Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 24

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Enjoy ch 24, it's rather long~
Chapter 24: Being Spit on with Milk

The contrast between Lu Junting, who was tall, and the little baby sitting on his lap was very strong. This man who was determined and had a sharp edge in his temperament, but in front of the child, that sharp edge was deliberately concealed by him. His solemn eyebrows also showed a little softness at this moment.

The big and small two people together, there was a sense of contrasting harmony.

“Lu Chengmao, take a good look, I’m your father.” Lu Junting told his son softly, “I hugged you before, remember me?”

However, as soon as he said that, he saw the baby suddenly frown. Lin Xiyu had the experience, and secretly whispered ‘bad’, but it was already too late.


A mouthful of milk sprayed on Lu Junting’s expensive couture shirt.

Lu Junting: “...”

The harmonious, father-son warm scene seemed to have suddenly cracked, the softness between Lu Junting’s eyebrows suddenly froze as he looked down at the culprit.

Lin Xiyu immediately read the look in Lu Junting’s eyes at the moment, as if to say ‘If you weren’t my son, you will be finished today’. Lin Xiyu was startled and hurriedly ran over to pick up the baby, explaining in a slightly nervous tone, “He just drank milk, so if you don’t hold him in the right position, he’ll easily vomit.”

The maid hurriedly went up to clean the floor, and brought tissue to wipe Lu Junting, who was wiping the milk from his body while looking over at the culprit, who was lying in his mother’s arms and burping, while his mother was gently smoothing his back.

“I rarely hug you, and you rewarded me with milk. You’re really a good son of mine.”

Lu Junting said that and stood up, while unbuttoning his shirt and walking upstairs. Lin Xiyu saw him walk up and hurriedly gave way. The movement of giving way through panic, and also deliberately side-stepped to block the baby in her arms.

Lu Junting was very confused at her action, his tone was nothing abnormal ah. From her expression, she seemed to be really worried about what he would do to that brat.

Did she not think about it? Even if he ruined one of his shirts, he was still his cub, what could he do to him?

How come she was still like this?

Lu Junting went to change his clothes and came down. The two of them ate dinner together, and they talked about the recent situation in an unsavory manner. The baby’s routine was very regular, he fell asleep on time after drinking the last sip of milk at 8:00pm in the evening, and Lin Xiyu had been accompanying him.

Lu Junting came back, and  there were some things Lin Xiyu had to start worrying about. She did not forget what she had discussed with Lu Junting before, the divorce would be finalized when the child was born.

Although Lu Junting had not yet touched on this point, it did not mean that he did not take what she said seriously. Lin Xiyu looked at the baby in her arms, she was still so young.

Before the baby was born, she did not take it too seriously, thinking that she could be very free, and even thought that she could never see the child. However, after the baby was born she realized it was not that simple.

She was reluctant, very reluctant. She could not help but think of him when she was going to class, let alone being separate for a long time.
Lin Xiyu shook her head, she did not want to think about it anymore. Anyway, now that the baby was still breastfeeding, Lu Junting could not let her go at this time.

Lin Xiyu handed over her baby to the nanny after the morning breastfeedings. Before she went to work, she would squeeze out the milk that the baby would drink for a day and prepare it, her milk-water was sufficient, and the milk pump was not even used.

There was a sudden knock on the door, and Lin Xiyu thought that the nanny had come in to get the milk, so she answered, “Come in.”

She heard the door pushed open and footsteps walked in. Without turning around, Lin Xiyu said, “Wait a little longer.” 

The person did not respond, and Lin Xiyu realized that something was wrong. She turned her head to look and saw Lu Junting standing in the doorway. Lin Xiyu seemed to be struck by lightning, hurriedly pulling down the clothes. She was embarrassed to death, and her face turned red instantly.

She said angrily, “Why did brother Junting come in here?”

Lu Junting startled slightly, adjusted his breathing, and said, “I knocked on the door, I didn’t know you were… I’m sorry.”

He did knock on the door, and it was she who answered him before he came in, but where did she know that the person who came in was him. Lin Xiyu’s face was burned in panic, and he did not dare to look at him. She suppressed her anger a little before saying. “Is there something wrong? Why did brother Junting looking for me?”

Lu Junting half-clenched his fist on his lips and coughed slightly to cover up and said, “I came to talk to you about taking a trip back home together tonight.”

“I see.”

Only after Lu Junting went out did Lin Xiyu breathe a sigh of relief. She thought for a moment about the angle he had just stood at, he should have seen everything.

Lin Xiyu felt embarrassed and shameful, and she was speechless.

She squeezed her milk and went downstairs. Unexpectedly, she found Lu Junting still sitting on the sofa looking at his table. Lin Xiyu gasped and thought ‘how come he hasn’t left yet’.

He was holding his coffee and was ready to drink it. When he heard the voice, he casually raised his eyes, but his eyes seemed to have penetrating power. Lin Xiyu suddenly stood in place, there was a feeling that everything was seen through by him, and thinking of the scene just now, a burst of heat rushed to her face. Lin Xiyu felt even more uncomfortable.

Lin Xiyu adjusted her breathing and asked, pretending to be natural, “Why hasn’t brother Junting left yet?”

Lu Junting said, “I’m waiting for you.”

Waiting for her? Waiting for what?

“I’ll send you to work later.”

Lin Xiyu said, “No need, I can drive there by myself.”

Lu Junting said again, “I’ll pick you up early after work later and take you to the hospital for a checkup first. I heard from sister Wu that you haven’t gone for a checkup after giving birth.”

How could he still ask such a thing with sister Wu ah? Lin Xiyu was a little annoyed.

As a result, he should take her to go, and she indeed should check on her recovery.

Lin Xiyu went out with Lu Junting. Before leaving, she reluctantly kissed the baby on the cheek, and the white, fleshy half of his face was transformed by her passionate kiss.

Lu Junting sat in the car and looked at this scene, secretly thinking that she really liked this child.

The two got into the car, Lin Xiyu deliberately pulled away from him and sat at a distance. She still did not quite adapt to the sense of oppression on Lu Junting’s body even if she was with him for so long. In order to alleviate the discomfort, she took out the process of going to the event in a few days.

The flow chart that was printed in color was an exchange held by the local government to promote traditional culture. Her calligraphy club also participated in it, preparing to display Lin’s calligraphy at the exchange. It was said that there were many foreign friends attending this exchange, this was Lin Xiyu’s first time to participate in such a large event, she cherished this opportunity.

Lu Junting glanced at her hand and asked, “Are you going to participate in this?”

Lin Xiyu nodded her head. “Yeah.”

Lin Xiyu answered, and did not look at him. Lu Junting also did not ask any more questions.

It was quiet in the car, both were silent, but it wasn’t long before Lin Xiyu felt Lu Junting’s gaze landing on her, and his gaze was as difficult to ignore as the person.

She did not know what he was gazing at, and he kept staring at her. Lin Xiyu had a feeling like a manacle on her back and slowly, her body unconsciously stiffened.

Lu Junting was indeed looking at her. After a few months he had not seen her, her figure had almost recovered, and her current figure was more exquisite than before she was pregnant. She wore a sweater with a long skirt underneath, that was loose but gave away her exquisite curves. The long skirt was tied around her waist, perfectly outlining her waist, slender and delicate.

However, Lu Junting did not look at her for too long. His gaze stayed on her for a while before moving away. Lu Junting kept dropping off at the calligraphy club and came over to pick her up after work, Lin Xiyu rushed out and got into the car, afraid of being seen and questioned.

The hospital was contacted by Lu Junting, Lin Xiyu had a comprehensive examination. A female doctor helped her, she glanced at the report and smiled at the two of them, “Her body is recovering well, but it’s better not to have intercourse too often.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed to hear this, but Lu Junting was quite calm and said, “Understood, we will follow the doctor’s instructions.”

The words were just an ordinary reply, it was normal, but somehow, Lin Xiyu always felt strange when she heard the words ‘follow the doctor’s instructions’.

After coming out from the hospital, both of them got into the car together, and only when they sat down, Lin Xiyu heard Lu Junting ask, “When are you going to divorce me?”

Lin Xiyu was stunned, and sure enough, the matter that was supposed to come would come after all. She turned her head to look at him, and he was also looking at her, obviously waiting for her answer. Lin Xiyu did not know how to answer this question.

She was silent for a long time, and Lu Junting did not continue to ask.

After returning home, Lin Xiyu fed the baby first, pacing him while she held him and patted his back, afraid that he would spit out the milk. The little one’s soft body laid in her arms, he was still so small and completely dependent on her.

Lu Junting’s words kept ringing in her heart. Although he did not continue talking about that topic afterwards, Lin Xiyu knew clearly that he just did not want to make his words too direct.

It was agreed that the divorce would be finalized after the birth. Now that the baby was born and her mission was completed, he made it a point to take her for a medical checkup today, and she was recovering. There was nothing for him to be responsible for, so he specially reminded her. Was it the time for her to leave? 

However, she really couldn’t bear to leave the child.

This child might just be an heir to Lu Junting, he would hire someone to take care of him and raise him well. However, he was too busy with work to take care of his education personally, but this child was her flesh and blood to her, she gave birth to him in October.

The thought of not having his mother and father around afterwards already made her heart sad for the baby.

Lin Xiyu hugged the baby tightly, feeling unbearable inside. She did not want to be separated from him, this was her only bloodline in this world. Besides him, she had no other family.

Lin Xiyu coaxed the child to sleep and walked out the door lightly. Once downstairs, she was just in time to see Lu Junting sitting in the living room, and Lin Xiyu wanted to discuss with him. SHe sat down two seats away from him, but for a moment she did not know how to speak.

“Do you have something to say to me?” However, Lu Junting asked first.

Lin Xiyu made psychological preparations for a while before she said, “Brother Junting, I remember we discussed before that we would divorce when the baby was born.”

Lu Junting was watching the news on his mobile phone. Upon hearing this, he slowly put his mobile phone down and asked her, “Are you here to talk to me about the divorce?”

Lin Xiyu keenly noticed that his tone was not very good, and it seemed that her words made him very uncomfortable.

Lin Xiyu did not know exactly what she said wrong, she considered her wording and said, “Didn’t we say it before we got married, wait…”

However, before she could finish speaking, Lu Junting said, “The child is still so young, but you want to divorce me?”

His tone was very heavy, his face was obviously full of unhappiness, which instantly gave people a strong sense of oppression.

His attitude startled Lin Xiyu, and she could not help wondering, how could he react like this? She remembered that she discussed with him at that time that she would wait for the child to be born before divorcing, and both of them were quite calm. What’s more, she had not even raised the words to divorce him yet, she had not even finished her sentence, she had wanted to discuss with him about the divorce when the child was older, and this look like he had his tail stepped on was really baffling.

“That– brother Junting…” Lin Xiyu began to speak cautiously, “I didn’t say I was going to get a divorce.”


“I originally wanted to discuss with you, the child was so young and it’s not good for us to get divorced after giving birth to him.”


Lu Junting realized that his reaction just now seemed to be a little over, he seemed a bit embarrassed, his expression pretended to be natural, picked up the coffee and took a sip, but he was probably drunk heartily, so this always elegant man was choked by the coffee. He picked up a tissue and wiped it slowly and carefully.

Lin Xiyu quietly looked at him. From his reaction, he did not seem to want to divorce her, but this person’s thoughts had always been impossible to guess, and Lin Xiyu was not quite sure, so she tentatively asked, “Brother Junting, do you want it to be what we agreed before and get… divorce?”

“No divorce!”

He was decisive, and said that without a second thought.

After saying this, he added another sentence with a natural face, “Wait until the child is older.”

When Lin Xiyu returned to the room, she was still a little confused. How did she feel that Junting didn’t want to get divorced even more than her, it should be for the child, right? After all, the child was still young. As the child’s father, he did not want the child without a mother around when he was still so young.

Lin Xiyu laid beside the child, looking at the sleeping baby, her face rubbed against his face. She proposed to divorce Lu Junting after giving birth to the child before, only because she was still full of expectations for love, but now after having a child, she felt that nothing was important as the child, and she did not want to pursue any love anymore, just wanted to grow up with him.

She wrapped her arms around the baby, as if she was talking to him and talking to herself.

“Mom won’t leave you, ever.”

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the cultural exchange held in Ancheng, the exchange was held at a certain hotel, and on the day of the event, Lin Xiyu arrived early.

Lin Xiyu was looking down to explain the content of the event to the guests, and her little assistant next to her said to her, “Auntie, that’s Mr. Lu from Changheng.”

The one who called her auntie was Du Xingjia’s granddaughter, two years older than Lin Xiyu. When Du Xingjia introduced his granddaughter to call her auntie, Lin Xiyu’s expression almost cracked, she felt that it was completely unnecessary, but Du Xingjia felt that the generation could not be messed up. She was his junior sister, his granddaughter was the one who should call her auntie.

Du Xingjia’s granddaughter, Du Ruoting, was the head of the entire club, but she did not have an arrogant air. Du Xingjia asked her to call Lin Xiyu as auntie and she called her auntie, and she also called her quite vigorously. The other people in the club heard her calling Lin Xiyu like this, and also followed to call her auntie. So Lin Xiyu was now the auntie of the whole club, and she was also confused.

Du Ruoting often socialized outside, so she knew many big guys in Ancheng, and naturally knew Lu Junting.

However, when Lin Xiyu heard the word ‘Mr. Lu’, her heart jumped suddenly. She looked up and sure enough, she saw Lu Junting walking over surrounded by a group of people.

The weather was cold, and he had added a trench coat over his straight suit, which made him look like he had broad shoulders and long legs. This person was born with his own aura, and as soon as he appeared, many people around him looked at him. It seemed like he had long been used to being watched, calmly and unhurriedly walked over, directly to her.

His breath enveloped her, and Lin Xiyu felt that her breathing was half a beat slower.

She wondered why he had come here, and she had never heard of him coming before ah.

Du Ruoting hurriedly introduced, “This is Mr. Lu of Changheng Group, and this is the inheritor of our Lin family’s calligraphy, Miss Lin Xiyu.”

Under her doubtful gaze, he naturally stretched out his hand to greet her, “Hello Miss Lin, nice to meet you.”

His expression was natural, polite and courteous.

Seeing Lu Junting appear here, she was actually worried in her heart in addition to being shocked, afraid that he would tell others about their relationship. It was a relief to her that he was acting like they were meeting for the first time.

Lin Xiyu stretched out her hand and shook him, and said, “Hello Mr. Lu.”

His palms were dry and warm, and the two just gently shook each other and let go.

“I’m also very interested in Lin’s calligraphy. I wonder if Miss Lin can help me introduce it in detail.”

Before Lin Xiyu could answer, Du ruoting said, “Of course, Mr. Lu, please come inside.” After saying that, she did not forget to give Lin Xiyu a push and whispered in her ear, “This is the big gold master, if he is interested he might even invest, don’t miss the opportunity.”

Lin Xiyu followed in. The event organizer heard that Lu Junting had arrived and hurriedly gave him extra seats in the front row. Lu Junting was introduced, sat down in the seat, and Lin Xiu sat next to him.

Only then did Lin Xiyu ask, “Why are you here ah? How did I not know that you are still interested in calligraphy?”

Lu Junting’s gaze fell on her, it was the kind of gaze that wrapped her all over. Although his expression did not change much, she did not know why, she only felt that his gaze seemed to have a temperature, a strange temperature that made her unconsciously heat up under his gaze. 

“Aren’t you here? So, I came over. I’m also curious about what my wife is like when she is working.”

Because she was here, he would come over. Could a busy man like president Lu be so capricious and why did he refer to her as ‘my wife’? Although it was correct to call her this way, Lin Xiyu felt that this kind of title was too intimate and felt ambiguous for their relationship.

“Mr. Lu.”

A sudden greeting sound next to her pulled back Lin Xiyu’s thoughts, and she saw a man suddenly sitting in the seat next to Lu Junting. This man was old, the top of his head was a little bumpy, and next to him was a woman with exquisite makeup, who looked to be in her thirties, and was his female companion.

When Lu Junting saw this person, he greeted him politely, “Mr. Li.”

Mr. Li was enthusiastic and smiled. “I really didn’t expect to see Mr. Lu here, is Mr. Lu also interested in traditional culture?”

The woman beside Mr. Li also smiled at Lu Junting and said, “Mr. Lu, we meet again.”

Lu Junting glanced at the woman. He had a good memory and soon remembered where he had seen this woman, but he pretended not to know. Such a person did not need him to purposely remember.

The woman took the initiative and said, “I’m Yang Hui of Huili. I met you last time at Mei’s family.”

Lu Junting made an expression of recognition, “Hello vice president Yang.”

Yang Hui was quite surprised by Lu Junting’s politeness, she was also quite uneasy. She had not forgotten that she had almost offended Lu Junting last time at Mei’s family, but now she saw that Lu Junting looked normal and did not seem to take it seriously. So, Yang Hui couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Mr. Li swept a glance towards Lin Xiyu beside lu Junting, obviously curious, “This is…”

Lu Junting said, “This is Miss Lin Xiyu, the inheritor of Lin’s calligraphy. I was just asking her to help introduce the essence of Lin’s calligraphy.”

Mr. Li stretched out his hand enthusiastically and greeted, “Miss Lin, nice to meet you.”

Lu Junting very naturally blocked Mr. Li’s outstretched hand then said, “Miss Lin has a cleanliness fetish and doesn’t like to shake hands with people. I hurt my face once.”

Lu Junting used a joking tone.

“It’s like that ah.” Mr. Li responded, but did not say anything. After all, Lu Junting did not mind if he was hurt in the face, he would also not mind about anything.

Lin Xiyu smiled a little embarrassed on the side. When did she have a cleanliness fetish that she couldn’t shake hands with others? Wasn’t he the one with the cleanliness fetish? However, she could not ask in front of people.

Yang Hui saw this scene in her eyes. She was a smart person and could see things much more delicately than Mr. Li. She vaguely felt that Lu Junting’s attitude towards this woman was not quite ordinary.

Last time at Mei’s family, Yang Hui intentionally wanted to send someone towards Lu Junting, yet he did not even look at her capable underling. Yang Hui glanced at Lin Xiyu again and secretly thought that Lu Junting liked this type.

Lin Xiyu had a program, and after sitting here with Lu Junting for a while, she was about to go on stage. There were quite a lot of activities in today’s exchange meeting, all of which were related to traditional culture, such as Beijing Opera, Sichuan Opera, dance, calligraphy, and Lin Xiyu performed calligraphy.

The long writing desk was set up on the stage, and on it were brushes, ink, ink stone and white rice paper. Lin Xiyu walked to the writing desk in a cheongsam, her hair was all tied behind her head, exposing that fair face completely. She had a standard goose egg face, her skin was hydrated and smooth, no flaws at all. She held the brush in an elegant posture, lowered her head, and dropped a large word on the rice paper.

She had an agile wrist, that word was written by her in an atmospheric and dashing manner. Upon lowering her head, her eyebrows were soft, looking gentle and pleasant, but the figure wrapped in a cheongsam was delicate, exquisite, very provocative, her whole body looked soft, and had a charming and pure look.

Lu Junting’s gaze suddenly swept to the fork of her skirt that opened to her thighs. He frowned slightly as he narrowed his gaze and stared at the stage, holding his forehead with the palm of his hand for a long time, just enough to hide a chill that made people’s heart tremble as it flowed out from under his eyes.

After Lin Xiyu’s performance, she found that a text message coming into her phone, and it was from Lu Junting.

“I’m in room 802, come here.”

The exchange meeting was in the banquet hall of the hotel, and the hotel room was open to the public. Lin Xiyu felt inexplicable, and did not know why Lu Junting was looking for her.

However, she still obediently went to room 802, knocked on the door a few times before the door was opened. It was Lu Junting who opened the door, Lin Xiyu walked in, and Lu Junting closed the door with his long arm.

There was air conditioning in the room, and Lu Junting took off his coat, only wore a shirt, with two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, the sleeves were half-pulled, revealing half of his strong arms.

There was a faint smell of tobacco in the air. He had just smoked, and he stood tall with his hands in his pockets, with his gaze falling on her.

This kind of gaze made Lin Xiyu extremely uncomfortable, and she asked, “Is brother Junting looking for me?”

From Lu Junting’s expression, it could not be seen whether he was happy or angry, “This dress of yours is quite nice.”

Lin Xinyu: “...”

He called her over to compliment her beautiful dress?

“But…” He stopped talking.

Lin Xiyu subconsciously glanced at her dress. She did not understand what was wrong, and looked at him with a puzzled face. Lu Junting added, “Is the open fork too high?”

Lin Xiyu pulled the hem of the dress down a bit. The hem of this cheongsam she wore on stage was open a bit too high, it was prepared for her by the club. However, she felt strange. He came to her to remind her that her dress was too high? Did this question concern him so much? However, his tone was so natural, as if it was just a kind reminder.

Lu Junting’s gaze inadvertently fell on her chest. His eyes were slightly startled, and asked, “What’s going on with your clothes? Why is it wet?”

Lin Xiyu glanced down and was suddenly shocked. She almost immediately turned her body to the side and turned her back to him, shy and awkward. Her eyes swept around the room indiscriminately, and upon seeing the bathroom, she hurried in.

Lin Xiyu was simply speechless. Her breast—milk was sufficient, and it would swell. She had already put on the chest cover, just this cheongsam was too tight to her body…

Fortunately, it was only seen by Lu Junting. Lin Xiyu froze for a moment, why did she say it was okay? As if it made sense for such things to be seen by Lu Junting?

Lin Xiyu simply cleaned it in the bathroom and dried it with a hair dryer. She was so embarrassed that she made psychological preparations for a while before walking out.

Lu Junting was sitting on the sofa, and he was not stupid. He probably guessed what was going on. Upon hearing the sound, he looked up, and saw that the little girl grabbed both sides of the cheongsam with both of her hands, slightly lowering her head. Her expression was slightly embarrassed, and two blushes appeared on her fair face, like clouds dyed by the haze.

Lu Junting coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment and said to her, “So, why are you in such a hurry to go out to work, Cheng Mao has not been weaned yet.”

Lin Xiyu felt extremely embarrassed, and she was in a bad mood. At this time, she was shy and ashamed and also a little angry. Lu Junting’s words immediately aroused her rebellion, and she said, “Doesn’t brother Junting also travel around and don’t even return home? Brother Junting can go to work, why can’t I?”

After speaking, Lin Xiyu realized that her tone of speech was not very good. An elementary school chicken dared to talk back to the head teacher like this? She secretly raised her eyes to look at Lu Junting, but saw that his expression was not unhappy at all. He got up from the sofa and walked over to her, until he stopped in front of her.

His eyebrows were very peaceful, and she could even see a faint smile in his expression, looking as if he was in a good mood?

But when he suddenly approached, she was still forced to subconsciously take a step back. She looked up at him with undisguised panic in her eyes.

Her expression fell in Lu Junting’s eyes, he thought, why was she still so afraid of him after giving birth ah?

“Are you blaming me for not going home to accompany you and the child?” He asked suddenly.


What was the connection? When did she blame him for not coming home to accompany her and the child? Moreover, when he asked her about this, his voice was deliberately lowered. It was obviously not a question, his eyebrows were raised, and his expression could also be called pleasant.

The corners of his mouth suddenly hooked, and a faint smile floated on his face as he said, “I was too busy some time ago, I really neglected both of you mother and son. Now that I’m almost done, I’ll go home after work in the future, and I will go home every day to accompany both of you mother and son, okay?”


What the heck?


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