The King's Return : Chapter 01

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Hello guys, in this post I try to use English ._., actually my english not bad, but not good either, and this is my first novel that I translated through MTL-ing. I'm not native Chinese so if anyone who want to adopt this novel with better translation just email me ^^. This novel is one of the trilogy e-sport novel, the first one The Strongest God I suppose doesn't have a translation yet, and the second one, God Level Summoner is translated by Rainbow Turtle you can read it here. And this is the last book. So enjoy guys, feel free to comment ^^

Chapter 1: Peerless Jianghu

Wind Color Team, press conference site.

The dazzling flash of the spotlight, Qin Mo standing alone on the stage, slightly closed his eyes, picked up the microphone and whispered: "I decided to officially quit the Wind Color Team from today, leave the professional league. I'm sorry to disappoint my friends who like me and support me.”

The teenager's voice was palpable, and his face looked extraordinarily pale.

When reporters under the stage heard this, they immediately swarmed, scrambling to hand the microphone to him: "Qin Mo, you choose to retire before you are 18 years old. Is it because of too much psychological pressure? ”

"Have you lost your confidence in the last few games?”

"How can you stand up to your master's teaching when your master handed over the Wind Color Team to you and you left like this?"

"Should you give an answer to your fans who support you?!"

The reporters ' sharp questions were like a sharp knife, unceremoniously piercing the heart, the sentence is cold and boneless.

Qin Mo took a deep breath and bowed deeply to everyone: "I'm sorry."

Then he straightened his back and resolutely walked out from the press conference.

"Qin Mo, what the hell is going on?"

At backstage, a blond, black-eyed teenager strides after him, stops in front of him and asks doubtfully.

"You're leaving the Wind Color Team? Why?"

"I don't want to be an e-sport player anymore." Qin Mo looked at him and said softly. "It's not too late to change careers while you're young."

"Then have you forgotten our promise?" The teenager put his hand on Qin Mo’s shoulder and watched his eyes seriously. "You lost to me this season, and you said you would beat me next season."

Qin Mo did not speak, but his face was paler.

The teenager can’t help and feel anxious: "Your complexion looks bad, are you ill?" He reached out Qin Mo forehead, but Qin Mo avoid it.

"Xiao Han." Qin Mo raised his head and interrupted him. He looked directly into his eyes and said calmly. "I've already make up my mind, don’t ask me anymore…... Fight for your competition well, goodbye" He said that and then turned to leave quickly, as if he did not want to stay here for another second.

"I've heard that goodbye has another meaning in Chinese——never to see you again." Xiao Han turned around and looked closely at his back. "What do you mean by 'goodbye'? You are not going to come back?”

"…..." Qin Mo's back was slightly stiff, but he did not answer the question, and continued to move forward quickly.

"I'll wait for you to come back!" Xiao Han said, "One day when we meet again, you can beat me with your own hands!"

"There will be no such day." Qin Mo's footsteps did not stop, and he passing through the long corridor as fast as he could.

The golden sunshine in the evening lengthened the lonely figure of the teenager, and the thin figure appeared thin but proud.

He left his proud back to his best friend and rival, but did not let him see the tears in his eyes.

Xiao Han stood in his place and watched Qin Mo back disappear at the end of the light.

"There will be that day." Xiao Han said firmly, "I'm waiting for you."

Qin Mo, the genius of Wind Color team, announced his retirement due to the rapid decline of his status, and ended his short e-sports career with a simple apology.

Qin Mo, who once represented the national team in the world competition and won, a promising youth that most people optimistic about, everyone is looking forward to the day when he can grow into a new generation of e-sport great gods, to become the pillar of Wind Color Team like his Master.

However, the teenager, like a meteor gliding across the night sky, did not really shine, but fell and died ahead of time.

Three years later

"The Expedition Guild is preparing for the war in Peerless Jianghu New Summer Holiday Area. It is stationed in Xijiang Moon Server. Welcome to join us!"

"Haoran Guild is stationed in Peerless Jianghu Server. Welcome the brothers to join the guild!"


The news about opening public beta of "Peerless Jianghu" soon shocked all the major game forum for a while, making the forums that had been silent for a long time become active immediately.

Different from other online games in China, "Peerless Jianghu" connects with the latest VR vision system.

The so-called VR is the abbreviation of Virtual Reality, which means "Actuality in Virtual". It is a high-tech means of using a computer to simulate a three-dimensional space virtual world, which enables people to be immersive themselves in and have real-time interactive experience in the Virtual world.

This technology was originally used in medical, tourism and other industries, and later with the development of science and technology, VR games gradually entered the public's vision, but, in recent years, VR game works are all small single-player games, large-scale online games market is still a blank.

This large-scale online game "Peerless Jianghu" with a real 3D perspective developed by Tianyi Game Company has attracted extensive attention in the game circle since the project was set up. It is said that "Peerless Jianghu" adopts the latest VR system to connect the terminal, which allows the players to feel the game environment more realistically, and the picture in front of players will become vivid, as if they had crossed the world of the game in person.

Today, "Peerless Jianghu" announced a launching of public open Beta testing.

The game adopts the mode of time charge, players need to purchase an id card to register an account and top up the game time, this id card is the player's id card in the game world.

Due to all the early publicity effect, almost all the id card on the official website are out of stock. The delivery boy often finds this kind of exquisite paper box when delivering goods these days——the front is printed with the two words of "Peerless Jianghu", and there is a transparent film in the lower left corner, through it, a card can be clearly seen inside.

This kind of express delivery is so much, even the delivery boys know——this is the identity card of "Peerless Jianghu" game.

"Hello, Mr. Qin, I am delivering your packet, please take time to pick up your packet at the South Gate of the community."

Less than ten minutes after the text message was sent, a young man appeared at the door of the community.

The young man is about 1.8 meters tall, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and light-colored slim trousers. When walking from a distance, the straight legs look very attractive. His hair is neatly trimmed and gives people a particularly refreshing feeling, his facial outline is almost comparable to that of the big stars in the movie, his facial features are exquisite and beautiful, and his peach blossom eyes are impressive. However, although the young man's eyes are beautiful, his eyes are particularly cold, there is no expression on the face, looks very difficult to approach.

"Hello, I want to take the packet, the recipient is Qin Mo." The young man said lightly.

"Oh, is this one?" The delivery boy immediately handed him the box.

"Yes." The young man bowed his head and verified the receipt information, he took the box and signed it.

Just look at his beautiful appearance and neat dress, much like corporate executives or fashion models, how can he be so enthusiastic about playing games? The delivery boy scratched his head in perplexity and looked at his thin back disappearing quickly in the community with some doubts.

After Qin Mo went home, he immediately went to the study room to open the official website of the game, took out the identity card in the packet and registered to activate it, along the way, he bought a game time of one year and recharged it to this card.

There is still a period of time before the opening of the new area, Qin Mo carefully examined the setting of the game at the official website.

Tianyi Game Company has obviously spent a lot of effort in the production of "Peerless Jianghu", the sect setting is very novel. It does not follow the more common martial arts sect such as Wudang, Emei and Tangmen in the previous work "Wulin", but completely creates a new original sect system.

At present, there are eight sects listed on the official website. Each sect has two kinds of cultivation routes, and the gameplay is very diverse.

Time flies, at noon, Qin Mo went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of Tangyuan (T/N: Rice Dumpling) to fill his stomach, then he opened the downloaded game login account and entered the "Xijiang Moon" server.

The realistic game CG is played in front like a movie——the two top players are fighting fiercely in the depths of the bamboo forest, the green bamboo forest, the white sword light, the humming sound of the weapons, and the rendering of the background music, soon Introducing people into this new world.

After the end of the CG, appeared in the front, eight sect's initial shape and simple introduction, as well as a prompt window——please choose the sect to join.

As teenager, in order to comply with the lineup of Wind Color Team, Qin Mo used to play as Summoner for several year with ID of "Shepherd", his master was once a world-class summoner player, he learned a lot from his master. In addition to the gameplay of summoner, he also had a very deep understanding of the common professions in the game.

Since it’s a new game, should also start anew and learn the gameplay from the scratch.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo no longer hesitated to choose a close combat swordsman profession, completely different from the previous summoner——Hanhua Sword School.

Press down the confirmation button, select male gender, a man wearing a long white gown and holding a sword immediately appears in front of him. Qin Mo made some simple adjustments to the characters’ faces and then proceeded to the next step.

——Please enter a character name.

Qin Mo immediately type an ancient style ID (from Tang poems?) : Mo Hen (Ink Mark)

——Welcome "Ink Mark" to join the Peerless Jianghu, entering the queue of novice village, please wait, the queue number is 1756......

It took only a seconds to create the character and the queue was over thousands. It is obvious that there are a lot of players who enter the Xijiang Moon server at the same time.

Qin Mo turned around and made a cup of coffee, waiting in line while slowly drinking.

He never drinks coffee with sugar, and the bitter taste on the tip of his tongue can make him more sober.

Coming to the game of "Peerless Jianghu" is a brand-new beginning for him, and also a brand-new opportunity for him.

10 minutes later, Qin Mo's little swordsman finally managed to squeeze into the novice village.

This village is called Luojia. At dusk, under the sunset, the sparkling rivers seem to have sprinkled numerous golden drills. The sky in the distance is rendered beautiful golden red by the sunset light. The straw huts arranged neatly from south to north in the village make the whole village look orderly, and the cries of sheep on the hillside nearby can be clearly heard in the ear.

Under the function of VR system, the scene in front of us looks very lifelike——green hills, green water, rivers, sheep, it seems that they are all close to us, as if they had come to this ancient world in person.

This kind of picture effect is absolutely top-notch in China, no wonder this game is so popular. The number of people attending the forum has exceeded 10 million, and even attracted many giant e-sport clubs.

Qin Mo gave the 3D virtual system a good review, admire at the immersive dusk village scene.

——Please follow the system prompts to set the game button.

A soft female voice sounded in the ear, and a prompt window appeared at the same time. Qin Mo looked closely at the screen pop-up tips, as he has known before, the game has two modes of operation, one is the keyboard and mouse mode (consistent with the traditional keyboard online games), and the other is the relatively new light screen touch mode.

Game operations for the "Peerless Jianghu" equipped with a special light screen touchpad, players can set up custom shortcuts key according to their preferences to release a variety of skills, while forward, backward walking operations and switching of the camera, all use the finger sliding the touch screen.

In the online game industry, which has been operated by the keyboard and mouse, the light-screen touch control is a huge innovation. But in high-intensity combat, it's easy to get distracted by swiping a touch screen to control a character's movement while simultaneously releasing various skills. As a result, "Peerless Jianghu" light screen touchpad sales are not good, more than 95% of the players are still used of using the mouse and keyboard to play this game.

But right now, Qin Mo has a beautifully designed touchscreen panel on hand.

The edge of the connected LCD panel glinted with a soft blue luster, a vivid blue light that made his fingers very slender and white.

The official setting guidelines suggest that players should set the touchpad to a horizontal and vertical 3x3 grid mode, but Qin Mo has set the operating panel to a 4x4 grid, with 16 keys in total.

——There are seven more keys than the official nine-key settings.

A warning immediately pops up in front of him: "If you set too many touch-screen keys, it may lead to too complicated operation. Do you confirm this setting?"

Qin Mo calmly pressed "confirm".

The LCD screen is immediately divided into four squares by blue thin lines, and the touch panel, which is technically designed, begins to emit blue light like water ripples around it.

The young man's face looked pale under the blue light, but his dark and clear eyes, at this moment, suddenly rose a trace of long-lost, bright luster.

The author has something to say:
- 18 years old Qin Mo is still a less sensible teenager, the 21-year-old Qin Mo has grown up to be a very tough queen, so the book's CP is a straightforward and very responsible for the mixed-race attack X strong and proud queen (tsundere). If you are against CP, please turn around as soon as possible.
- To new readers: The author column has finished "God Level Summoner", which is the story of Qin Mo and Xiao Han's Master. The plot has nothing to do with this book. If you are interested, you can read it.
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