Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: He Did Not Even Mind when The Child Got Snot on His Face…

Lin Xiyu recalled what she had just said, so had he misunderstood the meaning of her words and thought she was blaming him for not coming home? And complain to him like a grievance?

Lin Xiyu, who was misunderstood, was even more awkward, and she hurriedly said, “I don’t blame you. Although you are busy, the child and I are very good.”

“I didn’t tell you not to work.” His tone was still lighter, “Pay more attention when you go out.”

He eased his tone, and Lin Xiyu’s rebellious heart unconsciously subsided, and she nodded her head, and replied, “I understand.”

“Okay, go get busy, finish it as soon as possible and go home, so as not to…” He glanced at her chest, his gaze said everything, and Lin Xiyu knew what he meant.

Lin Xiyu bit her lip and said slightly embarrassed, “I don’t have anything else to do, so I can come back in a moment.”

Lin Xiyu came out of Lu Junting’s room and took the elevator down. Yan Hui, who was hiding in the staircase, slowly walked out, glanced at Lu Junting’s room. She just saw Lu Junting enter the room, and Lin Xiyu also came after a while.

It seemed that Lu Junting really had a fancy for this girl, so he liked this pure style?

Lin Xiyu got off the elevator and met the bald guy who was sitting next to Lu Junting. She remembered that Lu Junting called him Mr. Li, so Lin Xiyu greeted him politely, “Hello Mr. Li.”

Seeing Lin Xiyu, Mr. Li’s eyes lit up for a moment and he smilingly came forward and said, “Miss Lin, I’m also interested in Lin’s calligraphy, I don’t know if Miss Lin…” He suddenly reached over and made a gesture to pull Lin Xiyu’s hand when he finished.

Lin Xiyu was startled, hurriedly took a step back to avoid it. Lu Junting just got down from the elevator, and upon seeing Lu Junting, his expression and movements become more disciplined. Lu Junting quietly stepped forward just to block Lin Xiyu and said, “I have something for Mr. Li, let’s talk over there.”

Lin Xiyu took the opportunity to leave when Lu Junting stepped forward. Lu Junting had something to find him, and Mr. Li couldn’t say anything, so he could only put his mind aside for the time being.

There was a special lounge for the calligraphy club, so Lin Xiyu went in and greeted someone and was ready to leave. The event was also finished and there was nothing to do, so Du Ruoting also came out with her.

The two of them came out of the lounge and saw several bigwigs from An Cheng talking and laughing towards the door. Lin Xiyu saw Lu Junting at a glance, he was walking in the front, even if a group of bigwigs were standing together, Lu Junting was the one who stood out the most.

There were steps at the entrance of the hotel, so Mr. Li and Lu Junting walked side by side, and the two were talking about cooperation. Mr. Li was in real estate, and Lu’s family produced building materials, and Mr. Li had always intended to cooperate with Changheng.

At this moment, when Mr. Li saw that Lu Junting seemed to have the intention to cooperate, he was also interested. He was excited to talk with Lu Junting, but he didn’t pay attention to his feet, so he didn’t know that suddenly stumbled on something, and his body fell downwards.

At this time, the two had already walked to the front door of the hotel, and below them were a dozen steps. When Mr. Li down, that body rolled down the steps with a grunt.

Several of Mr. Li’s bodyguards were separated in the back and did not react at all, and only after Mr. Li’s body had rolled down the steps, did these bodyguards realize the situation afterwards.

Mr. Li fell down for about ten steps. Although he did not fall to cripple, he certainly would be a bit injured. In front of a group of dignified people, his fall was so wretched, and it was indeed quite embarrassing. However that he had been thrown hard, Mr. Li was so painful that he screamed and he could not even care about the image.

Lu Junting walked down and stretched out his hand to Mr. Li before his bodyguard could help him up. Even if Mr. Li was so painful at this time, he was flattered to see the hand handed over by Lu Junting.

He got up holding Lu Junting’s hand and bared his teeth in pain for a moment before he could say a full thank you.

Lu Junting said, “The road is slippery when it rains, Mr. Lu should always be careful.”

There was no mockery in his expression at all, his words were kind reminders to him, let alone any embarrassment, as if it was not such a big deal.

Seeing this, Mr. Li unconsciously felt a little grateful in his heart, and hurriedly said, “I let Mr. Lu laughed. This hotel doesn’t have a non-slip mat, it’s not thoughtful at all.”

Lu Junting asked about his condition with concern again, and Mr. Li felt that the fall was a little painful. He was afraid that he would have to go to the hospital for a checkup later, but he still said that it was fine for the sake of face.

Mr. Li got into the car. Yang Hui was with him, it was not convenient to say before, but at this moment Yang Hui then said, “How can you fall down?”

The car was full of his own people, and Mr. Li didn’t need to endure his expression, and at the moment, he was full of anger and said, “Find out who owns this hotel, damn it, let this old man lose face.”

“Did you just trip over something before you fell ah?” Yang Hui asked again.

Mr. Li thought carefully. It seemed that he did trip something before falling, and Yang Hui said again, “I don’t know if I should say this, just now Mr. Lu stood with you, could it be that he tripped you?”

As soon as Mr. Li heard this, he frowned and said, “It’s impossible, right? Mr. Lu was kind enough to pull me up just now! It’s precisely because someone like Mr. Lu came to pull me so that I’m not so embarrassed. He’s kind enough to relieve me, how can he trip me? What’s more, a big shot like Mr. Lu also disdains to do such small actions.”

Yang Hui nodded and replied, “Seems like it.”

The story of Mr. Li’s fall soon spread all over. The people who participated in the event and did not leave were talking about this as a joke. Just now, when Mr. Li fell, Lin Xiyu also noticed, before Mr. Li fell, Lin Xiyu saw Lu Junting seemed to be pinning his toes to the side, but there were many people at that time, and it might be that she was mistaken.

After Lu Junting came home, he first went to the study to deal with things for a while, and came down from upstairs. He saw that the nanny was holding and coaxing Lu Chengmao, the little cub was crying again.

“Hasn’t Chengmao’s mother come back yet?” Lu Junting asked.

The nanny replied, “She hasn’t come back yet, saying that she encountered a traffic jam on the road.”

Lu Junting knew that the girl did not want their relationship to be known to outsiders, so he did not ask her to join him when he was just leaving. Lu Junting liked to be quiet, and the sound of a child crying was annoying to listen to, but his son crying was a different story. Lu Junting glanced at him, his eyes were wet with tears, and his face was smeared with snot, he looked quite pitiful.

After all, this was his own child. Lu Junting looked distressed and said, “First, give him some milk powder to drink.”

The nanny said, “It’s best to breastfeed the baby before the age of half a year.”

He cried like this and Lu Junting could not settle down to do anything. He stretched out his hand at the nanny, “Give him to me.”

The child was carried over by his father, temporarily stopped crying. A pair of crying tearful eyes stared at the man in front of him. Probably recognized that the strange big man in front of him was not his mother at all, his mouth deflated and wailed out again.

Lu Junting suddenly realized that coaxing a child was really a troublesome thing. He did not even know what was his thinking just now, he even received this hot potato into his arms. He really had enough, this Mr. Lu’s time was not used to coax a child. But seeing this little cub crying like this, he felt pitiful. Lu Junting helped him wipe away the tears and snot, softened his voice and coaxed, “Don’t cry, your mother will be back in a moment.”

The little baby cried for a while and was probably tired, his body lying soft in his father’s arms. A pair of small meat hands hugged his father’s neck, and the fleshy little face leaned on his father’s strong and hard shoulders, so leaning up, the snot and tears on his face suddenly wiped his father’s neck.

Lu Junting frowned, he had a cleanliness fetish. His clothes must be clean and tidy, and he had to spray air freshener in the room before he entered the door, but he was not too disgusted by the snot and tears that were pasted on his neck, this was his cub after all.

He glanced sideways, and the little guy leaned on his neck sleepily, probably tired after crying and wanting to sleep, only occasionally huffing and puffing.

Lu Junting stroked his head and said, “Sleep, your mother will be back when you wake up.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he saw a Beetle drive in at the gate, and the only person driving a Beetle in the house was Lin Xiyu. Lu Junting shook his shoulder to remind this little dumpling, “Don’t sleep, your mother is back, you have milk to drink.”

The little dumpling probably also heard the sound of a car driving by. The child was very sensitive to sound. He got up from his father’s shoulders, saw a car driving by. Probably aggrieved that his mother was so late and still had no milk, his mouth deflated, and started crying again.

Lu Junting frowned and said, “What’s the rush?”

Although he said that, his long legs took a step towards the elevator. Lin Xiyu got out of the car and ran to the elevator, but as soon as she ran to the elevator, she saw Lu Junting coming out holding her little baby.

The posture of holding the child was already much more skilled than the first time, and Lin Xiyu couldn’t help but be surprised at how it was Lu Junting who was holding the child. However she wasn’t surprised for long, as soon as the little baby saw her, he cried even more. Lin Xiyu’s heart was pounding for her son, she hurriedly went over to take him, kissed his little face, and said apologetically, “I’m sorry little baby, this mother is stuck in the traffic on the road. I’m sorry for making little baby hungry.”

The elevator door opened and Lu Junting said, “Come in first.”

On the elevator, the hungry little baby couldn’t help but pull on her chest, but Lu Junting was next to her, so it wasn’t convenient for Lin Xiyu to breastfeed. She only touched his head and comforted, “Little baby, wait for a while, okay?”

When the mother did not give milk, the little baby was so aggravated that he grunted and started crying again. Lu Junting on the side said to her, “I hold the bag for you, you can feed him.”

Lin Xiyu was so distressed by the child that she couldn’t care about much. She gave him the bag, turned her back to him, and lifted up her clothes to feed the child. The little baby drank the milk contentedly, and finally stopped crying.

The interior of the elevator was made of reflective material, the sound of the little baby drinking milk was buzzing. Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed, and glanced from the wall and saw that Lu Junting stood with an upright posture gazing ahead, one hand in his pocket and one hand holding her back, looking straight and respectful. Lin Xiyu was relieved, and then found the opportunity to ask him, “Why is brother Junting bringing little baby today?”

Lu Junting was still looking straight ahead, and his eyes did not turn to her side and replied, “He cried so hard that I switched hands with the nanny.”

The elevator opened, Lin Xiyu directly held the little baby back to the room, fed him. The maid helped him wipe his face. Today was a little late and the little baby cried for a while, sleepy after drinking the milk, he went straight to sleep.

Lin Xiyu went downstairs to eat, Lu Junting was already in the dining room, the food was on the table, but he had not moved yet. Lin Xiyu sat down opposite him and said, “I heard that brother Junting has invested money in our club.”

Which of the people who went to the exchange meeting today did not want to pull the investment ah, to promote traditional culture was also in need of funds, she learned from Du Ruoting that Lu Junting invested money, and quite a lot.

“Your event was good, very sincere, I like it very much.”

Lin Xiyu, as the inheritor of Lin’s calligraphy, put aside her status, Lu Junting was not her golden master, and for the golden master, of course, she had to express her gratitude.

Lin Xiyu said especially sincerely, “Thank you brother Junting.”

“Oh?” Lu Junting raised his eyebrows slightly, “How to thank me?”


How to thank? The words stopped Lin Xiyu. She thought for a while and said, “Let’s do it this way, I’ll treat brother Junting to a meal another day.”

Lu Junting said, “Too much socializing, not much interest in eating.”

“Then… I'll buy you a gift?”

“I’m not interested in receiving gifts.”

Lin Xiyu asked directly, “What is brother Junting interested in, you may as well tell me.”

Lu Junting did not speak, but his gaze suddenly fell on her, a very strange look, as if he was smiling, and as if he was not, just looking straight at her, the gaze that looked like it was carrying heat.

Lin Xiyu found that after he returned from a business trip this time, he always seemed to like to look at her with this kind of gaze. She was uncomfortable and said, “Why is brother Junting looking at me like this?”

Lu Junting withdrew his gaze as if nothing had happened and replied, “It’s nothing. I haven’t thought of it yet, I’ll tell you later when I think of it.”


Lin Xiyu didn’t take it too seriously. After eating, she went back to the room to accompany little baby, and when little baby fell asleep, she practiced her calligraphy for a while. She was about to go downstairs to get something when she reached the stairs and heard Lu Junting talking to sister Wu downstairs.

Sister Wu was an all-round nanny, who would take care of not only pregnant women but also children, and was very experienced in pregnant women and babies.

Lin Xiyu heard Lu Junting downstairs asking Sister Wu, “If the doctor said the body is okay after going to the hospital for a physical examination, is it okay to sleep together?”

Sister Wu said, “Of course, as long as the doctor says the body recovers, you can sleep together.”

Lin Xiyu gasped when she heard this. She did not take her things, and silently turned back into her room. After returning to the room for a while, Lin Xiyu’s heart still couldn’t calm down. What did Lu Junting mean? Why did he suddenly ask the question about sleeping together?

Thinking about the last time he had been so active in taking her to check on her recovery, and then thinking about the way he had looked at her in recent days.

Lin Xiyu felt her heart pounding fast, so… He didn’t want to sleep together with her, right?


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