Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 19

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I really need some motivation to translate the later chapters! Enjoy this chapter, I think there are still many chapters before the fluff..
Chapter 19: Sleeping in His Room

“I’ll be able to meet the child in a few months.” Lu Junthing said as if talking to himself.

Although it was not the first time he touched her stomach, Lin Xiyu was still a bit uncomfortable. As her belly grew bigger, her whole state of mind changed a lot. Before, she did not have much feeling about her pregnancy, but when the child gradually developed, watching her belly get bigger day by day, she could clearly feel that there was a small life in her belly, which was a beautiful feeling, making people look forward to life.

At this moment, when she heard his words, her heart unconsciously rose with a sense of maternal love, and her tone was full of expectation, “Yes, we will meet the child soon.”

She looked down at his hand on her stomach, with clear joints and slender fingers. It was pretty good-looking, she wondered if the child’s hands would look this good in the future.

“From now on, everything I have is this child’s.” He said, suddenly.


Lin Xiyu looked at him, and saw that his eyes were still fixed on her stomach, and a few pieces of tenderness appeared in those sharp eyes.

Was this to make the child in her belly the heir to take over? In fact, Lin Xiyu did not expect the child to be excellent, as long as this child could grow up happily.

Lu Junting said to her again, “I’m very busy during this time, just hoping to give him a brand new world before he’s born.”

Was he explaining to her the past few months he did not go home? Lin Xiyu said hurriedly, “Brother Junting, it’s okay. You just have to be busy with your own business.”

Lu Junting did not say anything more, and after quietly touching for a while, sister Wu called for dinner, so Lu Junting let go of his hand and said, “Let’s go, eat first.”

The two of them sat down to eat. Lu Junting asked her about the situation during this time, in fact, there was nothing, this time she basically stayed at home to raise the baby.

“By the way, grandma called and asked us to go back for dinner tomorrow,” Lu Junting suddenly said.

Lin Xiyu nodded, “Okay.”

She had not been back to Lu’s house for a long time either.

Lu Junting took the time to come back for a trip once, he went away after eating. The next morning, Lu Junting took Lin Xiyu back to Lu's house. After these things happened, Lu Junting took Lin Xiyu back as a reply to everyone. 

The atmosphere of the Lu family was very lively. As soon as Lin Xiyu came, old madam Lu pulled her to sit down next to her. She stared at Lin Xiyu’s stomach, and was instantly pleased, “It’s already so big ah, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

During this time, because of the affairs of the Changheng Group, Lin Xiyu obediently stayed at home and did not dare to run around. Old madam Lu asked her about her recent situation with concern, and asked her if she was uncomfortable and whether she was used to living there.

“There’s nothing uncomfortable there, sister Wu takes good care of me. My body isn’t too uncomfortable, it’s just a bit of occasional urge to throw up from eating, but it’s all bearable.”

Old madam Lu laughed, “Then this child is quite worry-free.”

The family was lively, as if nothing had happened, and the things of the Changheng Group were not mentioned at all. Lin Xiyu swept her gaze around and saw that Jiang Lisu and Lu Junfeng were not here. She did not know whether they were avoiding something or not, but Lin Xiyu did not care.

After chatting, the family sat at the table for dinner. Lin Xiyu’s seat was arranged next to Lu Junting. As a pregnant woman, Lin Xiyu’s meal was made specially. Sister Wu was very professional in taking care of pregnant women and she would adjust the ingredients according to her daily reaction, which was not greasy but nutritious.

The maternity meal was not too bad, but Lin Xiyu was a little itchy in the face of the table of dishes that the Lu family ate.

The eight treasure rice looked so sticky and soft, and that big pork shoulder with the skin dyed with sauce looked appetizing. Lu Junting soon found that the little girl next to him had been staring at the dishes on the table, while her own portion of the maternity  meal was eaten casually.

Lu Junting felt that she looked a little funny, and he asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Surprisingly, she was found out, but if she was found out, so be it. Lin Xiyu was craving, she pointed at the eight treasure rice and said, “I want to eat eight treasure rice, can I?”

Sister Wu next to her said, “You can eat it a little bit.”

Lin Xiyu was overjoyed and was about to take it, but Lu Junting said, “Sit properly.”


Lu Junting took a spoon and scooped a spoonful into her bowl.

Lin Xiyu was stunned for a moment, and then smiled, “Thank you brother Junting.”

“No problem.”

Lin Xiyu finished eating the eight-treasure rice, and started to admire the big pork shoulder. Lu Junting soon found out and asked, “What else do you want to eat?”

Lin Xiyu was waiting to be discovered, and her eyes lit up at the moment as she immediately said. “That big pork shoulder, can I eat it?”

Sister Wu smiled and said, “It’s okay to eat a little bit.”

Lu Junting then help her clip a piece and put it in her bowl, but the little girl did not seem too satisfied, so Lu Junting asked, “Don’t you want to eat it?”

Lin Xiyu said, “I want to eat that chunk of pork fat.”

Zhang Yao was surprised to hear this, “I thought you never eat pork fat, Xixi?”

Lin Xiyu was also quite confused, “I don’t know why, I just crave that pork fat, especially craving for it.”

Old madam Lu laughed. “When you’re pregnant, you like to eat some strange things. It’s okay, you can eat if you want, just eat happily.”

Lu Junting helped her clip a piece of pork fat in her bowl and Lin Xiyu pointed to the bowl of vinegar and asked, “Can I dip it in some vinegar?”

Lu Junting helped her bring the vinegar bowl over to her and put it in front of her, serving her thoughtfully, without the slightest complaint.
Lu Junting was so thoughtful that it was unexpected to Lin Xiyu. However, staring at the pig shoulder, Lin Xiyu was also satisfied that she did not think about it so much. Her eyes shining brightly as she told him. “Thank you brother Junting.”

When old madam Lu saw this scene, she smiled and quipped. “I can’t see that Juting is such a sweet boy.”

Zhang Yao also laughed. “This is a young couple with a good relationship.”

Old madam Lu laughed. “Yes, yes, yes. It’s good to know that he takes care of his wife.”

Lin Xiyu gave Lu Junting a sideways glance. He did not react much when facing the elders teasing. Lin Xiyu also did not expect Lu Juting to take care of people like this. He grew up in a life of luxury, and did not have to do many things himself. Such a person was the kind of person who thought that he was the sole orthodox, and it was indeed quite surprising to be able to take care of a girl so intimately and thoughtfully.

Lin Xiyu happily ate the big pork shoulder, subconsciously touching her stomach, secretly thinking, “Little golden egg, I’m basking in your light.”

After eating and resting for a while, old madam Lu let Lin Xiyu to rest first, saying that pregnant women could not be tired, but in fact, Lin Xiyu was not sleepy yet.

Old madam Lu asked, “Did you sleep in separate rooms over there?”

Lin Xiyu’s expression was a little embarrassed at being asked, “We sleep in separate rooms.”

Old madam Lu said, “It’s good to sleep in separate rooms, it’s safe.”

The third house side was being renovated, and Zhang Yao’s family had moved over to the main house, so old madam Lu said, “You’ll sleep in Junting’s room at night, and he’ll go sleep in the guest room.”

Lin Xiyu obediently said, “Okay.”

Old madam Lu told Lu Junting to take Lin Xiyu back to his room to rest first, and this was the first time Lin Xiyu entered Lu Junting’s room.

Lu Junting’s room was quite large, but as soon as Lu Junting came in after her, the ubiquitous and compelling aura of his body made Lin Xiyu instantly feel that the room had become cramped.

The design of the room was relatively simple. As soon as the door was opened, the photo of the sports star could be seen on the wall. Lin Xiyu was very surprised, she did not expect Lu Junting to chase the stars. There were photos of Lu Junting in middle school on the wall, holding a basketball. His face was still young, youthful but his gaze was already sharp enough in his teenage days.

Lin Xiyu felt that people like Lu Junting were excellent and capable. It was probably because he was standing too high, which would make people feel that he was not like a mortal, but now seeing these photos posted on the wall only made her realize with a shock that he was also a person with flesh and blood. He also had a youthful and hot-blooded youth.

Being alone in a room with him made her a little uncomfortable. Lin Xiyu had nothing to say, “Did brother Junting like basketball a lot when you were in school?”

Lu Junting glanced at the phone on the wall and said, “Yeah, I used to like it.”

When Lin Xiyu came to Lu’s house, Lu Junting was already 22 years old, and he was already a big boss on his own, and she had not seen Lu Junting’s youthful appearance.

Lin Xiyu looked at all of this and only felt incredible to the point that it was like a dream. She never thought that she would one day enter Lu Junting’s room, would look at photos of him when he was young, and live in his room, plus to become his wife. 

Even though she had been married to him for months, standing in his room now still made her feel as if this was as illusory as a dream.

There was a bookshelf at one of the walls. Lin Xiyu scanned the shelf and inadvertently found a book of poems that she liked, but this edition seemed to be rare, so Lin Xiyu asked, “Can I see this book?”

Lu Junting walked over to help her take it down, the book was so tight that when Lu Junting drew it out, several books fell down together, and Lu Junting was quick, and he took two steps back, holding Lin Xiyu with one arm around her shoulders to hold her in his arms, and one arm over her stomach to protect her.

“Are you alright?”

There was obvious tension in his tone, and his expression made her a little confused. It did not seem like much, the books had not fallen close to her, and it could not hit her at all.

Lin Xiyu said, “I’m fine.”

He seemed relieved and released her as he walked over to pick up the books. Lin Xiyu came to help as well, and Lu Junting said, “Just leave it.”

Lin Xiyu just picked up a book, which was the book of poems she took a fancy of, and a drawing was falling out of the book. Lin Xiyu picked the drawing up, it was a cartoon of a little boy and a little girl. The boy was sitting on a stone staircase, he had injuries all over his body and face, the little girl had a ponytail and was squatting next to him, lying on his shoulder and gently blowing the wound on his arm.
When Lin Xiyu saw him looking over, she asked, “Did brother Junting draw this?”


He replied softly, clipping the drawing back into the book before looking back at her and asking, “What’s wrong?”

Was this a way for her to comment on the drawing? Lin Xiyu said, “The drawing is quite good.”

He did draw very well, she did not expect such a capable man to be able to draw, and with his excellent and talented work, he really deserved to be the pride of Heaven.

Lu Junting handed her the poetry book, “Do you still want to read it?”

Lin Xiyu took over, “I’ll read it for a while, there’s nothing to do anyway.” Lin Xiyu sat on the edge on the bed holding the poetry book and said, “Brother Junting, you should go rest too.”

Lu Junting nodded, and walked towards the door. Lin Xiyu opened the poetry book and was ready to read it. Somehow, a sudden feeling of nausea struck. Lin Xiyu hurriedly threw the book aside, covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom, holding the toilet and vomiting.

Lu Junting had not left the room yet, saw this and followed her over to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Lin XIyu vomited until she felt light. She did not know what was going on, she rarely had morning sickness, and never threw up so badly.

Lu Junting came over to help hold her hair up, and gave her a few more pats on the back. Lin Xiyu waved her hand at him and said, “Don’t you come over here, it’s disgusting.”

After saying that, she continued to vomit. Lu Junting also did not leave, holding her hair with one hand and helping her smooth her back with the other. Lin Xiyu finished vomiting before propping herself up on the toilet, but after squatting for too long, once she got up, she became dizzy. Lu Junting behind her hurriedly held her, and Lin Xiyu fell into his arms.

Lu Junting directly picked her up, he put her on the bed, hurriedly called to other people to come over, and in a few moments, a crowd of people came to the room.

Old madam Lu was really worried, and asked repeatedly. “Is it morning sickness? Or did you eat something bad? Did you eat too much grease at night?” After saying that, she said the Lu Junting, “Let’s call Dr. Zhou.”

Lu Junting said, “I’ve already called.”

Surprisingly, he even called the doctor. Lin Xiyu looked guilty, “It’s my fault for making you guys worry.”

Dr. Zhou’s family also lived nearby, and had a good relationship with the Lu family, so he came immediately when he received the call. Dr. Zhou was an experienced traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and after checking the pulse, he said, “It’s nothing serious. She ate too much fat at night and hurt her stomach, so she’ll be fine after boiling a bowl of congee and drinking it later.”

Old madam Lu breathed a sigh of relief and asked someone to invite Dr. Zhou out for tea.

Old madam Lu glanced at Lin Xiyu who was lying on the bed and sighed. “I’m not too relieved about you in this state. Why don’t let Junting sleep over here in a while, so that it’s convenient to take care of you.”

No way? Lin Xiyu was about to say that she would let sister Wu take care of her here, but she saw Lu Junting nod his head and replied, “Okay, I’ll sleep here tonight, and I’ll take good care of her.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”


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