Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Little Girl, I’m not a Gentleman

Lu Junting as a husband to stay here to take care of his wife was also reasonable. It was bad for Lin Xiyu to contradict Lu Junting’s words, after all, in the eyes of the Lu family, the two of them had a normal love marriage. 

Not long after, old madam Lu went out with the others, leaving Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu in the room. Lin Xiyu was uncomfortable when she thought of the two of them sleeping together, but when she thought of the fact that she had just thrown up, and that he did not mind, even helped her ruffle her hair, she thought that he had agreed to stay and sleep with her just for the convenience of care, so she did not need to think too much about it.

Lin Xiyu felt that she should be grateful, and said, “Thank you brother Junting, you still helped me even if it was disgusting…”

“You don’t have to be so polite with me.” Unlike her discomfort, Lu Junting was quite calm and asked her, “Do you want to take a bath?”

Lin Xiyu just vomited, and there was a smell on her body, and she said, “I want to.”

She took the change of clothes, and Lu Junting asked again. “Do you need my help?”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

He asked as if it was a natural thing to do, as if helping her with her bath was just a lift of a finger.

What did he do to help her take a bath? However, it was not like he did not help her that night, when he carried her dizzy body to take a bath, and Lin Xiyu felt her cheeks burn a little. She said, “No need.” 

Lin Xiyu took a shower and washed her hair. When she left the room, she saw Lu Junting with a change of clothes ready to go in. Lin Xiyu said, “Have someone clean up before you go in.”

“It’s fine.” Lu Junting dropped these words and went straight in.

Lin Xiyu could not help but be surprised. Lu Junting had a slight cleanliness habit, and did not like a peculiar smell. She washed her hair, there was a lot of hair on the bathroom floor, she did not expect him to not mind.

After Lu Junting came out of the bath, Lin Xiyu just finished drinking the porridge brought by sister Wu, and felt much more comfortable after drinking it. Lu Junting asked her, “Feeling better?”

“Much better.”

It was not known if Lu Junting saw Lin Xiyu’s restlessness, but Lu Junting said, “I’ll stay over here and take care of you so that grandma and the others can feel at ease, just lie down and sleep together, you don’t have to think too much.”

Lin Xiyu nodded somewhat awkwardly.

In fact, she did not think too much, she was just uncomfortable facing him.

Lu Junting was wearing a bathrobe, the lapel was slightly open revealing a small piece of his chest. Lin Xiyu averted his gaze and shrank back into the covers, Lu Junting saw this and asked, “Going to sleep?”

“En.” Lin Xiyu whispered a reply.

Lu Junting pulled back the covers and also lay down on the bed, then with a snap, he turned off the light and the room went dark. Lin Xiyu felt that her back slowly began to stiffen. Lu Junting was lying next to her, although she had a ridiculous night with him, but that day she was drunk and her mind was not sober, but now, all her sanity was there.

She soon caught the cold smell of his body, drilling into her nose. The room was silent, and she could even hear the beating of her heart in her chest.

“Are you cold?”

Lu Junting’s voice suddenly sounded, and his magnetic voice seemed to have penetrating power in the silence.

“It’s okay.”

“Rest early.” He said another sentence.


Lin Xiyu was pregnant and was already prone to sleepiness, and that tension of lying with Lu Junting was gradually replaced by sleepiness. In a short while, she fell asleep.

Lu Junting could not sleep, he bent his elbows on the back of his head, tilting his head to look into the darkness. Hearing the sound of even breathing beside him, he glanced sideways and found that the little girl had already fallen asleep.

“Asleep?” He asked.

No response.

She really fell asleep.

Lu Junting turned back, closed his eyes and began to sleep, when a rustling sound suddenly sounded next to him. He opened his eyes and saw that the little girl suddenly arched towards him, arching wildly for a while, and only stopped when she was next to him, and pressed that little face against his shoulder.

She arched the covers around, and Lu Junting tucked her in, wrapping it tightly around her. Although he had little experience taking care of pregnant women, he knew that it was troublesome for them to be sick.

Lu Junting looked down at her, she was nestled beside him, sleeping quite comfortably. Who would have thought that this little girl was usually like a little white rabbit seeing a big bad wolf when seeing him, but this time she even took the initiative to rub against him and sleep.

Her hair covered her face and he could not see her expression clearly. He thought he was bored enough to want to see her sleeping face. Lu Junting gently picked up her chin with his fingers. In the darkness, the tender white face could be seen clearly, with small and delicate facial features and a soft sleeping image, like a small animal.

Lu Junting’s gaze unconsciously landed on her small mouth. Her mouth opened slightly, and warm breath sprayed on his fingers.

A certain memory popped up in his mind, that she used this mouth to suck his lips.

His gaze deepened, and he subconsciously rubbed his thumb on her lips, warm and soft lips, full and elastic. It was this mouth that stirred him up, and his good self-control was completely useless.

Obviously, she had an innocent face and she was seductive, she was very charming.

Lu Junting suddenly got a little distracted. Wasn't she afraid of him like a big bad wolf? How could she still dare to be next to him, not afraid of what he would do to her?

It wasn’t known if it was his thumb rubbing her mouth uncomfortably, but she suddenly stuck her tongue out and licked her lips, the wet tip of her tongue swept across his fingers.

Lu Junting: “......”

Lu Junting suddenly felt his throat go dry. He subconsciously swallowed his saliva, his gaze slightly narrowed as he stared at the girl in front of him. His voice showed a faint hoarseness, “Little girl, I’m not a gentleman.”

The little girl suddenly grunted, her eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Lu Junting then realized that the force rubbed on the lips subconsciously heavier, and he hurriedly let go of his hand.

“Am I hurting you?” He asked her.

The little girl fell asleep and did not answer, moved towards him again, Lu Junting then lay on his side. She was arching around, probably looking for a comfortable position. Her whole body arched into his arms, and seeing this, Lu Junting laughed lightly, simply reached out and hooked the person into his arms. She stopped moving around and obediently nestled in his arms.

When Lin Xiyu woke up the next day, Lu Junting was no longer there. Lin Xiyu could not help but be surprised that she actually fell asleep next to Lu Junting yesterday, and she also slept quite well?

After washing up, Lin Xiyu went downstairs. Lu Junting as sitting in the living room chatting with old madam Lu. Old madam Lu saw her first, and pointed to the position next to Lu Junting, “Xixi, come and sit down.”

Lin Xiyu walked over to Lu Junting and sat down next to him.

“Are you still unwell?” asked Lu Junting to her.

“Much better.”

Lin Xiyu turned her head sideways and met his gaze, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked with a smile, that brow also became softer because of this smile. Such an expression could make people really feel that he was caring for her. Thinking about sleeping together last night, Lin Xiyu felt uncomfortable, hurriedly avoiding his gaze.

The two left after eating breakfast in Lu’s house. Lu Junting first took her for a maternity checkup. The month was older, and a special 4D was done. The child was healthy and developing very well.

A few days later, Lu Junting took her to do the check up again, and there was no problem. After coming out of the hospital, Lu Junting said to her hurriedly, “Let’s eat out today, not go back to eat.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiyu got excited. She had not eaten out fong a long time after eating pregnant women’s meals every day. Her eyes lit up, and asked, “Where are we going to eat?”

Could you be so happy to go out for a meal? She acted like a little child, but probably infected by this expression of hers, Lu Junting’s mood also unconsciously turned better. The corner of his mouth curved unnoticeably and said, “You’ll know it when you go.”

Lu Junting took Lin Xiyu to a Chinese restaurant called ‘Dehuan Restaurant’. The two of them found a seat to sit down and Lu Junting said, “I often come to this shop.”

Lin Xiyu looked around. This shop's decoration was not luxurious, and the consumption grade was about medium. At this meal time, many customers had come to this restaurant, and it was very noisy. This was surprisingly the shop that Lu Junting often came to, which surprised Lin Xiyu. She thought that a person like Lu Junting had a lot of exquisiteness and would only go in and out of high-end restaurants.

Lin Xiyu asked, “Does the meal here taste very good?”

“The taste is okay, but it’s not particularly amazing.”


Lin Xiyu felt even stranger, the environment was also average and did not taste much better, so why did he come often? Seeing her confusion, he said, “This used to be a fried chicken restaurant. I really liked the fried chicken there, but then it closed down and became the Chinese restaurant it is now. Since the shop is still here, I come here often.”

“Ah? Brother Junting actually likes to eat fried chicken?” Fried chicken and his temperament were really not compatible.

Lu Junting said, “That was when I was a child, because I have a little friend who loved fried chicken and I often came with her to eat it. So over time, I liked it here.”

Lin Xiyu nodded. “That means, brother Junting only likes to come here because that fried chicken shop used to be here?”

“You could say that.”

What kind of logic was that because the fried chicken place he loves used to be located here, he came here often even if it turned into a Chinese restaurant?

Just as Lin Xiyu was wondering, she suddenly heard a clear female voice call out, “Lu Junting.”

Lin Xiyu looked sideways and saw a girl standing in front of their table. She had long curly hair, wearing the latest style of a certain brand, she was fashionable and wore exquisite makeup. At this time, the girl’s eyes were staring at Lu Junting, and her eyes were somewhat complicated.

Lin Xiyu was very surprised. This girl actually called Lu Junting’s name directly?

Lu Junting glanced at the person who came, but his expression did not change much, and asked, “Why are you here?”

The girl said, “Passing by here to eat with friends, I didn’t expect to meet you here. It’s really a coincidence.” After the girl said that, she seemed to realize Lin Xiyu’s existence, looked at Lin Xiyu and then her gaze fell down to her stomach, only to see the girl’s face suddenly change and her eyes suddenly became sharp.

Lu Junting generously introduced herself to her. “This is my wife.”

“Wife?” It could be seen that Lu Junting’s words made the girl very shocked, agitated, astonished, all kinds of expressions flashed across her face. It took a while before she spoke with difficulty, “You’re already married?”

“That’s right, I’m married.”

The girl’s expression became uglier. Her eyelids jumped a few times, and she repeated, “You are actually married?”

“Do you have something else?”

Lu Junting’s words were a little rude, and he was obviously giving an eviction order.

The girl took a deep breath, “Take your time.” After speaking, she turned around and left, her back looking a little lost.

Lin Xiyu looked at the girl’s figure who walked away. As soon as she turned back, she met Lu Junting’s gaze looking over, and he asked her, “Curious who she is?”

Lin Xiyu thought for a while, honestly nodded her head, and then Lu Junting said, “Ex-girlfriend.”

Lin Xiyu probably guessed that when Lu Junting was outside, people would politely call him ‘President Lu’, and those who could directly call him by his name could only be people who were familiar with him.

“I haven’t been in touch with her since the breakup, and it was a coincidence to meet her here today,” Lu Junting said again.

It was as if he was deliberately explaining it to her.

Lin Xiyu nodded absentmindedly, now knowing why. When she just saw the girl, she inexplicably had a strange feeling, and she could not understand what this strange feeling was all about for a while.

The meal was quickly served, the two of them ate it silently. Lin Xiyu went to the bathroom in the middle of the meal, and was about to go out when she suddenly heard a voice outside. She heard the three words ‘Lu Junting’s mentioned outside, and the action of pushing the door on the doorknob was stopped.

“I really didn’t expect Lu Junting to be married.”

Lin Xiyu heard that the voice of the girl outside was Lu Junting’s ex-girlfriend.

She was supposed to be with her friends, and hearing this, the girl’s friend said, “You’ve been broken up for so many years, and he’s old enough to get married.”

The girl laughed to herself. “Yeah, it’s normal to get married, but don’t you think it would make me look ridiculous? I’m not even sure now what the point of coming to his favorite restaurant all these years just to have a chance encounter with him was. You know, I’ve thought about countless possibilities, but I didn’t think it was this possibility. I met him by chance, but he already had another woman by his side, and they had a child.” Her tone was already choked, “Do you think I’m ridiculous?”

The girl’s friend sighed. “Since you are so reluctant to let go, why did you break up in the first place?
“I don’t know, I was too young at that time, I wish he could care about me. I thought he would know I was important enough to redeem myself if I mentioned the break up, but who knew he would walk away so briskly and not even give me a chance to see him later. And I don’t want to lower myself to beg him to get back together. I made myself better, found every opportunity to meet him, hoping that he would see that I had become different, but that was it… I really can’t understand, didn’t the report say that he was a golden bachelor before? How did he get married?”

“I’m not talking about you, you were just too troubled at that time, ask what break up, that man is Lu Junting ah, do people not want a face? Do you really think that a man like him will act like a little boy, that he will get you back as soon as you’re leaving him?”

Hearing this, the girl began to sob, and the girl’s friend hurriedly comforted her, and then said, “However, I don’t know if I see it right, I just looked at it from a distance, and I feel that his wife looks a bit like you.”

The girl suddenly stopped sobbing, and she seemed to think about it carefully and said, “When you say this, it seems to be a little bit like that.”

“You say, is he still unable to forget you, just because of his self-esteem, or holds a grudge that you mentioned the break up first and doesn’t want to get back together, but still likes you in his heart, so he found a girl who looks like you to miss you?”

Lin Xiyu in the toilet cubicle was probably no less shocked than Lu Junting’s ex-girlfriend outside, and she finally understood where the strange feeling when she just met the girl came from.

The girl’s friend was right, she was really similar to Lu Juntins’s ex-girlfriend.

In this way, she could figure out a lot of things. How could a man like Lu Junting lose his self-control so easily, and he could not control himself as soon as she seduced him. In other words, if Lu Junting had lost control so easily, then there was no telling how many women could have climbed into his bed.

The reason why he did not hold back that day was because she looked a little similar to his ex-girlfriend. For many years he only had that one girlfriend, and then he was also repulsive when the family arranged a blind date for him. The first love was always unforgettable wasn’t it?

He did not resist touching her, and later he was willing to take responsibility for her, even offering to marry her, simply because she looked like the woman he missed, and his tender, attentive, thoughtful care for her might have been motivated by that. 

The sudden sound outside pulled back Lin Xiyu’s thoughts.

“Miss Lin, are you inside?”

Lin Xiyu came back to her senses, Lu Junting’s ex-girlfriend and her friend were no longer outside. The one who called her was an unfamiliar female voice, Lin Xiyu pulled open the door and saw that the girl outside was wearing the uniform of a waitress, she was relieved to see her safely out, and said, “Miss Lin, your husband is worried about you, and let me come in to take a look. Let’s go out and give him a safe report if you’re okay.”

Lin Xiyu came out of the bathroom and really saw Lu Junting standing outside. He stepped forward and asked, “Are you okay?”

There was worry in his eyes. It was just that she had taken too long to come out of the bathroom and he had someone come looking for her, looking as if he was really worried about her.

Seeing him at this time, Lin Xiyu thought about the words she had just heard, and her mood was somewhat complicated.

“I’m fine.”

He seemed relieved, “Let’s go.” Walking to the seat, he also pulled out the chair for her.

After Lin Xiyu sat down, Lu Junting saw that she was eating mindlessly, he asked, “Is it not to your liking?”

“It’s okay.” Lin Xiyu replied.

Lin Xiyu was a little uncomfortable in her heart, because she realized that she was used by Lu Junting as a stand-in for his first love, and his kindness to her was also based on this face that was somewhat similar to his first love.

But then she thought again, they did not have feelings originally, right? Although he used her as a stand-in, he did not come to use her as a stand-in of his own accord, and that time it was because she had been drinking too much to seduce him first. Later, she became pregnant and he did not shirk his responsibility, and directly married her, found someone to take care of her, gave her the best food and all the best, bringing her gifts when coming back home. As a husband, he had done a good job.

Originally, there were no feelings involved, he did not cheat on her. They were only together because of the child in her stomach, and she also said that they would divorce after giving birth, so he did not seem to have done anything wrong.

It was just, what was the point of thinking about it, what did it matter if she was a stand-in or not, she did not have feelings for him either did she?

The most important thing now was to ensure that the child could be born smoothly, and she would leave anyway.


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