Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Is This Girl so Happy to See Him?

Lin Xiyu immediately realized that this sounded strange. She and brother Junting originally did not know each other that well, they were linked together only because they had a child. They usually did not have much common language, but now she sounded as if they were really a couple. As a wife, she was worried about her husband who was far away.

After speaking, Lin Xiyu felt embarrassed, and added, “After all, you are my child’s father.”

“Don’t worry.” Lu Junting’s tone seemed to contain a smile, making people think he was in a good mood at the moment, and then he added, “Remember what I said, I can handle it all.”

Lin Xiyu actually calmed down upon hearing his relaxed tone and nodded, “Okay.”

After this phone call, the two had not been in contact for a long time, just about a month after the collective resignation of the head of the branch of Changheng Group, Changheng’s share price plummeted rapidly, and everyone guessed that Changheng was going to go bankrupt soon. Just when everyone in Ancheng could not wait to step on the Lu family, Changheng broke another shocking news.

This shocking news was blown out by Fengbao Technology, a subsidiary of Changheng Group.

Fengbao Technology had suddenly held a press conference, announcing the company’s achievements in recent days. The no.5 chip that Fengbao Technology had been working on was also officially introduced at this conference. 

The no.5 chip chip was a magnificent technological innovation. The usage of the 10nm transistors and 7nm transistor technology in China before was not mature, and could only rely on foreign countries, but the no.5 chip had mastered the 7nm transistor technology. In other words, foreign countries could no longer hold China's mobile phone industry in the mobile phone chip.

The introduction of this no. 5 chip was not only a technological breakthrough for Fengbao Technology, but also an innovation of China’s mobile phone chip, since foreign capital countries could no longer hold the arrogance in China’s mobile phone industry.

As soon as this news came out, not only was it shocking China, but even foreign countries were shocked.

As a 100% shareholder of Fengbao Technology, Lu Junting’s value skyrocketed overnight because of this no.5 chip’s introduction. Fengbao Technology’s parent company, Changheng Group’s shares also rose along the way, from all the way down to all the way up, just in a short month.

Lu Junting remained low-key from Changheng Group’s accident until the current Fengbao Technology’s no.5 chip was released, never appearing in front of the media. The launching of the no. 5 chip as well as the speech in various countries were also presided over by Fengbao Technology CEO, Qin Yue.

Lu Junting let the outside world talk a lot, because the disintegration of the Changheng Group caused by the large-scale resignation of the head of the Changheng Group did not appear, they knew, it turned out that Lu Junting had long been unknowingly changed the top management of the branch. By the time those heads who resigned reacted, it was too late.

Lin Xiyu sat in front of the TV and watched the news scrolling on the news about Fengbao Technology and no. 5 chip, a celebration and applause, which was in stark contrast to the decline of the Changheng Group on the news some time ago.

Lin Xiyu was relieved at this time. Later, when she received a call from Lu Yuan, listening to her talk on the phone about how those who were used to seeing the wind and licking their faces to flatter her, the first lady of the Lu family, Lin Xiyu could not help but laugh along with her, relieved, from the heart.

Lu Junting did not lie to her. If he said that he could solve it, he could really solve it well.

However, Lin Xiyu had a few doubts, why was Lu Junting so confident that he could solve everything? Did he already expect that the heads of Changheng Group’s branches would resign collectively?

There were many things Lin Xiyu could not understand. She went to the internet to look up information about Changheng Group and inadvertently saw an analysis of the events of the Changheng Group on a certain forum.

The poster first detailed the situation of several branches of Changheng Group. The original several heads of the branch were the elders of the Changheng Group, adn the senior management of several branches were in-laws. In other words, the development of several branches had basically become the family business of each person in charge.

Lu Junting took the company’s money to invest in Fengbao Technology, which naturally infringed on the interests of several large families. The heads of several branches had accumulated power in the company for a long time, claiming to be old and self-conscious, always thinking that Lu Junting was still the wolf cub that survived under their hostage, not to mention that the industrialists had a natural contempt for those who were engaged in science and technology. They felt that the technology industry was a bubble, far from being solid as an industry.

Because they underestimated Lu Junting and Fengbao Technology, and because Lu Junting was not under control, they could not do anything about him, so they came up with a trick that could coerce Lu Junting, and jointly planned this collective resignation event in order to force Lu Junting to give in. If Lu Junting backed down this time, then Changheng Group had a way to hold Lu Junting back. After that, Lu Junting would have no absolute say in Changheng Group, and the actual manipulators would become these branch office heads, who were also shareholders of Changheng.

However, what they did not expect was—— this time their collective resignation was the opportunity given to them by Lu Junting.

This analysis even mentioned that in fact, the no. 5 chip of Fengbao Technology had long been development, but the news had not been sent out, and the old stubborn people in Changheng Group thought that Fengbao Technology had no use at all, so they took advantage of the foreign branch the break things out when they collectively resign, so that Lu Junting had no way out of internal and external troubles. They thought that they had already put Lu Junting to death, in fact, they did not know that they had long stepped into the trap laid for them by Lu Junting.

Their resignation was in the center of Lu Junting’s heart, which was better. He was worried that he could not replace the company’s top management with his right and left arm, and these self-righteous old fools had forced him to give them a chance.

Several branches of the Changheng Group had now been replaced by Lu Junting’s people, and directly listening to Lu Junting’s orders, his power in the group would be more stable. The introduction of the no. 5 chip of Fengbao Technology had greatly increased his value, and if there was no collective resignation of the head of the branch of Changheng Group, the introduction of the no. 5 chip would not have been so good.

Lu Junting’s plan could be described as killing more birds with one stone.

This article was so analytical that Lin Xiyu could not help but feel a cold sweat rise on her back as he read all the way down. There were many replies and questions, but Lin Xiyu felt that it was possible that the matter was really just as the owner had analyzed.

From the beginning when Lu Junting told her something would happen and gave her the reassurance to believe he could solve it, it was as if everything was under his control.

Although the outside world knew that Lu Junting had great tactics, but a person who could play the power game with ease, leading everyone by the nose, even the whole thing was set up by him without a leak, so that people think that no one could do it, it was no wonder that there were many people who questioned behind the post.

Be far-sighted, planning ahead, and an unpredictable scheme.

Such a Lu Junting was not yet thirty years old.

Just when Lin Xiyu sat in front of the computer and was shocked by this analysis for a long time, she heard Sister Wu’s voice sounded at the door, “Is that Mr. Lu’s car?”

Lin Xiyu came back to her senses, looked out the window, and sure enough, she saw a car driving in from the gate and driving into the underground garage. She recognized it as Lu Junting’s car.

Lin Xiyu had no time to think about it and hurriedly went out of the room. She just walked downstairs and saw Lu Junting who came out of the elevator, from the underground garage on the -2nd floor to the 1st floor needing to take the elevator.

Lu Junting did not change much, still in a straight suit, clean, neat and meticulous. He still had a handsome face, which revealed a bit of seriousness because of his rigorous temperament.

“Brother Junting.”

The oppressive feeling on his body was the same as always, but Lin Xiyu did not have the subconscious timidity when facing him. She had not seen him for more than three months. She did not feel anything before, but after these three months, although they had not met once, there was an invisible force that tightened them. As the father of her child, she and his interests were one and the same.

So, at this moment, she was sincerely happy to see him come back safely.

Lu Junting could not help but be stunned when he saw her. She was full of smiles, like pear blossoms blooming quietly, and the bottom of her eyes was shining faintly, black and round, like two grapes.

This expression of her, was this girl looking forward to his return?

Lu Junting’s gaze swept down to her stomach again. The weather was getting colder, and she was wearing long-sleeved leisurewear. The clothes were wide, but the bulge of her stomach could also be clearly seen.

Lu Junting was stunned for a moment, and his tone was stained with joy that even he did not realize, “It’s a lot bigger.”

Lin Xiyu covered her stomach. The relief of seeing him safe and sound made her put her heart down completely, making the smile on her face even bigger as she looked down at her protruding stomach and said, “It’s almost seven months.”

“Have you checked up?” He asked again.

“I have, but I haven’t gone to check this month.”

“I’ll accompany you tomorrow.”

Lin Xiyu said hurriedly, “You should get some rest first after coming back, there’s no need to be in such a hurry.”

Lu Junting was still followed by his assistant. The assistant was carrying a large bag in his hand, and he put the things next to the coffee table and left first. Lu Junting said to her.  “Come here quickly, I bought you a gift.”

Lin Xiyu sat on the sofa, looking at a large pile of bags next to the coffee table and wondered. “Are they all for me?”

“Yes, it’s all for you, open it and see if you like it.”

Lin Xiyu bent down to get it, but now that she had a big belly, Lu Junting first picked it up and opened the bags one by one on the coffee table.

Lin Xiyu looked at the rows of jewelry accessories in front of her and was stunned. All of them were complete sets, and they should be customized.

“Why did you buy so many? How can I wear them all?”

Lu Junting said, “Wear it differently every day.”


Lin Xiyu did not feel too good about receiving so many gifts and said, “You don’t have to spend so much.”

Lu Junting said, “Who else can I spend money for if I don’t spend money for you?”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

There seemed to be a smile between Lu Junting’s eyebrows, his sharp eyes softened because of this smile. It could be seen that he was in a good mood, Lin Xiyu also did not want to affect his good mood, no longer postponed it and said, “Then I will accept it.”

She asked sister Wu to help carry things upstairs. At this moment, Lu Junting was sitting next to her. She looked at him, and saw that he was staring at her stomach. Lin Xiyu was uncomfortable by his look, and subconsciously covered her stomach.

“I want to touch it,” He suddenly said.

Lin Xiyu understood. Although she was a little embarrassed, she still generously released her hand and said, “Touch it.”

Lu Junting, however, hesitated for a moment before softening his movements to place his hand on her stomach, which was really much bigger than the last time he touched it. Upon thinking this was his child, the tenderness between his eyebrows became more intense, and even the corners of his mouth unconsciously curved up.


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