Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 16

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Sorry for not releasing the chapter early. I think this chapter is 2 in 1, so it took me a long time to translate this chapter. Enjoy~ 
Chapter 16: Is He Going to Touch My Belly?

The place where Lu Junting lives was called ‘Moon Bay No. 1’, which was a famous mansion in Ancheng. This place was located in one of the major business districts in Ancheng and was very close to the headquarters of Changheng Group, so it was very convenient for Lu Junting to live here.

Moon Bay No. 1 was a villa area, as a super luxury residence, the community was naturally equipped with facilities, greenery was also good, the environment was elegant and quiet, and quite suitable for raising a baby.

The car stopped at the door. The assistant helped Lin Xiyu take the luggage in, and Lu Junting personally sent her into the door. The maid who would take care of Lin Xiyu was already waiting, and went forward to greet her warmly, “Hello madam Lu, my surname is Wu, a little older than you, just call me Sister Wu.”

The name madam Lu made her feel uncomfortable.

Sister Wu looked like she was in her early forties, with a standard smile on her face, wearing simple house clothes. Her hair was tied behind, and her nails neatly trimmed, so it was clear that she was usually a neat person. 

This was specially hired by Lu Junting to take care of Lin Xiyu. He also called the cook who cooked and the cleaning maid to get acquainted with Lin Xiyu.

Lu Junting explained a few words to Sister Wu, he still had something to do and left first. Sister Wu first took Lin Xiyu to her room. The villa was equipped with an elevator, two floors on the ground plus a loft. The two floors below, one for entertainment, one for parking, and a large garden behind the villa.

Lin Xiyu’s room was very large, decorated in a European-style light luxury style, and the room came with a bathroom and a washroom, which had a beautifully large bathtub.

Sister Wu brought Lin Xiyu to familiarize herself with the surrounding environment, and it was already afternoon after she finished. Lin Xiyu felt that this place was very good, the environment was quiet, and there were not many people. The living environment was quite comfortable, as long as Lu Junting did not often come back, she would live more comfortably.

However, there was one place that did not satisfy Lin Xiyu. At this moment, Lin Xiyu stood in the backyard and looked at the overgrown and barren yard and said, “Is there no one to take care of this yard?”

Sister Wu said, “Mr. Lu didn’t find a special person to take care of it, and we don’t dare to do it casually.”

This deserted yard looked really unattractive, cold and lonely, there was no vitality at all. Lin Xiyu suddenly felt a pity. “How good it is to plant some flowers and plants, you can also grow some vegetables, and it will look very lively.”

Lin Xiyu just lamented subconsciously, but unexpectedly when those words fell, a low voice suddenly sounded behind her. “You can do it if you want.”

Lin Xiyu looked back and saw Lu Junting standing behind her at some point. Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed and quickly said, “No, no, I just said that casually.”

Lu Junting said, “If you are interested in doing it, this yard will be handed over to you. You are now the madam of this house, and you have the right to handle everything in this house.”


It was late afternoon at this time, the pale golden sunshine was shining, and he was standing right against the light. The halo of light enveloped him, and the warm color seemed to fade the solemn and severe feeling of his body, and his eyebrows seemed to soften, his eyes were illuminated by the red gold light, he was not smiling at the moment, but there seemed to be a smile in his eyes.

At this moment, Lu Junting did not have the terrifying cold aura, and his eyebrows were softened, giving people a kind of handsome beauty like a breeze  and a bright moon, and his sentence ‘You are the madam of this house’ seemed to carry warm jade-like warmth.

Lin Xiyu was stunned for a moment, but she quickly came back to her senses and said, “Then I’ll try to do it, don’t blame me if it’s not good.”

“I won’t blame you, but don’t be too tired and don’t do it yourself, just direct people to do it.”

Lin Xiyu nodded, “Okay.”

She was eating dinner with Lu Junting, just the two of them, and they sat face to face. This scene was what Lin Xiyu was afraid of the most, two people sitting face to face dryly, and there was not much to say. Lin Xiyu felt uncomfortable, this was probably the true portrayal of the two of them getting along in the future. After eating in silence, Lin Xiyu went directly back to her room.

Lin Xiyu gradually adapted to the environment after living here for a few days. Lu Junting came back every day at the right time, and the two still had nothing to say, except that he politely asked her if she had adapted and what she needed, and then they ate together in silence. After that, they went to their own rooms to do their own things.

Although Lu Junting was busy at work, he usually paid quite attention to exercise. Lu Junting liked rock climbing and went to the climbing wall to play a few rounds whenever he had time.

Xiao Ziang called him and he did not answer, so he drove directly to the place where he often climbed, and sure enough, he saw the person at a glance. It happened that Lu Junting had climbed down, and the staff came over to unpack his equipment. Xiao Ziang came over and deliberately said in an emotional tone. “Something to kill time here might as well go out and meet a few more girls. I really don’t understand how you, a single dog, think.”

Since the death of Lu Junting’s mother, Lu Junting’s grandfather from his mother’s side and the Lu family’s side did not have much contact with each other, only Xiao Ziang went there occasionally in order to find him when Lu Junting was at Lu's home.

The matter of Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu receiving a marriage certificate had not yet been notified to the relatives, and old madam Lu would not make a special call to report to the Xiao family, so Xiao Ziang still did not know, and up to now still thought he was single.

Lu Junting was aware of Xiao Ziang’s gossipy nature, but he was not so anxious to refute him. He took the towel handed by his assistant to wipe his sweat, and asked not so politely, “What do you want me to do?”

Xiao Ziang suddenly felt a burst of energy, so he took out his phone to show him a photo. A long-haired beauty, Xiao Ziang said, “This brother will show you a girlfriend, how about it? She graduated from a first-class foreign university, engaged in construction. She has academic qualifications and beautiful looks.”

Lu Junting glanced at the photo lightly and said, “You come to show off your new girlfriend to me?”

Xiao Ziang frowned when he heard this, and said unhappily, “How can you say that?” His tone changed, his eyebrows were raised briskly, and he said with a bitchy look on his face, “But ‘show off’ word is nice, I like it.”

Lu Junting did not bother to pay attention to him, while wiping his hair and walking towards the changing room. Generally speaking, Xiao Ziang’s bragging and gloating came out together, as a matter of fact he immediately caught up with him and said to him in a bitter tone. “I say, you should not be so picky, you are not young anymore. It’s time to have a serious girlfriend, look how anxious you old madam has become? I heard that she set up another blind date for you the other day?”

Xiao Ziang was worried, he was really anxious for his friend, but Lu Junting could still see through the gloating under his eyes at a glance.
Lu Junting glanced at him coldly and said to him before he continued to speak, “I’m married.”

Xiao Ziang: “?????”

Xiao Ziang froze for a few seconds, and then laughed. “Are you married? Liar! You think I still don’t know you?”

“Do you want me to show you the marriage certificate?”


Xiao Ziang felt that Lu Junting was just bragging, he did not believe that he got married so quickly. Even if this guy had a light face, Xiao Ziang also felt that Lu Junting was afraid to lose to him. 

So Xiao Ziang really followed Lu Junting to the Changheng Group. Once he arrived at Changheng Group, Xiao Ziang felt even more that he was pretending, who would bring such a thing as a marriage certificate to the company?!

Then he followed Lu Junting into his office, and when he saw the two marriage certificates that Lu Junting handed him, he was momentarily confused. Xiao Ziang looked incredulous as he opened the marriage certificate and was even more shocked when he saw the person who was married to Lu Junting.

“Xiao Xiyu? Are you married to Xiao Xiyu? Fuck, is this really true? You made this stamp yourself, right?”

Xiao Ziang snapped at the top of the stamp and did not move. Lu Junting snatched the marriage certificate and put it back in the drawer when he saw this and said, “Since you know that I’m married, don’t take me with you in those boring mixers in the future.”

Xiao Ziang: “......”

Xiao Ziang had not yet reacted, “This… How is this possible? Fuck, Lu Junting you are a bastard. You lay your hand onto Xiao Xiyu ah, look at her age, how old is she now? She is in the same year as Lu Yuan, right? How did an old man like you trick her?”

Lu Junting’s light gaze swept over Xiao Ziang’s face. Xiao Ziang immediately felt as if a bone scraping cold knife had rolled over his face, frightening him into swallowing back the words that were about to be exported.

“It’s a little girl, a little girl that’s old enough to get a marriage certificate.”


“And you have to thank me.”

“Thank you? Thank you for what?”

“Because of me, you’re promoted.”

Xiao Ziang did not understand this. “What do you mean? Promotion? What promotion?”

Lu Junting sat down on the chair, overlapped his legs, and said casually, “My wife is pregnant.”


After a brief moment of shock, Xiao Ziang looked at him with a gaze as if he looked at the beast, and said, “You got a human little girl pregnant? Good for you Lu Junting, you are simply worse than a beast, you are mad.”

He had given enough critical hits, so Lu Junting did not have the mood to pay him any more attention, waving his hand at him. “Just go if you have nothing to do, I’ll still have work.”

Xiao Ziang came out of Changheng Group and was so angry that he wanted to curse! Fuck, he was not as good as him when he was in school, and he was not as good as him after working. He finally thought that he could mock him by having a girlfriend before him, but he did not expect that person to even have a child already.

Xiao Ziang glanced at the sky, only to feel that the sky above his head was fucking black.

Lin Xiyu stayed at Moon Bay No. 1 for about two weeks, Lu Junting suddenly told her at dinner. “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow, I’ll probably be gone for a few days. If you need anything just tell sister Wu, and swipe the sub-card I gave you directly for anything you want to buy.”

Hearing that he was going on a business trip, Lin Xiyu was surprisingly relieved that she finally did not have to face him for a few days. She hurriedly said, “I understand, you don’t have to worry, I won’t wronged myself.”

Sure enough, Lu Junting did not come back the next day. Lin Xiyu felt that the day of raising a fetus was boring to the point of explosion. After lying down for a few days, she had an urge to go to work, but she knew that the Lu Family definitely did not want her to go to work. They did not want anything to happen to this golden egg in her stomach.

Lin Xiyu was idle and had nothing to do, so she took a look at the bare backyard, which Lu Junting had said she could do anything to the yard, so why not just give the yard a go? She found someone to dig the soil and went to the flower market and bought some vegetable seedlings back, like green peppers, eggplants, beans, cucumbers, pumpkins. Then she bought some flower seedlings, roses, lilies, tulips, and hibiscus flowers.

Lin Xiyu was pregnant, so she could not plant it personally. She found someone to help planting it, one side planting the vegetables, and the other side planting the flowers, with the grass in the middle of it so that it looked less monotonous.

Lu Junting was gone for almost ten days on this business trip, and when he returned again, the backyard had been taken care of. As soon as Lu Junting arrived home, he saw that sister Wu was sorting out the clothes, and when he did not see Lin Xiyu, he asked, “Where’s madam?”

Sister Wu said, “Madam is reading in the backyard.”

Lu Junting went to the backyard. As soon as he arrived at the backyard, Lu Junting could not help but freeze for a moment, what he saw was no longer a barren piece of grass. At this time, the backyard was already planted with flowers and vegetables. Lu Junting was surprised, really did not expect that barren piece of the yard could become so vibrant after being taken care of by her.

The backyard on the first floor had a canopy installed on the eaves, and the canopy was just right for shade, so Lin Xiyu put a chair under the canopy. The shelves were placed on both sides of the chair and small pots of flowers and succulent plants were placed on the shelves. At the moment, she was lying on the chair with the book placed on her chair. She should be accidentally falling asleep while reading a book.

The small pots of flowers that even he could not name and the pots of succulents that she should have bought herself. When the sun shone, he saw that the succulent leaves were green and shiny, and the pink-red flowers seemed to bloom more brilliantly against the light. Underneath this canopy as well as that yard was bare before, but now that she had decorated it, it was really something else, and a glance was a delight to the heart.

It could be seen, this girl was quite a lover of life.

Lin Xiyu wore a white dress today, the dress was knee-length, revealing a slender white calf underneath. Her hair was simply braided, and it was a bit messy because she was sleeping at the moment, making her small face more and more fair-skinned. However, it was not the kind of monotonous white skin, it was the warm and delicate white of ‘Lantian’s sun warm Jade’ kind of warm and delicate white, watery, like a juicy peach.

That little face was slightly flushed because of the heat of summer, just like the tip of the peach, the sweetest point of it.

There was a mischievous butterfly suddenly stopping on her feet. A pair of feet under the hem of the dress without shoes, she was tickled, so she gently rubbed her foot. A pair of delicate little feet, when rubbing each other, Lu Junting suddenly felt that he could not breathe, and subconsciously tugged his tie.

Lin Xiyu was not a heavy sleeper, and woke up in a daze to see a person standing next to her chair. When she saw that the visitor was Lu Junting, she sat up with a jerk. Her not quite awake pair of watery eyes staring at him like a frightened white rabbit, greeting in a slight panic, “Brother Juting, when did you get back?”

Why did she see him like a big bad wolf?

“I’ve been back for a while.”

Lu Junting stepped forward, and sat down next to her very naturally.

Lin Xiyu: “...”

The aura of his body suddenly enveloped her, and she could even smell the cold fragrance that came from him.

Lin Xiyu’s body tensed up unconsciously, just like a primary school student facing the head teacher, not even daring to move a bit. Lu Junting glanced at her, and saw her lowered head, and the messy braids had a few strands hanging down on the sides of her cheeks. Her reddened cheek seemed to be deeper, she looked as if she was very nervous, and her hands were tightly clutching the cushion under her.

“Have a good time these days?” Lu Junting asked her.

“Pretty good.”

How could she talk to him without looking at him?

“What book are you reading?” He asked again.

“I just took a random book.”

After a moment of silence, he asked again, “Is there any pregnancy reaction?”

“There’s no strong pregnancy reaction.”

There had been several morning sicknesses, but sister Wu helped her adjust her diet, and now she did not throw up and slept very well, that’s it, she was particularly prone to drowsiness.

Lin Xiyu thought, should she find a reason to slip away first ah? Sitting so close to Lu Juting was a bit annoying ah. This sense of elementary school’s chicken facing the head teacher was simply too strong.

Just as Lin Xiyu was mulling over how to speak, she heard Lu Junting speak again, “Can I touch it?”

Lin Xiyu looked up at him. Lu Junting looked as usual, but the tone produced ambiguity when heard by Lin Xiyu. She unconsciously replied with a nervous tone, “Touch? Touch what?”

She looked at him with her round eyes, and this stunned look was kinda cute.

Lu Junting said, “Touch your belly.”


Lin Xiyu reacted. She remembered the drama she had watched before, in which the man’s wife was pregnant and the man would always touch his wife’s stomach to communicate with the child inside.

However, she glanced down at her still flat abdomen though, wasn’t it a little early to communicate with the baby in her belly?

After all, Lu Junting was a first time father, and it was clear that he was still quite excited about this child, and she could understand this impatience to communicate with the child.

The child was also his, and Lin Xiyu felt as if she had no reason to refuse.

The thought of his touching her stomach made her scalp start to tingle. However, he was waiting for her quietly. Lin Xiyu adjusted her breathing and tried to make her smile look less stiff, “Touch, just touch it.”

She sat back a bit and made a gesture to give him her stomach. Lu Junting then moved a bit closer to her and extended his large palm to rest on her stomach.

It was still hot at the end of September, she was wearing a thin dress. His palm was hot, and she shivered a bit as soon as the palm came up over her body.

Lin Xiyu’s eyes panicked as she looked towards him, but his expression was still natural. His eyes slightly averted as he stared at the palm that was resting on her stomach, as if he was really concentrating on feeling it.

The distance between the two of them was a little closer than just now, and she could clearly smell the cold scent of his body, and that night, she was enveloped by this scent and went crazy all night.

Lin Xiyu shook her head in a hurry and did not want to think about it.

Obviously, both of them were unfamiliar to each other but they had such an intimate period. Now, he was so close to her.

His palm did not stay on her stomach for long, he released it and said, “It seems like I can’t feel anything yet.”

Lin Xiyu let out a sigh of relief, but she did not dare to see him. She was a little embarrassed and said, “It’s still in the early month now.”

Lu Junting stood up and said, “It’s windy outside, go inside, and don’t catch cold.”

Lin Xiyu nodded and took a moment to slow down before standing up and following him into the house. There was a beautifully wrapped box sitting on the coffee table in the living room. Lu Junting saw it before he remembered and said, “A gift for you, see if you like it or not.”

Lin Xiyu was very surprised, “Why are you bringing me a gift?”

“When I saw it on my business trip, I thought it was very suitable for you and bought it.”

It was a strange feeling, as if they were really husband and wife. He saw something nice on a business trip thinking it would suit his wife at home and bought it for her.

“Just take it and see.” Lu Junting said.

Lin Xiyu came over to unwrap the package, and inside lay an exquisitely crafted watch.

Lu Junting took out the watch and said to her, “Stretch out your hand.”

It was probably because this man carried a dominant attribute with him, and Lin Xiyu did not think there was anything inappropriate, so she obediently extended her hand over, and Lu Junting helped her put the watch on.

His fingers grazed her skin unconsciously, the touch was just as hot as the touch on her stomach, scalding the tips of her heart with a slight shiver.

After he was done, he looked at it with his hands in his pockets and said, “It suits you.”

Lin Xiyu’s expression was a little stiff, “Thank you brother Junting, but you don’t need to give me gifts in the future.”

“Don’t be so polite with me, don’t forget that you are now my wife. Anyway, you will always be the mother of my child, and I should give you gifts.”


Lin Xiyu thought, anyway, this person was also sent the gift for the sake of his child’s mother, for his child’s face, she did not need to be awkward, if he wanted to give it, then she would accept it.

Lu Junting seemed to think of something and asked, “When will you go to the prenatal checkup?”

“The appointment is in three days.”

“I’ll accompany you when the time comes.”

“I’ll just have sister Wu accompany me if brother Junting is too busy.”

“I can get that day vacant to come.”


He said that, so it was not good for Lin Xiyu to delay. He wanted to accompany her, anyway, it was also his child in her stomach.

On the day of the checkup, Lu Junting deliberately made time to come out and take her there. The embryo was well developed and had already taken shape. After getting in the car, Lu Junting handed her the ultrasound sheet and asked, “Want to take a look?”


It was still so small, what could you see?

Judging from her expression, she was really not interested. The movement of Lu Junting holding up the ultrasound sheet paused for a moment and then silently put the sheet back.

Lu Junting was still very busy. This time, he came back home for a few days, then went on a business trip, and this business trip lasted several days. On the weekend, Lu Yuan came to Lin Xiyu and wanted to take her out to play.

“Fengbao Technology, a subsidiary of Changheng Group, recently came out with a new mobile phone, a new curved screen design. I heard that it feels quite good to hold it, let’s go take a look together.”

Lin Xiyu felt that staying at home to raise the baby was also boring, and she also wanted to go out for a stroll. Since she did not have to stay at home every day to raise her baby anyway, she went out with Lu Yuan after convincing sister Wu.

In the car, Lu Yuan said, “Do you remember Qin Yue? Ceo of Fengbao Technology.”

Lin Xiyu had a little impression. “You seem to have flirted with this person before.”

Lu Yuan covered her mouth and smirked, “You have a good memory.”

That should be when both of them were in their junior year of college. During that that Mr. Lu was not in good health and Lu Junting returned to the Lu family a little more often than usual. At that time, it was also during the critical development period of Fengbao Technology, and sometimes Qin Yue would come over after work to report on his work.

Qin Yue was a young man who was strict in his work and people, because he was handsome. Lu Yuan teased him twice when he saw him once. Who knew that a serious-looking man blushed when he was teased by Lu Yuan, which made Lu Yuan even more excited, and then she had to tease him every time she saw him.

The location of the mobile phone new product launch was in the largest concept stores of Fengbao Technology. They needed admission tickets to attend the launch, and Lu Yuan got two admission tickets from somewhere, so the two of them entered the venue without any problems.

There were quite a few people here today, and there were some reporters. It was also a coincidence that only a short while after they arrived, they met Qin Yue bringing someone to inspect. Lu Yuan immediately pulled Lin Xiyu over, and she stopped in front of Qin Yue and waved at him to greet him, “President Qin, long time no see ah?”

When Qin Yue saw the person coming, his eyebrows subconsciously frowned, and his body was obviously tense, but his expression was quite natural, “Miss Lu, why did you come over?”

Lu Yuan tilted her head and smiled at him, reached out and pulled his tie to play in her hand. “I come here to play, can you accompany me on a tour? Can you introduce me to your new product?”

Qin Yue pulled his tie over and tucked it neatly inside his suit. He subconsciously glanced around at the people around him and said to her without expression, “Sorry Miss Lu, I’m working.”

Lu Yuan blinked at him and smiled, “Introducing the product for me is also work ah.”

Qin Yue then said to the people around him, “Go and introduce the product to Miss Lu.” After speaking, he bypassed her and directly led the people away, Lu Yuan was preparing to stop him and Lin Xiyu came over in time to pull her and said, “Forget it, that person is working.”

Lu Yuan did not continue, and muttered in a small voice to Qin Yue’s back, “Fake seriousness.”

Lin Xiyu took her hand and smiled. “Come on, go look at the new mobile phone.”

The two of them went to the staff to introduce the usage of the new mobile phone. Lu Yuan suddenly tugged her sleeve heavily and whispered in her ear. “Didn’t you say my eldest brother went on a business trip. How come he returned already?”

Lin Xiyu followed Lu Yuan’s finger and saw a commotion at the entrance, with two security guards opening the way ahead, followed by a line of people.

Lin Xiyu felt that some people just had this kind of ability, and seemed to have their own spotlight effect, even if they walked in the middle of a group of people, they could let other people see him at a glance, Lu Junting was like this.

The two looked over when Lu Junting was listening to the assistant. Lu Junting was taller than the assistant, slightly inclined his head to listen, and then nodded. When nodding, his gaze unconsciously swept to their side, coincidentally that gaze swept to Lin Xiyu in the crowd.

When Lu Yuan saw this, she took Lin Xiyu’s hand and said, “Let’s go, my eldest brother has seen us, let’s go over and say hello to him.”

Lin Xiyu did not forget that there were still a lot of reporters around. She quickly grabbed Lu Yuan, turned around to casually pick up a mobile phone and looked at it carefully, pretending not to see Lu Junting.

This expression of hers naturally also fell into Lu Junting’s eyes. How could she be married and still deliberately avoiding and pretending not to know when she saw her husband? 

Lin Xiyu looked up again, Lu Junting had already left with the people, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Yuan asked her with a puzzled face, “What’s wrong? Why don’t you go say hello when you see my eldest brother? Did you quarrel?

“It’s not nice for me to run over and interrupt when he is working, right?”

“What’s wrong with that? You’re his wife.”

What she was afraid of was to let people know that she was Lu Junting’s wife. They would have to go their separate ways when they had the baby, okay? The two were chatting here, when someone next to them suddenly said in a loud voice, “Madam Lu, Mr. Lu asked me to take you over.”

Lin Xiyu looked back and recognized the person as Lu Junting’s assistant. Fortunately, there was no one around them, and no one noticed the words ‘Madam Lu’ from the assistant’s mouth.

Lin Xiyu was puzzled, “Where to?”

“Come with me.”

Lin Xiyu did not know why Lu Junting was looking for her, so she had to follow the assistant through the exhibition hall to the inner room, but she saw a platform built in front of the inner room, and it turned out that this was the official venue for the mobile phone launch.

The assistant kept guiding her to the front, and Lu Junting was sitting in the very middle of the front row, the seat next to him was still empty, so the assistant arranged for her to sit next to Lu Junting, and Lu Yuan sat next to Lin Xiyu.

After sitting down, Lin Xiyu greeted him with a slight awkwardness, “Brother Junting, have you returned from your business trip?”

“En, I’m back, are you interested in the new mobile phone?”

There were many people around, and it was noisy. Lu Junting was close to her ear to say this, his voice was low and mellow. When he spoke, the heat gently blew on her ear.

Lin Xiyu felt a tickle in her ear and her back unconsciously stiffened as she smiled in a fake natural way, “It’s pretty good.”

“Take one back for later when you leave?”


The mobile phone launch was about to start. Before it started, Lu Junting waved at his assistant who hurriedly came over and bowed to wait for orders. Lu Junting said to him, “Let those reporters understand some matters.”

The assistant answered and hurried down to do his work. Lin Xiyu saw him walk up to the reporters but did not know what he was saying, and the reporters all nodded their heads. It could be seen that Lu Junting’s words were still quite intimidating.

Lin Xiyu also noticed that after she sat down next to Lu Junting. There were a lot of eyes looking at this side. She and Lu Junting had received the marriage certificate, and Lu Junting did not disclose her identity to the public. She also did not want to disclose it, otherwise it would be more troublesome when divorcing in the future.

Lu Junting gave a word, thinking that those reporters would not dare to report anything indiscriminately anymore. Lin Xiyu calmed down and concentrated on watching the launching.

The launch was hosted by Fengbao Technology’s CEO, Qin Yue. The model held up the mobile phone and showed it to the audience, while Qin Yue explained. He spoke with a clear tone and knew every key and every function of the phone like the back of his hand. As Lu Junting’s right-hand man, Qin Yue’s business capability was impeccable.

After the launching was over, Lu Junting asked the assistant to send Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan first. He still had some things to deliver. The two came out of the exhibition hall with the assistant, walked to the door, but saw several acquaintances walking next to them, who were Lin Xiyu’s colleagues from the Biological Research Institute.

“Lin Xiyu, I haven’t seen you for a long time, are you also here to see the exhibition?”

Lin Xiyu did not expect to meet them here so coincidentally. Although she did not have much time at work, she was quite close to her colleagues. Upon seeing them, she smiled and said, “Did you guys also come here to see the exhibition?”

“That’s right, how come I didn’t see you just now?”

Lin Xiyu had just been taken to the inner hall to see the launching. The mobile phone exhibition was different from the product launching, which required an invitation ticket to get in.

Lin Xiyu said, “It’s probably because there are too many people in there.”

To her colleagues, it was a pity that Lin Xiyu had resigned. Today, after encountering each other, the other asked what she was doing now, Lin Xiyu did not tell them that she was married, just made up a sentence that she was ready to go to graduate school.

After the mobile phone launch, Lu Junting stayed behind and briefly delivered a few words, coming out of the showroom, Lu Junting saw Lin Xiyu and the others standing at the entrance from afar. Lin Xiyu was chatting with others, and the group of people she was chatting with were both male and female.

He stepped forward and asked, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

As soon as Lu Junting came over, the atmosphere on this side suddenly became different, and the group of people who were originally chatting stopped one after another. Their eyes fell on him, with different expressions.

Lu Yuan calmed down a little and replied, “We ran into Xixi’s colleague and chatted for a while.”

Lu Junting glanced at the group of people, just as if nothing had happened. But that sense of intimidation in his eyes shook the group of people in an instant.

Lin Xiyu did not expect Lu Junting to finish so quickly. Lin Xiyu was a little flustered, she remembered that there were several girls in her colleagues who were particularly gossipy. They had gossiped about Lu Junting before, saying that he was the youngest billionaire, and said that he was very A, and many girls rushed to call him husband.

Sure enough, after those girls saw Lu Junting, after being shocked by his aura, the gossip quickly ignited, and several girls squeezed their eyebrows and whispered a few words, before a bold one rushed to Lin Xiyu, “Lin Xiyu, this is…”

They should also recognize Lu Junting, so they were actually curious about why Lin Xiyu and Lu Junting knew each other.

Lin Xiyu did not want them to know that she and Lu Junting were married, and she was not sure if she would continue to work at that institute in the future. In case they still had to become a colleague, and when she and Lu Junting were both divorced, how would she explain if they gossiped again.

As if trying to hide something, Lin Xiyu said hurriedly, “He is my friend’s brother.”

Just short of a straight up three denial words of, ‘I don’t know, I’m not familiar, don’t ask me.”

After Lin Xiyu said this, she was a bit weak-hearted, and subconsciously looked towards Lu Junting, whose expression looked quite natural, as if he did not take the words to heart. However, she did not know if it was her delusion, she felt that his body seemed to be suddenly covered with a cold feeling, so cold that Lin Xiyu subconsciously shivered.

“Are you done talking?” Lu Junting suddenly opened his mouth.

Probably because they were afraid of Lu Junting’s intimidating power, these few colleagues did not ask any more questions and excused themselves to leave.

The driver had already driven the car over, Lu Junting stepped into the car and sat down, turned back to Lin Xiyu and said, “Get in the car.”

Lin Xiyu sat up obediently, and before she could say goodbye to Lu Yuan, the car drove away.

The atmosphere in the car was not very good. Although Lu Junting’s face seemed natural, Lin Xiyu was keenly aware of the anger emanating from his body.

“It turns out that I’m just your friend’s brother?”

He thought about the flustered look on her face just now as if he was a plague.

“Also, you had seen me and pretended not to recognize me.” Lu Junting suddenly smile, but there was no smile in his eyes, “Am I so unseemly?”


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