”

“Sister-in-law?” Lu Junfeng suddenly laughed, his eyes were red and he was dizzy. He stared directly at Lin Xiyu, “Xixi, why are you doing this to me? Didn’t I say I wanted you to give me a little more time? Why don’t you wait for me? Why does it have to be my eldest brother? Why does it have to be him?”

The more Lu Junfeng spoke, the more excited he became. His voice increased, almost roaring out, “And you…” He pointed to Lu Junting’s nose. “You are really my good eldest brother, what kind of woman do you want, you can get it. Why Xixi, you know that I like her.”

Lu Junfeng probably drank too much, he even used this tone to talk to Lu Junting. He also pointed directly at Lu Junting’s nose. Lin Xiyu was held back by Lu Junting and could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

Lu Junting’s face darkened a little, “Since you like her, why are you still with another girl?”

Lu Junfeng was blocked by these words, and he immediately shouted like a trapped beast. “You know what?! This is a private matter between me and Xixi, what do you know?”

As soon as Lu Junfeng’s word fell, he saw Jiang Lisu hurriedly rushed from the second house. She was startled by this scene and said, “Junfeng has drunk too much. Junting, you don’t have to argue with him.”

“Let him sober up.” Lu Junting’s tone was not very good.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll take him away now.” Jiang Lisu stepped forward and dragged Lu Junfeng, who had been drinking and had little strength in his body. He struggled a few times without breaking away and stumbled and was taken away by Jiang Lisu.

Unwilling to leave, he shouted to this side. “Why are you doing this to me? Why?”

This side quickly quieted down. Lu Junting turned around and looked at Lin Xiyu from top to bottom. Meeting his gaze, Lin Xiyu looked at the coldness on his face that had not yet dissipated, the sharpness under his eyes was unconcealed.

Lin Xiyu was startled by his expression, and those hasty, wet eyes fell into Lu Junting’s eyes like this. The coldness on Lu Junting’s face slowly dissipated, and he asked her. “He also harassed you like this when I was away?”

Lin Xiyu shook her head. “I rarely ran into him.”

Lu Junting glanced at her stomach. “I attach great importance to this child, and I hope the child can be born safely.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

Why did he suddenly say this?

Lu Junting then said in a non-negotiable tone. “Didn’t I just tell you to move in with me? You will move in tomorrow, I don’t want to see what happened today again, and I don’t want anything to happen to this child.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

She was going to discuss with Lu Junting about raising the baby here. Lu Junfeng was really a godsend, because he had made a scene, Lu Junting probably would not agree to leave her here for the safety of her and the child in her belly.

Lin Xiyu coudl not even find a reason to refute.

“Do you hear me?”

Lu Junting’s voice was heard again, his tone was harsh and imposing.

Lin Xiyu nodded, “I know.”

“I will let third aunt to help you pack up your things in a moment, and I’ll pick you up early tomorrow morning.”


“You also saw it today. If it wasn;t for me, who can guarantee that Lu Junfeng would not do any excessive moves.”

Lu Junting’s words also made sense, he had his own considerations. Lin Xiyu had nothing to say, so she took a deep breath and replied. “Okay.”

Probably due to the apprehension of the new environment she was about to face, or the fact that she was about to live with Lu Junting made her at a loss for words. Lin Xiyu did not sleep well tonight, and she got up very early. Zhang Yao got up even earlier than her. Seeing her get up, she asked, “Why don’t you sleep more?”

Lin Xiyu replied, “I can’ sleep.”

Zhang Yao pulled her to sit down on the sofa and said in a serious tone, “You have to take care of yourself more after you go out. This is your maiden’s home, your second Uncle and I, and also Yuanyuan is your mother’s family. If you encounter any unpleasantness or any grievances, just tell us. Do you understand?”

Zhang Yao’s eyes could not help but redden when she said this. Lu Yuan came down from upstairs and saw this scene and said, “I said mom, what are you worried about? Xixi just changed her place to live, don’t make it seem like she went away, she will come back anytime she wants in the future.”

Zhang Yao laughed. “That’s right, that right, look at me…”

Lin Xiyu knew that Zhang Yao was concerned about her, and she comforted, “Aunt Yao, don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself.”

Zhang Yao said, “It’s good if you can take care of yourself, and Junting won’t mistreat you either.”

As they were chatting, they saw Lu Junting walk in from the door. Lin Xiyu could not help but be surprised to see him. There was still a distance from where he lived, he was up earlier than her?

Everyone simply greeted him, and Lu Junting asked, “Have you packed everything up?”

Lin Xiyu replied, “Everything is packed.”

Lin Xiyu’s things were packed in a big box, and Lu Junting instructed his assistant to bring the box out, and the both of them went to the main building to say goodbye to old Mr and madam Lu, and the second family was also in the main building.

When the two entered, the atmosphere was a little strange. When Lu Junfeng saw the two of them enter, his already no-so-good face became even worse. Jiang Lisu secretly pinched his arm, and Lu Junfeng slowly stood up and said to the two people, “I drank too much wine last night, so I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.”

“If you want to apologize, apologize properly.”

Lu Junting’s words seemed to be tinged with the coolness of the early morning, oozing with a slight chill. Lu Junfeng was now sober and no longer had the guts to point at Lu Junting’s nose just like last night. He swept his gaze over Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu, took a deep breath and said, “It was me who did wrong, I hope eldest brother can forgive me for being reckless.”

This time, his tone was much more sincere than before.

“The person you’re going to apologize to is your sister-in-law.”


Lu Junfeng naturally knew who Lu Junting was referring to as his sister-in-law, and he looked towards Lin Xiyu with a complex gaze, anger, repression, resignation, a mix of emotions. His face tightened for a long time, and finally he gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and took a deep, compromising breath, “Yesterday, I was the one who took the liberty, I’m sorry, sister-in-law.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

The word ‘sister-in-law’ sounded really awkward, not because it came out of Lu Junfeng’s mouth, but simply because it reminded her that she was Lu Junting’s person, this matter was very awkward.

“It’s normal for a family to have a bit of conflict, it’s good to know what is wrong and be able to change.” Old madam Lu smoothed things over, she walked up and took Lin Xiyu’s hand, saying, “You’ll be moving to your new home soon. If your brother Junting treats you badly and bullies you in the future, just come back and tell grandma. Grandma will punish him for you.”

Lin Xiyu smiled, “Brother Junting is very good to me.”

Old madam Lu also said to Lu Junting, “Now that Xixi is pregnant, you have to take care of her more, don’t always have a cold face. Pregnant women can’t stand to be scared, understand?”

Lu Junting really responded like a well-behaved grandson, “I know, I will pay attention.”

After saying goodbye, the family sent them to the gate. Before leaving, old madam Lu stuffed a large red envelope into Lin Xiyu’s hand, which Lin Xiyu pushed it away but accepted it eventually.

Lin Xiyu got into the car with Lu Junting, and the car slowly drove onto the main road. The familiar surroundings were gradually being left behind.

Lin Xiyu sighed silently, her mood was somewhat complicated. From today on she was going to live with Lu Junting.


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